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Disney Apparently Decided Not To Pay Some Authors Their Royalties

And now there’s a task force trying to get the authors of novels in the Indiana Jones, Buffy, and Star Wars universes the royalties for recent sales of their books. Disney, according to author Alan Dean Foster, told him that when they bought Lucasfilm and the rights to Foster’s novelization of Star Wars: A New Hope, first published in 1976, that didn’t mean he would continue to earn royalties from the still in-print, still selling book. The Mouse “argued that it had purchased the rights, but no...
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Video: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Almost Looked VERY Different

The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge hits bookstore shelves this week, and with it comes a lot of information, insight and concept art about how Disney’s Star Wars theme park land evolved into what it is today. That includes all the paths it almost took, including alternate rides and stores, and very different storytelling experiences. And we’ve put together a video breaking it all down. Galaxy’s Edge Differences Over at my Ordinary Adventures YouTube channel, we recorded a video talking...
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Streamers Ruled The Oscars This Year

Yes, 2020 was a weird year, and the rules for movies to debut in movie theatres were waived, but still: Netflix had seven statues, Amazon two, Disney one (or a lot more, if you count Nomadland as a Disney production), and Warner Bros one, all for movies that were either only streamed or debuted on streaming and theatres (if any were open) on the same day. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Amazon, Art, Media, Disney, Los Angeles, Netflix, Warner Bros, Nomadland, 04.25.21

Make the Weather Come Alive Onstage and Onscreen

Unless you have perfect timing, when you’re producing a show with your students, you will be performing it at a different time of year than what the show is set in. For example, you might be performing Almost, Maine in April (when the show is set in the winter) or Disney’s High School Musical 2 […]
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Fish Meets Grill, a solo exhibition by Veera Rustomji

We are thrilled to inform that our dear friend Veera Rustomji will have a solo exhibition at VM Art Gallery in Karachi Pakistan. VM Art Gallery is pleased to present Fish Meets Grill, a solo exhibition by Veera Rustomji, opening on 24th March 2021 from 11am – 7pm. The exhibition will continue until 11th April 2021. The title refers to a recipe as an anecdote for the ultimate fate of creatures cooked to reach charred perfection. If we think about the ‘manly’ activity of fishing, it is usually...
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The Gender-Based Lawsuit Against Disney Expands To Include Pay Secrecy

California labor law doesn’t allow for pay secrecy. Disney denies the claims by the plaintiffs that “Disney prohibits employees from disclosing their own wages, discussing the pay of others or inquiring about another employee’s compensation. … Some of the plaintiffs also claim to have been instructed multiple times not to talk about their compensation, with one alleging that another employee had been disciplined for sharing their pay information with others at the company.” – Los Angeles Times ...
Tags: Art, California, Disney, Issues, 03.18.21, Gender Based Lawsuit Against Disney

Will Disney Break Netflix’s Record Numbers For Streaming?

That’s what it’s poised to do in 2024, or so the predictions say (on the other hand, who could have predicted that every family with children would be stuck at home needing some Disney to stream when Disney+ debuted in 2019?). – The Guardian (UK)
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How Did Disney Get The Bachelor So Wrong This Year?

The Mouse promised change at the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death. But the online chatter over racism on The Bachelor has only grown. “As the furor crests heading into the finale, neither Disney nor ABC has commented publicly on the matter, despite leadership’s less than year-old pledge to be open about racial issues. The subject was not raised during this week’s Disney shareholder meeting. Neither Disney nor ABC responded to requests for comment from The Times.” – Los Angeles Times...
Tags: Art, Abc, Disney, Issues, George Floyd, 03.12.21

Disney+ Closes In On 100 Million Subscribers

The subscriber count is up from the 94.9 million accounts Disney reported last month for the quarter that ended in January. And the surge — fueled by hits such as “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision” — has encouraged the company to spend more on growing its streaming businesses. Disney in December unveiled an aggressive plan to ramp up programming for the service to 100 new titles a year. –
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Audience, 03.09.21

VP of Marketing and Communications, Omaha Performing Arts

The Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) welcomes nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Marketing and Communications, available in the Spring of 2021. The Omaha Performing Arts (O-pa) welcomes nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Marketing and Communications, available in the Spring of 2021.The OpportunityO-pa’s next Vice President for Marketing and Communication will join a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that consistently receiv...
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The 9 best Airbnbs in Orlando, from a family home with its own arcade to a condo right by Disney Springs

