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A sustainable meal plan filled with recipes for Earth Day

Not all food is created equal, and not all foods are healthy for the planet. You’ve seen the headlines. Manufacturing plants suck up water, pollute with chemicals and damage the surrounding landscape. Raising cattle and other livestock is also associated with earth-damaging consequences. Most environmentalists agree that plant-based products offer the best balance of nutrition and sustainability. Earth Day is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to focus on foods that show our love...
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Deforestation in tropical countries linked to European diets in new study

New research shows that European diets are linked to deforestation in tropical countries. Scientists from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology tracked carbon emissions that are produced from tropical deforestation and found that one-sixth of the harmful emissions are related to European diets. “In effect, you could say that the EU imports large amounts of deforestation every year,” lead researcher Martin Persson shared. Related: Cargill announces plan to reduce deforestation from cocoa Pe...
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Restaurant UNDERs handcrafted tableware celebrates natural materials

When Snøhetta designed the spectacular concept for UNDER, the world’s largest underwater restaurant located along a rocky Norwegian shoreline, the renowned architecture firm wanted to reference the local landscape in all aspects of design, including the tableware. That’s why the Norwegian brand MENT was chosen as the main supplier for the design and manufacturing of the tableware for the restaurant’s 18-course menu. Founded by sisters Ingvild and Sidsel Forr Hemma, the Fåberg-based design brand...
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Are you accidentally eating the toxic parts of fruits and veggies?

Nearly every reference to healthy eating will list fresh fruits and vegetables at the top of the must-eat list. That’s no surprise, considering that together, they can provide nearly every vitamin and mineral a body needs. While some produce options can be gobbled up from the outer skin to the inner seed, there are parts of certain fruits and vegetables that contain dangerous substances. While most of these substances are not toxic in small doses, they can definitely make you sick, especially i...
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The problem with coffee pods and the eco-friendly alternatives to use instead

Many Americans have become accustomed to using single-serving brewers to make their morning cup of coffee. Not only are these coffee pods — such as K-Cups and Nespresso pods — convenient to use, but they come in an assortment of flavors and coffee types to meet anyone’s taste. While coffee pods are a convenience of modern times, they come with a dark side. The vast majority of these plastic capsules end up in our landfills every year, contributing to the growing problem of plastic pollution. Fo...
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15 fresh ideas for leftover fruit that will reduce your food waste

With 40 percent of America’s food going to the trash each year, food waste has become a major factor in climate change, because most of it ends up in landfills and then releases methane, a major greenhouse gas. If you are looking for some creative ways to use the random leftover fruit sitting in your kitchen, try some of these recipes. We all have the best intentions when we make trips to the grocery store, and the plan is never for the food to end up in the trash. But many of us still find our...
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Biodegradable tableware made from wheat bran debuts at Toronto's Green Living Show

This week, Toronto citizens learned that wheat bran is good for more than enhancing digestive regularity. An innovative Polish company displayed its disposable, biodegradable tableware made from unprocessed wheat bran at Toronto’s Green Living Show. While an ordinary disposable plastic plate could take 500 years to break down, Biotrem’s tableware biodegrades through composting within a single month. They’re made from compressed wheat bran, a by-product of the cereal milling process. Biotrem c...
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Europes first underwater restaurant opens its doors in Norway

Europe’s first underwater restaurant, “Under,” has just welcomed its first guests to an extraordinary Snøhetta-designed environment that embraces stunning seabed views. Located at the southernmost point of the coastline in Lindesnes, Norway, Under is a partly submerged building that rests directly on the seabed 16.4 feet below water. The monolithic building also serves as a research center for marine life, and its rough concrete envelope will, over time, become a habitat for an artificial reef....
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Questlove and Live Nation are bringing an Impossible plant-based Cheesesteak to a venue near you

Questlove is teaming up with Live Nation to create a plant-based version of the classic Philly cheesesteak. The Questlove Cheesesteak is made from Impossible 2.0 Meat — which was made famous in the Impossible Burger — and will be featured in 40 venues across the country. Live Nation plans to introduce the Questlove Cheesesteak sometime this summer. Once the plant-based cheesesteak hits the entertainment company’s venues, it will be one of the only places in North America where people can get a ...
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This gorgeous LEED Platinum winery is made of reclaimed wood

San Francisco-based firm Piechota Architecture has designed what is being called the most sustainable winery in Sonoma Valley. Tucked into the rolling hills of Alexander Valley, the solar-powered Silver Oak winery design, which was made with repurposed materials, has already earned a LEED-Platinum certification and is on track to become the one of the world’s most sustainable wineries. The family-owned Silver Oak Cellars winery was established in 1972 and has since become world-renowned for it...
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Reduce food waste with your new best friend Meal Prep Mate

