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From farm to table, sustainability shines at the Belle Mont Farm eco resort

Anyone who has savored the beauty of the Caribbean can attest to its splendor. Not only are there captivating coastlines, but the islands in the area are accustomed to managing limited resources and are naturally focused toward sustainable development. One eco resort, Belle Mont Farm, has taken steps to lead the way in creating an earth-friendly luxury option in the region. The Belle Mont Farm on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies is a sanctuary that encompasses a lush golf course lined with...
Tags: Design, Environment, Colombia, Farm, Caribbean, Social Responsibility, Eat & Drink, Eco Tourism, Eco Resort, Sustainable Resort, Eco-friendly Resort, Easter Island, St. Kitts, Belle Mont Farm, St Kitts West Indies, St Kitts Finally Belle Mont

Foie gras ban in California stands after court battle

The foie gras ban in California continues after six years of court battles. Earlier this week the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would not hear a challenge to the state’s 2004 ban on the production and sale of foie gras, leaving the 2017 ruling untouched. Foie gras, which means “fatty liver”, is butter-rich duck or goose liver that has been especially fattened, and is a popular delicacy in French cuisine. Traditionally, it is seared and made into pate, however, to produce the luxury food produ...
Tags: Food, Hong Kong, Design, News, Supreme Court, California, Los Angeles, Coalition, Duck, Foie Gras, US supreme court, Singapore Airlines, Wilson, Eat & Drink, U S Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit

Precycle, a zero-waste grocery store, opens in Brooklyn

For many of us, a trip to the grocery store results in a ton of waste, thanks to the mountain of plastic bags and food packaging. But some stores are trying to change that by going zero-waste and selling in bulk. Precycle is a zero-waste grocery store in Brooklyn that has opened for business, and it is avoiding all plastic by having its customers buy food from bulk containers. Katerina Bogatireva, the owner of Precycle, is from Latvia, and she said that in her home country, food waste is not ac...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Brooklyn, United States, Plastic, Packaging, Latvia, Grocery, Zero Waste, This, Waste Disposal, Eat & Drink, Plastic Packaging, Package Free, Precycle

This AI food truck could bring fresh produce directly to you

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is trending worldwide, which is why it is also a prominent component of CES 2019. But as interest in futuristic tech grows, so does consumer interest in fresh, local food. The farm-to-table concept continues to gain popularity, which is why Panasonic has proposed an innovative mash-up of these two seemingly polar opposites — an AI mobile delivery service that operates like an ice cream truck to bring local fruits, vegetables and other grocery items di...
Tags: Food, Design, Produce, Ces, Gmo, Panasonic, Food Delivery, Local Food, Eat & Drink, Food Truck, Fresh Food, CES 2019

We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES heres what we thought

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas. While smart home technology, televisions and wearable tech takes center stage, many surprising innovations are grabbing media attention. Take, for instance, the latest iteration of an Inhabitat favorite — the Impossible Burger. We tried the newest recipe from Impossible at this year’s CES; keep reading for our thoughts. Delicious in tacos or served as a classic burger, the Impossible Burger has become a favorite for vegeta...
Tags: Meat, Design, Ces, Innovation, Las Vegas, Carbon Footprint, Vegan, Impossible Foods, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Meat Alternatives, Las Vegas While, Mike Minor, Impossible, Impossible-burger, CES 2019

Get cozy this season with these 7 hot vegan drinks for winter

Thoughts of snowy winter days bring to mind a toasty fire, slippers, sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. It makes sense, because they all equate to the perfect combination of coziness. While traditional tea or coffee is a lovely choice, it’s fun to explore new flavors. For those that are vegan by choice or by circumstance, traditional drinks can be limiting. We’ve conjured up a varied blend of hot drink options to fit your vegan lifestyle. Note that most of these options can also be adapted for...
Tags: Coffee, Tea, Cooking, Drinks, Design, London, Winter, Features, Recipe, Recipes, Vegan, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Medjool, Cider Apple

