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Anderson Cooper Visits Caligula’s Pleasure Garden

A gay silver-fox fantasy come to life? Nope, sorry. In 2006, workers excavating for an underground parking garage found what archaeologists determined was a garden designed for the notorious young emperor, and they’ve been working there ever since. 60 Minutes sent Cooper to have a look. – CBS News
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Mondo Releases Steamy ‘The Handmaiden’ Poster From J.A.W. Cooper

Park Chan-wook‘s modern masterpiece The Handmaiden gets a properly steamy poster from Mondo, courtesy of artist J.A.W. Cooper. And by steamy, we mean literally — the poster depicts the famous bathtub scene from the film. But also, in the descriptive sense, because oh boy was Park’s 2016 erotic thriller something else. It’s only fitting that The Handmaiden, a dizzyingly seductive thriller from Oldboy director Park Chan-wook, would get an equally sensual poster from artist J.A.W. Cooper, which...
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Harpsichordist Kenneth Cooper, 79

Mr. Cooper’s adventurousness went hand in hand with scrupulous musicianship and articulate technique. He was a sensitive partner in chamber works, as in his recording, with Mr. Ma, of Bach’s sonatas for viola da gamba (played on the cello) and harpsichord. – The New York Times
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Career Moves In 2020: Storming TikTok, Freaking Out The President, Hosting Late-Night, Getting A Netflix Special

Sarah Cooper is a UX engineer who, during lockdown, decided to take advantage of TikTok and the United States president’s, er, unique response to the pandemic, earning her a huge response and putting her career as a comedian into a unique space. “The world now has more avenues for #content than ever before. Traditional television shows and films have been massively sidelined by Covid-19 lockdowns—and while we all miss shows like Euphoria and the usual summer blockbusters, a lot of other forms o...
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Kathryn Cooper’s Wildlife Movement Photography

Amazing wildlife photography by Kathryn Cooper reveals the brushwork of birds and their flocks through sky, hidden by the quickness of the human eye. “Staple Newk” by Kathryn Cooper. Ever since Eadweard Muybridge’s pioneering photography of animal locomotion in 01877 and 01878 (including the notorious “horse shot by pistol” frames from an era less concerned with animal experiments), the trend has been to unpack our lived experience of movement into serial, successive frames. The m...
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When Salvador Dalí Met Alice Cooper & Turned Him into a Hologram: The Meeting of Two Kings of Camp (1973)

Kings of camp Alice Cooper and Salvador Dalí made a natural pair when they met in New York City in April of 1973. "A mind-melding of sorts took place," writes Super Rad Now. "Over the course of about two weeks" Cooper and Dalí "ate together, drank together, and basked in the glow of each other's exceptional uniqueness." Then Dalí decided to turn Cooper into a hologram, the First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain. How did this come about? It was only a matter of t...
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Why This Font Is Everywhere: How Cooper Black Became Pop Culture’s Favorite Font

You know Times New Roman, you know Helvetica, you know Comic Sans — and though you may not realize it, you know Cooper Black as well. Just think of the "VOTE FOR PEDRO" shirt worn in Napoleon Dynamite (and in real life for years thereafter), or a few decades earlier, the cover of Pet Sounds. In fact, the history of Cooper Black extends well before the Beach Boys' mid-1960s masterpiece; to see and hear the full story, watch the Vox video above. It begins, as narrator Estelle Caswell expla...
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Cooper & Thief’s Complex, Non-Traditional Wines

Using unconventional barrels, the brand crafts a niche product worth savoring Unlike more traditional winemakers, the team behind Lodi, California’s Cooper & Thief prove particularly fond of breaking conventions, all while employing centuries-old techniques. The wines they produce can still file under well-known categorical styles—Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Red Blend—but the spirit with which they produce wines could not be more different than conventional …
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Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, & Todd Phillips to Produce Bradley Cooper's Leonard Bernstein Film at Netflix

Netflix has acquired all rights to Bradley Cooper'suntitledLeonard Bernsteinfilm, according to Deadline. Cooperwill direct, star in and produce the film from the script he co-wrote withJosh Singer. Cooper has been working closely with Bernstein's children, Jamie, Alexander and Nina, for the past two years on the film. [Author: TV News Desk]
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New e-snowmobiles bring eco tourism to the northern lights

