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Batsheva Dance Company And Ohad Naharin At The Turning Point

“Last September, after nearly 30 years as the company’s artistic director, [Naharin] handed the reins to Gili Navot, a former dancer with the company, while he assumed the position of house choreographer. In that role, Mr. Naharin will continue to create new work, while Ms. Navot will be responsible for the daily decision-making and long-term direction of the company. Is this the beginning of a new era or just an administrative reorganization?” Brian Schaefer talks to them both to find out. – T...
Tags: DANCE, 03.22.19

Pueblo Indian Dance, And Why White Women Tried To Ban It

“In the early 1920s, a secret file scandalized white women reformers in the United States. It was known as the Secret Dance File, its contents too shocking (and titillating) to print or even send in the mail. … The file contained frank descriptions of Pueblo dances that depicted and parodied sexual acts … [and] it made a case for banning [those] ceremonial dances on the grounds that they were immoral and performed only for pleasure.” – JSTOR Daily
Tags: DANCE, 03.15.19, Sj

How This Dancer With Cerebral Palsy Stays Performance-Ready

As a dancer with hemiplegia cerebral palsy, Jerron Herman has never been far from the physical therapy room — or an occupational therapist or some kind of medical interventionist. ‘I’m almost always in deep conversation with that kind of practitioner,’ says Herman, who performs with Heidi Latsky Dance. It’s part of keeping his body ready to dance — and to move throughout his daily life. Herman shared his routine with [Rachel Rizzuto].” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Herman, Heidi Latsky, Jerron Herman, 03.21.19, Rachel Rizzuto

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award 2019 To Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

“A versatile choreographer whose work includes flamenco, hip-hop, classical ballet and contemporary dance pieces, … Ms. Lopez Ochoa will accept the award, which comes with a $25,000 cash prize, on June 15 at the Jacob’s Pillow season-opening gala.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Jacob, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Lopez Ochoa, 03.20.19

Pioneers Of Post-Modern Dance Reflect On What Happened, 60 Years Later

Part of postmodern dance’s power lay in the fact that, for all of its foreignness, it was also familiar. Here were movements taken from the street or home and performed by able but merely human bodies in intimate settings — namely at downtown galleries, lofts or the freewheeling Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, either in the main sanctuary or upon the painted lines of the basement basketball court.  – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Greenwich Village, Judson Memorial Church, 03.20.19

Shen Yun: Chinese Classical Dance Extravaganza Or Anti-Communist Cult? Well, …

If you live in an American city with a sizeable performing arts center, at some point you’ve probably seen ads or flyers for this touring company. Writer Jia Tolentino had never paid them much mind until her parents took her to see them as a Christmas surprise. She had to go a second time to believe what she’d seen. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Dance, Jia Tolentino, 03.19.19, Shen Yun

Orlando Ballet Declines To Renew Contract Of Its Biggest Star

“Arcadian Broad, who has a national following as Orlando Ballet’s best-known dancer, will depart the company next month. The ballet company declined to renew his contract, as well as that of his fiancée, fellow dancer Taylor Sambola.” Said the company’s executive director, “We’re grateful for Arcadian’s talents, and wish him the best as he spreads his wings. Now it’s time to bring new voices, new ideas and ballets with widespread critical acclaim to Central Florida.” – Orlando Sentinel
Tags: Art, Dance, Orlando Ballet, Arcadian, 03.15.19, Arcadian Broad, Taylor Sambola Said

The University Of Louisville Is Closing Its Dance Academy, Laying Off Staff

Alumni from the academy, which began in 1972, have gone on to American Rep, City Ballet, and the National Ballet of Canada – but the university is claiming low enrollment means it’s closing time. – Louisville Courier-Journal
Tags: Art, Dance, Louisville, National Ballet of Canada, 03.15.19, American Rep City Ballet

How To Juggle A Hit Reality Dance Show And A West End Choreography Gig

Oti Mabuse is one of the professional dancers on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – and then she got the call to choreograph a new production of Ain’t Misbehavin’. – BBC
Tags: Art, Bbc, Dance, Oti Mabuse, 03.17.19

Watch The Winner Of This Year’s ‘Dance Your PhD’ Contest

Oh yes, there is such a thing: it’s run by Science magazine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. And this year’s winner, Superconductivity: The Musical! by (and starring) University of Victoria physics researcher Pramodh Senarath Yapa, is about the formation of electron pairs in metals. (You can watch all four of this year’s category winners here.) – Forbes
Tags: Art, Dance, University of Victoria, American Association, Science magazine, 03.15.19, Pramodh Senarath Yapa