Valser is using carbon capture technology to carbonate its beverages

Valser, a Coca-Cola-owned brand of sparkling water based in Switzerland, is embracing new climate capture technology. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland (the bottling plant that makes Valser) has partnered with Climeworks, a pioneering company that captures carbon dioxide, to use the new technology to carbonate its water. Climeworks has already partnered with a greenhouse that uses CO2 to help plants grow faster, and since the beverage industry is one of the only existing markets that uses carbon dioxid...
Tags: Sparkling Water, Design, Technology, News, Beverages, Innovation, Switzerland, Coca Cola, Carbon Dioxide, Eat & Drink, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Carbonated Beverages, Climeworks, Christoph Gebald, Gebald

Aleph Farms has created the first lab-grown steak

The demand for meat alternatives continues to grow as millions switch to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets for health, ethical and environmental reasons, and food companies around the world are starting to focus their efforts on plant-based and lab-grown products that can take the place of animal-sourced meats. Aleph Farms recently reached an important milestone in cellular meat production by serving up the first lab-grown steak, made from isolated cow cells and grown into a 3D structure....
Tags: Meat, Design, News, Environment, Turkey, Farming, Eat & Drink, Meat Industry, Tetrick, Flexitarian, Joshua Tetrick, Aleph Farms, Didier Toubia, Toubia, Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, Meat Alternative

Is a flexitarian diet right for you?

Going vegan or vegetarian might be a good choice for your health — as well as the environment — but not everyone wants to take the extreme measure of cutting meat and other animal products completely out of their diet. So, over the past five years, many who want to live a healthy life and/or do their part in the fight against climate change have opted for the flexitarian diet. What is flexitarianism? Flexitarianism doesn’t go as far as veganism or vegetarianism, but it does include some ...
Tags: Health, Meat, Food, UK, Design, Diet, Features, Healthy Eating, Veganism, Vegan, Eat & Drink, Clean Eating, Plant-based Diet, Animal Products, Vegetarian Diet, Flexitarian

Indonesia unveils first zero-waste restaurant built with sustainably sourced materials

Eliminating food waste is an arduous task for restaurants around the world. But one new eatery in Bali, Ijen, has implemented various strategic methods to become Indonesia’s first zero-waste restaurant. In addition to only serving sustainably sourced food and providing leftover food scraps to local farms, the forward-thinking restaurant was almost entirely built with reclaimed materials. Ijen is part of the Potato Head Beach Club, which has locations in Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore. ...
Tags: Design, Indonesia, Singapore, Led, Unesco, Food Waste, Sustainable Food, Zero Waste, Jakarta, Sustainable Design, Eat & Drink, Eco Tourism, Potato Head Beach Club, Ijen, Sustainable Restaurants, Ijen Restaurant

3D-printed vegan steak could aid world hunger relief efforts

3D-printed food has arrived. With options coming to the marketplace from a variety of companies, those high-capacity printers from a few years ago that took eight hours to produce a small, basic shape have evolved into a viable, mass-produced food option. Giuseppe Scionti, Italian bioengineer with a PhD in biomedicine, has further advanced printed technology with the invention of a plant-based meat substitute. With this innovation in hand, he created Novameat, a company intent on commercializa...
Tags: Design, Conservation, 3d Printing, 3d Printer, Vegan, Eat & Drink, Giuseppe, World Hunger, 3D printed food, Elzelinde van Doleweerd, Novameat, Giuseppe Scionti, Scionti, Hunger Relief

This carbon-neutral festival promotes sustainable fun in Thailand

The fields are alive with art, architecture, food, wellness, talks and workshops, family activities and music at the fifth annual Wonderfruit festival in Pattaya, Thailand this December. Wonderfruit is a five-day, carbon-neutral event that inspires curiosity and encourages exploration of the unknown while promoting sustainable practices. Technically, Wonderfruit is a three-part festival with phase one in September, phase two in November and phase three taking place in December. Individuals and...
Tags: Design, Environment, Festival, Thailand, Festivals, Biodegradable, Music Festivals, Bjarke Ingels, Zero Waste, Art Festival, Eat & Drink, Eco-inspiration, Wonderfruit, Pattaya Thailand, Single Use Plastic, Single-use