Between Norway and the North Pole is Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago and one of the most rugged and northern inhabited areas. With an average January high of 9 degrees and 24 hours of darkness, you might not expect this to be a tourist hot-spot. But the northern lights are drawing bigger and bigger crowds through Svalbard’s dark winter. The trick is making sure that the roughly 75,000 annual visitors don’t overwhelm the environment and culture of the archipelago’s 2,583 year-round residents. O...
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A Guide To User Personas

The following guest post about user personas is from Ayesha Ambreen. Ayesha Ambreen is a creative content strategist, partner at Quora, and featured graphic designer. Best known for her creative visuals and viral content ideas, Ayesha’s work has been featured on blogs such as, Smashing Magazine, CreativePro and more. A writer/designer by day and a reader by night, Ayesha loves to explore new realms of creativity and content through her work. Follow her on Twitter at @AyeshaAm...
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Bradley Cooper Talks About Music, Directing, And GaGa

“When Cooper talks about A Star Is Born being deeply personal, you can see why. It’s about art that crosses cultural lines, it’s about a love of music, and it’s about the conflict between art and fame, the way celebrity can box you in and interfere with artistic goals — like his desire to direct.” – Philadelphia Inquirer
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Interview: Iconic Documentary Photographer Martha Cooper

From Baltimore to Berlin, a new documentary traces the lesser-known aspects of a legendary career Premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney-based Selina Miles‘ documentary MARTHA: A Picture Story is a thoughtful, smart and tender portrait of a woman whose influence reaches across the world. Best known for the “graffiti bible” Subway Art and Hip Hop Files, documentary photographer Cooper captured now-iconic images from NYC …
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Meet Four Black Playwrights Who Are Challenging American Theater

“They are the talk of the theater world: a generation of black playwrights whose fiercely political and formally inventive works are challenging audiences, critics and the culture at large to think about race, and racism, in new ways.” A conversation with Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jeremy O. Harris, Antoinette Nwandu and Jordan E. Cooper. – The New York Times
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Meet Four Black Playwrights Who Are Giving American Theater A Jolt

“They are the talk of the theater world: a generation of black playwrights whose fiercely political and formally inventive works are challenging audiences, critics and the culture at large to think about race, and racism, in new ways.” A conversation with Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jeremy O. Harris, Antoinette Nwandu and Jordan E. Cooper. – The New York Times
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10 Best Serif Fonts for Clean & Elegant Logo Design

For many designers, when it comes to designing a clean and elegant logo for a company, using a Serif font in their designs helps to add a little bit of flair & sophistication to the brand. A serif font is easily identified by the “little feet” that appear at the ends of the letters being used. Doing a search for Serif fonts can lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole with all of the options there are to choose from. To offer a bit of help, we wanted to focus on ten of our favorite Serif fonts y...
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The Design Flaw of Boot Jacks, Part 2: Potential Solutions

Earlier we looked at the design flaw of boot jacks, which is that you must step on a muddied object with a bare sock.  Many of the comments made incorrect assumptions and were unhelpful; the most ridiculous suggestion was that doormats--which we of course own and use--will remove 100% of mud from the bottom of a boot. (Surprise: They don't.)Another unhelpful suggestion: Rinse the boots off each and every time. My wife and I live on a farm where it freezes overnight, yet gets warmer during the...
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Former Sotheby’s Employee Donates Collection of Artist Postcards to British Museum

Former Sotheby’s auctioneer Jeremy Cooper has donated 1,000 artist postcards he has collected over the years to the British Museum.  “The more I looked, the more I discovered that it’s a field of unrecognized historical significance – it just seemed completely neglected,” Cooper says. “These postcards were made by artists as individual expressions, not just the reproduction of […]
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Potato peels offer a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials

Many of the typical building materials used in construction — like medium-density fiberboard (MDF) — contain toxic materials and formaldehyde, plus they have a shockingly short lifespan and a negative environmental impact. But now there is a new option to these single-use materials — potato waste. London-based designers Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll as well as research scientist Greg Cooper have developed Chip[s] Board, which is a biodegradable alternative to MDF that is made from non-food-gr...
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At Paula Cooper’s First Show 50 Years Ago You Could Have Bought A Carl Andre For $1,500

