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From farm to table, sustainability shines at the Belle Mont Farm eco resort

Anyone who has savored the beauty of the Caribbean can attest to its splendor. Not only are there captivating coastlines, but the islands in the area are accustomed to managing limited resources and are naturally focused toward sustainable development. One eco resort, Belle Mont Farm, has taken steps to lead the way in creating an earth-friendly luxury option in the region. The Belle Mont Farm on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies is a sanctuary that encompasses a lush golf course lined with...
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Deforestation could wipe out over 50 percent of species in Haiti

According to new research from Temple University scientist Blair Hedges, the Caribbean island nation of Haiti is undergoing a mass extinction event, and the country is close to losing its rich biodiversity. Hedges — who has spent decades in Haiti’s rain forests — says that the results of his latest study are shocking. In a paper recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Hedges and his co-authors revealed that Haiti, which was once full of lush trees and teeming ...
Tags: Cooking, Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, Trees, Nasa, Wildlife, Deforestation, South America, Island, Forests, Haiti, Extinction, Caribbean, Species

Greenhouse gas emissions rose during 2018 after three year decline

After a solid decline for the past three years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States rose in 2018. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), power generation, natural gas and oil consumption resulted in an emissions increase of 3.4 percent, marking the second largest annual gain since 1996. The only year that emissions increased at a more significant rate was 2010, when emissions went up 3.6 percent after a huge recession-driven decline the year before. ...
Tags: Energy, Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, Climate, Fuel, United States, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2018, Natural Gas, Co2, Greenhouse Gas, Diesel

California's "Skip the Slip" bill pushes for digital receipts

A legislator in the California Assembly has introduced a bill that, if passed, would require retailers to make digital receipts the default instead of paper. California Assemblymember Phil Ting (D – San Francisco) has introduced AB 161, nicknamed “Skip the Slip.” If it becomes law, it would be the first of its kind in the United States. According to Green America, each year up to 10 million trees in the U.S. are used to make the paper for receipts, and the process takes 21 billion gallons of wa...
Tags: Design, News, California, Environment, San Francisco, United States, Receipts, Carbon Dioxide, Assembly, BPA, Ecology Center, New York State Department of Health, Paper Recycling, Phil Ting, Beth Porter, Receipt

Trump threatens to halt federal disaster relief funding for California wildfires

President Trump has threatened to withhold federal disaster aid from California after a series of deadly wildfires devastated the state. For months, the POTUS has accused California of bringing the wildfires on itself because of poor forest management. But in a recent tweet, he took things further by threatening to halt federal aid, and this drew criticism from lawmakers in his own political party. “Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forest fires that, with proper Fores...
Tags: Design, News, California, Environment, Fema, Wildfire, Trump, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Reuters Image, James Gallagher, Jim Nielsen, Disaster Relief, Forest Management, California wildfires, Camp Fire zone

7 of the biggest eco-friendly and green living myths

When you decide to go green and adopt a sustainable lifestyle, you might think that some of the biggest steps you can take in the right direction are doing things like buying a hybrid car, dropping meat from your diet or using eco-friendly products. But over the years, we have been inundated with “green” messages that are easily taken for granted, and some of them are filled with misinformation. So to help you go green the right way, here is a list of seven of the biggest sustainable living myt...
Tags: Electric Vehicle, Design, Environment, Features, Green, Plastic, LED lighting, Vegetarian, Green Appliances, Ev, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sustainable Living, Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly Myths, Green Living Myths, Joenomias Silviarita Frank Habel Pexels Jasmine

Precycle, a zero-waste grocery store, opens in Brooklyn

For many of us, a trip to the grocery store results in a ton of waste, thanks to the mountain of plastic bags and food packaging. But some stores are trying to change that by going zero-waste and selling in bulk. Precycle is a zero-waste grocery store in Brooklyn that has opened for business, and it is avoiding all plastic by having its customers buy food from bulk containers. Katerina Bogatireva, the owner of Precycle, is from Latvia, and she said that in her home country, food waste is not ac...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Brooklyn, United States, Plastic, Packaging, Latvia, Grocery, Zero Waste, This, Waste Disposal, Eat & Drink, Plastic Packaging, Package Free, Precycle