For First Time, English National Ballet Hires Staff Medical Director To Care For Dancers

“The company, led by Tamara Rojo, has hired Andy Reynolds in the new role, which will see him lead a team comprising a company doctor, physiotherapist, and a masseur and acupuncturist. Reynolds joins ENB from Harlequins Rugby Club, where he was head of medical services.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Dance, Tamara Rojo, Reynolds, Andy Reynolds, Harlequins Rugby Club, 03.14.19

From Cattle Call to Company Contract, Here’s What It Takes to Join BalletX

“‘I’m going to walk through; it’s going to be so awkward,’ says BalletX artistic and executive director Christine Cox, addressing 119 auditionees and acknowledging the ever-intimidating clipboard she holds. The room bursts into laughter, and smiles linger as pliés begin.” Hannah Fox sits in on the audition. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Christine Cox, BalletX, 03.12.19, Hannah Fox

Why Are There So Many Movies About Horny Dancers Going Insane And Killing Each Other?

Just in the past year, there’s been Red Sparrow, Suspiria, and Climax. “What is it about dancers that inspires filmmakers to depict them in various forms of total destruction? And, most importantly, how closely do these films hew to real life? In other words, are all dancers really just horny, deranged murderers?” Rachel Handler asks a couple of real-life dancers for the truth. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Dance, Rachel Handler, 03.13.19, Red Sparrow Suspiria

Oakland Ballet Needs a Home. Oakland’s Civic Center Needs A New Purpose. Is It A Match?

“We want this public asset used for the maximum public benefit. Not only is there a housing crisis, there’s also a crisis in terms of us being able to preserve culture.” – KQED
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.08.19, Oakland Ballet Needs a Home Oakland

What Stage Dancers Doing On-Camera Work Need To Know

“For dancers with a strictly concert background, making the transition into TV and film can feel like stepping into the unknown. The heightened speed of the rehearsals, ever-changing structure of the sets and somewhat alien nature of the cameras is enough to make even the most seasoned professional a little apprehensive. But dancers can apply the savvy they’ve learned on concert stages to on-camera opportunities.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.12.19

After 36 Years, Minneapolis’s Zenon Dance Company Is Closing Down

“We are being forced out because of lack of funding,” said Linda Andrews, the company’s artistic director, citing the withdrawal of crucial grants by the Jerome Foundation and the philanthropic arm of Target stores. “Things look like they are changing pretty dramatically amongst the funding community, and a lot of organizations are affected by that.” – The Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Tags: Art, Minneapolis, Dance, Star Tribune, Zenon Dance Company, Jerome Foundation, 03.12.19, Linda Andrews

The Venerable Dance Critic At 85

Deborah Jowitt, who has been reviewing since 1964, has probably vexed fewer choreographers than most other leading critics. She speaks of Taylor tenderly (“a genius”), and with gratitude. As the subject of her first review for The Village Voice (Nov. 9, 1967), he immediately wrote her with advice: She should have more confidence in her own views and not quote a senior critic to prop herself up. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Taylor, Deborah Jowitt, 03.12.19, Village Voice Nov

Louisville Ballet Did A Piece With A Same-Sex Relationship — And Got Even More And Nastier Mail Than They’d Expected

“We knew by promoting a love story between two men we would make some people uncomfortable,” said company officials of Human Abstract, “but we were not prepared for this grotesque display of hate.” (They say that positive response outweighed the negative.) got its author, a research cardiologist, fired from editorship of a science journal. – The Courier-Journal (Louisville)
Tags: Art, Dance, SJ, Louisville Ballet, 03.07.19

A Dance Company For Black Women, Without Mirrors, Music, Or Body-Shaming

“Incorporating four components into their practice: dance, discussion, writing and American Sign Language, dance company BLAQ works to give black women a space where they can be free of the stereotypes and discrimination they experience in daily life and heal through the unfiltered expression of dance.” Reporter Becca Most visits the Minneapolis studio with BLAQ founder Deja Stowers. – AP (Minnesota Daily)
Tags: Art, Minneapolis, Dance, Sj1, 03.11.19, Dance Company For Black Women Without Mirrors, BLAQ, Becca Most

How A Dance Photo Went Viral And Became An Issue In Algeria’s Presidential Election

On Friday, March 1, 17-year-old Melissa Ziad performed a few classical dance steps in front of a large Algerian flag at a demonstration in the country’s capital city of Algiers. The steps, like her outfit – ballet shoes with jeans and leather jacket – caught people’s attention. – France24
Tags: Art, Dance, Algeria, Presidential Election, Algiers, 03.10.19, Melissa Ziad

