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These cool prints are made from the soundwaves of songs, and the sales help COVID-19 charities

Soundwaves Art is the brainchild and handiwork of Austin-based visual artist Tim Wakefield, who creates digital prints based on the visualized waveforms of popular songs. For example, here's one made from "Hungry Like the Wolf" by Duran Duran that's signed by the band themselves: View this post on Instagram Created from audio of @duranduran's "Hungry Like the Wolf." Limited edition prints signed by the...
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Best of CH 2019: Interviews + Studio Visits

Reflecting on the group of multi-talented, multi-disciplinary, inspirational creatives we spoke with this year Year in and year out, we desire conversations with creative people and the opportunity to glean some understanding of their motivations and processes. Be they artists and designers or innovators and inventors, those driving us toward the future and beyond have valuable insights to share—and we at CH delight in conveying …
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Miami Art Week 2019: Previewing The Contemporary and Digital Art Fair

Celebrating new media art in all its forms, the event will make its Miami debut in December For 2019’s upcoming Miami Art Week, The Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) is partnering with the Wynwood Business Improvement District to bring a dazzling digital display to Mana Wynwood from 5 to 8 December. Celebrating new media art, the event will be a tremendous exhibition of some of …
Tags: Video, Design, Culture, Miami, Art Fairs, Installations, Wynwood, Miami Art Week, Digital Art, Art Events, 3d Art, Miami Art Week 2019, The Contemporary and Digital Art Fair, Wynwood Business Improvement District, Mana Wynwood

Artist paints their 5-year-old son's fantastic sea monster drawing

This is such an extraordinarily fun creative project. A working professional artist takes a 5 year old kid's imaginative scribble of a sea monster, and repaints it with an adult's skill, faithful to the kid's vision. IMGURian roydenlepp says: “I’m a professional artist and I finally got to do that thing where you paint over your kids drawings. Behold! My 5 year old son’s sea monster.” I love it! Here's the 5 year old child's drawing. Here is the father's digitally painted interpretation of ...
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Infinite Objects Brings Video Art into the Home

Looping, editioned artworks that elevate the humble GIF The idea for Infinite Objects is simple: to make video art more collectable and accessible. Born from a collaboration between product development studio Planeta and GIF search engine Giphy, the members of both teams were exploring how GIFs and video art could be enjoyed outside of phones—and indeed outside of galleries. The company just released its first …
Tags: Art, Videos, Design, Home Decor, Video Art, Culture, Gifs, Giphy, Art Collections, Decor, Planeta, Digital Art, Affordable Art, Moving Art

This vending machine sells pixels, not Pepsis, to help digital artists

Artist Danner Milliken wants to create a digital art vending machine that marries technology and art into one device that not only serves as a product, but as an art exhibition in and of itself. 
Tags: Art, News, Trends, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Vending Machine, Emerging Tech, Digital Art, Danner Milliken

A Backpack to Get You Noticed!

A backpack can say a lot about a person as their style can range from being a modern and on-trend fashion accessory, through to a functional and trustworthy companion… but what about a digitalized backpack?Pix is aimed at the individuals who wish to stand out and dare to be different! Packed into the front of the rucksack is a screen that is capable of creating up to 16.5 million color combinations… so you are only limited by your imagination! What’s displayed is controlled from the user’s pho...
Tags: Deals, Design, Bags, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, Digital Art, Margaret Rimek, Pix Backpack, Margaret RimekClick

The Hockney Window and an iPad

The most interesting thing about this new window by David Hockney… He said he had reworked the design for the window from an earlier painting using an iPad. Mr. Hockney has used new technology extensively throughout his career and has exhibited works created with iPhones and Polaroid cameras alongside his paintings in some of the world’s most important museums. Read the article and see the window here. I’ve wrestled with the idea that art created on an iPad was somehow less valid or that it wou...
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Winter 2018

Winter 2018 is an experimental and abstract project by Ally See the other pieces here
Tags: Art, Winter, Religion, Oil, Digital Art, Abstract Painting, Artist Ballymena, Ally Simpson artist, Northern Ireland Artist

Tokyo's digital art museum is grand

Even for the most avid museum nerds, a traditional museum format can start to feel a bit repetitive. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing displays were more interactive, this digital art museum in Tokyo might be right up your alley. The MORI Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo’s Odaiba district combines art, science, technology, design, and images of the natural world with computer-generated simulations. It’s the largest museum in the world dedicated to digital, interactive art, and its mai...
Tags: Travel, Art, Museum, Tokyo, Digital Art, Odaiba, Digital Art Museum, Tokyo Museum

Weaponized candy

While these guns, knives, and bombs look deliciously real, they are in fact masterful digital art confections by artist Cristian Girotto. Let's hope a candymaker gets inspired! (more…)
Tags: Post, Design, News, Graphic Design, Candy, Digital Art, Photoshopping

