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The 2020 iPad Pro may have an iPhone-style 3-lens camera… Is Apple’s brand of innovation predictable?

Let’s for a second look past these renders and consider the place they come from. Created by Steve H. McFly (better known by his Twitter moniker OnLeaks), these are the renders that best describe what the upcoming iPad Pro may look like. The tablet is due for a version update in Apple’s springtime keynote in 2020, and these renders are a result of informed insider leaks… they aren’t a fan-made concept like the circular Apple Smartwatch we covered a few days ago.Over the past few years, these lea...
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What Designers can do to design irresistible products

Hi, I am Kelly from Knack, where we help mobility brands make their products irresistible. I’ve come to realize that designing irresistible products feels elusive. High hopes and good intentions pour into one end of the product development pipeline and mundane products squirt out the other.You see plenty of seductive product designs on Pinterest and here on Yanko, so you know it’s possible. But what exactly do the designers of these products do differently in order to achieve irresistibility?If ...
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Apple’s latest patent hints at a revolutionary curved glass iMac Pro

Given that we haven’t seen an iMac redesign since 2012, and that Apple’s just recently issued a couple of patents for a new iMac Pro, it’s safe to say that we may be looking at a redesigned iMac Pro in the near future. The patent image (which can be found at the end of the article) showcases an interesting monolithic take on the all-in-one Macintosh, featuring a slick unibody glass that transitions from screen to keyboard in one grand, singular motion. The screen literally folds downwards as soo...
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Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
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Yanko Design is hiring Editors!

Logitech ERGO K860 KeyboardWhy be just a spectator when you can be a part of the movement? As we journey from strength to strength as one of the world’s foremost websites covering Innovative, Inspirational Industrial Design, we’re looking to expand the Yanko Design family.Have an eye for design and a way with words? Come join the YD Team as our Full-time Editor! We’re looking for writers/editors who can decode and discuss design. It’s important that you have a background or an interest in design...
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Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #21: February 2020 editorial

I’ve had two months off from writing these editorials and it’s been oddly difficult; enjoyable, relaxing, but always with a nagging idea that I should be putting my thoughts to paper. For what it’s worth, it’s probably not worth worrying about – it’s the rest of this paper that actually pours through the region’s highlights. […] The post Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #21: February 2020 editorial appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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Lenovo made a genius move by building a folding tablet first, and not a folding smartphone

You’ve got to learn to walk before you learn to run. While that handy proverb wasn’t initially crafted for leaps and bounds in technological advancement, it holds exceedingly true for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold – a tablet PC with a flexible folding display.I imagine the first thoughts I had when I saw the ThinkPad X1 Fold were vastly different from Lenovo’s when they first conceptualized this folding beauty. Lenovo’s video talks a lot about design and engineering, about durability, and about ...
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YD Talks: (A little more than) Ten Podcasts for Designers to listen to in 2020

I wasn’t really ever a fan of podcasts up until last year. You see, working from home comes with its perks, but also with its fair share of loneliness. I like being the king of my castle and working in my pajamas, but for most of the time I spend working, I stay alone. I’ve been listening to YouTube videos in the background for a while now, but I only installed my first podcast app in 2018. Over the last two years (primarily 2019), podcasts have been my way of surrounding myself with informative...
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YD Talks: A design critique of the Tesla Cybertruck

A whole day (and a half) after I called the Cybertruck a Toblerone on wheels, here’s a more detailed breakdown of the Tesla’s launch of the new Cybertruck, and why (as a designer, and not a customer) I still don’t like it. My opinion, if definitely more nuanced, still pretty much remains unchanged in its essence.The most popular professionally circulated adjective to describe the Tesla Cybertruck has been ‘polarized’. It’s perhaps the most appropriate term to use. You don’t appear for or against...
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Hot Take: Just enlarge the camera bump and turn the smartphone into a handycam already…

This piece isn’t really about the camera in the article, but is rather a point I’m trying to make through this camera concept that popped up while I was searching the internet for content. Just to satisfy your own curiosity, this is the Girls Night Out camera, created by Youmeus Design as a commissioned work for Lumix in 2011, when the smartphones were thicc enough to not have those godawful camera bulges.Fast-forward to today, present-day-2019. Phones are getting thinner, but cameras larger. Th...
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The constant evolution of Product Design and how semantics stole my job…

Hey I’m Sam, and I do design.What type of design do I design? Well… I don’t know any more.I studied at university as a product designer. We were there to learn how products are designed on an industrial scale. Not handmade, not batch produced, but on a global and industrial level. For this reason, product design was also often called industrial design. I could interchange the term I used, depending on who I was talking to, and the terms were synonyms of each other, depending on who you asked.But...
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YD Editorial – AirPods Pro: Decent tech in a disappointing design

Before you paint me as an Apple Naysayer (and some of you will, I’m sure), I’m a proud owner of not one but TWO iPads which I love, and my critical approach only comes from wanting what’s good for the company. Having said that, the fact that Apple launched the AirPods Pro at a separate, un-televised event says that the company probably doesn’t believe the product deserves its massive reveal. What’s really worth asking is that is this yet another one of Jony Ive’s ‘serving-his-notice-period’ de...
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The new Pixel 4 isn’t just a great phone for users, it’s a great phone for Google too.

