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Bauhaus at 100: the revolutionary movement's enduring appeal

Sleek, pared-back, industrial elegance – that’s how most of us think of Bauhaus, the modernist design group born in Germany in 1919. But that was only one side of this short-lived but longlasting movement…• Norman Foster, Margaret Howell, Michael Craig-Martin and others on Bauhaus’s rich legacyThe Bauhaus, simply put, was a German school of art and design that opened in 1919 and closed in 1933. It was also very much more than that. It was the most influential and famous design school that has ev...
Tags: Art, Germany, Life and style, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Craft, Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, Norman Foster Margaret Howell Michael Craig Martin

Milan art tour: fresco heaven, without the crowds

Resist the urge to splurge in the city’s chic shops and instead lose yourself in its transcendental artThink of Milan and you think of fashion. The first time I spent more than a few hours in the city, I roamed the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Italy’s oldest shopping arcade, built in the 1860s and still home to the original Prada store, which was opened by the designer’s grandfather Mario in 1913 – wishing that I was rich (or at least, not quite so broke). What on earth is a girl with an over...
Tags: Travel, Art, Milan, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Mario, Prada, Venice, City Breaks, Cultural Trips, Weekend Breaks, Short breaks, Florence, Europe Holidays

Karen O + Danger Mouse: Woman

In conjunction with news of forthcoming joint album Prima Lux, Karen O and Danger Mouse share a raucous track titled “Woman.” An infectious, drum-driven pulse anchors the tune. Karen O shines, as always, but it’s a delightful blend of both artists—bringing out the best of their sonic evolutions. Prima Lux is set for a 15 March release, via BMG.
Tags: Music, Design, Rock, Karen O, Culture, Alternative, Bmg, Listenup, New Music, Danger Mouse, Drums, Prima Lux, Prima Lux Karen O

Bloom Farms Launches CBD Line and Continued Charitable Effort

The high-quality purveyor of cannabis flower and cartridges turns to CBD Oakland, California-based Bloom Farms is a widely acclaimed purveyor of cannabis flower and concentrate cartridges. But, being widely acclaimed in the industry can only get a brand so far—cannabis is only legal, medicinally or recreationally, in a handful of states. CBD, however, is legal in all states and the recently passed amendment to the …
Tags: Design, California, Cannabis, Culture, Oakland, Hemp, Cbd, Thc, Bloom Farms, Cannabis Culture, Bloom Farms Launches CBD Line, CBD Oakland California

What Your Customers Want From Your Company this Year

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to set goals for your company and make decisions on where to invest your time and money. Satisfied customers come back to your business in the future and tell others what they love about your brand. Figuring out what your customers want builds your business on multiple levels. In a study of consumers, researchers learned customers value a positive experience so much that by the year 2020, customer experience (CX) will become even more important th...
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Daste: Sober

Fusing lo-fi funk with wavy alternative, Daste’s “Sober” is an ode to giving someone your undivided attention. The Australian trio (signed to Mammal Sounds) may not be referencing drugs or alcohol, but rather the millions of other distractions that invade intimate situations. “I know you’re feeling like I’m in my head all the time / Cause when you tell me about your day-to-day I don’t …
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Alternative, Australian, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Lo-fi, Mammal Sounds, Daste

Loyle Carner feat. Rebel Kleff + Kiko Bun: You Don’t Know

Loyle Carner (aka Benjamin Coyle-Larner) moonlights as an observant server, bartender, security guard and cab driver in the video for “You Don’t Know.” Watching over his mother (played by his real-life mom) as she goes on a few dates—some good and some not so. Throughout, Carner raps about his own dating fears—particularly losing trust and love as time goes on. It’s a clever and sweet …
Tags: Design, London, Culture, Hip-hop, British, Listenup, Loyle Carner, Carner, Kleff Kiko Bun, Benjamin Coyle Larner

Flowers Are Eavesdropping

According to a new study, plants can “hear” when a bee passes and they subsequently create more sweet nectar to attract them. A recent study by scientists at three Tel-Aviv University schools has found that a plant picks up sounds (signaled by the vibration of its petals) and responds (signaled by the excretion of additional nectar). With proof that the flowers responded to all of the …
Tags: Science, Design, Nature, Bees, Culture, Plants, Evolution, Hearing, Flowers, Linkaboutit, Tel Aviv University