6 environmental topics to spark discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Nothing sparks political discussion and debate more than a family dinner during the holidays. In this explosive political climate, chances are the conversation will run wild during Thanksgiving even more than it has in the past. To give you some ideas for the upcoming holiday season, here are some environmental topics to help spur your political discussion while you enjoy your turkey dinner. Elections With a major midterm election happening just this month, politics will be a hot topic at T...
Tags: Family, Politics, Design, Thanksgiving, Climate Change, California, Environment, Los Angeles, Communication, Earth, Features, Policy, Current Events, Animal Welfare, Paris, House Of Representatives

Throw out your romaine lettuce, CDC declares E.coli outbreak

Romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat … again. The CDC is advising people to throw out and avoid eating all romaine lettuce following an E.coli outbreak that has left 32 people sick and 13 people hospitalized across 11 states in the U.S. so far. The CDC along with public health officials across the U.S. and Canada are investigating another outbreak of E.coli connected to romaine lettuce. The center said that consumers should not eat any romaine lettuce, and restaurants and retailers should not serve...
Tags: Health, Food, Design, News, Safety, Cdc, Public Health, Canada, Illness, Outbreak, E.coli, Eat & Drink, Lettuce, Caesar, Romaine Lettuce

10 tasty and easy vegan dinner ideas

Choosing to live a healthy, vegan lifestyle can be an easy choice to make, but when it comes to actually following through and cooking those meals every day, it can seem like a complicated, time-consuming task. Not to mention, recipes can easily become repetitive. Cooking plant-based meals doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little planning and a smart grocery shopping strategy, you can make quick and easy vegan dinners every day of the week. Here are 10 dinner ideas to help keep your diet ful...
Tags: Design, Features, Quick Dinners, Healthy Eating, Vegan, Vegan Recipes, Eat & Drink, Easy Recipes, Philly, Alfredo, Vegan Diet, Dinner Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Healthy Happy Life, Vegan Cooking, Vegan Dinners

10 ways to use up mushy, overripe bananas

Bananas linger on the counters of many kitchens throughout the world, because they are a perfect snack and a healthy companion to things like yogurt, peanut butter and cereal. But it doesn’t take long for them to move past peak ripeness and start getting covered in brown spots before turning black. Just because they are past their prime doesn’t mean that overripe bananas need to be tossed in the trash. To reduce your food waste, try some of these creative and delicious ideas for overripe banana...
Tags: Food, Cooking, Design, Features, Recipes, Baking, Food Waste, Bananas, Green Kitchen, Eat & Drink, Banana Recipes, Overripe Bananas, Mindy Segal

Impossible Burgers to hit grocery stores in 2019

The Impossible Burger is a plant-based patty that bleeds and sizzles when it cooks, and for the past couple of years, you could only find it in restaurants. Made from the magic ingredient heme, an iron-containing compound that mimics a meaty flavor, this patty has a smaller environmental footprint than its beef counterpart, and it has become extremely popular since its debut in 2016. Starting next year, the beloved Impossible Burger might just find its way onto the shelves of a grocery store ne...
Tags: Food, Design, News, Vegan, Impossible Foods, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, White Castle, Patrick Brown, Plant-based, Veggie Burger, Impossible Burger, Impossible Burgers, Green Eating, Plant Based Burgers

Pizza Hut unveils a zero-emissions delivery truck that makes pizzas on the go

Pizza Hut and Toyota have teamed up to bring fresh, piping hot pizza to your doorstep with the help of a roaming pizza machine. The Toyota Tundra PIE Pro is a full-size pickup truck with a complete pizza making factory in the back that is entirely operated by computer-guided robotic arms. Not only does the next generation of pizza delivery get the pizzas made and delivered in the blink of an eye, but the delivery trucks are also zero emissions. The incredible design, which was unveiled at Toyot...
Tags: Design, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Pizza Hut, Toyota, Food Trucks, Green Vehicles, Green Design, Green Transportation, Green Car, Eat & Drink, Zero-emissions, SEMA, Radley, Zero Emissions Vehicles, Marianne Radley

