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Torching Arctic Ice in Porsche’s First All-Electric Car

A vehicle that dominates what would otherwise be an unforgiving environment “The amount of torque in this car will simply obliterate the ice,” an instructor at the Porsche Ice Experience tells us. “So please try not to stomp on the accelerator.” We’re in the Taycan Turbo S, Porsche’s first ever all-electric vehicle. This is a revolution for the Stuttgart-based automaker—a four-door sedan using two electric …
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3-wheeled electric truck doubles as a sweet tiny camper

The worlds of electric vehicles and tiny campers have collided to bring us the Elektro Frosch — a tiny, three-wheeled electric pickup truck that has a fold-out camper. The cute little “Electric Frog” campers have everything you need to enjoy a minimalist outdoor excursion, including a camper that sleeps two and a large tarp that pulls out from the vehicle to cover the cooking and dining space. Designed by the German company Elektro Frosch, the electric truck comes in two sizes: the Big and the ...
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Foretold: Hyundai Prophecy Is Yet Another Glimpse of the Brand’s Future

Unlike the 1956 Packard Predictor concept, which foretold nothing but GRIM DEATH for the once-proud marque, Hyundai’s Prophecy is living in happier times. The Korean automaker is on the upswing again, thanks to an influx of crossovers, but the brand’s future shares an uncertainty with other automakers. Namely: will anyone buy their electric cars? Bound […] The post Foretold: Hyundai Prophecy Is Yet Another Glimpse of the Brand’s Future appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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A Halo With Value: EV Range-topper Carves Out New Role for Kia

A lofty, high-performance electric vehicle currently headed down the Kia product pipeline is, like all EVs, something of a gamble. For the mainstream Korean automaker, it’s also a departure. Heralded by last year’s striking Imagine concept, the upcoming coupe-like crossover will clearly be a way for Kia designers to make a name for themselves — […] The post A Halo With Value: EV Range-topper Carves Out New Role for Kia appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Design, Electric Vehicles, Autos, EVs, Kia, Imagine, News Blog, Product Planning, Future Models, Kia Imagine

Speaking of China – Tesla’s Thinking Small

While we’re on the subject of American (or somewhat American) automakers looking to beat the Chinese at their own EV game, Tesla has announced a new direction in that massive electric vehicle market. With Model 3s now rolling into buyers’ hands from its just-opened Shanghai assembly plant, the automaker has turned its eye to the […] The post Speaking of China – Tesla’s Thinking Small appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Design, China, Tesla, Electric Vehicles, Shanghai, Autos, EVs, News Blog, Future Vehicles, Product Planning

Advancements in Mobility That Will Change Travel

From air cabs to cars that can converse, innovations to take us on all kinds of journeys The convergence of mobility and technology is one of the most interesting topics on our minds, especially during CES. Be it electric scooters and drone taxis or electric vehicles and autonomous road-assistants, transport-related innovations that have debuted at the show have eventually become part of everyday life, while …
Tags: Transportation, Uber, Design, Air Travel, Cars, Tech, Ces, Autonomous, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Sony, Hyundai, Mophie, SUVs, Voice Assistants, Lamborghini

Giorgio Moroder and the Future of Sound in Transportation

At CES, the iconic musician speaks about his collaboration with FPT Industrial Within the rows and rows of consumer-facing products at CES, business-to-business innovations and releases work double-time to impress. For instance, John Deere delivered an entire R4038 self-propelled sprayer to the show floor. Towering other booths, the tractor spotlighted the company’s commitment to furthering agricultural technology. Another exhibitor, FPT Industrial, transported attendees to a …
Tags: Music, Design, Interviews, Future, Tech, Ces, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Italy, Electronic Music, Giorgio Moroder, Hydrogen, Electric, Engines, Sound, Diesel

Best of CH 2019: Cars + Tech

From the return of the Motorola Razr to a test drive of Volvo's future-forward vision, this year will be remembered for its innovations This year marks a significant shift in attention and intention. Our reliance on technology is causing more and more self-reflection. We recognize the positive and negative impacts that various types of technology and mobility can have as we devise ways to ensure …
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LA Auto Show: How Mercedes-Benz’s Current Design Philosophy References the Retro