I was in the Scottish Highlands a week ago, on a road trip with the family with absolutely no network on my Pixel 2 phone. In essence, I was cut off from the rest of the world. No internet, no messages, no calls. All I had was the car’s radio, which happened to be catching some music on a DAB station. I looked at my Pixel 2’s screen, completely stunned to see that without any network or internet, my Google Pixel 2 had identified what song was playing. Right underneath the notification bar, it...
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Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #18: September 2019 editorial

From 9th April to 7th June next year, Candice Breitz brings Love Story, an international story of migration and displacement to Tate Liverpool. The exhibition asks ‘if a refugee’s story was told by a celebrity, would you pay more attention?’, and opens with Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore performing fragments of stories borrowed from people […] The post Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #18: September 2019 editorial appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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Rendering Realistically in Keyshot with Sam Gwilt

Hey I’m Sam and I do design! I recently made a YouTube video demonstrating how to Render Realistically Really Rapidly! This process helps break down your 3D models and turn them into photorealistic renders. Below are a few tips that should help you get some eye-poppingly real Keyshot renders.I recently attended a talk at Develop3D Live by Luxion Chief Scientist Henrik Wann Jensen and was amazed by how detailed the algorithms behind Keyshot are. He showed sample renders of the Ford Interceptor ...
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How to win a design award: A handy guide

If you haven’t read our piece on What Awards Do For Your Design Career, I do recommend you check that out first. An award is instant validation. It puts a stamp of approval on your work, your process, and even you as a designer, helping you stand out from the rest. Awards, aside from validation, also have a number of additional benefits. Cash prizes, trophies, internship opportunities, interested funders/clients, collaborators, and just a fast-track to getting your work seen by thousands if not ...
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Creating realistic textures with displacement maps in Keyshot 8

The guys at Luxion just released their latest version of Keyshot, and I’m absolutely thrilled because displacement maps are one feature I was rather impatiently waiting for! Displacement (or depth) maps are an absolutely great way to create real textures that can absolutely make your renders POP! Let’s take a look at what this newfangled feature is and how to master it! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUMP AND DISPLACEMENT MAPS Up until now, perhaps the biggest thing missing from Keyshot’s arsenal was its ...
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Breaking smartphone addiction: 10 Designs to save us from electronic enslavement

I read a pretty scary statistic online, which outlines that the average person stares at their smartphone screen for a minimum of 3 hours a day. In fact, that number went from 0.3 hours to 3.3 hours between 2008 and 2017. Today, it’s anywhere between 4-6 hours, which is anywhere around 30% of the time we spend awake. That’s 30% of our waking life spent staring at pixels. Mike Elgan points out that if we spent that time reading books, we could literally read upward of 200 books PER YEAR.So how ex...
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YD Talks: With ‘Sam Does Design’ about designing The Weight lamp for Gantri

Sam Gwilt started his fledgling YouTube channel to capture his journey as a designer. Over time, that YouTube channel helped build a community that, along with Sam, ‘does design’. Sam’s channel ‘Sam Does Design’ hosts a variety of videos, from sketching and rendering tutorials, to Q&A’s to even portfolio reviews, and has helped Sam build a strong audience/community of designers and design students. Sam recently designed a lamp, titled The Weight, for Gantri, an online studio that partners with d...
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Is my gadget waterproof? Demystifying the water+dust resistant IP standards

The IP rating is pretty much a standard part of every modern-day gadget’s feature list. It’s also the detail that one usually skims through to get to more important details like battery life, internal memory, warranty period, etc. We’ve thrown around IP ratings too, without really delving into the details much, so this article will help clear any doubts you may have regarding your gadget, how waterproof it is (or if it is even waterproof), and will give you the low-down on how the IP rating is j...
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MUJI X Sensible 4’s Self-Driving Bus premiered in Finland. We got a chance to sit in it!

It’s only natural that the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving bus would come out of Finland. Finland, believe it or not, is often considered to be the ‘Silicon Country’ that gave the world Nokia and pretty much set the very blueprint for mobile communications. Nokia was founded in Finland, and for over two grand decades before Apple launched the iPhone, Nokia was the standard to beat. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that your first phone was a Nokia (I know mine was). Post-2010 whe...
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Good Designer, Bad Human Being: Should a designer’s morals matter?

