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Salvador Dalí Gets Surreal with 1950s America: Watch His Appearances on What’s My Line? (1952) and The Mike Wallace Interview (1958) When was the last time you saw a Surrealist (or even just a surrealist) painter appear on national television? If such a figure did appear on national television today, for that matter, who would know? Perhaps surrealist painting does not, in our time, make the impact it once did, but nor does national television. So imagine what a spectacle it must have been in 1950s America, cradle of the “mass media” as we once knew them, when Salvador Dalí ...
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Things to do – online and in-person – in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, Nov. 26-Dec. 3

  Leon Keer’s “In Case of Lost Childhood,” acrylic on hand cut wood panel, is part of the “Nexus Three” online exhibit from Brand Library and Art Center in Glendale. (Photo courtesy of Leon Keer/Brand Library and Art Center)   Take a chance on cultural and educational experiences, Nov. 26-Dec. 3   EVENTS   Los Angeles Christmas Market: A pop-up shopping experience, opens 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Nov. 27. Check website on Covid-19 precautions. Photo with Santa Claus — in a sleigh with non-reflective...
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A Mysterious Monolith Appears in the Utah Desert, Channeling Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey People do weird things in the desert. A spokesman for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources acknowledges that widely understood truth in a recent New York Times article about a mysterious monolith discovered in Red Rock Country. “A team that was counting bighorn sheep by helicopter spotted something odd and landed to take a closer look,” writes Alan Yuhas. “It was a three-sided metal monolith, about 10 to 12 feet tall, planted firmly in the g...
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The Geometry of Sound: Watch Artist Kenichi Kanazawa Make Amazing Geometric Designs Out of Sand, Using Sound Waves Alone Before our eyes, Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa creates crisp shapes and geometric patterns with no special tools but sand and sound, the kind of work that at first looks expressly designed to go viral on social media. But he’s been at it much longer than that: “Originally a sculptor by trade,” according to Spoon & Tamago’s Johnny Waldman, “Kanazawa began working with steel and sound in 1987 after collaborating with the late sound artist Hiro...
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Leonardo Da Vinci’s To-Do List from 1490: The Plan of a Renaissance Man

Most people’s to-do lists are, almost by definition, pretty dull, filled with those quotidian little tasks that tend to slip out of our minds. Pick up the laundry. Get that thing for the kid. Buy milk, canned yams and kumquats at the local market. Leonardo Da Vinci was, however, no ordinary person. And his to-do lists were anything but dull. Da Vinci would carry around a notebook, where he would write and draw anything that moved him. “It is useful,” Leonardo once wrote, to “constantly observe,...
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Watch the Making of Japanese Woodblock Prints, from Start to Finish, by a Longtime Tokyo Printmaker There are a few names anyone interested in Japanese woodblock printing today can’t help but hear sooner or later: Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai, Kitagawa Utamaro, David Bull. That last, you may have guessed, is not the name of an 18th-century Japanese man. In fact, David Bull still walks among us today, especially if we happen to live in the old Asakusa section of Tokyo, where he keeps his woodblock-print studio Mokuhankan. Born in Engl...
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The Meticulous, Elegant Illustrations of the Nature Observed in England’s Countryside If you happen to have grown up in the English countryside, you probably retain a certain sensitivity to and affinity for nature. This can express itself in any number of ways, most often by a compulsion to garden, no matter how urban the setting in which you now live. But Jo Brown has shown how to base a career on it: an artist and illustrator — and “birder wildlifer mushroomer,” according to her Twitter bio — she has long kept a “nature journa...
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Before Creating the Moomins, Tove Jansson Drew Satirical Art Mocking Hitler & Stalin

Much of the world has only recently discovered the Moomins, those lovable hippopotamus-like figures — given, it must be said, to moments of startling brusqueness and complexity — created in the 1940s by Finnish artist Tove Jansson. In forms ranging from dolls and school supplies to neck pillows and cellphone cases, they’ve lately become a full-blown craze in South Korea, where I live. Like any massively successful (and highly merchandisable) characters, the Moomins overshadow the rest of Jansso...
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Edward Hopper’s Creative Process: The Drawing & Careful Preparation Behind Nighthawks & Other Iconic Paintings

Edward Hopper painted, but more importantly, he drew. His body of work includes about 140 canvases, which doesn’t make him especially prolific given his long life and career — but then, one of those canvases is Nighthawks. Here on Open Culture, we’ve previously featured Hopper’s “storyboards” for that time- and culture-transcending painting of a late-night New York diner. But those count as only a few of the voluminous preparatory drawings without which neither Nighthawks nor his other m...
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Denmark’s Utopian Garden City Built Entirely in Circles: See Astounding Aerial Views of Brøndby Haveby