In a world filled with convenient fast-food wherever you go and a focus on instant gratification, it can be a serious challenge to eat healthily and keep your food waste to a minimum. For many of us, our busy lives cause us to make daily food decisions that fill our diets with highly processed foods, which are often wrapped in single-use packaging. But there is a way you can not only eat healthily, but you can reduce food waste while saving time and money, too. The answer is meal prep. In an ef...
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This sleek lamp provides light and grows food

As the population of the planet continues to grow, the ability to produce enough food is a continual discussion. Not only are we busy finding ways to make enough of the right kinds of foods to sustain the masses, but we’re simultaneously investing in opportunities for the backyard (or living room) gardener to grow their own foods. With an urban lifestyle in mind, start-up Benditas Studio has created a lamp that doubles as a vegetable garden. Brot, a dual functioning lamp and garden, made its i...
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Cove launches the first 100% biodegradable water bottle

Officially launched in California on Feb. 28, 2019 and targeted to expand to new markets throughout the year, the Cove brand’s 100 percent biodegradable water bottles have become available as a sustainable plastic alternative. Cove offers an eco-friendly solution for water on the go at every phase of production and regardless of the disposal technique used. Single-use plastic water bottles have made the headlines in every fight for sustainability over the years for good reason — they are toxic...
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Researchers find weedkiller ingredient Glyphosate in name brand beer and wine

Researchers have discovered Glyphosate — an ingredient found in some weedkillers — in name brand wines and beers. Scientists from U.S. PIRG tested 20 different alcoholic brands and found the troubling ingredient in 19 of the labels. Currently, a federal judge is examining the correlation between glyphosate and cancer, as trial has begun against Monsanto, the company behind the popular weedkiller, Roundup, for allegedly causing the plantiff’s cancer. Related: New study finds harmful chemicals, i...
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How to grow 10 foods from kitchen scraps

Meal plans and grocery lists, the cycle never ends. While some of your foods may come from carefully cultivated seeds or seedlings planted in your garden, did you know that you can grow food from food? You have probably heard that romaine lettuce regenerates easily if the base is placed in water, or that basil and cilantro cuttings will turn into entire plants, but there are many, many more foods that will grow from your kitchen scraps. Here’s a highlight reel. Bon appetit! Garlic Growing y...
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14 vegan and vegetarian Valentine's Day dinner ideas

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you need some romantic vegan and vegetarian dinner ideas, look no further than this list of amazing appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts. We even found a recipe for a rich, velvety vegan hot chocolate that will surely impress your significant other! Vegan fondue Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fondue. This dairy-free cheese fondue from The Edgy Veg really spices up a romantic date night. For this plant-based ...
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8 of the best fruits and vegetables you can eat in their entirety

In the United States, approximately 40 percent of food is never eaten. Not only does this food waste damage your pocketbook, but it also has a major environmental impact. Changing your food habits is a great way to do your part in the battle against food waste. Shopping smarter, eating leftovers, improving food storage and donating to food banks are great ideas for reducing food waste. There is one obvious move you can make that many people don’t realize — you can stop throwing out parts of you...
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The Wally Shop is bringing zero-waste grocery delivery to Brooklyn

Zero-waste grocery delivery has made its way to Brooklyn. The Wally Shop is attempting to change the grocery game by delivering local, organic produce from farmers markets and bulk stores to customers. The food is placed in packaging that the company later picks up and reuses. The new delivery service wants to help with the global waste problem and reduce addiction to single-use plastic by making sustainable grocery shopping more convenient. The idea came from Wally Shop founder and CEO Tamara ...
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Prosecco production is destroying soil in some Italian vineyards

Many people enjoy a glass of prosecco with their dinner, because it pairs well with everything from seafood to spicy Asian dishes. But the demand for the Italian sparkling wine is starting to cause some problems. According to a new study released earlier this month, the wine is destroying the soil in northeastern Italy’s vineyards. The amount of soil erosion from Italy’s prosecco vineyards is not sustainable, according to Jesus Rodrigo Comino, a geographer at the Institute of Geomorphology and ...
Tags: Design, News, California, Italy, Vineyards, Soil, Prosecco, Eat & Drink, Napa Valley, Malaga Spain, University of Padua, Comino, Soil Health, Wine Production, Jesus Rodrigo Comino, Institute of Geomorphology and Soils

GoSun unveils solar cooker that lets you serve up some sizzling meals at night

San Francisco-based GoSun has become synonymous for their ground-breaking solar-powered cookers that use nothing more than sunlight to cook entire meals. Now, the company has just unveiled two new game-changing products at this year’s CES event, the GoSun Fusion, a solar stove capable of cooking day or night, and the GoSun Chill, a solar refrigerator system that can keep food and beverages cold without using a drop of fuel. Using the company’s patented solar cooking technology, the GoSun Fusi...
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Essential old-fashioned tools and practices to make your kitchen more sustainable

