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Road Trip: Perth to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia

On the hunt for wine, untamed landscapes, and the perfect surf break down under Many people who visit Australia stick to the continent’s well-worn East Coast—from Melbourne to Sydney, the Gold Coast or up to the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s tremendous value all over the country—and one of those less-traveled places is Western Australia. If your time and budget permit, we suggest flying to Perth (the state’s capital) and …
Tags: Travel, Design, Australia, Restaurants, Bars, Road Trips, Sydney, Wine, Melbourne, Dining, Perth, East Coast, Western Australia, Gold Coast, Wineries, Cape Leeuwin Western Australia

Word of Mouth: Mexican Food in Los Angeles 

Tradition, family values, memories and experimentation collide for some of the most exciting dishes To learn about the complexities of Mexican cuisine, starting anywhere in Mexico will—of course—lead to incredible discoveries of distinct dishes and the equally remarkable people making them. Regional cooking in Mexico is as diverse as the beautiful ingredients from seafood in Baja to moles in Oaxaca. With the large Mexican and …
Tags: Travel, Food, Design, California, Mexico, Restaurants, Los Angeles, Seafood, Baja, Dining, Oaxaca, Mexican Food, Mexican Restaurants

American Modern Cup + Saucer

Available in nine different colorways, this round-edged and stout teacup holds six liquid ounces of your favorite brew. The cup and saucer set is a reproduction of Russel Wright’s American Modern line, which launched in 1939 and featured plenty of curvy silhouettes. While all the colors are covetable, our pick is the turquoise—one of the original Wright hues.
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Design, Dining, Ceramics, Wright, Russel Wright, Kitchenware, Teacups, American Modern

Let’s take a second to appreciate this saucepan’s detachable handle

If it wasn’t my job to talk about the Jiu Cast Iron Pan, I’d be looking at that GIF all day. The Jiu Cast Iron Pan comes with a detachable wooden handle, allowing you to use it with small ovens or on stovetops without the handle, and letting you directly snap the handle on whenever you want to lift or swirl the pan. With the handle, the Jiu looks like an elegant cast iron pan fit for the finest kitchens, and without the handle, the Jiu takes on a much more classy plate-esque avatar. All in all, ...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Tent, Cast Iron, Dining, Product Design, Frying Pan, Handle, Jiu, Saucepan, Fujita Metal Co

Word of Mouth: Mexico City Drinking + Dining

Natural wines, melding cuisines and plenty more to taste in the Mexican capital Distrito Federal, Mexico City, now formally Ciudad de México, is a dynamic and quickly evolving destination full of dichotomies, tradition and innovation. Whether attending Zona Maco, Design Week, or at any other time of the year, food is guaranteed to be a big part. While street food and family-style restaurants are essentials …
Tags: Travel, Design, Mexico, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Cafes, Mexico City, Wine, Dining, Word of Mouth, Distrito Federal Mexico City, Zona Maco Design Week

Nendo made a minimal, no-nonsense pepper-mill

With no complex rotating parts, tolerances, blades, burr grinders, handles, and assemblies, Nendo’s Pepper Pestle is a minimal, elegant storage unit for dried peppercorns that even doubles as a spice crusher. Designed to work as a mortar and a pestle, the Pepper Pestle comprises a hollow frosted glass bottle (which stores the corns) with finger dimples on either side for an easy grip, and gentle ridges on the bottom that hold and crush the peppercorns against a glass tray that also doubles up as...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Pepper, Nendo, Dining, Spice, Product Design, Grinder, Valerie Objects, Pepper Mill, Pepper Pestle, Valerie ObjectsImage

Word of Mouth: Havana

This stunning, timeless city has plenty of surprises—if you know where to look The landscape in Havana, Cuba’s capital city, tells two different stories: the first paints a picture of candy-colored buildings and sidewalk salsa dancing; the second shows crumbling facades and a glimpse of the city’s scars after two independence wars, a US trade embargo and 50 years of strained foreign relations. Despite this juxtaposition …
Tags: Travel, Design, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, US, Museums, Cafes, Dining, Cuba, Havana, Havana Cuba, Old Havana, Word of Mouth