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Henry Do (@henry_do) on Aug 21, 2019 at 9:02am PDT This unusual form, more of which you can see in Do’s drone photos at Lonely Planet, suits the long-established Danish cabin culture, according to which every city-dwelling Dane with the means buys a smaller second home in the countryside as a retreat. (Though the houses in Brøndby Haveby are owned, the gardens a...
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A Creepy 19th Century Re-Creation of the Famous Ancient Roman Statue, Laocoön and His Sons

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. We’ve all heard that proverb, but few of us could name its source: the Trojan priest Laocoön, a historical character in the Aeneid. “Do not trust the Horse, Trojans,” Virgil has him say. “Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts.” He was right to do so, as we all know, though his death came not at the hands of the Greek army let into Troy by the soldiers hidden inside the Horse, but those of the gods. As Virgil has it, an enraged Laocoön threw a spear...
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Google just released plans for a massive new 79-acre campus in San Jose — see how it could look

Google San Jose campus. Google Google just released renderings of a proposed new campus it hopes to build in San Jose, called Downtown West. Unlike other Google campuses, the San Jose location would be mixed-use and open to the public. The 79-acre area plan includes housing, office space, and nature areas, and is a major move by Google at a time when companies are rethinking office space needs in light of the pandemic forcing the workforce to work remotely. Visit Business Insider's homepag...
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I made my way to the André Jacquemart Museum to have a look at the Turner exhibit there. The museum itself is also a work of art. This sweet sculpture is in the first room. Part of the really good movie, Gigi, was filmed in this museum. The lovely staircase. This is in the garden room. The bedroom of the wife of Jacquemart. She was an artist and had painted him. They spent their lives together collecting art that is seen in this museum, once their home. The most ...
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How Storyboarding Works: A Brief Introduction to How Ridley Scott, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson & Other Directors Storyboard Their Films

When you're making a film with complex shots or sequences of shots, it doesn't hurt to have storyboards. Though professional storyboard artists do exist, they don't come cheap, and in any case they constitute one more player in the game of telephone between those who've envisioned the final cinematic product and the collaborators essential to realizing it. It thus greatly behooves aspiring directors to develop their drawing skills, though you hardly need to be a full-fledged draftsman li...
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A Great Big Cloud of Smoke

If anyone from federal law enforcement is reading this, it's purely a work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual musical theatre artists, stoned or not, is purely coincidental. Now that I got that out of the way. If you're my Facebook friend, or if you've known me for longer than ten minutes, you know I smoke pot. And I'm very vocal about it. In a weird way, stoners are kind of like gay people thirty years ago (and in some cases, still today) -- in both cases, it's relatively easy to "...
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Good Movies as Old Books: 100 Films Reimagined as Vintage Book Covers

At one time paperback books were thought of as trash, a term that described their perceived artistic and cultural level, production value, and utter disposability. This changed in the mid-20th century, when certain paperback publishers (Doubleday Anchor, for example, who hired Edward Gorey to design their covers in the 1950s) made a push for respectability. It worked so well that the signature aesthetics they developed still, nearly a lifetime later, pique our interest more readily than those o...
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David Byrne’s American Utopia: A Sneak Preview of Spike Lee’s New Concert Film

First came the album and tour in 2018. Then the Broadway show in 2019. And now the latest incarnation of David Byrne's American Utopia--the concert film directed by Spike Lee. Debuting on HBO Max on October 17th, this Spike Lee joint shows David Byrne "joined by an ensemble of 11 musicians, singers, and dancers from around the globe, inviting audiences into a joyous dreamworld where human connection, self-evolution, and social justice are paramount." If the movie is anything like the tou...
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Spring Virtual Open Studio Weekend

Normally during Memorial Day weekend, I participate in the Vermont Crafts Council‘s Open Studio Weekend. It’s wonderful to have people in the studio, getting to know them and chatting about my work. Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed the course of the event. The VCC is now presenting (as best we can) an online studio tour where you can check out artist studios and their work via video. I’m in slideshow #1. If you’re interested in seeing me live, I’m going to be broadcasting from my studio on Facebo...
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The Joy of Watching Old, Damaged Things Get Restored: Why the World is Captivated by Restoration Videos

The internet has given us a few new ways to watch things, but many more new things to watch. It's not just that we now tune in to our favorite shows online rather than on television, but that our "favorite shows" have assumed forms we couldn't have imagined before. Thirty years ago, if you'd gone to a TV network and pitched a program consisting of nothing but the process of antique restoration — no music, no narration, no story, and certainly no stars — you'd have been told nobody wanted...
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How to Integrate Instagram Reels Into Your Marketing Strategy