Expressive Digital Art Portraits by Bulgarian Artist Darina Georgieva

Expressive artist and painter Darina Georgieva’s lovely digital art portraits of some famous faces are characterized by the artist’s broad brushstrokes and neon-ish colors. A trained artist, Darina, after graduating from the school of Applied Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, moved to France and then to Belgium to study Fine Arts. She ended up doing her Master’s degree in Spain, where she currently lives and creates her works. She states, Gathering diverse impressions and gaining experience from ...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, Spain, Belgium, Portraits, Faces, Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria, Brussels Belgium, Digital Art, Darina, Darina Georgieva, Digital Illustrations, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Matthieu Forichon

French illustrator Matthieu Forichon works in vector illustration, an approach that lends itself well to his crisp, elegant portrayals of fashion, travel, food and drink for clients like Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, Lillet, Camus cognacs & Neuhaus chocolates. I find particular appeal in his use of dramatic lighting in interiors and Parisian night scenes. Forichon’ss website is in French, but easily navigated by non-French speakers. You may find it a bit easier, though, to browse through his work i...
Tags: Art, Illustration, Rapp, Neuhaus, Digital Art, Matthieu Forichon, Louis Vuitton Nespresso Lillet Camus

Pioneer Véra Molnar has been creating computer art since 1968

Fifty years ago, Véra Molnar decided to experiment with computers for generating art printed on continuous plotter paper with the pin strips on the edge. To honor that anniversary, a number of galleries are showing her early work (protip: slow the video playback to 0.25 for longer looks at the work). (more…)
Tags: Art, Post, Video, News, Computer Art, Digital Art, Véra Molnar

The Surreal Conceptual Digital Art of Mohammad Nour

Mohammad Nour is a 23 year old graphic designer from Amman, Jordan, whose stunning, yet dark digital artwork talks about the various stages he has experienced in his personal life. He says derives inspiration for his artwork from many sources – whether from film or songs, or even from a novel he is reading. A self-taught artist, he learned Photoshop by watching videos on the internet. He has been working as a graphic designer from 2014, and hold a Adobe Certified Associates (ACA) certifica...
Tags: Art, Graphic Design, Amman Jordan, Digital Art, Mohammad Nour

AI Imagines Nude Paintings as Terrifying Pools of Melting Flesh

When Robbie Barrat trained an AI to study and reproduce classical nude paintings, he expected something at least recognizable. What the AI produced instead was unfamiliar and unsettling, but still intriguing. The “paintings” look like flesh-like ice cream, spilling into pools that only vaguely recall a woman’s body.…Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Fine Art, Ai, Nudes, Digital Art, Robbie Barrat

Manga Style Fantasy Digital Illustrations by Timothy Kong

UK born artist Timothy Kong says that he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. His illustrations are a “blend of old master paintings with a dash of eastern influence,” Using Photoshop as the main tool of his trade he creates pieces a focus on the emotional state of characters and story telling. he does however occasionally dabbles with traditional media for sketch work or ideas. He is available for freelance illustration, character design and concept art work. You can buiy his ar...
Tags: Art, Digital Art, Manga, Timothy Kong

Pop Culture Icons in Dystopia – Digital Art by Filip Hodas

In his terrific ongoing series on Instagram, 3D illustrator Filip Hodas imagines a dystopian world in the future where large structures based on pop culture icons dot the desolate landscape. You can find more of the artist’s digital art on Behance | Instagram.
Tags: Art, Pop Culture, Dystopia, Digital Art, Filip Hodas

Krita Is a Fast, Flexible, and Free Photoshop Alternative Built by Artists

Windows/macOS/Linux: If you’re on the lookout for a digital painting tool and Photoshop is too expensive, Krita is a fast, free, and open source art tool that was developed by artists looking for something that met their needs without a ton of bloat or overhead. Plus, it’s completely cross-platform.Read more...
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Original 176 emoji acquired by New York's MoMA

In 1999, Shigetaka Kurita created 176 digital icons that fit in a 12x12 pixel grid. Pagers, then cell phones, then smartphones ran with the emoji concept. Now MoMA is acquiring the original set, and MoMA's Paul Galloway will be discussing the collection at Emojicon this week. (more…)
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Tears Are the Melting of the Ice of the Soul (JazJaz Flickr Pool)

A surreal digital artwork submitted to the JazJaz Flickr pool by Flickr user Light Rhapsody. To stay updated, please follow JazJaz on Facebook | Twitter. You can also subscribe via email to the daily newsletter.
Tags: Art, Facebook, Digital Art, Surreal