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb Thanks to its world-class theme parks, Orlando is a popular year-round destination.The city can be expensive during peak times, but we found top-rated Airbnbs under $300 per night.Experts and the CDC also say Airbnbs are safer than hotels due to minimized contact with others. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Orlando remains one of the most-visited cities in the United States. The proliferation of wor...
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Certain ‘Muppet Show’ Episodes Get A Disclaimer At Disney Plus

The disclaimer, which runs on 18 episodes of the show (re-relased on Disney+ last week): “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.” The rest of the disclaimer sends viewers to Disney’s website to “learn more about how stories have impacted societ...
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, 02.21.21

29 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Appreciating loved ones can become much more challenging when you can't physically be together.Sending someone you love a small gift during this time can be a meaningful expression of kindness. Many of the products and services below are entirely contact-free, as noted throughout. Staying connected to those you love, but cannot physically be with, is a lofty task. It's often difficult to replicate the joy ...
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Disneyland Artist And ‘Master Illustrator’ Charles Boyer, 86

Boyer signed on with Disney as a sketch artist in 1960 – and never left. “Boyer was made a Disney Legend in 2005, the equivalent of membership in the company’s Hall of Fame, with a window on Main Street in his name. Not bad for someone who put himself through Chouinard Art Institute as a janitor on a ‘working scholarship.’ Or for an artist who was color-blind.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Disney, People, Hall of Fame, Boyer, Charles Boyer, Disney Legend, Chouinard Art Institute, 02.13.21

Steven Spielberg Explains Why Movie Theaters Need to Survive

Steven Spielberg explains why movie theaters need to survive Movie theater chains are struggling amidst the ongoing pandemic and there’s a very real threat many will not make it through these troubling times. And yet, legendary director Steven Spielberg, ever the optimist, revealed in a letter to Empire why he believes movie theaters will eventually return and why they are an important part of our society. RELATED: Wakanda Series in the Works at Disney+ as Disney Inks TV Deal with Ryan Coogl...
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The Improbable Story Of A Disney Movie That Almost Didn’t Get Made

“So, uh, how — and why — did all of this happen? Here is the oral history of The Emperor’s New Groove, an irreverent, pratfall-heavy, non sequitur of an animated movie that so defied Disney’s painstakingly deliberate traditions, it’s hard to believe it actually exists today.” – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, 01.27.21

Whiners Didn’t Like A New Star Wars Host’s Support Of Black Lives Matter

The official Star Wars account (and thus, Disney) is backing its Star Wars: The High Republic Show host Krystina Arielle, a Black woman who tweeted last summer in support of Black Lives Matter. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Krystina Arielle, 01.23.21, New Star Wars Host

‘Star Wars’ Fan Fiction Video Is All Over The Place — And Disney Is Fine With It

“Such films have existed almost as long as the franchise itself. Early examples were spoofs, like the 1978 short Hardware Wars and a 1997 Stormtrooper-centric sendup of Cops called Troops. Lucasfilm held annual fan-movie contests in the decade before Disney acquired the company in 2012. But Disney’s stewardship, coupled with the wide availability of higher-quality moviemaking tools, has inaugurated a new era of fan creativity.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Audience, 01.07.21

Cool Stuff: Ben Harman’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy Print Set Explores the Tombs and Temples

Having kept up with the pop culture art scene for a long time, we’ve seen countless artwork paying tribute to the Indiana Jones franchise. So when a new set honoring the entire adventure trilogy comes along, it has to be something really special to convince us to grab our wallets. Artist Ben Harman, who is best known for creating some stunning Disney-inspired artwork, set his sights on the entire Indiana Jones trilogy by creating a set of prints featuring iconic locations, and they’re absolute ...
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Film Version Of ‘Hamilton’ Is Eligible For Golden Globes And SAG Awards But Not Oscars. Here’s Why

Disney bought the rights to the specially shot and edited footage of the Broadway production and planned to release it in movie theaters — until the pandemic changed everything and the show was put on Disney+ instead. That’s similar enough to other movies from 2020 that the Globes consider Hamilton eligible; SAG, oddly, puts it in the TV movie category. The Motion Picture Academy, on the other hand, made a deliberate decision to exclude the project from the Oscars. Reporter Scott Feinberg provi...
Tags: Art, Media, Theatre, Disney, Broadway, Hamilton, Scott Feinberg, 01.05.21