Californias largest utility company plans massive sale of natural gas division

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), California’s largest utility, is exploring the possibility of selling off a major part of the company, according to a new report. Thanks to the massive liability costs that they could be facing for their possible culpability in recent deadly wildfires, PG&E has a strategic plan called “Project Falcon” to cover costs and avoid bankruptcy. This plan would involve the company selling its natural gas division and then using the proceeds to pay the potential millions o...
Tags: Design, News, California, Environment, San Francisco, Bankruptcy, Fires, Npr, CAL FIRE, PG&E, California Public Utilities Commission, USAA, Dodd, Bill Dodd, Pacific Gas & Electric, California wildfires

Vans Sets the Industry Standard in Sustainability for their World Cup of Surfing

From a Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii partnership to less public efforts at keeping beaches clean Walking along the Kaʻena Point Trail along the northwestern most point of Oahu is a beautiful sight—so long as you don’t look down. For when you do, you’ll find nearly endless stretches of bottle caps, disposable razors, toothbrushes and various shards of other plastics. Seeing the overwhelming and seemingly ordered fashion …
Tags: Design, Environment, Shoes, Sustainability, Nature, Culture, Hawaii, Surfing, Oahu, Industry Standard, Vans, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Vans Triple Crown, World Cup of Surfing, Kaʻena Point Trail

Zero-waste packaging is coming to a freezer aisle near you

This past year, frozen food made a comeback thanks to healthier and tastier options hitting your grocer’s freezer, and the debunking of the myth that fresh is always healthier than frozen. For the first time in five years, the frozen food market has grown, and consumers are starting to see frozen products as a healthy option for easy meal prep. Now, one grocer is taking freezer food to the next level with bulk bins and zero-waste packaging. In recent years, frozen food companies have shortened ...
Tags: Food, UK, Design, News, Environment, Czech Republic, Plastic, Packaging, Food Waste, Reuse, Zero Waste, Frozen Food, Zero Waste Packaging, Globus Hypermarket, Packaged Food

9 sustainable living tips to take from our grandparents

Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in a simpler time, and we aren’t just talking about technology. During the Great Depression, many rural areas didn’t have running water or electricity, and things like proper refrigeration, freezers and air conditioning were a luxury. What’s more, big-box chains and massive supermarkets didn’t exist, and you didn’t have the option of throwing a pre-packaged meal into a microwave or hitting a drive-thru for lunch. Many modern conveniences are great, ...
Tags: Cooking, Garden, Gardening, Design, Environment, Features, Conservation, Recipes, Food Waste, Waste, Bright Ideas, Eco-inspiration, Sustainable Eating, Reduce, Strawberry Shortcake, Minimalism

New York City bans polystyrene foam starting January 1

New York City has officially become the largest jurisdiction in the United States to ban polystyrene foam food and beverage containers. On January 1st, the city’s new policy went into effect after a five-year lobbying and litigation effort from the plastics industry to upend the city’s environmental initiative. Back in 2013, the City Council authorized the statute that states NYC restaurants, food vendors and stores can’t possess, sell or offer polystyrene foam containers for food and beverages...
Tags: Design, News, New York City, Environment, United States, Plastic, Foam, Styrofoam, NRDC, Polystyrene Ban, Polystyrene foam, banning Polystyrene foam, Polystyrene Containers, Polystyrene Container Ban

10 species at risk of extinction under the Trump administration

The Endangered Species Coalition has released a report titled  , which outlines the possible impact of the current administration’s anti-wildlife policy stances. The report highlighted the 10 species that are in the most danger because of proposed new regulations as well as the specific changes that put these animals at risk. California Condor The California Condor has a 10-foot wingspan, making it one of the largest land birds in North America. These birds can reach altitudes of 15,000 fee...
Tags: Design, Obama, California, Mexico, Animals, Africa, Environment, Features, Esa, Alaska, Endangered Species, North America, North Carolina, Extinction, Endangered, Wildlife Conservation

Best of CH 2018: Link About It

Our take on the best thoughtful, eccentric and inspiring stories from the internet this year Beyond what we create ourselves at CH, we’re always reading, watching and viewing content from publishers we admire. Each day we share some of the internet’s best in our Link section. This year, we were enthralled by stories about space, climate change, cultural phenomenons, empowering displays of art, ghost stories and …
Tags: Food, Space, Science, Design, Internet, Climate Change, Film, Environment, Tech, Nasa, Culture, Pollution, Food Waste, Lgbtq, Ai, Linkaboutit

University of Waterloo has created a CO2 powder which could help fight climate change

Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have created a new powder that can capture carbon dioxide, and it could be a new tool in the fight against climate change. The powder can filter and remove CO2 at power plants and factories powered by fossil fuels before it is released into the atmosphere, and it is more efficient than conventional methods. Chemical engineering professor Zhongwei Chen created the powder in his lab as a new way to manipulate the size and concentration ...
Tags: Design, News, Climate Change, China, Environment, Global Warming, Canada, Fossil Fuels, Innovation, Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, University of Waterloo, Chen, Ontario Canada, Zhongwei Chen, Co2 Powder

Nine more states join seismic blasting lawsuit against the Trump administration

  Several conservation groups and South Carolina coastal communities sued the Trump Administration earlier this month for allowing companies to conduct seismic blasting surveys in the Atlantic Ocean as a precursor to offshore drilling for oil and gas. And now, a coalition of nine states has joined the lawsuit and added their clout to the claim. Last week, a coalition of attorneys general from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey an...
Tags: New York, Design, News, Maryland, Environment, Atlantic, Oceana, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Trump, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Coast, Brian Frosh, AG, Hoskins, National Marine Fisheries Service

The best eco-friendly resolutions for 2019

With the new year looming, resolutions are on everybody’s mind. That’s because the new year is all about new beginnings. Whether that means changing your diet, incorporating more exercise or focusing on continuing education, 2019 can be an amazing year of growth and discovery. While you formulate your list of new year’s resolutions, be sure to include a few goals focused on sustainability. We all share one planet, which means each person needs to do their part to make it last. Making small chan...
Tags: Design, Environment, Austin, Baby, Composting, Resolutions, Social Responsibility, New Year Resolutions, 2019, Reusable Bags, Compost Bin, Shower Heads, Sustainable Resolutions, Eco-friendly Resolutions

Aleph Farms has created the first lab-grown steak

The demand for meat alternatives continues to grow as millions switch to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets for health, ethical and environmental reasons, and food companies around the world are starting to focus their efforts on plant-based and lab-grown products that can take the place of animal-sourced meats. Aleph Farms recently reached an important milestone in cellular meat production by serving up the first lab-grown steak, made from isolated cow cells and grown into a 3D structure....
Tags: Meat, Design, News, Environment, Turkey, Farming, Eat & Drink, Meat Industry, Tetrick, Flexitarian, Joshua Tetrick, Aleph Farms, Didier Toubia, Toubia, Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, Meat Alternative

Best of CH 2018: Most Popular

From sustainable living to tech upgrades and enduring motorcycle brands, our most-read articles this year Like each year in COOL HUNTING’s history, 2018 offered an immensely varied collection of content—from Escher wallpaper to hydroponic vertical gardens, Apple Watch upgrades, sustainable architecture and beyond. With this in mind, it’s always fascinating to explore our analytics at the end of the year and find what resonated most with …
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Guest Post Review: The Dam

        Anastasia Gonis has been reviewing books for over twenty years. Her reviews and interviews have appeared in Bookseller & Publisher, Good Reading magazine, Australian Book Review, The Age, The Herald Sun, AllWrite, and many other publications. Anastasia currently writes both articles and reviews and is a revered reviewer for Kids’ Book … Continue reading Guest Post Review: The Dam The post Guest Post Review: The Dam appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
Tags: Art, Books, Music, Environment, History, Nature, Social Issues, Conservation, Guest Post, Loss, Anastasia, Book Reviews - Childrens and Young Adult, New Book Releases, Children's Picture Books, Dimity Powell, David Almond

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Manhattan's "Phallus Palace," Oslo's move become car-free, snow season apps and more in our journey through the internet Oslo Moves to Become a Car-Free City In an effort to make its downtown more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly, Oslo will remove the couple hundred remaining parking spots left in its city center. The development aims to turn the most heavily trafficked areas into to car free zones to …
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8,000 barrels of oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon

Approximately 8,000 barrels of crude oil have spilled into the Amazon, and the Peru State oil company Petroperu says its because local indigenous people severed the pipeline. According to a company statement, members of the Mayuriaga community in the Loreto region first damaged the pipeline and then interfered with the technicians trying to repair it. “The townspeople prevented us from securing the pipe to stop petroleum from spilling from the pipe,” said Beatriz Alva Hart, a Petroperu spokeswo...
Tags: Amazon, Design, News, Environment, Newfoundland, Peru, Amazon Rainforest, Oil Spill, Pacific, Loreto, Peruvian Amazon, Morona, OEFA, Petroperu, Mayuriaga, Peru State

