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Guy Develops Clever Way to Unload Huge Concrete Pipes By Himself

Don't try this in front of the OSHA inspector: This anonymous tradesman has developed a that's-so-crazy-it-just-might-work system for getting massive concrete pipes off of a truck by himself. I suspect he's doing it by himself because all of his assistants were killed during the initial attempts. In fact I think he got the tires by stripping their trucks, since they won't be using them anymore.
Tags: Design, Diy, Don, OSHA

Matching Your Bed to Your Decor

Creating the perfect living space is a smart balance of colour and coordinating furniture and the bedroom is no exception. Your bedroom should be the perfect space for relaxing and sleeping and therefore should get something of a priority when it comes to decorating. There is nothing relaxing about trying to sleep in a mishmash of colour and clutter, so it is time to take control and get your bedroom up to scratch. Bed SOS has some great ideas for making sure your bedroom is the perfect space. ...
Tags: Home, Design, Diy, Patterns, Interior, Design Minute

The Screwdriver That’s Inspired by The Moon-landing

Coming up to 50 years ago, the world witnessed an, at the time, incomprehensible feat of engineering… the Apollo 11 moon landing! It was the moment that inspired a generation to enter into the world of engineering… and it hasn’t stopped being a source of inspiration since. Introducing, the Magnet Driver Space Rocket.The Magnet Driver is a screwdriver like no other; the miniaturized Saturn V Spaceship is packed full of features that aid in the assembly, restoration and repair process that are f...
Tags: Deals, Design, Diy, Product Design, Space Rocket Magnet Driver, Magnetic Driver Mini 's Neodymium Magnetic Grip, Michael W PerezClick

DIY: Travel Inspired Art with Photoshop Elements

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my new office, and I wanted some original art on the walls. As you know I looooove to travel and I always take a lot of pictures when I’m someplace new! Last year I visited Oahu for a week and also had weekend getaway in Maya Riviera, Mexico. I love exotic botanicals so much so I took several pictures on my trips. To remind myself of these beautiful places, I turned them into original artwork for my office using Photoshop Elements. If you’re unfamiliar ...
Tags: Travel, Art, Crafts, Diy, Mexico, Oahu, Kailua, Brush Tool, Kinkos, Craft + Art Projects, Maya Riviera Mexico, Polygonal Lasso Tool

5 Things You Need to Master for Stunning Designs

When it comes to getting started with creating stunning designs, two things are necessary: skills and resources. However, for starters, graphic design can all seem a little too overwhelming at first. From long hours of practice to an unending need for creativity; not to mention some graphic design resources cost a pretty penny, it can sometimes become an uphill task for novices. But that shouldn’t deter you from creating stunning designs. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of amazing freebie...
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How to Paint Like a Pro Without A Professional Background

There is nothing you can do about drawing well if you are not extremely talented in arts or haven’t visited special art-related courses. At least this is what many people believe in. Most adults with average or minor drawing skills believe they can do nothing about drawing well if they don’t visit special courses or academy of arts. That’s not true. In the 21st century, anyone can create a masterpiece even without being talented or educated in art. How? By having the right tools. If you...
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2018's Best of DIY - Studio and Domestic

In the past 12 months we've seen some incredible DIY contraptions--and at least one killer laundry tip--that make life easier around the house, yard or studio. Whether you're looking for the functionality of expensive camera gear, trying to get a door to stay open or looking for a convenient place to store your headphones, chances are somebody's come up with a good way to rig something up. How to Build Your Own LED Softbox for Product Photography and Video An Inexpensive, DIY Automated Doll...
Tags: Design, Diy, Chris Lefteri, Electric Toothbrush Into

2018's Best of DIY - Workshop

When it comes to New Year' resolutions, few of us say "I'd like to spend more money this year." So for 2019, see if you can make your shop more efficient without laying out much cash by incorporating some of these DIY tips from last year: An Easy Way to Create DIY Bearing Mounts How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Sandblaster How to Make Your Own Mini Miter Saw, Jigsaw, Drill and More Brilliant Trick for Carrying Full Sheets of Plywood Man Devises Clever DIY System to Load Sheet G...
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The Vast Rewards of Owning Your Very Own and Personal Koozie

Originally designed to thermally wrap a beverage, this increasing trend of custom koozies serves even more ingenious purposes. With today’s market rapidly expanding, it becomes difficult to satisfy the expectations of your guests, clients, or even family members. Our customizable product will fit your needs no matter the purpose. Represent your brand in purple fashion If you are ready to take action aimed at building your company’s image and developing or expanding relations with clients and ...
Tags: Design, Diy, Products, Koozie, Koozie White or Black Party

Watch This Man Build a Multi-Room Cliffside Cave Dwelling…With a Stick

While you may have heard of the Primitive Technology YouTube channel--we posted about his water-powered hammer here--there's actually another YouTube channel called Primitive Technology Idea. While that sounds like a knock-off, it's almost ten years older than the other channel. This latter channel features a different fellow, somewhere in Southeast Asia by the looks of it, who also builds incredible structures by hand.Needless to say, both of these guys possess an incredible amount of patience....
Tags: Design, Diy, Southeast Asia, PTI, Primitive Technology YouTube

After Saving Polaroid, Florian Kaps Wants to Give Its Competitor Another Shot

Polaroid probably wouldn't exist today were it not for Florian Kaps. (Most people know him by his nickname, Doc Flaps.) When Kaps discovered the company's analog instant film in 2004, he started selling it online and built a community of 40,000 instant photography enthusiasts. In 2008, when Polaroid announced it would stop producing its iconic instant film materials, Kaps bought the factory. And in 2012, he rallied a new generation of instant film enthusiasts with his Kickstarter campaign for a ...
Tags: Asia, Photography, Design, Diy, Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Fujifilm, Polaroid, Object Culture, Kaps, Florian Kaps

An Inexpensive, DIY Automated Dolly for Smartphone Video Capture

We've seen a fair amount of dolly hacks for smartphones, but this has to be the lowest-cost one yet. COOPH, a/k/a the Cooperative of Photography, uses a toy car, a piece of plexi for the "track" and a simple egg timer to provide the motive force: We imagine you could get fancy with it by using pulleys to adjust the speed.
Tags: Photography, Design, Diy, Cooperative of Photography

3 Design and Space-Planning Resources to Help You Plan Your Next Home Upgrade

Devising a new room layout is one of those strange design activities which manages to be both creatively rewarding and deceptively tedious. There’s no question that it’s exciting to recreate a living space. With just a few tweaks to furniture layout and color, it’s almost as though you’re living in a brand new space! On the other hand, let’s be honest here. It’s work. Unless you’re astoundingly lucky and get that perfect aesthetic balance on your first try, chances are you’ll be shifting furnit...
Tags: Home, Design, Diy, Pinterest, Sacramento, Interior, Pinterest Pinterest, Amikasa

Freezing Cold Shop Space? Here's How to Create a Heated Shop Chair

Here's a fantastic project where Laura Kampf demonstrates what we consider solid design thinking: A combination of analysis, problem-solving and outside-of-the-box thinking. Here's the problem she faced, and how a more conventional thinker would have solved them: Problem: Laura works in an unheated shop. The shop is massive, and thus too expensive to efficiently heat. Engineer's solution: "We'll heat the whole space using radiant floor heating with energy supplied by solar panels. The equipm...
Tags: Design, Diy, Furniture Design, Laura, Laura Kampf

Simple DIY upcycled holiday decor

Traditional Christmas decorations can quickly get expensive and extremely wasteful. But you can change that in your home this Christmas season by turning everyday household items into holiday decor. All you have to do is take a shopping trip through your house and upcycle old stuff into Christmas decorations. With just a little time and creativity, you can create these holiday decorations for just pennies, and keep the waste at a minimum. Pasta Christmas tree All you need for this project i...
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Tidlington Wooden Dolls House – The Wooden Doll House Your Kids will Love!

Though there are many high-quality doll houses available in the market, finding one that ticks all the right boxes is sure to be a task. Finding the best wooden dolls house will essentially boil down to 3 deciding factors: one, will it be safe for your kid; two, will your kid enjoy it; and lastly, will it be sturdy enough when your kid plays a little rough with it. These 3 essentials are found in Tidlington wooden doll houses! Why Get your Kid a Tidlington Wooden Doll House? Tidlington doll ...
Tags: Design, Diy, Fun, House, Products, Wooden Doll House, Tidlington Wooden Dolls House, Tidlington, Tidlington Wooden Doll House, Tidlo

The Makerphone: From Consumer Electronics to Creator Electronics!

The phone has gotten sufficiently advanced enough for us to know practically nothing about how it functions. In the olden days, if a toaster or radio broke, we opened it up, tinkered with it, fixed it, and put it back together. We still do that with cars today… but the smartphone, the smartphone has too many functions, too advanced technologies, and relies on a multitude of parts to function. Albert Gajšak wants that to change.With the Right To Repair finally kicking off, and consumers finally...
Tags: Python, Gadgets, Mark Zuckerberg, Design, Diy, Smartphone, Cameras, Arduino, Product Design, Random, Cellphone, PCB, RTC, Albert Gajšak, Makerphone, Gajšak

Designs for your own fairy tale

Designs for your own fairy tale     The happiest day of our lives should be done just right. After all, it is full of moments you will remember forever - arriving to the room full of people you love, first dance, and saying that big yes.   Weddings haven't only been every girl's dream; they are also an endless source of inspiration for many designers worldwide. The mission of wedding designers is to take care of every single detail to make your day super special, details such as bridal veils.  ...
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How Does the Shaper Origin Stack Up Against a CNC Gantry Router?

After much hype and a swarm of pre-orders following CNC router Shaper Origin's introduction to the market in 2016, Shaper's sales team brought their shopping cart to a halt, giving time for them to fulfill pre-orders and produce more units. The Shaper Origin has recently been made available for pre-order again (and will apparently begin shipping January 2019), but we were able to get our hands on one of them prior to the re-launch so we could see for ourselves: how does a Shaper Origin compare t...
Tags: Design, Diy, Digital Fabrication, CNC, Tyner, Hand Tools, Randall Tyner

Woman Builds a Bamboo Furniture Set from Scratch

Talk about self-sufficiency: This handy woman in China, who apparently resides near a bamboo grove, wanted a new furniture set. So she built it herself, from scratch and with local materials, using hand tools. Between the steaming/bending tricks, the pegs and the way she forms the lining for the sofa, there are plenty of clever techniques on display:
Tags: Design, Diy, China

Paletton - Color Theory Live

Remember everything you had to learn about color theory so far? Now you can finally sit back and relax, stop thinking about which shades work well together and which don't, because one app knows it all and works for you!   Paletton started off as Color Schemes in 2002, and it has been evolving through Color Scheme Designer, only to finally become what it is today - one app for optimizing your designer capacity by resolving all your doubts on adequate palettes. It was originally developed by Petr...
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Rural Design Solutions: Where to Get Free Wood

Since moving to the farm I've had a 7,000-square-foot, securely fenced outdoor enclosure built for my dogs. It is a grassy, tree-featuring paradise. Yet my white dog has been sneaking into my shop and peeing on the floor instead of outside.The room I've converted into my shop was the living room for the previous tenants; they removed the door from the hinges and I like it that way. Since I'm unwilling to reattach the door, I needed to build some kind of dog-blocking gate.The previous tenant's he...
Tags: Design, Diy

Man Devises Clever DIY System to Load Sheet Goods Onto Roof Rack by Himself

A couple months ago I foolishly purchased a roof rack for my station wagon, thinking I would use it to carry 4x8 plywood and sheetrock from the home supply center back to the farm. Then I realized how dangerous this would be--at highway speeds (which I would need to travel), the wind could rip them right off if I didn't strap them in correctly or if a connection failed. I don't want to kill the guy behind me because I was trying to save money on delivery fees.That being said, plenty of people do...
Tags: Design, Diy

Alfie Templeman: Like an Animal

Its chemistry doesn’t just come from the fact that UK teen Alfie Templeman plays every instrument on “Like an Animal” (and all the other tracks on his just released, debut EP of the same name); it’s that the singer’s voice carries such soul. Templeman assembled the EP in his bedroom amidst school and a job in construction. There’s an honesty to its presentation—and the wisdom …
Tags: UK, Design, Diy, Culture, Listenup, New Music, Templeman, Slacker, Alfie Templeman, Solo Artist

An angular timber cabin is hidden inside an ancient mountain forest

Rising like a tree out of rich volcanic ash soil is the Shangri-la Cabin, the first structure in a series of mountain cabins in Las Trancas, Chile. Architect Nicolas del Rio of the Chilean architecture firm DRAA designed the geometric cabin that’s clad in timber inside and out and punctuated with large windows. Built of prefabricated structural insulation panels, the compact cabin boasts minimal site impact thanks to its elevated footprint, which also gives the dwelling a treehouse-like feel. ...
Tags: Design, Diy, Architecture, Gallery, Chile, Cabin, Carousel Showcase, Prefabricated, DRAA, Locally-sourced Timber, Split Levels, Local Materials, Minimal Site Impact, Sips, Structural Insulated Panels, Shou Sugi Ban

A DIY Smart-Home Built with Smartians

Triggers, hubs and trinkets to build your own smart-home Thus far, the terms “smart-home” and DIY haven’t been synonymous.  Consumers are able to purchase products that make mundane tasks around the house a bit easier, but the process of bringing a home into the 21st century is generally costly and pre-designed. However, Smartians, from Amsterdam-based FROLIC Studio, is a set of motorized knobs and switches …
Tags: Design, Diy, Tech, Amsterdam, Smart Home, DIY Kit, Home Appliances, Smart Tech, Kitchen Appliances, Andrew Spitz, Creative Reuse, Frolic, FROLIC Studio, Smartians

Inktober 2018 - Let's get the party started!

The first week of October has officially come to an end, and here we are trying to see who's going to do the Inktober challenge with us? Do you know what Inktober is? It's an awesome challenge that lasts the whole month of October, 31 days straight and has a couple of flexible rules to follow. it's global be consistent use ink let the Inktober list inspire you share your art with the world draw whatever you want It's important to be consistent. If you don't get to do it every day, choose a fre...
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How to Pick the Right Wall Paint and Buy the Right Amount

Painting multiple rooms or even a single accent wall in your home can feel like an overwhelming project: there’s picking colors, taping trim, sanding, priming and, oh yeah, doing the actual painting.Read more...
Tags: Home, Design, Diy, Home Improvement, Lifehacks, Home Decorating

How to grow a lush garden in your tiny kitchen windowsill

Envision a garden — you probably picture rows of corn neatly spaced across a field or lettuce coming to life in large raised beds. What you might not realize is that produce can grow very well in limited spaces, too. You can transform the confined windowsill in your kitchen into an oasis of herbs, greens and other goodies. In addition to growing flavorful herbs and fresh food, you also bring visual appeal to the space and produce a natural air filtration system. By growing plants organically, y...
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How to shop for the dress which fits your body shape

.   Being a woman has extraordinary benefits, although it often comes with an eternal dilemma of whether this is the right look for me, what colour make up matches my eyes, am I too fat for this dress and does my ass look big in this. In the world of design, we dedicate special attention to the shape of things, so why not make your own body a subject of interest and inspiration?   Fashion design is a well full of incredible insights about visual components of our lives, the world where clothing...
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