The carmaker looks back in order to look to the future The Vision Mercedes Simplex concept will never be made into a production car. One can tell simply by looking at it: it’s a replication of a car that the world first saw in 1902. If Mercedes-Benz has no interest in traveling back in time, then why bother making a concept like this? Stefan Lamm, …
Tags: Design, Interviews, France, Cars, Auto Shows, Electric Vehicles, Innovation, La Auto Show, Retro, Concept Cars, Mercedes Benz, SUVs, Car Shows, Antique Cars, Vision Mercedes Simplex

The Cybertruck Is Good, Fight Me

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s latest electric vehicle, the aptly named Cybertruck, in the process snapping every neuron in my brain that has braved the long march of the past few years.Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Design, Technology, Cars, Tesla, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Cybertruck

The Cybertruck Is Good, Fight Me (Update: Sorry, Sorry, I'm Trying to Delete)

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s latest electric vehicle, the aptly named Cybertruck, in the process snapping every neuron in my brain that has braved the long march of the past few years.Read more...
Tags: Elon Musk, Science, Design, Technology, Cars, Tesla, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Cybertruck

At 100 Years Old, Bentley Still Has a Bright Future

Celebrating the centenary of the British luxury automaker, from the Mediterranean to Manhattan For any brand to remain in business for a century is impressive, but a small British luxury automaker headquartered in the countryside doing so proves even more so. In their 100th year of existence, Bentley shows no signs of slowing. It’s seemingly been nonstop for the team based in Crewe, England this year: …
Tags: Auto, Design, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Luxury, Luxury cars, Electric Vehicles, Manhattan, Driving, British, Bentley, Hybrid, Mediterranean, Automakers, Ev

Ford Debuts Electric Mustang Mach-E SUV

Undeniably of the beloved muscle car family, this new vehicle offers exciting updates The electric pony is a fast gallop away: Ford says it will deliver its electric Mustang SUV, the Mach-E late next autumn, with a GT version available the following summer. The Mach-E hopes to do for electric cars what the original Mustang did for sports cars 55 years ago: offer high performance …
Tags: Design, Interview, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Ford, Electric Vehicles, Mustang, SUVs, Ev, Gt, Test Drives, Mach-E, Ford Debuts Electric Mustang Mach

Mazda’s First Electric Vehicle, The MX-30

We speak with chief designer Yoichi Matsuda about the brand's first EV One of the first cars Yoichi Matsuda (chief designer at Mazda) owned was a 1991 MX-5 Miata. He joined the brand just a year before, in 1990, and shortly after, the Miata hit the Japanese market—then the world. And Matsuda has been with Mazda ever since—an incredibly long career as a designer in …
Tags: Auto, Japan, Design, Interviews, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Crossover, Ev, Mazda, Miata, Tokyo Motor Show, Matsuda, First Electric, MX-30

Nissan’s Future-Focused Ariya and IMk Concept Cars

A pair of electric vehicles previewed at the Tokyo Motor Show signal a new direction for the company In the past, Giovanny Arroba assisted in designing cars as totemic for Nissan as the Altima. Today, he’s a program design director at Nissan, and admits he’s experiencing a pretty special rebirth. Speaking with us at the Tokyo Motor Show about Nissan’s new electric Ariya and (sadly, …
Tags: Japan, Design, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Concepts, Nissan, Electric Cars, Ev, Tokyo Motor Show, Compact Cars, Sedan, Ariya, IMk, Giovanny Arroba

UK Government May Incentivize Going Electric

In hopes of convincing car owners to opt into electric models, Britain is considering awarding green drivers benefits for being eco-friendly—thus allowing “civic authorities to give the greenest vehicles preferential treatment, such as allowing them to drive in bus lanes, use special parking spaces, or access areas that are barred to more polluting alternatives.” Plus, the government would allow electric vehicles to be adorned with …
Tags: UK, Design, Cars, Culture, Automotive, Britain, Electric Vehicles, Electric Cars, Linkaboutit, Green License Plates

Social Media Campaign Teases Ford’s Forthcoming Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV

The all-electric vehicle fuses future-forward aspirations and the aesthetics of the brand's beloved sports car Rumors have surfaced and dissipated on numerous occasions since news of Ford‘s forthcoming Mustang-inspired, all-electric SUV broke. Neither confirming nor denying (or even actively hinting it), Ford quietly waited until today to give us something prior to the vehicle’s global reveal at the LA Auto Show. Ford has trickled out …
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Shocker: Mazda’s Upcoming EV Looks Like a Crossover, Because What Else?