Earth’s “Deep Biosphere” Thrives Beneath Our Feet

The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), composed of 1,000 scientists from 52 countries, studies the underground ecosystems between Earth’s surface and its core. In a recent statement, this has been referred to as “Deep Biosphere” as a “subterranean Galapagos” potentially filled with millions of undiscovered species. Despite darkness and harsh conditions, life has been found as far as three miles below the continental subsurface and six-and-a-half miles below the ocean’s surface. The …
Tags: Science, Design, Environment, Tech, Earth, Nature, Ecology, Galapagos, Linkaboutit, Organisms, Deep Carbon Observatory DCO, Deep Biosphere

Study finds microplastics in sea turtles around the world

The microplastics problem in the oceans has made its way to sea turtles in a big way. A new study from researchers at the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory along with Greenpeace Research Laboratories has found microplastics in the guts of every single turtle they tested — a total of 102 sea turtles. The researchers tested more than 100 sea turtles from all seven species and three different oceans, and they were looking for synthetic particles less than 5 mm in length. The most...
Tags: Science, Design, News, Turtles, Animals, Study, Environment, Research, Oceans, Plastic, Plastic Waste, Plastic Pollution, Duncan, University of Exeter, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Microplastics

This carbon-neutral festival promotes sustainable fun in Thailand

The fields are alive with art, architecture, food, wellness, talks and workshops, family activities and music at the fifth annual Wonderfruit festival in Pattaya, Thailand this December. Wonderfruit is a five-day, carbon-neutral event that inspires curiosity and encourages exploration of the unknown while promoting sustainable practices. Technically, Wonderfruit is a three-part festival with phase one in September, phase two in November and phase three taking place in December. Individuals and...
Tags: Design, Environment, Festival, Thailand, Festivals, Biodegradable, Music Festivals, Bjarke Ingels, Zero Waste, Art Festival, Eat & Drink, Eco-inspiration, Wonderfruit, Pattaya Thailand, Single Use Plastic, Single-use

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Space news, gene-edited twins, tracking chickens' fitness and more from around the internet Sherrie Silver’s Stunning Choreography for the National AIDS Trust Campaign With Erasure’s “A Little Respect,” narration from Stephen Fry and stunning choreography by Sherrie Silver (the mind behind the moves in Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video), this James Fitzgerald-directed short was created to raise awareness for the UK’s National AIDS Trust—just ahead …
Tags: Art, Space, Japan, UK, Design, Environment, America, Nasa, South Africa, Patagonia, Stephen Fry, Robotics, Snowboarding, Philanthropy, Linkaboutit, Link About It

Patagonia to Donate $10 Million to Environmental Groups

This year, Patagonia saved a whopping $10 million because of tax cuts. Rather than funnel the cash back into their company, the already environmentally conscious brand has decided to donate it all, announcing the money will go “to groups committed to protecting air, land and water and finding solutions to the climate crisis.” CEO Rose Marcario wrote in an open letter, “Our home planet is …
Tags: Design, Climate Change, Environment, Charity, Culture, Patagonia, Environmentalism, Philanthrophy, Linkaboutit, Rose Marcario

Here's your opportunity to join the Inhabitat team as a writer!

Inhabitat, a leading website in green design and sustainable living, is seeking remote writers to contribute two or more articles per week with a focus on breaking environmental news, green design/architecture and/or sustainable lifestyle features. An ideal candidate is an avid environmentalist and excellent writer with the ability to meet deadlines and communicate professionally with editors and sources. Learn more below. Requirements: Ability to meet strict deadlines Understanding of design a...
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Ethiopia’s First Satellite Launching in 2019

With China’s financial assistance, Ethiopia will be sending its first-ever observatory satellite into space next year. The capsule is heading into the skies for three to five years in order to collect data on climate and weather changes. Costing $8 million to design and produce, the satellite will launch from China, but have control based out of Ethiopia. While it seems like a joint venture by the …
Tags: Weather, Space, Design, Technology, Climate Change, China, Environment, Climate, Tech, Satellites, Ethiopia, Linkaboutit

6 environmental topics to spark discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Nothing sparks political discussion and debate more than a family dinner during the holidays. In this explosive political climate, chances are the conversation will run wild during Thanksgiving even more than it has in the past. To give you some ideas for the upcoming holiday season, here are some environmental topics to help spur your political discussion while you enjoy your turkey dinner. Elections With a major midterm election happening just this month, politics will be a hot topic at T...
Tags: Family, Politics, Design, Thanksgiving, Climate Change, California, Environment, Los Angeles, Communication, Earth, Features, Policy, Current Events, Animal Welfare, Paris, House Of Representatives

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