Norway's favourite painting to go on display in London

Winter Night in the Mountains by Harald Sohlberg will feature at Dulwich picture galleryEdvard Munch’s The Scream is a classic symbol of dread that has been hailed as the ultimate icon of contemporary politics – but a very different Norwegian painting is the country’s favourite. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, London, UK News, World news, Culture, Art and design, Norway, British Museum, Edvard Munch, Dulwich, Harald Sohlberg

How The Scream became the ultimate image for our political age

Edvard Munch’s painting is a masterpiece for these troubled times. Ahead of an exhibition at the British Museum, Jonathan Jones charts its rise, from the 1893 original to today’s inflatables and emojisThe face is a greenish sock of sickly flesh stretched tight over the skull. Its features have been burned away by pain. All that remain in the elongated mask are two wide round eyes with dots for pupils, a pair of black nostrils and a mouth open in an oval scream. We’ve all been there.The Scream wa...
Tags: Art, Culture, Art and design, British Museum, Edvard Munch, British Museum Jonathan Jones, Mona Lisa Van Gogh

Agoria feat. Blasé: You’re Not Alone

Accompanied by a stunning video treatment directed by Latin Grammy Award-winner Hernan Corera, Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) releases a new single titled “You’re Not Alone,” featuring French singer Blasé. It’s an entrancing tune about promises between two people—and the distances they’ll go for one another. In the otherworldly video, the song acts as an appropriate soundtrack for a cross-desert ride, intimate moments between lovers and crowded, …
Tags: Design, Culture, Music Video, French, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Hernan Corera Agoria, Sebastien Devaud

'Lost Michelangelo' goes missing from Belgian church

Police called after 16th-century painting disappears days before expert due to visitIt is a storyline worthy of a Hercule Poirot whodunnit. After confiding in just 20 trusted people of his suspicion that a painting in his church was a lost masterpiece, a priest in the small Flemish town of Zele, 45 miles north of Brussels, has had to call in the local police over its sudden disappearance.Pastor Jan Van Raemdonck, 61, turned to the detectives after two women laying flowers in the nave of the Sint...
Tags: Art, Europe, Culture, Art and design, Belgium, Brussels, Hercule Poirot, Michelangelo, Zele, Jan Van Raemdonck

Panda Bear: Token

The last few years have seen the 10th anniversary celebrations of two milestone Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) albums—first, his acclaimed solo work Person Pitch (2007) and then the Animal Collective commercial darling Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009). Now Lennox is gearing up for a new solo release, Buoys, and both the debut single and the latest release “Token” continue to stoke excitement. Directed by, and featuring …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Listenup, New Music, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, Lennox, Noah Lennox

The schoolgirls who warned of Rwanda's genocide

Katori Hall’s play Our Lady of Kibeho is the story of three friends who insisted that they were visited by the Virgin Mary and told of the horror that lay aheadThe 16-year-old schoolgirl Alphonsine Mumureke said she was in the cafeteria of the Catholic boarding school Kibeho College, Rwanda, when she heard a voice “soft as air and sweeter than music”. She saw a beautiful woman – neither white nor black – floating above the floor in a flowing seamless dress, with a veil that covered her hair. She...
Tags: Education, Africa, Religion, Theatre, World news, Culture, Catholicism, Stage, Schools, Catholic, Rwanda, Virgin Mary, Katori Hall, Kibeho, Alphonsine Mumureke, Kibeho College Rwanda

Amaal: Not What I Thought

Setting a break-up ballad against the bleak, beautiful landscapes of Iceland always seems to yield success. Toronto-based Amaal does so in “Not What I Thought,” to striking result. Director Sean Brown casts intimate close-ups against shots of sheer alienation. A mood is built through the visuals that complements Amaal’s vocal grace. The track is the recording artist’s first from a forthcoming EP.
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Toronto, Culture, Iceland, Listenup, New Music, Sean Brown, Amaal