Serenity Redefined at Bhutan’s Remote Gangtey Lodge

12 suites, innumerable amenities and tranquility in the once-hidden Phobjikha Valley At Gangtey Lodge, guests feel ever so far away. More than three hours from the capital city of Thimphu, along the National Highway and ultimately beyond the single road that leads into the once-hidden, glacial-carved Phobjikha Valley, the 12-room property nestles into the farmland. Here, potatoes, herbs and turnips grow. And the black-necked crane of …
Tags: Travel, Wellness, Design, Hotels, Dining, Bhutan, Spa, Thimphu, Boutique Hotels, Gangtey Lodge, Independent Hotels, Phobjikha Valley, National Highway

Word of Mouth: River North Denver Food + Drink

Breweries, bars, markets and more in the ever-growing neighborhood Denver‘s River North neighborhood, cut in half by the South Platte River, is home to some of the city’s best galleries, drinking and dining. Just minutes from downtown, this stretch of mural-clad, industrial-sized facades contains breweries, fine dining and conceptual spaces—and still has room to grow. With everything from karaoke bars to breweries and restaurants opening …
Tags: Travel, Design, Colorado, Drinking, Dining, Denver, River North, RINO, South Platte River, Word of Mouth, Denver s River North, River North Denver Food Drink

Word of Mouth: Paris

From natural wine bars to sophisticated accommodations, some of our favorite spots in the City of Light Like any dynamic city, Paris is ever-evolving. As frequent visitors, we try to keep up with all cultural developments. While we remain faithful to our beloved stalwart bars and restaurants, there are always new or undiscovered venues to visit—be it bars, cafes, galleries or places to rest your …
Tags: Travel, Food, Design, France, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Paris, Cocktails, Wine, Dining, Galleries, Hoxton

Best of CH 2018: Editors’ Picks

Design stories, interviews, travel guides and curious cuisine that truly mattered to us Perhaps it was a quote of unearthly wisdom, a bite of strange deliciousness or simply a breeze on a newly discovered path; 2018 imparted several moments worth honoring. As a team of writers and editors, we spoke to so many and set foot in so much. The following excerpts mark personal high …
Tags: Travel, Design, Mexico, France, Restaurants, Food And Drink, Dining, Brittany, Best of CH 2018

The Eatense Digital-plate Brings UX Design to the Culinary World

Studies show that the color of the plate can often change your perception of how food tastes. For example, serving desserts on a white plate can enhance their sweetness by making their colors seem more saturated… and that tricks your brain into thinking they’re sweeter! In 1957 marketing pioneer Louis Cheskin reported that adding 15 percent more yellow to green in 7UP cans caused consumers to perceive the soft drink as having a more lemony-limey flavor. That’s probably why Sprite, although cle...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Technology, Starbucks, Dining, Popular, Product Design, Random, Dinnerware, Plate, Louis Cheskin, Eatense, Eatense Digital

The Humble Food-bag, Made Indispensable and Invincible

The average family goes through roughly 25 zip-lock bags in a week. That’s 1300 bags… per average family on earth. The zip-lock bag serves its purpose well, but it’s disposable. Meant to be used anywhere from 1-3 times before its flimsy plastic gives away and you promptly dispose of it for another one.With everyone slowly moving to non-plastic alternatives like metal strays and opting for plastic products that are multi-use (Tupperware, for example), it only makes sense that the food-bag, the ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Dining, Popular, Product Design, Random, Tupperware, BPA, Agooday, Food Bag, Pockeat, Pockeat Pockeat

Drink Water How Nature Intended!

You may think that the water that flows from the faucets within your home is the ideal water, and tastes like… well, water! But it could still be improved, and that’s where MAYU comes in. When water sits in the network of pipes, it is hidden from air so none of the natural, beneficial chemical reactions are able to occur, and pathogens build up… not to mention the added chlorine! This isn’t how nature intended water to be consumed.MAYU gently swirls the water in a natural, calming manner to re...
Tags: Deals, Design, Dining, Product Design, Mayu, Mayu Water, Zeev Zohar, Zeev ZoharClick

Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One

Anita Lo, a Michelin-starred chef, penned a self-deprecating guide to eating alone. It’s not a list of restaurants accommodating a table for one, but rather a cookbook filled with recipes perfectly sized for the person preparing them. She feels, after realizing that working odd hours often forced her to dine solo, that the process should be empowering and not loathed.
Tags: Food, Cooking, Design, Michelin, Dining, Michelin Stars, Solo, Cookbooks, Anita Lo, Dining Alone

