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As a Luxury Sex Toy Industrial Designer, the Revoked CES Innovation Award Hit Too Close to Home

Ti Chang wearing Crave's Vesper vibrator necklace. Photo: Catalina Kulczar. Ti Chang is the co-founder and VP of Design of Crave, a company that aims to bring luxury and inclusive design to the sex toy industry. This week, we were disappointed—but not surprised—to learn that the noted Consumer Electronics Show (CES) revoked an Innovation Award they'd given to a sex toy startup. We got the same rejection in 2017 when Crave applied to exhibit at the show. Their official stance is that we are con...
Tags: Facebook, Design, Pinterest, Tech, Ose, Consumer Electronics, Sxsw, Vesper, Urban Outfitters, Bergdorf Goodman, Sex-tacular, Ti Chang, Lora DiCarlo, Catalina Kulczar Ti Chang, VP of Design of Crave

When Our Social Media Randomizes Our Memories, It Distorts Our Sense Of Self

Philip Kennicott: “When we remember our lives authentically, we ask a fundamental question: Why did I remember this thing, at this moment? The “Why now?” question gives memory its meaning. Facebook randomizes and decontextualizes memory and detaches it from our current self.”  – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Facebook, Ideas, Philip Kennicott, 01.16.19

Paper Quilling Mosaic Logo Awarded a Guinness World Record

Years ago I was a member of an online quilling group where I met Nandini Acharya Rao who lives in Dubai. The group disbanded eventually, but she and I have always stayed in touch via Facebook.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Facebook, Design, Dubai, Exhibit, Guinness Book of World Records, Quilling, Artist Interviews, Ann Martin, Nandini Acharya Rao, Quilled Mosaic, Quilled Mural

Study: Older People Share More Fake News

Older users skewed the findings: 11 percent of users older than 65 shared a hoax, while just 3 percent of users 18 to 29 did. Facebook users ages 65 and older shared more than twice as many fake news articles than the next-oldest age group of 45 to 65, and nearly seven times as many fake news articles as the youngest age group (18 to 29). –
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, 01.09.19

Bertrand Russell’s 10 Commandments for Living in a Healthy Democracy

Image by J. F. Horrabin, via Wikimedia Commons Bertrand Russell saw the history of civilization as being shaped by an unfortunate oscillation between two opposing evils: tyranny and anarchy, each of which contain the seed of the other. The best course for steering clear of either one, Russell maintained, is liberalism. "The doctrine of liberalism is an attempt to escape from this endless oscillation," writes Russell in A History of Western Philosophy. "The essence of liberalism is an attempt to...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, College, History, New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Facebook Twitter, Russell, Wise, John Locke, Bertrand Russell, Healthy Democracy, Bertrand Russell Authority, J F Horrabin

Twitter Mulls Redesign That Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Facebook, Just With More Neo-Nazis

Twitter will be rolling out beta updates including “conversational”-style speech bubbles and indented/color-coded replies based on whether you follow another user in the coming weeks, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Other features under consideration, but which will not be available in the forthcoming beta, include…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Design, Technology, Nazis, Social Media

Designers Experience: 10 Recommendations

Nowadays, graphic design is constantly changing and evolving. There are always new trends to follow, new skills to acquire and new tools to master. But, there are also some ground rules, some good old things which don't go out of fashion and that are the basics of great design. Here are some of them from experienced designers that will help you enhance your projects.   Use a Color Pop Up Technique With so much various content available, grabbing the viewer's attention hasn't been easy. To mak...
Tags: Facebook, Design, Web, Sydney, Don, Lilian, Apple Don, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART, Design Minute, OTHER-CHANNELS, Lilian Chifley, FontSam Cooper, ImagesAngela Evans, Australian Writings Service

When Pablo Picasso and Guillaume Apollinaire Were Accused of Stealing the Mona Lisa (1911)

If you visit the Louvre today, you'll notice two phenomena in particular: the omnipresence of security, and the throng of visitors obscuring the Mona Lisa. If you'd visited just over a century ago, neither would have been the case. And if you happened to visit on August 22nd, 1911, you wouldn't have encountered Leonardo's famed portrait at all. That morning, writes Messy Nessy, "Parisian artist Louis Béroud, famous for painting and selling his copies of famous artworks, walked into the Louvre t...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, College, France, History, Pablo Picasso, Hitler, Seoul, Huffington Post, Louvre, Mona Lisa, Picasso, Sara Boboltz, Facebook Twitter, Da Vinci

Printing low resolution photos

Have you ever thought about bringing your favorite artwork out of its digital form, print it on a large canvas and frame it in your living room? Or maybe you are redecorating and you want to be a courageous designer and arrange the colors on your walls with style and good taste? Before you start choosing the perfect images to print, here is something you should bare in mind.   Most designers and photographers know how difficult it is to work with low resolution images. Sure, the resolution such ...
Tags: Facebook, Design, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, Nina Petrov

Should We Be Able To Sue Facebook (And Other Companies) For Violating Our Privacy?

Yes, but they sure are trying hard to make it impossible. “Huge privacy violations have become commonplace. Without a private right of action, consumers have little practical ability to seek relief in cases where their data was mishandled or misused. This eliminates a powerful enforcement stick that can be used to dissuade companies from violating the law.”  – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Facebook, Issues, 01.06.19

Sean Parker's wedding violations result in new app for California coastline

What started out as a high-profile beachside wedding turned into a useful and long-term solution to beach access issues along the California coastline. When Napster founder and original president of Facebook Sean Parker started planning his 2013 beachfront wedding to then-fiance Alexandra Lenas, he had no idea that he was breaking land usage rules. With a redwood grove in mind, he simply leased the space from the hotel that fringed the area. He then spent months having the perfect set built. It...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Design, California, Ccc, Sean Parker, Southern California, Parker, Sean, Napster, James Smith, LA Times Images, California Coastal Commission CCC, Alexandra Lenas

"In the flickering light of the campfire, you can’t do much that requires keen eyesight like sewing or making tools, but you can chat away across the flickering flames."