Why We Fixate on the Time Artists Spend on Their Work

Collectors, viewers and members of the press have long been fascinated with how long artists spend on each piece they create. Whether related to our obsession with the myth of the artist’s struggle, how we put a monetary value on a piece, or beyond, “it’s easier to value intensive physical labor over conceptual rigor when an artist’s thought process can feel so intangible and impossible to …
Tags: Art, Design, Time, Painting, Culture, Capitalism, Artists, Linkaboutit, Conceptual Art

Hamilton in Puerto Rico: a joyful homecoming ... but it's complicated

Musical is dividing residents on island where creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spent childhood summersJavier Ortiz likes to look on the bright side in San Juan, the pretty and gritty capital of Puerto Rico. “I’m an optimist,” he says. “I’m the owner of a bookstore, so I have to be.”Ortiz has survived not only the onslaught of Amazon but also Hurricane Maria, which forced him to close for 10 days then manage the store without electricity – running a cash machine off a battery – for two months. Now, as ...
Tags: Amazon, Americas, Theatre, World news, US news, Culture, Stage, Broadway, Hamilton, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Ortiz, Lin Manuel Miranda, Hurricane Maria

Upcoming Arthouse Films

Thanks to Dazed, 11 of the most exciting arthouse films coming out this year. All of them “criminally overlooked arthouse oddities” that deserve as many viewers as blockbusters. From Jia Zhangke’s Ash is The Purest White, to Simon Amstell’s semi-autobiographical Benjamin, to coming of age stories, horror-comedies, tales about sex workers, neo-fables and more, the list is delightfully diverse—in terms of storytelling and representation. Take …
Tags: Design, Movies, Films, Culture, Filmmaking, Cinema, Lgbtq, Linkaboutit, Simon Amstell, Benjamin, Jia Zhangke, Arthouse, French Films

Samuel Beckett rejected as unsuitable for the Nobel prize in 1968

Newly released papers show the committee chairman’s doubts in 1968 whether a prize for the Irish author would be in the spirit of the awardSamuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature in 1969, but newly released archives reveal that just a year earlier, the secretive committee that selects the winners had raised serious concerns about whether his writing was consistent with the spirit of the award.In the words of Alfred Nobel’s will, the honour goes to an author who has written “the most ou...
Tags: Books, Theatre, Culture, Awards and prizes, Stage, Samuel Beckett, Nobel Prize In Literature, Beckett, Swedish Academy, Alfred Nobel, Anders Osterling

Street art: the mosaic maker who turns potholes into pictures

Jim Bachor beautifies the world’s streets with colourful designs ranging from chickens to Aretha FranklinJim Bachor makes street art – quite literally.For the last few years the 52-year-old has been making art out of the blight on our roads. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, World news, US news, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Jim Bachor, FranklinJim Bachor

Nick Waterhouse: Song For Winners

With the same energy and growl he’s become known for, Nick Waterhouse returns with “Song For Winners.” Accompanying the track is the announcement of a self-titled LP coming 8 March on Innovative Leisure and a US tour. This tune in particular—with crackling drums and frustrated vocals—is accentuated by its ending: almost a full minute breakdown featuring drums, saxophone and electric guitar.
Tags: Music, Design, US, Rock, Soul, Culture, NICK, Horns, Listenup, New Music, Nick Waterhouse

Maud Veith's best photograph: a migrant dinghy fleeing Libya

‘The rubber boats are always overloaded and fragile. But at sea, if you don’t take photographs, there will be no evidence’I’m employed by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières to document humanitarian rescue missions in the Mediterranean. But I’m also part of the team of sailor-rescuers – I received the same training, and learned the same drills and first aid techniques. As a photographer I’m a witness, but there’s always the possibility that I’ll need to put down the camera and be hands...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Activism, World news, Culture, Art and design, Migration, Refugees, Libya, Exhibitions, Mediterranean, Médecins Sans Frontières, Sos Mediterranee, Maud Veith

Vans Sets the Industry Standard in Sustainability for their World Cup of Surfing

From a Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii partnership to less public efforts at keeping beaches clean Walking along the Kaʻena Point Trail along the northwestern most point of Oahu is a beautiful sight—so long as you don’t look down. For when you do, you’ll find nearly endless stretches of bottle caps, disposable razors, toothbrushes and various shards of other plastics. Seeing the overwhelming and seemingly ordered fashion …
Tags: Design, Environment, Shoes, Sustainability, Nature, Culture, Hawaii, Surfing, Oahu, Industry Standard, Vans, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Vans Triple Crown, World Cup of Surfing, Kaʻena Point Trail