No one predicted this! Scratch that — everyone and their mother predicted this, because to craft a brand’s first electric vehicle as anything other than a family-friendly crossover would seem foolish in today’s market. Sorry, Lexus. In the lead-up to this week’s Tokyo Motor Show debut, Mazda has given us our best glimpse yet of its […] The post Shocker: Mazda’s Upcoming EV Looks Like a Crossover, Because What Else? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Design, Electric Vehicles, Autos, EVs, Mazda, News Blog, Product Planning, Future Models, Mazda EV

Volvo’s First Fully Electric Car, the XC40 Recharge

The new vehicle is another step the brand is taking toward becoming more eco-friendly Just debuted, Volvo‘s XC40 Recharge will be—when it goes on sale late next year—the brand’s first fully electric vehicle. (Like Tesla, Volvo is happy to let you order yours now, then anxiously wait for its arrival.) Beyond this new model, Volvo plans to add Recharge models across the board—so the Recharge …
Tags: Auto, Design, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Driving, Volvo, SUVs, Hybrid, Ev, Tesla Volvo, XC40 Recharge, First Fully Electric

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

From headphones grown from fungus to a new understanding of procrastination, our round-up of the internet this week LGBTQ+ Activists Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera to Get NYC Monument A statue planned for Greenwich Village’s Ruth Wittenberg Triangle will honor Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, activists and icons of the LGBTQ+ community. The pair co-founded Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, an organization that offered …
Tags: Psychology, Auto, Science, Design, Cars, Tech, Ios Apps, Nature, Porsche, Electric Vehicles, Studies, Fiat, Lgbtq, Products, Linkaboutit, Link About It

Amsterdam Announces Plan to Ban All Polluting Cars by 2030

On Thursday, the city of Amsterdam announced its plan to replace all gasoline and diesel-powered cars and motorcycles with electric vehicles by 2030. The plan is an attempt to address unhealthy and alarming rates of air pollution in the city due to high traffic. Currently, toxic air pollution in Amsterdam exceeds European Union standards. In 2018, the Dutch health council called on the government to develop a plan to address toxic amounts of nitrogen dioxide and particle matter, specifically in...
Tags: Health, Europe, Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, European Union, Traffic, Air Pollution, Electric Vehicles, Amsterdam, Carbon Emissions, Rotterdam, Hydrogen Vehicles, Sharon Dijksma, Dijksma Amsterdam

Lynk & Co’s CEO Alain Visser on Reimagining Mobility and Ownership

We discuss the carmaker's contemporary, thoughtful approach Alain Visser seems, at first, like more of a fashion CEO than the head of one of the newer and more interesting automobile brands. His relaxed and open-minded attitude, a sneaky grin and Cole Haans tied with brightly colored shoelaces all set him apart from the other major car brand CEOs reading from teleprompters at the 2019 Shanghai …
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Shanghai Auto Show 2019: Translating Infiniti’s Japanese DNA into Electric Vehicles

We speak with their design team about the new sports sedan concept, the Qs Inspiration At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show dozens of Chinese car brands, many of which aren’t well known outside the country, are showcased alongside better known global brands. Scattered between are reticent models, cleaners armed with synthetic dusters, visitors with selfie sticks and cameras on cranes—all in boiling temperatures underneath thousands of daylight-level …
Tags: Auto, Japan, Design, Interviews, China, Cars, Auto Shows, Electric Vehicles, Shanghai, Infiniti, Concept Cars, Electric Cars, Japanese Design, Shanghai Auto Show, Car Shows