She was the first gallerist in Soho, at 96 Prince Street, way back in 1968 when that was a desolate area that had just recently been saved from having a highway bulldozed across it by Robert Moses. Donald Judd, who made the desk Cooper sits at to this day, bought an entire five-floor factory building at 101 Spring Street that same year for $68,000, a block south of her new gallery.
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In Which Bradley Cooper Makes A Journalist Question All The Premises Behind Celebrity Profiles

Taffy Brodesser-Akner wrestles in print with the actor’s famous reluctance to discuss his personal life (after having wrestled with Cooper himself over it during the interview) — and comes to understand (after several thousand words) that “he was just telling me that I’m asking the wrong questions.”
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The Pack Horse Chair Wants You to Focus On Analogue Activities (And Eat More Snacks)

Here's an interesting piece of furniture: Michael Cooper's Pack Horse chair not only features a built-in bookshelf, but it also has straps to hold down a blanket and side compartments to keep various objects in place. Even though books are pictured, I'm already contemplating which snacks I could fit around the sides. Bags of chips seem most viable, but I am also open to candy and cookies. You can even hide more snacks—maybe the ones you're more ashamed to be eating—in a hidden compartment und...
Tags: Design, London, Organization, Ikea, Furniture Design, Cooper, Michael Cooper, New Designers, Building Crafts College

Small Fire Breaks Out at Paula Cooper Gallery

A fire at Paula Cooper Gallery’s Chelsea space has led to an inspection to make sure works in storage were not damaged by smoke, Art News reports. “The fire marshall is here trying to determine what caused the fire,” Cooper said. “It started this morning and it was contained. No one got hurt, fortunately, and it didn’t spread. […]
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Paula Cooper Relocating to 26th Street

Paula Cooper is temporarily relocating to 524 West 26th Street.  “I’m looking forward to it,” Cooper says. “We’ll be able to exhibit works in a completely different way. It will be exciting for the artists.” Read more at Art News  
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Me and My Girl - A Musical From Yesterday Comes Roaring To Life

 Reviewed by Judd Hollander In this world of message musicals and important themes, it’s nice to know that every so often a vehicle comes along whose only purpose is to offer a good time. The 1937 tuner Me and My Girl, which was recently resurrected for an engagement as part of the Encores! series at New York City Center , is such a work. With a storyline paper thin; musical numbers that have often have nothing to do with advancing the plot; dusty jokes which were old when the mu...
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This tiny house on a sled is the perfect way to see the Northern Lights

For years, transparent bubble-type lodging has been all the rage for enjoying the Northern Lights, but now there is a better way to observe this natural phenomenon. One inventive tour operator, Off the Map Travel, is offering guests a roaming hotel sled that makes it easier to see the Northern Lights in arctic Finland, all without stepping out in the cold. As part of the Aurora Wilderness Camp, Off the Map Travel offers three mobile hotel rooms that are built on sleds for the sole purpose of w...
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MINI just unveiled an amazing all-electric model of their iconic car

MINI just unveiled a blast from the past with a modern twist: the classic MINI Electric. This unique all-electric car signals their commitment to zero emissions technology. In a statement, MINI said, “The spontaneous power of its electric motor provides a new dimension to the unmistakable go-kart feeling that helped propel the British small car in its original form to worldwide popularity.” The one-off classic MINI Electric hearkens back to the brand’s historic car – and it’s drumming up excit...
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Interviews: Shock Rocker Alice Cooper Takes On a King in Jesus Christ Superstar

Cooper plays King Herod in NBC's live concert broadcast of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice rock opera.
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Cooper Union Will Go Back To Free Tuition - Over Ten Years

"Cooper Union has a plan to gradually move back to free tuition for undergraduates over the next 10 years, reversing course from a controversial 2014 decision to start charging. Scholarships could begin increasing in two years ... Costs to students will be bought down in increasing amounts over time as administrators find ways to pay […]
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Theater News: Steppenwolf Adds Celeste M. Cooper and Cliff Chamberlain to Ensemble Roster

Cooper and Chamberlain will join the world-renowned company.
Tags: Theatre, Cooper, Chamberlain, Steppenwolf, Cliff Chamberlain, Celeste M Cooper

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