Petey Ulatans cubic landscapes reimagine the world full of sharp angles

Ulatan’s artistic interpretation of the world as a cube is not the same treatment as taking other round objects and making them cubic, such as the cube-shaped watermelons grown in Japan. Rather, his vision reflects something closer to science fiction, where Earth’s corners face inward to create exceptionally geometric valleys that defy gravity. Ulatan, who unveiled his cubist world in a series of curious images on Instagram, bends a number of familiar scenes at 90-degree angles, making for som...
Tags: Image Editing, Art, Science Fiction, Photography, Japan, Design, Earth, Gallery, Carousel Showcase, Digital Images, Environmental Art, Digital Art

Lego Horror Scenery Created by Finnish Photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo

Juhamatti Vahdersalo, a 33 year old photographer and digital artist, uses his considerable talents to create dark and atmospheric scenes of a world inhabited by Lego serial killers. Vahdersalo says that he categorizes his works to be in the storytelling / fine-genres. The Finland-based artist regularly updates his Instagram, Flickr and Facebook page with his creations. To stay updated, please follow JazJaz on Facebook | Twitter. You can also subscribe via email to the daily newsletter....
Tags: Art, Facebook, Photography, Lego, Finland, Digital Art

Pearly Digital Art by Kathryn Blake

À travers ses compositions 3D, Kathryn Blake nous présente son univers visuel frais et décalé et nous plonge dans l’atmosphère chaude et ensoleillée de Los Angeles, sa ville d’origine. Ses compositions forment un bouquet d’éléments estivaux tels que des canettes de soda et des fruits, voire totalement improbables tels que des parties de corps humain émergeant d’une surface marbrée. Elle joue avec les matières, passant de l’irisé à l’effet nacré, représente aussi bien des feuilles de philodendron...
Tags: Design, La, Los Angeles, Water, Fruit, Sun, 3D, Fresh, Swimming Pool, Digital Art, Conceptual, Kathryn Blake, Refreshing

Surreal and Geometric iPhone Design Art

Matthew Custar est un artiste et un designer de Minneapolis qui créé ces pièces uniquement à l’aide de son iPhone et de diverses applications. Son art digital est abstrait, surréaliste, non sans rappeler les couleurs du memphis style. Des visuels géométriques et très colorés à découvrir sur son Tumblr.
Tags: Design, Minneapolis, Designer, Illustration, Print, Graphic, Geometric, Abstract, Pattern, Digital Art, Surreal, Matthew Custar

Pepsi Celebrates Gif-iti Street Art in Latest INSA Collaboration

In the longstanding love affair between art and advertising, it’s hard to think of any artist currently doing it better than globally celebrated “gif-iti” artist INSA, who bring street art to life as a digital GIF that’s ripe for social media sharing. Now Pepsi is the latest brand to partner with the British artist for another stunning creation. Pepsi UK approached INSA with a challenge: Describe the intense taste of Pepsi Max Cherry through INSA’s unique stop-motion animated GIF graffiti (“Gi...
Tags: Art, UK, Campaigns, China, Uncategorized, Unilever, Atlantic, New Orleans, Miami, Bmw, Street Art, PepsiCo., Basel, Art Basel, Arts And Culture, Sxsw

Cinematic and Dark Space Imagery by Dickri Achmad Fauzy

Dickri Achmad Fauzy, a graphic designer from Indonesia, creates these stunning digital artwork which show us glimpses of alien worlds with a dark and surreal, cinematic touch. The young designer says that his passion for graphic art and design was ignited by his interest in film posters and CD covers of music albums. Fauzy lives and works as a freelancer in the city of Bandung. You can check out many more images on his website, where he also undertakes custom commissions. You can al...
Tags: Facebook, Space, Design, Instagram, Indonesia, Bandung, Digital Art, Surreal, Dickri Achmad Fauzy, Fauzy

The Funny Photoshop Animal Hybrids of the Digital Zoo

Digital artists work in image editing programs like Photoshop that allow them to genetically modify photographs to create funny animal hybrids. Photo manipulation artists are the zoo keepers of the digital zoo, adding animals at whim. Bellowing Gorilla Bird This Photoshop artist has created the missing link. If only scientists had known that it could fly too. [source] Spitting Llama Dodo The Llama Dodo is reputed to be able to survive at enormous heights above sea level, with the ability...
Tags: Art, Design, Photoshop, Cute, Funny, Digital, Animal, Zoo, Humor, Hybrid, Sam Spratt, Catherine South, Animal Hybrids, Digital Art, Photoshop Art, Photoshopped Creatures

Funny Photoshop Head Swaps

Digital artists can use Photoshop to give people a makeover, or in extreme cases, to replace the entire head. Here's what happens when digital artists have fun swapping heads around. Photoshop Head Swaps Bridge the Generation Gap According to, head swaps were were first thought up by Something Awful's user Ryan Adams when he started a thread called "Swap Grandparents and Babies Heads!" The thread spawned dozens of Photoshop head swapped images, most notably of fathers and their...
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