Misty Copeland On Erica Lall

Copeland’s colleague at American Ballet Theatre used to be a kid looking up to her – and Copeland is impressed with the adult Lall: “Erica is very mature in terms of knowing what she wants and being assertive in a way that I think really works — especially as a Black dancer. There’s a fine line between maintaining your identity, and not becoming someone you’re not just to fit in with a certain culture.” – Refinery29
Tags: Art, Dance, Erica, Copeland, Lall, 03.11.19, Erica Lall

Making Dance After Merce

Celebrations of Merce Cunningham’s choreography (and life) spread across the globe this year, cand horeographers who were part of his company at some point are dealing with “the anxiety of influence” as they make works for the celebrations. Four of the choreographers “spoke of Cunningham’s example as a life-changing liberation. They all spoke of gratitude and ambivalence.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Cunningham, Merce Cunningham, Merce, 03.08.19

Creating A Ballet For The Met Museum Galleries

“As his work for seven dancers moves from darkness (the staid and somber Assyrian Court) to tranquility (the meditative Chinese Garden Court) and finally lightness (a bright court in the American Wing), [he] takes the audience on a journey laced with history and spirituality.” Gia Kourlas talks with New York City Ballet corps member Silas Farley about his new piece, Songs from the Spirit. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, New York City Ballet, GIA, 03.07.19, Chinese Garden Court, Silas Farley

‘I Thought It Was One Of The Most Profound Experiences I’ve Ever Been Through’: Sergei Polunin Talks About His Most Recent Meltdown

Last week, ballet’s perpetual problem child had his manager summon a non-dance journalist to hear him “explain his recent activity on social media” — a series of Instagram posts that basically wrecked his career. Simon Hattenstone went, and Polunin explained — in his way. And no, he doesn’t regret anything. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Dance, Simon Hattenstone, Sergei Polunin, Polunin, 03.07.19

In 18 Months At The Helm, Michael Fothergill Has Made Ballet Arkansas Flourish

“We have considerably increased the marketing for our organization and have rebranded the company entirely. We have tripled our seasonal programming, created a series of special performances for young audiences and added a number of popular events.” – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Tags: Art, Dance, Arkansas, 03.03.19, Michael Fothergill

A Ballet Company Director On What Ballet Can Learn From Broadway

Marcello Angelini of Tulsa Ballet: “I think the current system for ballet companies robs dancers of their edge, whereas in Broadway, you need to remain marketable all the time. When a show opens, nobody knows how long it will run, and there is always a chance you may be unemployed in a matter of weeks. The cast needs to engage their audience show in, show out, as lackluster performances may lead to reduced ticket sales and, rather quickly, the show closing.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Broadway, Tulsa Ballet, 03.06.19, Marcello Angelini

‘How Dance Helped Me Work Through My Autism And Open Up To Others’

Isaac Iskra, a person with high-functioning autism, writes about his difficult adjustment to his college’s dance department (he had a panic attack the first day), his subsequent breakthroughs, and how serious study of dance helped him with all areas of communications. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, SJ, 03.05.19, Isaac Iskra

How They Made That Amazing Opening Dance Sequence In Gaspar Noé’s ‘Climax’

“Shot in a single-take, the [five-minute] dance routine is more than just choreographed steps. It shows off the dancers’ individual styles which include voguing, an improvisational dance form that mixes exaggerated model poses with mime-like movement; waacking, characterized by rapid arm movements; and krumping, an aggressive and emotional dance born on the streets of South L.A.” Choreographer Nina McNeely talks to a reporter about the strange ways the sequence came together. – Los Angeles Time...
Tags: Art, Dance, Gaspar Noé, 03.04.19, Nina McNeely

There Will Finally Be A Ballet Emoji (And No, It Won’t Look Like This)

A placeholder image that went viral last month had bunheads worldwide worried. But it’s merely a placeholder for engineers. – Pointe
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.04.19

Dance Companies Have Started Sharing Programs, Commissions, And Sometimes Even Dancers

“In what seems to be a growing trend, regional companies are coming together to share stages and expand their audiences. These team-ups often go beyond split bills, with companies swapping choreographers and performing at least one joint work. While the logistics of co-presentations can be complicated — with more dancers to schedule, budgets to balance and creative visions to blend — the benefits can range from bigger box-office returns to lasting relationships for the artists.” –
Tags: Art, Dance, 02.28.19

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