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Creating Connection With Your Students

There’s a noticeable positive energy in a classroom where there is a genuine connection between the students and the teacher. Students are engaged in the lesson and well-behaved. Students who feel seen, heard, respected and understood are much more likely to participate on a deeper level, absorb lessons more thoroughly, take more risks in class, […]
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Making the Most of your Mornings

Making the most of your mornings starts with identifying healthy habits and making time for them each and every day. As presenters, we know that some mornings we have to be on our A-game, finishing a long list of last minute tasks before a big pitch, speech or presentation. But, if we are honest, generally we also have mornings where we tend to hit snooze and take a while to get into a rhythm. Whether you’re an early-riser or a night-owl, an unwavering morning routine helps kick-start your day....
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37 Powerful Questions To Test Your Character & Help You Grow

Character is combination of moral qualities, attributes, good behaviors and habits that is the whole of “you.” It’s consistent good behavior in all circumstances and with all people. It’s how we treat other people and live a purposeful life. It’s your core values. I grew up on a farm and there’s a joke that all that hard work builds character. It sure didn’t feel like it when it was below freezing and I was pitching smelly silage to feed the cattle. The lesson is character is built , it is deve...
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The Art of Mastering Human Connection

I have had the privilege of traveling and presenting all over the country, and there is one thing that remains true about every speaking engagement; people want to connect with you, the presenter. If you are doing your job right, your audience will want to connect with you offline. However, if you are like me this can be the most stressful part of the entire presentation. You see, I am an INTP on the Meyers-Briggs personality test.  When you dissect this personality type, you discover someone th...
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Connect, George!

"Connection in an isolating age."The Rent kids, the Spelling Bee kids, Bobby, George Seurat, Edgar the Bat Boy, Rob Gordon, Cry-Baby Walker, Hedwig Schmidt, Fosca, Barfée, Ferderick and Desirée, Veronica and J.D., Queenie and Burrs, even Frank N. Furter and Sondheim's assassins – all of these characters, and many others who've appeared in our shows – essentially seek one thing.Connection.And that's harder than ever right now, in this toxic culture of ours. While social media has connected us in...
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