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"Can only have been painted by a madman."

Words by Edvard Munch in tiny letters in the most famous version of "The Scream," The Art Newspaper reports. Can we be sure that the artist wrote these words? Mai Britt Guleng, the curator of Old Masters and modern paintings at the National Museum of Norway, says yes. First, the handwriting matches up to other samples of Munch's handwriting. Second, the writing is tiny: “Had this been an act of vandalism by another person, the size of the letters would probably have been larger and the whole tex...
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'Painted by a madman': The Scream graffiti reveals Munch's state of mind

Inscription on painting that has been subject of debate has been reattributed to the artist himselfIt is an image that has intrigued the art world for more than a century and become synonymous with existential angst, and recently inspired its own emoji, but now some graffiti has added a new layer to the story of Edvard Munch’s most iconic painting, The Scream.A tiny pencil inscription in the top left corner of one of the four versions of the painting, which reads, “Can only have been painted by ...
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Edvard Munch works up for auction amid renewed interest in artist

Sotheby’s expert says pandemic has been good for the artist, lending his work ‘a whole new meaning’Two works by Edvard Munch that the Nazis classified as degenerate before selling them for profit are to be offered at auction in London next month, at a time when interest in the Norwegian artist has never been bigger.A self-portrait painted in 1926, the first formal portrait of Munch to come to auction for 15 years, and Embrace on the Beach, painted for a children’s nursery in 1904 and last on sal...
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Tracey Emin on her cancer: 'I will find love. I will have exhibitions. I will enjoy life'

As she recovers from a brutal summer of cancer treatment, Tracey Emin takes us round her new show – and imagines spending the next 30 years painting in her pyjamas to the sound of birdsong‘I am so lucky,” says Tracey Emin as we stand in the grand galleries of the Royal Academy. I can tell, from her brown eyes, that she’s smiling beneath her face mask. As we roam rooms painted moody blue for her new exhibition, in which her paintings, bronzes and neons are juxtaposed with the oils and watercolour...
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Botched Virgin Mary art restoration

Art restoration is a tricky and delicate business. Maintaining a piece’s aesthetic integrity, while also preserving its condition, is not a job for amateurs. This is exemplified by the recent failed restoration attempt of a painting by artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo in Spain. The anonymous owner commissioned an amateur restorer to restore a copy of Murillo’s “The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables,” which resulted in a misshapen Virgin Mary that looks more like the central character ...
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NYT Reports on Fading Facade of Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’

Edvard Munch’s Scream is fading, and scientists in Norway and New York are working to unravel the issue with the painting, the NYT reports. “There tends to be an interest in the bigger-name artists, for obvious reasons,” says Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh, founder and chief scientist at Art Analysis & Research. “But actually these are problems that will affect all artists […]
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Opening of Munch Museum Delayed Until Fall

The opening of the Munchmuseet in Oslo has been postponed until the autumn due to delays in its building process. “The building is such a massive project, it’s simply delayed. We are just working out the logistics,” says Tracey Emin, who is preparing a show of her own works alongside those of Edvard Munch to open the […]
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The Funniest Things We Saw in 2019

Things that made us laugh this year: Compelling Theory that Edvard Munch was Actually Trying to Paint His Dog Hyperactive Dog vs. Parked $200,000 Porsche Does Not End Well for the Porsche Ikea-Based Tarot Cards Video of Snooty French Designer Telling Client to Design Their Own Furniture "Enthusiastic Dog-Faced Court Jester With Pac-Man Ghost Trapped in Stomach" Suggested Names for Newly-Discovered 2,000-Year-Old Earth Drawings in Peru Best Halloween Costume for a Couple "Person Who Sp...
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Explore 1400 Paintings & Drawings by Vincent van Gogh–and Much More–at the Van Gogh Museum’s Online Collection