Between planning meals, dragging home groceries, cooking and clean up, the kitchen is the hub of activity in most homes. That means it can also be a significant source of waste. However, there are lots of ways to make your kitchen more sustainable. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on disposables and instead invest in products that will serve you for many years, we have some ideas for you to consider. Cast iron skillets and Le Creuset If you have ever used heavy-duty cast iron, you kno...
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From farm to table, sustainability shines at the Belle Mont Farm eco resort

Anyone who has savored the beauty of the Caribbean can attest to its splendor. Not only are there captivating coastlines, but the islands in the area are accustomed to managing limited resources and are naturally focused toward sustainable development. One eco resort, Belle Mont Farm, has taken steps to lead the way in creating an earth-friendly luxury option in the region. The Belle Mont Farm on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies is a sanctuary that encompasses a lush golf course lined with...
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Foie gras ban in California stands after court battle

The foie gras ban in California continues after six years of court battles. Earlier this week the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would not hear a challenge to the state’s 2004 ban on the production and sale of foie gras, leaving the 2017 ruling untouched. Foie gras, which means “fatty liver”, is butter-rich duck or goose liver that has been especially fattened, and is a popular delicacy in French cuisine. Traditionally, it is seared and made into pate, however, to produce the luxury food produ...
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Precycle, a zero-waste grocery store, opens in Brooklyn

For many of us, a trip to the grocery store results in a ton of waste, thanks to the mountain of plastic bags and food packaging. But some stores are trying to change that by going zero-waste and selling in bulk. Precycle is a zero-waste grocery store in Brooklyn that has opened for business, and it is avoiding all plastic by having its customers buy food from bulk containers. Katerina Bogatireva, the owner of Precycle, is from Latvia, and she said that in her home country, food waste is not ac...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Brooklyn, United States, Plastic, Packaging, Latvia, Grocery, Zero Waste, This, Waste Disposal, Eat & Drink, Plastic Packaging, Package Free, Precycle

This AI food truck could bring fresh produce directly to you

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is trending worldwide, which is why it is also a prominent component of CES 2019. But as interest in futuristic tech grows, so does consumer interest in fresh, local food. The farm-to-table concept continues to gain popularity, which is why Panasonic has proposed an innovative mash-up of these two seemingly polar opposites — an AI mobile delivery service that operates like an ice cream truck to bring local fruits, vegetables and other grocery items di...
Tags: Food, Design, Produce, Ces, Gmo, Panasonic, Food Delivery, Local Food, Eat & Drink, Food Truck, Fresh Food, CES 2019

We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES heres what we thought

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas. While smart home technology, televisions and wearable tech takes center stage, many surprising innovations are grabbing media attention. Take, for instance, the latest iteration of an Inhabitat favorite — the Impossible Burger. We tried the newest recipe from Impossible at this year’s CES; keep reading for our thoughts. Delicious in tacos or served as a classic burger, the Impossible Burger has become a favorite for vegeta...
Tags: Meat, Design, Ces, Innovation, Las Vegas, Carbon Footprint, Vegan, Impossible Foods, Vegetarian, Eat & Drink, Meat Alternatives, Las Vegas While, Mike Minor, Impossible, Impossible-burger, CES 2019

Get cozy this season with these 7 hot vegan drinks for winter

Thoughts of snowy winter days bring to mind a toasty fire, slippers, sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. It makes sense, because they all equate to the perfect combination of coziness. While traditional tea or coffee is a lovely choice, it’s fun to explore new flavors. For those that are vegan by choice or by circumstance, traditional drinks can be limiting. We’ve conjured up a varied blend of hot drink options to fit your vegan lifestyle. Note that most of these options can also be adapted for...
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Valser is using carbon capture technology to carbonate its beverages

Valser, a Coca-Cola-owned brand of sparkling water based in Switzerland, is embracing new climate capture technology. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland (the bottling plant that makes Valser) has partnered with Climeworks, a pioneering company that captures carbon dioxide, to use the new technology to carbonate its water. Climeworks has already partnered with a greenhouse that uses CO2 to help plants grow faster, and since the beverage industry is one of the only existing markets that uses carbon dioxid...
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Aleph Farms has created the first lab-grown steak

The demand for meat alternatives continues to grow as millions switch to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets for health, ethical and environmental reasons, and food companies around the world are starting to focus their efforts on plant-based and lab-grown products that can take the place of animal-sourced meats. Aleph Farms recently reached an important milestone in cellular meat production by serving up the first lab-grown steak, made from isolated cow cells and grown into a 3D structure....
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