Breakfast Tray

Serve breakfast on breakfast with this Martin Parr tray. The beloved photographer’s blend of dry humor and anthropology is apparent here—and while the Melamine piece is entirely functional, it’s a shame to cover up the 1995 photo. The image was included in Parr’s book British Food, and is just one of the many culinary-focused pictures in the brilliant photographer’s vast body of work.
Tags: Food, Photography, Design, Photographers, Dining, Martin Parr, Tate, Parr, Kitchenware, Trays, British Food

Suffragette City Tea Cup and Saucer

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the UK, this “Suffragette City” cup and saucer is made by Plinth in collaboration with the Mayor of London and Bella Freud. Made from fine bone china, its gold rims mean it’s not dishwasher-safe. More importantly, a portion of the proceeds go to the Fawcett Society, which works for gender equality and women’s rights.
Tags: Kitchen, UK, Design, London, Gender Equality, Dining, Suffragette, Bella Freud, Fawcett Society, Suffragette City, Tea Sets, Teacups

Going nuts about this acorn-inspired snack bowl!

Qualy’s designs have an innocent, playful quality that makes them instantly lovable. They also revolve around a rather neat idea that makes them clever, like the Four Seasons shakers. The Acorn snacks bowl revolves around the same principles of being innocent, playful, and clever! A lid and a bowl join together to form a closed container. Lift the lid, invert it and place it back and you’ve got yourself two bowls! One for foodstuff and one for discarded peels, seeds, or wrappers! Perfect for e...
Tags: Design, Dining, Product Design, Qualy Design, Acorn Snack Bowl

Word of Mouth: Local’s Guide to Miami

As the art world descends on the sunny South Florida city, these places will stay authentic The city of Miami‘s cultural offerings continue to expand and advance at a rapid pace. As many members of the global arts community make their way down this week, it’s increasingly evident that Miami warrants more than one visit each year. There’s power in the local museum and artist …
Tags: Travel, Florida, Design, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Miami, Dining, Art Basel, Clubs, South Florida, Salons, Miami Art Week, Word of Mouth

Sugary Rio Dinner Plate

With a motif inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain, this bright plate has been hand-painted in Portugal. Measuring 11 inches in diameter, it’s safe for overs and microwaves—and there are matching bowls and salad plates available too.
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Portugal, Rio De Janeiro, Dining, Decor, Plates, Sugarloaf Mountain, MoMA Design Store, Stoneware

The Food Cart for Home Has Landed

The ‘Live, Cook, Chill’ concept wants you to do more living and chilling than cooking. Designed with modern living (and micro-living spaces) in mind, it packs a week’s worth of meals into one compact unit than you can keep refilling. With prepared meal delivery being all the rage right now, it takes things to the next level, utilizing a refrigerator and steam reheating system in one. Simply stack in your prepped meals and set it to warm when you’re ready. It’s like airplane food for your home or...
Tags: Kitchen, Cooking, Design, Cook, Live, Dining, Product Design, Chill, Sascha dos Santos

Word of Mouth: Bucktown + Wicker Park

Places to eat, shop and stay just northwest of downtown Chicago Northwest of downtown Chicago, Bucktown and Wicker Park have been undergoing a fantastic revitalization. A former warehouse area turned artist haven, there is now more to do than ever before. Wander above the city in an elevated train track turned green space, eat at one of the many beloved burger joints (without trauma-inducing lines), …
Tags: Travel, Design, Shopping, Chicago, Burgers, Dining, Illinois, Bucktown, Etta, Wicker Park, Word of Mouth, Chicago Bucktown, Exelon Observatory, Robin Richman, The 606, The Robey Hotel

Word of Mouth: Copenhagen

We explore the Danish capital through the lens of the creative minds at MoMA Design Store Exploring the world in search of beautiful items may be a dream job for most, but it’s real life for members of the MoMA Design Store team. The team’s collective goal is to find items that are functional, inventive, modern and beautiful. In every city they visit they explore cultural …
Tags: Travel, Sponsored, Design, Shopping, Hotels, Drinking, Eating, Copenhagen, Dining, Shops, Hay, City Guides, Word of Mouth, MoMA Design Store, MoMA Design Store Exploring the world