Readers will receive no prizes for guessing what they'll find, broadly speaking, at the Van Gogh Museum. But they may well be surprised by the full scope of the Van Gogh and Van Gogh-related work and information on offer for their free perusal at the Van Gogh Museum's online collection. Naturally, you can view and learn about all of the paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh in the collection, including some of his best-known pieces like The Potato Eaters, a scene of "the harsh reality of c...
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The Life & Work of Edvard Munch, Explored by Patti Smith and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Look beyond the highly distressed genderless figure in the foreground of The Scream, one of the most famous painting in existence, and you'll find plenty of women. While its painter Edvard Munch was a man, as his name might suggest, the rest of his body of work featured not a few female bodies: 1895's Woman in Three Stages, 1896's Young Woman on the Beach, and in 1907's The Sick Child, a highly personal work by an artist whose mother and sister both died of tuberculosis. Or take 1895's M...
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Norway's favourite painting to go on display in London

Winter Night in the Mountains by Harald Sohlberg will feature at Dulwich picture galleryEdvard Munch’s The Scream is a classic symbol of dread that has been hailed as the ultimate icon of contemporary politics – but a very different Norwegian painting is the country’s favourite. Continue reading...
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How The Scream became the ultimate image for our political age

Edvard Munch’s painting is a masterpiece for these troubled times. Ahead of an exhibition at the British Museum, Jonathan Jones charts its rise, from the 1893 original to today’s inflatables and emojisThe face is a greenish sock of sickly flesh stretched tight over the skull. Its features have been burned away by pain. All that remain in the elongated mask are two wide round eyes with dots for pupils, a pair of black nostrils and a mouth open in an oval scream. We’ve all been there.The Scream wa...
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New Digital Archive Will Feature the Complete Works of Egon Schiele: Start with 419 Paintings, Drawings & Sculptures

If you’ve ever mistaken an Egon Schiele for a Gustav Klimt, you can surely be forgiven—the Austrian modernist don served as a North Star for Schiele, who sought out Klimt, apprenticed himself, and received a great deal of encouragement from his elder. But he would soon strike out on his own, developing a grotesque, exaggerated, yet elegantly sensual style that shocked his contemporaries and made him a leading figure of Austrian Expressionism. Now, a century after his death in 1918 at age 28, a ...
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Bjarne Melgaard’s Ambitious Home Design Denied by Oslo Local Council

Artist Bjarne Melgaard has been denied by local councils in Norway from building an ambitious home and sculpture near Edvard Munch’s Oslo studio. “We want the site where the death house was intended to be placed to remain a green area for the benefit of the local population, and we encourages Bjarne to find a new […]
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Scientists Think These Rare Clouds Inspired ‘The Scream’

When Edvard Munch painted the first version of his magnum opus “The Scream,” he penned an accompanying diary entry where he describes walking along the road with two friends before the sky filled with “blood-red clouds and tongues of fire.” Many think the painting is a representation of the artist’s inner…Read more...
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Explore 7,600 Works of Art by Edvard Munch: They’re Now Digitized and Free Online

If there were ever an exhibition of artistic “one-hit-wonders,” surely Edvard Munch’s The Scream would occupy a central place, maybe hung adjacent to Grant Wood’s American Gothic. The ratio of those who know this single painting to those who know the artist's other works must be exponentially high, which is something of a shame. That’s not to say The Scream does not deserve its exalted place in popular culture—like Wood's stone-faced Midwest farmers, the wavy figure, clutching its screaming sku...
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Controversial artist seeks to build a UFO-like house near Edvard Munchs studio

For the last years of his life, world-renowned artist Edvard Munch lived in a remote cabin in a forest outside of Oslo, where the solitude helped him produce hundreds of paintings and drawings. Since his death in 1944, the area was converted into an active artist colony and his estate, Ekely, has become a pilgrimage site for artists from around the world. However one particular artist is sparking controversy with plans to build an outlandish modern building – dubbed “A House to Die In” – on a n...
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Bjarne Melgaard Causing Uproar Over Home Design in Norway

Artist Bjarne Melgaard is causing controversy in Norway over his chosen location for a new home designed by architectural firm Snohetta, which will impede on views from the home of painter Edvard Munch. “I believe this talk about the legacy of Munch is ridiculous,” Melgaard said. Read more at NYT  
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These are not paintings of Jupiter

Citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran amped up the color and contrast of images of Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere as captured by NASA's Juno spacecraft. Below, for, um, comparison, Vincent van Gogh's "The Starry Night" (1889) and Edvard Munch's "The Scream" (1893). More of Eichstädt and Doran's stunning work here.
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South Korean coffee artist recreates Munch's The Scream in cream – in pictures