6 tips to reduce your foodprint while dining out

When you eat at home, it is relatively easy to make choices that will lower your ‘foodprint,’ because you are in charge of the shopping, preparation and disposal of all the food. But when you eat out at a restaurant or grab takeout, it is much more difficult to eat sustainably. To make it a little bit easier, we have put together six tips to help you eat green while dining out or grabbing something to go. Ask questions Ask your server about the restaurant’s sources. What farms do they buy f...
Tags: Food, Design, Restaurants, Usda, Features, Missouri, Fda, Food Waste, Waste, Sustainable Food, Leftovers, Carbon Footprint, Eat & Drink, Sustainable Eating, Farm To Table, Dining Out

How to cook and enjoy 10 types of squash other than pumpkin

‘Tis the season for pies, soups, breads and fall produce. Whether you roast, puree, bake or sauté it, squash is one of the few fall/winter options for cooking with fresh produce, thanks to its tough outer skin that shields it from cold temperatures. While pumpkin steals the show this time of year, there are many other options from which to choose. From butternut squash to sweet dumpling squash, there are endless varieties of this amazing vegetable, and even more delicious ways to prepare it. To...
Tags: Food, Cooking, Fall, Design, Winter, Produce, Features, Recipes, Healthy Eating, Squash, Eat & Drink, Farmers Markets, Hubbard, ACORN, Winter Recipes, Eating Seasonally

Farmscape helps communities embrace urban farming

The majority of the world’s population lives in cities, and thanks to the rising monetary and environmental costs of transporting food to these areas, interest in urban farming has dramatically increased over the past decade. In cities like Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, it is relatively easy to find food growing in windowsills, on rooftops, in community gardens and even on corporate campuses. Since 2008, Farmscape has helped people, communities and companies across the country emb...
Tags: Food, Gardening, Design, California, Environment, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vegetables, Produce, Organic, Features, Farming, Fruit, San Francisco Giants, Gardens, Urban Farming

Study finds 90 percent of table salt contains microplastics

According to a new study that observed sea, rock and lake salts, 90 percent of the table salt brands sold around the world contain microplastics. Several years ago, researchers discovered that microplastics were in sea salt, but no one was certain just how extensive the problem was until now. National Geographic reported that researchers in South Korea and at Greenpeace East Asia tested 39 salt brands, and 36 of them contained microplastics. This study — published in this month’s journal of Env...
Tags: South Korea, Design, News, Indonesia, France, China, Study, Africa, Research, Taiwan, Pollution, North, National Geographic, Salt, Environmental Destruction, Eat & Drink

Austin passes law banning restaurants from throwing out food waste

Restaurants in Austin, Texas have revamped operations this week by adopting sustainable measures for food waste. According to a new law, which went into effect on October 1, local eateries must now dispose of waste in a responsible manner as part of Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO). The businesses are encouraged to choose from a variety of options, including donating unconsumed goods, sending leftovers to farms or composting organic waste in order to divert trash from landfills. Emp...
Tags: Texas, Design, News, Restaurants, Environment, San Francisco, Austin, Recycling, Food Waste, Zero Waste, Huffington Post, Composting, Eat & Drink, Austin Texas, the City, Landfills

Elzelinde van Doleweerd transforms food waste into beautiful, 3D-printed snacks

Around a third of the world’s food is lost or thrown away every year — that’s approximately 1.6 billion tons of food annually, a statistic that’s projected to rise to over 2 billion tons by 2030. In a bid to fight the global food waste crisis, Eindhoven University of Technology graduate Elzelinde van Doleweerd teamed up with the China-based technology firm 3D Food Company to turn commonly wasted food products in China into beautiful and tasty 3D-printed snacks. Van Doleweerd recently unveiled h...
Tags: Food, Design, China, Gallery, 3d Printing, Netherlands, Food Waste, Vegan, Carousel Showcase, Upcycling, Eat & Drink, Eindhoven University Of Technology, 3D printed food, Beijing Design Week, Global food waste, Elzelinde van Doleweerd