Stockholm’s Artistically Accessible Photography Destination, Fotografiska

We speak with founder Jan Broman about the brand's DNA, an NYC expansion and more Rising from the northern edge of Södermalm Island in Stockholm harbor, an Art Nouveau building bustles with Swedish cognoscenti. It’s early evening and the former customhouse, built at the turn of the 20th century, crackles with the sort of anticipation a marquee exhibit opening promises. The nearby quay overflows with well-dressed …
Tags: Photography, Design, Sweden, Interviews, NYC, Culture, Museums, Photographers, Galleries, Stockholm, Kirsty Mitchell, Fotografiska, Jan Broman, Södermalm Island

After centuries of being written about, Indigenous people are staking claim to their own stories

After centuries of being written about, Indigenous Australians are reclaiming their own storiesNinety-six-year-old Wes Marne has been telling stories, he says, “since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem”.But the Aboriginal elder worries about the future of storytelling. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Jerusalem, Australia news, Culture, Installation, Indigenous Australians, Moses, Wes Marne

Cochemea: All My Relations

Born from collective writing sessions and improvisation, Cochemea Gastelum’s “All My Relations” delivers nothing short of a transcendent jazz experience. Blended with indigenous-influenced rhythms, the track acts as a beautiful meditation on Gastelum’s Yaqui and Mescalero Apache Indian ancestry. A saxophonist with the Dap Kings, Gastelum crafted the track—and others on the album—during the last year of the iconic band’s tour with Sharon Jones. This album, also called All My …
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Listenup, New Music, Sharon Jones, Gastelum, Daptone Records, Yaqui, The Dap-Kings, Cochemea, Cochemea Gastelum

Ireland's national theatre accused of deserting Irish talent

More than 300 actors, directors and designers say the Abbey theatre is wreaking ‘devastation’ by buying in and co-producing showsThe Abbey theatre in Dublin has staged some of Ireland’s greatest plays but is now at the centre of an unwanted drama after it was accused of wreaking artistic “devastation” on the country’s theatrical community.In an open letter published on Monday a roll-call of Irish talent including actors Aidan Gillen and Ruth Negga said the country’s national theatre had gutted i...
Tags: Europe, Theatre, World news, Culture, Ireland, Stage, Dublin, Aidan Gillen, Ruth Negga

Creating a Culture of Creativity: Why It’s Important and Where to Start

A healthy culture is a vital piece of any functioning organization. Culture is what keeps employees engaged and companies moving towards their goals, and in a climate where just 32% of employees would say they are “engaged at work,” it is more important than ever to create a healthy culture. At Ethos3, we come across companies of all shapes and sizes and have worked across the spectrum when it comes to company culture. But there is one unique trait we have seen in the most successful companies: ...
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Lizzo: Juice

Once again Lizzo has blended various genres for an effortlessly perfect pop song that celebrates self-love. With elements of funk and soul, the track has a distinctly retro vibe—spurred on by its ’80s-inflected music video. Directed by Quinn Wilson, the clip pays homage to everything from the Soul Glo commercials in Coming to America to workout tapes, talk shows and infomercials.
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, America, Pop, Culture, Hip-hop, Listenup, New Music, Lizzo, Listen Up, Quinn Wilson

Sex lives and video games: first exhibition of LGBTQ gaming history opens in Berlin

Rainbow Arcade explores the cultural history of queer content and games, from Nintendo’s 1988 trans character to World of Warcraft’s pride paradesFrom Birdo, the 1988 Nintendo character described in the manual as a boy who “thinks he is a girl”, to Robert Yang’s recent Radiator trilogy, which includes an autoerotic game about pleasuring a gay car, there’s a surprisingly rich history of queer content in gaming. However, these instances are rarely portrayed as part of broader LGBTQ culture. Berlin...
Tags: Games, Gender, Design, Berlin, Society, Culture, Sexuality, Nintendo, Game culture, Identity politics, Exhibitions, Castro, Ralph, Schwules Museum, Robert Yang, Adrienne Shaw

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