Barista Lee Kang-bin is taking coffee art to the next level, recreating miniatures of famous paintings, including Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, on foamy cups of java at his central Seoul cafe Continue reading...
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Edvard Munch’s Famous Painting “The Scream” Animated to the Sound of Pink Floyd’s Primal Music

In this short video, Romanian animator Sebastian Cosor brings together two haunting works from different times and different media: The Scream, by Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944), and "The Great Gig in the Sky," by the British rock band Pink Floyd. Munch painted the first of four versions of The Scream in 1893. He later wrote a poem describing the apocalyptic vision behind it: I was walking along the road with two Friendsthe Sun was setting -- the Sky turned a blood...
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Asher Edelman Sues Dutch Art Dealer Over Repayment on Edvard Munch Work

Former financier Asher B. Edelman is charging that Dutch art dealer Remko Spoelstra deceived him in the sale of an Edvard Munch painting.  Edelman claims that a loan he secured from his mother’s estate to help sell the piece was never repaid, even after the work was sold for $7 million.  Read more at New York Post
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Color Inspiration in Art: Famous Paintings Provide Perfect Palette Ideas

From Monet to Van Gogh, brilliant artists throughout history have delighted and inspired us with their paintings filled with emotion-evoking beauty and near endless strokes and swirls of vibrant, life-giving color. Here are just a few of our favorite paintings by famed artists across the world and throughout history, as well as the colourlover palettes "birthed" by each. WEAR YOUR SUNSCREAM Ascribed by most with the name, "The Scream," this aptly-titled painting by Expressionist artist Edvard M...
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Tech billionaire opens new Potsdam art gallery

Software firm founder Hasso Plattner launches his Barberini Museum, west of Berlin, with Impressionism show A German software billionaire is opening a new art museum in the former imperial city of Potsdam on Friday, having reconstructed an 18th-century palace, destroyed in the second world war, to house the works.Hasso Plattner, a co-founder of the multinational software company SAP, described the Barberini Museum as his gift to the city and “one of the most important things” he had done in his ...
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Munch’s “Girls on the Bridge” to Show in New Potsdam Private Museum

Edvard Munch’s Girls on the Bridge, which sold for for $54 million this past year at Sotheby’s, will be the central work at a new private museum in Potsdam, Germany.  Software billionaire Hasso Plattner, who is funding the museum, is also the rumored buyer of the work.  “No one has ever painted water, or captured moisture […]
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.21.16

The devastating debut of 4:48 Psychosis (the opera) stands high in 2016’s best 4.48 Psychosis Royal Opera / Lyric Hammersmith, London The guy behind the ticket counter at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre checked out my Brooklyn zip code and asked “Did you come over for this?”  ... read more AJBlog: Condemned to Music Published 2016-12-21 “Meditations on Mortality”: Illustrated Companion to My WSJ Review of Jasper Johns/Edvard Munch at VMFA John Ravenal, curator of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, ...
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We've Solved the Mystery of Those White Splotches on The Scream

A team of Belgian researchers has closed the case on the origins of a mysterious smudge on Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s most famous painting, the Scream. Long believed to be bird poo, they found that it is bees wax.Read more...
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That's Candle Wax, Not Bird Droppings, Staining The Scream

A team of Belgian researchers has closed the case on the origins of a mysterious smudge on Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s most famous painting, the Scream. Long believed to be bird poo, they found that it is bees wax.Read more...
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Researchers Identify Candle Wax Stain on Munch’s “The Scream”

Researchers in Antwerp have identified a strange white marking on the surface of Edvard Munch’s The Scream as candle wax, disproving previous reports that the mark was a bird dropping resulting from the artist’s frequent practice of painting outside.  “Munch employed a cardboard substrate to paint the Scream, a material that is particularly fragile and hygroscopic and […]
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Norwegian Shipping Billionaire Petter Olsen to Open Private Museum in 2017

Norwegian shipping magnate Petter Olsen will open a private museum to show his collection of works next year, funded in part by the $120 million sale of Edvard Munch’s The Scream in 2013.  The museum will be based on Ramme, south of Oslo.  Read more at The Art Newspape
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