Disclaimer: Explicit language used ahead.Karl Lagerfeld, renowned fashion designer and art director of Chanel for 30 long years died at the age of 85 last month after facing health complications at the beginning of the year. His death was received in two rather intriguing ways. Some people celebrated Lagerfeld’s 70-year legacy as a fashion visionary and trend-setter… while others made sure Karl’s legacy included the fact that he was a racist, sexist, fat-shaming misogynist and a vocal Islamophob...
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YD Talks: Should I follow my passion? Or the paycheck?

The irony of me being an Asian posing this question doesn’t escape me. I fully get that I’m absolutely following the cliche here, but let’s stop and really think about it. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this too at some point of time. Do I continue doing what I love, if it doesn’t pay me much? Or do I do something that I absolutely dislike, but feels more stable? HOW BIG SHOULD I DREAM? (AND, SHOULD I HAVE A BACKUP PLAN?) Let’s just dive right into the topic and get to the point I’d like to ma...
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Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #11: January 2019 Editorial

This time last year, we were starting to phone our first round of advertisers, and costing up printers around the region. Today, we’re going to print with our twelfth issue, having, I hope, made it very clear that Art in Liverpool is here in equal measure, for our readers, and the artists of the city […] The post Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #11: January 2019 Editorial appeared first on
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YD is looking for a Senior Editor!

Why be just a spectator when you can be a part of the movement? As we journey from strength to strength as one of the world’s foremost websites covering Innovative, Inspirational Industrial Design, we’re looking to expand the Yanko Design family.Have an eye for design and a way with words? Come join the YD Team as our full-time Senior Editor! We’re looking for a writer/editor who can decode and discuss design. It’s important that you have a background in designing as well as a penchant for writi...
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YD Handpicks: Celebrating the Chinese New Year with 8 winning designs from China

With a little help from our friends at the Red Dot Design Awards, we’re kicking off the Chinese New Year with 8 award-winning designs from Chinese designers curated from the past year’s Red Dot Awards. Wishing all our readers a wonderful and bountiful ‘year of the pig’, from the YD family to yours. __01. Segway Ninebot Gokart Kit by Bowen Cai, Yongjie Li, Ji Lin Imagine if you could take your hoverboard, add two more tires and a steering wheel to it and fashion a go-kart for yourself. Why that’s...
Tags: Design, China, Awards, Best Of, Editorial, Product Design, Chinese New Year, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, YD Handpicks, Red Dot Awards: Product Design, Bowen Cai Yongjie Li Ji Lin Imagine, Chen Chi Shan, Liang Chen Ma Qianli, Forseti Axe, Tony Chui Pak, Forseti

The Moto Razr 2019 is the perfect fusion of futurism and nostalgia

The interweb has been buzzing with a certain piece of news leaked by the Wall Street Journal only last week. Motorola plans to build a 2019-appropriate version of their iconic Razr phone. Details are incredibly scarce, and the only taste of the phone we’ve got is via images from their patent registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation in December 2018.The 3D visualization of the 2019 Razr bases itself on these patents. The new Razr will be more squarish (when closed) than its ...
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Ten products that showcase the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year in full CMF glory!

Named as Pantone color of the year for 2019, Living Coral is an animating and life-affirming coral hue that signifies light-heartedness and positivity. The color is the kind that instantly makes one happy, with its touch of vibrance and warmth, and the minute you add it to a product, it stands out. Companies have, for long, used the coral color to make products look and feel youthful, and to make them add a splash of color to a space. Living Coral’s beauty especially lies in the fact that it goe...
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Three concept designers visualize what the 2019 iPhone will look like

Leaks have become a very common part of Apple’s launch process. When you’re as big as Apple is, it’s difficult to keep everyone quiet. Somewhere in some part of the world, a factory worker clicks a picture of the iPhone Gorilla Glass being prototyped, or the aluminum frame being machined, and the rumors spread like wildfire. Helping bring some sort of depth to these rumors are concept phone designers, who quickly put together renders that, after a couple of rumors, end up looking exactly like th...
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Instagram-worthy black and white sketched chapel for you to say “I Do”

The mythical tale of the perfect wedding! Most of us have at least once, imagined ourselves getting married, from the most picture perfect pastel scenario to the most daredevil version of ourselves that can ever be. Given the latest Insta-worthy demand, people are certainly going the extra mile to get some unique, envy-inspiring, photo-ops!Adding to your bucket list, we have an artist inspired wedding scenario in Las Vegas that looks like it has stepped out from the artist’s sketchpad. It’s not ...
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