Broadway Fans Are Creating Entire Musicals On TikTok

Just three months after she posted it, TikTokers had conjured up an entire “Ratatouille” musical universe. A composer spiced up her song with Disney-fied orchestrations. Songwriters whipped up tunes for Remy, his brother, his dad, his fellow chef, the food critic Anton Ego. A director explained how he’d stage the show. Dancers demonstrated how they’d dance it. A puppeteer showed how he’d puppet it. A designer created a breathtaking Playbill, in a video that’s been seen nearly 5 million times. S...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Disney, Broadway, Anton, Remy, 12.23.20

This 1953 Column By Walt Disney Talked About Threats To The Movie Industry

As Disney concluded in his column, “We like to enjoy ourselves in crowds, at sports arenas, at picnics, fairs and carnivals, at concerts and in the theatre. … People are always going to demand and enjoy movies in the theatre. Perhaps not as exclusively as they did when public amusements were more limited. But with a big potential share” of people’s entertainment budgets, “we must compete as never before.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Walt Disney, 12.20.20

Vox Media’s CEO Doesn’t Want It To Be Like Condé Nast. He Wants It To Be Like Disney.

Jim Bankoff: “Disney makes money by bringing its properties to consumers in different ways. … We have everything from programmatic advertising to podcasting, to creating TV shows to having a magazine, to affiliate e-commerce to subscriptions. So we have our own way of making money off our creative franchises.” – Vanity Fair
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Vox Media, Jim Bankoff, 12.11.20

David Byrne Turns His Acclaimed Musical American Utopia into a Picture-Book for Grown-Ups, with Vivid Illustrations by Maira Kalman

Whatever your feelings about the sentimental, lighthearted 1960 Disney film Pollyanna, or the 1913 novel on which it’s based, it’s fair to say that history has pronounced its own judgment, turning the name Pollyanna into a slur against excessive optimism, an epithet reserved for adults who display the guileless, out-of-touch naïveté of children. Pitted against Pollyanna’s effervescence is Aunt Polly, too caught up in her grown-up concerns to recognize, until it’s almost too late, that maybe it’...
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America’s Iconic Hotel Atriums

“We don’t build them much anymore, but Americans invented, perfected and exported this unique building style to the world (where it continues to prosper). Birthed in brash excess, atrium hotels were first seen as too gaudy by the modernist architectural establishment and as too profligate by penny-pinching chain hoteliers. To varying observers, they suggest everything from Disney to dystopia. But in their heyday, these buildings promised — and delivered — a spectacle like no other.” – Bloomberg...
Tags: Art, Disney, America, Visual, 12.06.20

Disney Is Teaching Robots How to Sculpt With Clay

Robots might have already taken over industries like manufacturing, but when it comes to more creative endeavors, like the arts, humans still hold a strong lead. But for how long? Disney’s researchers have created a system that allows human artists to teach aspiring robotic Michelangelos how to sculpt clay using tools…Read more...
Tags: Art, Science, Disney, Research, Robots, Disney Research, Eth Zurich, Sculpting

TikTok Users Are Creating The Ratatouille Musical Disney Never Did

But these aren’t just any TikTokkers. “Thousands of TikTok users, including many with Broadway credits, have paid homage to the 2007 Disney Pixar film, about a rat who dreams of becoming a French chef, by creating their own songs, dances, makeup looks, set designs, puppets and Playbill programs.” And Disney is apparently paying attention as well, according to its Tweets and its own TikTok contributions. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Disney, Broadway, Audience, Disney Pixar, 11.30.20

The Art of The Mandalorian Says ‘Peekaboo’ in This Exclusive Preview

The Mandalorian has always put its concept work front and center—from behind the scenes looks in shows like Disney Gallery, to literally every episode of the series itself, since its end credits highlight the concept work that helped bring what you just watched to life. Now, as we journey through the second season, a…Read more...
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Solo's Vinyl Release Comes With Incredible New Star Wars Artwork

It’s a given that Star Wars movies have great music. So when there’s a vinyl release of one of the soundtracks, the package better have artwork to match. Thankfully, Mondo has done just that for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The company recruited César Moreno to do brand new illustrations for an exclusive release, and it’s…Read more...
Tags: Art, Star Wars, Music, Science, Disney, Soundtrack, Vinyl, Han Solo, Exclusive, Lucasfilm, John Williams, Mondo, John Powell, Cesar Moreno, Solo A Star Wars Story

Disney+ Now Has 73 Million Subscribers

That marks a leap from the 60.5 million paying subscribers that Disney Plus had when Disney last reported earnings in early August. Hulu now has 36.6 million total paying subscribers, up from 35.5 million in late June, while ESPN Plus has grown to 10.3 million subscribers, up from 8.5 million reported last quarter. – Variety
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