How to grow a lush garden in your tiny kitchen windowsill

Envision a garden — you probably picture rows of corn neatly spaced across a field or lettuce coming to life in large raised beds. What you might not realize is that produce can grow very well in limited spaces, too. You can transform the confined windowsill in your kitchen into an oasis of herbs, greens and other goodies. In addition to growing flavorful herbs and fresh food, you also bring visual appeal to the space and produce a natural air filtration system. By growing plants organically, y...
Tags: Food, Gardening, Design, Diy, Vegetables, Produce, Organic, Features, Plants, Urban Farming, Herb Garden, Eat & Drink, Fresh Food, Indoor Gardening, Windowsill Garden, Westermayer Gemma Evans Cassidy Phillips

How to choose the healthiest, most sustainable milk alternative

Scientists agree that the dairy industry has an overall negative affect on the environment. For starters, it takes a lot of land, fertilizer and water to grow food for the cows. It also takes a lot of energy to process raw milk, package it and deliver the goods to supermarkets around the world. Then, there is the fact that cows generate loads of methane, which is more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. With the dairy industry disrupting the environment, more people are turning to a...
Tags: Health, Amazon, Food, Design, California, Environment, Global Warming, Features, Almonds, Farming, Dairy, Milk, Agriculture, Greenhouse Gases, Cows, Carbon Dioxide

Celebrate the season with this guide to sustainable fall activities

As the leaves and sunsets transition to an autumnal palette of yellows, oranges and reds and a chill fills the air, you’re probably dragging the boots and sweaters from the back of the closet. But the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of outdoor fun. In the midst of temperatures dropping and the smell of pumpkin floating around, fall is the ideal time to plan nature-based activities. When considering your options, think about the potential impact on the environment, and create an earth-friendl...
Tags: Health, Food, Outdoors, Autumn, Fall, Gardening, Design, Diy, Environment, Brussels, Sustainable Food, Eat & Drink, Eco-inspiration, Autumn Activities, Fall Activities, Sustainable Activities

Mobile app Karma tackles food waste with discounted meals

The launch of Karma in Sweden has brought about a new way of fighting food waste. Since 2016, more than 1,500 businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, cafes and hotels as well as the three largest supermarket chains in Sweden have joined the battle to reduce the amount of perfectly edible food that is thrown away daily. The mobile app offers restaurateurs and retailers the opportunity to sell their otherwise wasted products at a fraction of the original price to hungry Swedes and now Londoners...
Tags: Food, Europe, UK, Design, London, News, Sweden, Restaurants, Environment, Supermarkets, Karma, Food Waste, Mobile App, Eat & Drink, Money Inc, Ståhlberg Nordegren

Danish brewer Carlsberg to swap plastic 6-pack rings for glue

The Danish beer company Carlsberg is doing its part in cutting down plastic waste. The brewing company just vowed to stop using plastic six-pack rings to hold its cans together, instead opting for glue. Once the new policy is in full swing, Carlsberg estimates it will save around 1,200 tons of plastic every year. CEO Cees ‘t Hart explained how Carlsberg experimented with some 40,000 variations before settling on the perfect glue. Hart described the glue as something similar in consistency to ch...
Tags: Food, Design, News, Germany, Beer, Plastic, Recycling, Norway, Carlsberg, Plastic Waste, Eat & Drink, Plastic Pollution, Hart, Cees, Carlsberg Via Bloomberg

Eco-minded Melbourne brewery breaks the mold for sustainable beer production

One innovative Melbourne-based brewery is going the distance when it comes to eco-friendly beer production. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Docklands district, the design of the newly-opened Urban Alley Brewery incorporates a sustainable end-to-end production cycle to create its frothy cold brew without harming the environment. The innovative system includes a number of eco-friendly practices, such as an on site bio-waste plant and biodegradable can holders. Melbourne’s bustling Docklands ...
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, Gallery, Docklands, Melbourne, Louisiana, Eat & Drink, Green Beer, Urban Alley Brewery, Melbourne Brewery, Sustainable Beer Production, Sustainable Brewerys In Melbourne, Bio Plants, low impact brewery in Melbourne, Sustainable Beer Holders

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