This article has been contributed by Thomas S. Have you heard about Instagram’s new feature, Reels? Described by some as Facebook’s clone of TikTok, Reels allows users to create and share 15-second video content in a dedicated feed on Instagram. Whilst TikTok has a lot going for it, including its growth trajectory, Reels allows you to reach the Instagram user base which is a slightly different audience. TikTok is most popular with 16-24 year olds whilst Instagram is most used by 25-34 year olds....
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19th-Century Japanese Woodblocks Illustrate the Lives of Western Inventors, Artists, and Scholars (1873)

For more than 200 years between the mid-17th and mid-19th century, Japan closed itself to the outside world. But when it finally opened again, it couldn't get enough of the outside world. The American Navy commodore Matthew Perry arrived with his formidable "Black Ships" in 1853, demanding that Japan engage in trade. Five years later came the Meiji Restoration, which consolidated Japan's political system under imperial rule and encouraged both industrialization and Westernization. Or rather, it...
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Pandemic Guggenheim

Only 113 days remain in 2020. This 366 day lap around the sun is about ceding control. And so, while creating the 12th work in my 20-year Guggenheim Painting Series — I embraced our new reality, and went rogue. This was painted entirely with my left hand. First with a brush, then with a palette …
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Digital Marketing Images: 7 Simple Image Types You Should Try Today

I’ll admit it — I’m obsessed with digital marketing images and how they can transform your online presence! Here’s the thing — creating images for content marketing is easier today than it has ever been before. The tools? Online. Easy-to-use. Inexpensive. Fun! I’m partial to PicMonkey (that’s an affiliate link that’ll save you $$$). The education? I’ve got you covered! Give me 50 minutes and I’ll show you how it works. Register for my free digital marketing images workshop: The E...
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5 Simple Tips for Effective Social Video Branding Campaigns

This article has been contributed by Victor Blasco. As likes, shares, comments and overall interactions become more valuable every day, social media has become a must for any brand seeking a robust online presence. However, increasing your social engagement can be tricky. Trends in social networks change quickly, and what’s popular today may look outdated tomorrow. As a marketer, you must be able to offer your followers fresh and exciting content that motivates them to become ever more involved ...
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Be Careful Not to Lose the Way

We were in the middle of a sold-out, critically acclaimed run of Head Over Heels. It was truly one of the coolest, most original shows we've ever produced. And that's saying a lot!And halfway through the run, the pandemic hit and the theatres were closed down.At first, I didn't know what to feel. What could I do with the idea that the only thing I've ever cared about in my life, the thing on my mind literally every waking minute -- the musical theatre -- is now deadly. My whole life's work has ...
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zFestival Arts is Reinventing Arts Education and Collaboration in a Virtual Environment

zFestival Arts has filled a recent need for low-cost music and art collaboration focused on technological empowerment. They are now launching a fall program — zFestival unAcademy — to show that art made in a virtual environment is here to stay. zFestival launches the unAcademy, first ever fall session (September 2, 2020)–Applications are open now for the unAcademy, the newest project of virtual new music festival zFestival. The unAcademy is a 7-week intensive beginning October 1, 2020, wi...
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Community Engagement Network

Two years ago ArtsEngaged created the Facebook group Become Indispensable as a mechanism for people interested in community engagement in the arts to learn and share. That group’s advisory board has had its first meeting, and here are some of the changes and ideas we discussed. – Doug Borwick
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Take Immersive Virtual Tours of the World’s Great Museums: The Louvre, Hermitage, Van Gogh Museum & Much More

Can you remember when you last visited a museum? Even if you didn't much care for them before the time of the coronavirus, you're probably beginning to miss them right about now. At least the internet technology that has kept our communication open and our entertainment flowing — and, regrettably for some, kept our work meetings regular — has also made it possible to experience art institutions through our screens. Here on Open Culture we've previously featured many such online art s...
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Australia Wants To Charge Google, Facebook For Showing News Stories. Google’s Fighting Back…

Australian regulators say the tech giants benefit from publishing news generated by others, but Google and Facebook are so dominant in search and social, respectively, that publishers can’t make them pay for it. It’s not the first time a country has tried to force Google and Facebook to pay media companies for republishing their news. – Wired
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Banksy Funds a Boat to Rescue Refugees at Sea–and Soon It Finds Itself in Distress in the Mediterranean

"Like most people who make it in the art world, I bought a yacht to cruise the Med,” Banksy wrote on Instagram when introducing the Louise Michel, a vessel tasked with a somewhat different mission than an arriviste party boat: picking up refugees from countries like Libya and Turkey lost at sea. Anyone who's followed Banksy's art career knows he possesses a well-developed instinct for catching and keeping public attention, and it has hardly deserted him in this venture. Why sponsor a ref...
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