Food Highlights From Summit LA18

From irresistible street carts to cannabis-infused and plant-based dishes, culinary wonders matched the high-level dialogues One of the more impressive aspects of Summit LA 2018 was the culinary vertical—not only for its sheer volume, but also the variety of experiences and unparalleled quality. In the same way the event organizers apply a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” ethos to its robust event schedule, so too do they apply the philosophy to …
Tags: Food, Cooking, Design, La, Restaurants, Los Angeles, Tradition, Dining, Conferences, Summit, Food + Drink, DTLA, Summit Series, Summit LA


The tea brewing process is pretty straightforward, so it simply wouldn’t be right to expect that some wildly innovative solution to roll along. I mean, why mess up a good thing? That being said, this is a perfect example of good design that’s not attempting to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it’s just aiming to function and function well (and perhaps look good while doing it).Called ‘CUTEA,’ the set features a metal tea infuser, matte ceramic saucer, and matching ceramic saucer. The wide-mouthed i...
Tags: Kitchen, Tea, Design, Dining, Infuser, Product Design, Umbra, Drinkware, CUTEA, Eugenie de Loynes

Dining at Guadalajara’s New Restaurant, Xokol

"When you arrive at home, if they're making tortillas it is tradition to offer one to tell you, 'You're welcome here.'"
Tags: Food, Design, Mexico, Restaurants, History, Tradition, Chefs, Dining, Guadalajara, Food + Drink, Mexican Restaurants, Xokol

Flynn McGarry Creates a Caviar-Filled Menu for Hudson’s

A behind-the-scenes preview of the water-bound dinner series At 19 years old, Flynn McGarry admits he always dreamed of opening a restaurant—a goal he deemed lofty when he began cooking at 12 years old. But now he has Gem: a home-like venue hidden along Forsyth Street in Manhattan. Here, the chef and his team serve two seatings of 12, Tuesday through Saturday. Being closed on Mondays …
Tags: Food, Cooking, Design, NYC, Restaurants, Manhattan, Food And Drink, Dining, Hudson, Food + Drink, Yachts, Forsyth Street, Gem, Flynn McGarry, Dinner Series, Dinner Cruise

Word of Mouth: San Miguel de Allende

Some of our favorite places in this historic, photogenic city Artistically and culinarily dynamic and ever-evolving, San Miguel de Allende (around 170 miles from Mexico City) is one of Mexico‘s most exciting and photogenic cities. Between the wonderfully wonky cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, baroque to neo-gothic architecture and bougainvillea-covered walls of the city, there’s innovation bubbling. The city is UNESCO-protected, but it’s much more than a historically significant …
Tags: Travel, Food, Drinks, Design, Shopping, Mexico, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Accommodation, Unesco, Mexico City, Dining, San Miguel de Allende, Word of Mouth

The Cooking M3 lets you cook individual parts of a full meal together

Built with multi-unit cooking control, the Cooking M3 lets you prepare entire meals at once. Its innovative 3-compartment structure allows you to cook separate dishes (two small accompaniments and a main dish) at the same time in one single unit, allowing you to look at the bigger picture of preparing a full meal in one appliance, rather than individually cooking different elements.The three compartments come with their own induction-ready containers (like in a rice cooker) that can be placed in...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Awards, Dining, Product Design, Rice Cooker, Induction, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Red Dot Concept 2018, Cooking M3, Gao Junwu, Li Lei, Xiao Zhihua, Xu Qinqin

Let this miniature cityscape dry your dishes

Inspired by the Christopher Nolan movie that’s famous for its spinning top and incredibly fluid cityscapes, the Inception Dish Rack is a silicone-molded model of a city, complete with buildings, skyscrapers, and roadways. This plot of land, however, isn’t completely ornamental… because it’s in-fact built for docking wet dishes!The dishes sit between buildings, looking almost like UFOs colliding into earth (but that’s a separate franchise), and dry out, because they’re stacked vertically. The sil...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Christopher Nolan, Design, Dining, Product Design, Inception, Luca-Nichetto, Seletti, Dish Rack

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