Highlights From the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show

From all-electric to truly dazzling, some of the best vehicles from this year's event Supercars, hypercars, accessible cars and concept cars from the world’s best-known and emerging brands made their debuts at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. Whether small and playful, wildly fast or glorious and sprawling, the cars reflect the industry’s exploration of electric vehicles. Some are opting for more accessible iterations while …
Tags: Auto, Design, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Fiat, Volkswagen, Autonomous Cars, Honda, Flying Cars, Electric Cars, Bugatti, Geneva Motor Show, Ev, Alfa Romeo, International Motor Show, Car Shows

Our Exclusive Interview With the Design Team Behind the Fiat Centoventi All-Electric Concept

From a bumper that displays messages to interchangeable seats, the concept has something for everyone Celebrating the brand’s 120th anniversary and its first concept car in 16 years, Fiat unveiled the electric Concept Centoventi (Concept 120) at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. The vehicle, the next-generation Panda, could arrive as early as 2021. Klaus Busse, the head of design for Europe brands at FCA, says, “It …
Tags: Europe, Design, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Fca, Fiat, Mobility, Concept Cars, Geneva Motor Show, Geneva International Motor Show, Fiat Panda, Klaus Busse, Concept Centoventi, Customizability

BREEAM Excellent-certified office of the future frames Bucharests restored Oromolu Villa

Bucharest-based architecture firm DSBA (Dorin Stefan Birou de Arhitectura) recently completed the Oromolu Office, a futuristic counterpart to its historic neighbor, the recently restored Oromolu Villa. Created as part of the Aviatorilor 8 complex in the heart of Bucharest, the three-story new-build was conceived as the “office of the future” with an eye-catching curvaceous glass curtain wall that helped the project achieve BREEAM Excellent certification. In addition to the triple-laminated faca...
Tags: Design, Office, Architecture, Gallery, Electric Vehicles, Romania, Carousel Showcase, Adaptive Reuse, Bucharest, HVAC, Office Complex, BREEAM, BREEAM excellent, Historic Restoration, DSBA, Oromolu Office

Zero Motorcycles Advances Electric Motorcycle Connectivity

A ground-up rebuild that delivers new levels of power and control To say much has happened since Zero Motorcycles launched in a garage back in 2006 would be an understatement. From their 2013 prototype electric motorcycle to today’s release of the SR/F, the brand has been an industry leader in technology and design. With this next-generation bike, they’re staking claim to the title of world’s …
Tags: Design, Tech, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes, Zero Motorcycles, Motorbikes

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Rahul Gayam

Creating electric vehicles that are affordable, safer and kinder to the environment Rahul Gayam—CTO of Hyderabad-based Gayam Motor Works—strives to reduce air pollution in some of the world’s most plagued nations by creating smart, electric vehicles. From motorcycles to three-wheelers and cars, Gayam Motor Works’ produces safe and environmentally responsible vehicles that are also more affordable. The company supplied three-wheel vehicles to Hyderabad’s IKEA and …
Tags: Sponsored, Design, Tech, Electric Vehicles, Ikea, Clean Air, Hyderabad, Cto, Mercedes Benz, Summit 2018, Summit LA, Summit Fellows, Gayam Motor Works, Rahul Gayam

Nissan unveils incredible solar-powered mobile workshop for woodworkers

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of unique van conversions, but Nissan has taken the van-loving world by storm with its new NV300 concept van — a mobile workshop for woodworking professionals. The amazing design, which was a collaboration between Nissan and UK-based firm Studio Hardie, is fully-functioning mobile woodworking studio that can be taken off grid, letting wood-loving artisans find inspiration anywhere they choose. What’s more, the van runs on solar power and its tools are powere...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, Automotive, Gallery, Electric Vehicles, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Belgium, Solar Power, Nissan, Sustainable Design, Mondrian, Hardie, Van Conversion, Brussels Motor Show

Interview: Rivian Founder, RJ Scaringe at Aspen’s X Games

Positioning the trucks as adventure vehicles, moving production to Michigan and more We’re nestled indoors in Aspen Village and, while it’s frigid outside, this home—which is serving as a basecamp for the Rivian team—is inviting. The brand recently debuted its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV at the LA Auto Show in November, but their presence here in Aspen, Colorado, coinciding with the X …
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