"This is nicely illustrated by what South African San Bushmen talk about around their campfires. When anthropologist Polly Wiesner listened in on their conversations, she found that daytime conversations typically consisted of boring factual topics and discussions of trading agreements with neighbours, but evening conversations were invariably about social topics or involved storytelling and jokes.... So, if you want to know the secret of a long and happy life... the important thing is to take ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Law, Relationships, Wikipedia, Poetry, Rome, Conversation, Drinking, John, Financial Times, Roman, Ibsen, Paul Johnson, Jaltcoh, Ann Althouse

Banksy Paints a Grim Holiday Mural: Season’s Greetings to All

Season’s greetings from Banksy. Two months after shredding a painting at a London auction, the street artist has resurfaced again. This time in Port Talbot, Wales, where he spray-painted a holiday mural on two sides of a garage. One sides shows a young boy frolicking in what looks like falling snow. The other side makes you realize that the snow is really a fire spewing toxic ash. According to the BBC, Gary Owen, a Port Talbot resident,  messaged Banksy last summer and asked him to put a spotli...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Twitter, London, College, Bbc, Current Affairs, Banksy, Port Talbot, Facebook Twitter, Owen, Gary Owen, PORT TALBOT Wales, Banksy Paints

If You Delete Facebook, Should You Also Delete Instagram And Whatsapp?

Maybe. If you’re hard-core. “If your goal is to opt out of Facebook’s digital surveillance apparatus altogether, then you probably should quit Instagram and Whatsapp too—along with Messenger and Oculus VR. But beware that you won’t have totally escaped the social network.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Facebook, Ideas, 12.22.18

Discover Isotype, the 1920s Attempt to Create a Universal Language with Stylish Icons & Graphic Design

How long has mankind dreamed of an international language? The first answer that comes to mind, of course, dates that dream to the time of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. If you don't happen to believe that humanity was made to speak a variety of mutually incomprehensible tongues as punishment for daring to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven, maybe you'd prefer a date somewhere around the much later development of Esperanto, the best-known language invented specifically to atta...
Tags: Google, Facebook, England, Design, College, History, Austria, Vienna, Atlantic, Holland, Gizmodo, Seoul, Cindy Sherman, Rotterdam, Facebook Twitter, U S Department of Transportation

Social Media: The New Presentation Space

With the rise of social media and constant access to HD cameras in everyone’s pockets, sharing your thoughts and ideas has never been easier. With a simple email and password, you quickly gain access to the minds of people you would otherwise never cross paths with. Whether you are selling your brand or looking to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, social media is a great platform to bring your presentations to the masses. Don’t get us wrong – becoming a rockstar at social media tak...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Design, Instagram, Social Media, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Facebook Facebook, Presentation Hacks, YouTube Couple

What It Means To Disconnect From Facebook

Slate spoke with a small group of people who had publicly declared they planned to #DeleteFacebook. Most were successful, though some find themselves back on the site from time to time. Their stories demonstrate that reducing exposure to Facebook does not necessarily mean deleting an account, but that taking the extra step makes it easier to avoid falling back into the trap. – Slate
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media

LIFEWTR x Marriott Team for AR Art: 5 Questions With PepsiCo VP Stacy Taffet

LIFEWTR and Marriott Hotels are using an augmented reality (AR) in-room experience that enables guests to choose virtual artwork for inspiration. As part of PepsiCo and Marriott International’s partnership, premium bottled water brand LIFEWTR is offering art for every weary traveler who checks in. PepsiCo said at launch that LIFEWTR’s “biggest equity” will be its label, which will serve as a platform for emerging artists. “Since its inception, LIFEWTR bottles have featured the works of 18 diver...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Advertising, Artists, Marriott, Ar, Augmented Reality, Oklahoma, Pepsico, Seoul, Collaborations, Marriott International, Marriott Hotels, Marriott Hotel, Tech Innovation, Branding Trends

See Classic Japanese Woodblocks Brought Surreally to Life as Animated GIFs

Much of the image we have of life in Japan in the 17th through the 19th century, we have because of woodblock prints, or specifically ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the floating world," which vividly capture a great variety of scenes and the people who inhabited them. The once-closed-off Japan has changed a great deal since that era, on most levels even more so than other countries, and the artistic portrayals of Japanese life have also multiplied enormously. Yet even in the 21st century, ukiyo-e con...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Japan, London, College, Animation, Seoul, Osaka, Marty Mcfly, Facebook Twitter, Yoshida, Kanazawa, Doc Brown, Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige

With Facebook Possibly On The Ropes, What Will Happen To Social Media Next Year?

Twenty-two predictions for 2019, including paid accounts at Facebook, a massive data breach at Instagram, and a tough year for Snap(Chat). – The Verge
Tags: Art, Facebook, Instagram, Ideas, 12.15.18

The Google Titan is a physical key that’s more secure than passwords

Passwords are pretty much the vanguards of internet security. Your phone may have facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, but ultimately, to log into a secure account, you need a password, or a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, known only by you. The Password is the most widely accepted form of security, but it isn’t entirely the most foolproof. People can guess your passwords, crack them, or gain access to them by breaching the servers that host your data. By adding...
Tags: Google, Deals, Facebook, Design, Safety, Password, