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From Materials to Design: How to Craft Effective Big Banners for Businesses

When a company needs more visibility in the marketplace, a big banner might be one way to attract attention to the company and its message. But to be effective, the banner must be well-designed, well made, and placed effectively. Big banners are similar to billboards except they are more portable and can be placed in a wider range of locations. Banners can be used temporarily and then rolled up and stored until the next time they are needed. Why Do You Need a Banner? A company may have seve...
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Riesman on Public Performance

In "progressive schools", Above all, the walls change their look. The walls of the modern grade school are decorated with the paintings of the children or their montages from the class in social studies. Thus the competitive and contemporary problems of the children look down on them from walls which, like the teacher herself, are no longer impersonal. This looks progressive, looks like a salute to creativeness and individuality; but again we meet paradox. While the school de-emphasizes grades ...
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The Rise And Fall Of ‘Florida Man’, Once The Internet’s Favorite Laughingstock

Tyler Gillespie, author of The Thing About Florida: Exploring a Misunderstood State and Florida Man: Poems, traces the course of this icon of the weird from the old website (“We Don’t Make the News. We Mock It”), looks at the long history of Florida Man/Woman-type stories (e.g., “Edna May’s recipe for being a successful wife to the ultra-rich” from the Alachua Booster in 1912), explains the reason Florida Man could become famous (the state’s Sunshine Law), and confidently predicts whic...
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Those Unknown Sappho Poems Discovered Back In 2014? There’s A Problem

Don’t worry: so far, there’s no evidence that they’re forgeries. But “the editors of a scholarly volume in which the circumstances of the discovery were detailed have formally retracted the chapter because the manuscript’s ‘provenance is tainted'” — which is to say, the story told to researchers by the current owner of the manuscripts of how he acquired them was evidently a lie. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Don, 03.25.21

Making The Argument For 1925 As A Literary Watershed

Don’t just salivate over Ulysses, The Wasteland, and the soon-to-come centennial of 1922. Where would modernist English literature be without Great Gatsby? Mrs. Dalloway? John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer? Or Hemingway’s In Our Time? – The New York Times
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Brand Fonts: Why Some Website Typeface Combinations Look So Stunning

Your “brand voice?” It start with your brand fonts! And the #1 place to start using your brand fonts is on your website. There are two companies offering you the ability to customize the typefaces on your website, and they’re easy — and often free — to use. In this post, you’re going to get the resources you need to use beautiful brand fonts on your website — plus five tips that will show you how to combine website typefaces like a pro. Google Fonts is free and offers a robust collec...
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Hyundai Releases Bayon Euro Crossover

Don’t get too excited. Hyundai’s Bayon is at present a European-only crossover SUV that the brand announced today. All-new in the B-segment, Bayon is named after Bayonne, a sought-after vacation destination in the south of France. The growing popularity of SUVs in Europe was the reason for Hyundai’s introduction, and the forward-motion stance of the […] The post Hyundai Releases Bayon Euro Crossover appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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"Can only have been painted by a madman."

Words by Edvard Munch in tiny letters in the most famous version of "The Scream," The Art Newspaper reports. Can we be sure that the artist wrote these words? Mai Britt Guleng, the curator of Old Masters and modern paintings at the National Museum of Norway, says yes. First, the handwriting matches up to other samples of Munch's handwriting. Second, the writing is tiny: “Had this been an act of vandalism by another person, the size of the letters would probably have been larger and the whole tex...
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André Gregory: What I Learned From Brecht (And His Wife)

“As I was at the beginning of my education as a young director, as well as a nervous, nerdy intellectual, I asked Helene Weigel about the Verfremdungseffekt, Brecht’s famous ‘alienation effect’ theory. … Weigel laughed and said something like, ‘Don’t pay any attention to Bert’s bullshit and theoretical nonsense. Just look at the work. Look at the work, and see what you see.'” – American Theatre
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The mysterious metal monolith that was found last week in the Utah desert has vanished.— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 29, 2020 I question whether the monolith has vanished. If you're with me in a room, then you leave and come back a week later, and I am not there, it would be a gross failure to follow Occam's Razor to say that I had "vanished." In all likelihood, I walked out, and I continue to exist. I've gone somewhere else. You just don't know where. The qu...
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Literary Inspiration For A Covid-19 Halloween

Don’t forget to look at your shelves for ideas. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, Don, 10.23.20

Ben Brantley: The Farewell Essay

“‘Don’t you ever want to just sit back and enjoy it?’ That’s a question I’ve often been asked during my 27 years as a daily theater reviewer for The New York Times. And … the short answer to that question is an undiluted ‘no.’ One of the main reasons I never stopped loving this job is that I can’t sit back and go limp, like a passive slab on a massage table.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, New York Times, Don, Ben Brantley, 10.13.20

Shop the Cricut Trick-or-Treat Sale! Get Supplies Up to 86% off!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Don’t miss these deals direct from Cricut! Shop the Trick-or-Treat Sale & find Supplies Up to 86% off! Some great items:   Free Shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code SHIPOCT   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Tutorial Tuesday: Full Gradient Color Overlay

Have you ever found yourself creating a PowerPoint really wishing you had gone to art school? You are not alone! In fact, 99% of Americans do not possess professional design skills. If you’re always searching for another tool for your arsenal, you can play around with full gradient color overlays and see how those might spice up your slides. When might these be appropriate, you may ask? The most common uses for a full gradient color overlay in Powerpoint are for title slides and when using photo...
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Virtual Background Do’s and Don’ts

With typically in-person meetings largely online these days, it can be difficult to set the stage for a successful meeting. While you can create an ambiance with lighting, music, staging, etc in person, can that be replicated online? Is a virtual background tacky or useful? We believe that, if done right, virtual backgrounds can aid in creating that desired ambiance that seems out of reach in an online environment. There are certainly right and wrong ways to go about this. When choosing a virtua...
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LinkedIn Video Marketing: Your Secret Weapon For Getting More Clients

This article has been contributed by Wendy Dessler. Video marketing has revolutionized how businesses connect with their customers. Greater access to high-quality video recording equipment and the consumer need for authenticity and instant gratification makes this a perfect time for companies to strike. LinkedIn has long been the leading professional platform for marketing business professionals. Here are some valuable considerations for creating a LinkedIn video marketing strategy that attracts...
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Cricut Explore Air™ 2, Blue + Essentials Bundle $227.02 ($418 value)

  If you love Cricut, check out this deal! These will sell out! Don’t miss this, direct from Cricut! Get this Cricut Explore Air™ 2, Blue + Essentials Bundle for only 227.02 ($418 value) That’s the price you normally pay for just the machine! Includes: Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine Premium Fine-Point Blade + Housing... Read More
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Digital Marketing Images: 7 Simple Image Types You Should Try Today

I’ll admit it — I’m obsessed with digital marketing images and how they can transform your online presence! Here’s the thing — creating images for content marketing is easier today than it has ever been before. The tools? Online. Easy-to-use. Inexpensive. Fun! I’m partial to PicMonkey (that’s an affiliate link that’ll save you $$$). The education? I’ve got you covered! Give me 50 minutes and I’ll show you how it works. Register for my free digital marketing images workshop: The E...
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Tips for hanging a wall mural

For a long time now, I have wanted something on this white wall in my hearth room. I couldn't figure out what until Wallsauce reached out to me about trying out one of their murals. My biggest problem at this point was choosing which one I wanted from the thousands they have available online! I ended up with a design by Steve Read because I loved the style and color story. Cutting around outlets There were just a couple of tricky parts to hanging this mural. First, there were three outlets ...
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Graffiti artist paints sports car to look like a cartoon

Talented graffiti artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro, aka KBMER, painted a Nissan 350Z so it looks like a cartoon. He did it freehand with only spray paint and markers. Don't miss KBMER's other fantastic work posted to his Instagram: @kbmerone View this post on Instagram Check out this @Nissan 350z I painted Initial D animation style using @montanacans and markers for @initialz33 inspired by @animauto #kbmer Follow @kbmautoa...
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100+ Best Procreate Products for Half Price. Buy 5+ and Save a Further 50% Off!

Procreate Live is back and this time it’s even bigger! Over 100 of the best Procreate products are on offer with a huge 50% discount. This is your chance to own the best Procreate brushes, drawing kits, background textures and much more. Throughout this week there will also be several FREE Live Sessions with some of the biggest names in the Procreate industry, so you can learn how to use your new tools for lettering, illustrating, and animating in Procreate. 100+ Procreate Products. 50% off ...
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Make This the Year Your Kids Don't Lose Their Marker Caps

If anyone knows the daily frustration of lost marker caps strewn across the floor—and, consequently, dried-out markers left in their wake—it is a kindergarten teacher. But one such teacher has a trick that worked in her classroom last year and can also work for parents at home this year: Duct tape them all together.Read more...
Tags: Art, Lifehacks, School Supplies, Don, Kindergarten

Learn to create any logo, icon, or graphic with this Illustrator guidebook

Digital designers are in high demand as companies must compete to stand out. Translating your artwork from canvas to screen is easy with the right tools.From logo designs for business cards to billboards, all the skills you need can be learned in Adobe Illustrator. Having a vision is the first step toward bringing it to life. Learning the skills and software necessary for translating that vision to the screen requires practice and determination more than inherent art skills. And once you get t...
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Shop the Cricut Clearance Sale! Bulk Supplies Up to 86% off!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Don’t miss these deals direct from Cricut! Shop the Clearance Sale & find Bulk Supplies Up to 86% off! Some great items: Free Shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code AUGSHIP   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
Tags: Deals, Art, Crafts, Kids, Coupons, Online Deals, Don, Cricut, Cricut Shop the Clearance Sale

Shop the Cricut Clearance Sale! Bulk Supplies Up to 86% off!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Don’t miss these deals direct from Cricut! Shop the Clearance Sale & find Bulk Supplies Up to 86% off! Some great items: Free Shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code AUGSHIP   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
Tags: Deals, Art, Crafts, Kids, Coupons, Online Deals, Don, Cricut, Cricut Shop the Clearance Sale

COVID-19 lockdown is unleashing people's creativity

While staying at home, many are exploring their creative sides to unprecedented levels, sharing their creations with the world in similarly novel, and sometimes collaborative, ways.People are finding amazing ways to create and to share from the safety of their homes using apps designed to promote expression and not simply distract users.Creative professionals are also stuck at home, facing unemployment, and a lack of access to their usual creative outlets. In the mess of bad news surrounding...
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Artists Give Advice to the Young: Words of Wisdom from Andrei Tarkovsky, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, John Cleese & Many More

When Rainer Maria Rilke began corresponding with a poetically inclined 19-year-old military-academy cadet named Franz Xaver Kappus, he inadvertently founded a genre. After Rilke's death, Kappus published the missives the two had exchanged in the 1900s as the book Letters to a Young Poet, a title to which established older artists giving advice to aspiring younger ones have paid homage ever since. Here in the 21st century, of course, their words of advice don't usually come written in let...
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Shop the Cricut Clearance Sale! Bundles, Vinyl, Machines & More at Up to 75% off!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Don’t miss these deals direct from Cricut! Shop the Clearance Sale & find Bundles, Vinyl, Machines & More at Up to 75% off! Some great items: Free Shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code JULSHIP   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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People Are Microwaving Library Books To Sterilize Them. Please Don’t Do This.

Librarians understand that patrons are nervous about catching or spreading the coronavirus. But not only will paper catch fire when it gets really hot, the scannable security tags on library books contain metal, and we all know what happens when metal gets microwaved, right? (Don’t worry: these days returned library books are being quarantined.) – Tampa Bay Times
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How to Tell a Story in Pictures Using Pinterest Story Pins and Instagram Stories

You’ve got a brand — and your brand has a story. Don’t just tell a story with words — tell a story in pictures. Fortunately, platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have made visual storytelling easy. But how can you create images that work — and how can you combine them in a way that’s easy to understand and remember? Brands have asked me to tell a story with images throughout my career as a graphic designer and creative director. I love to tell stories this way because s...
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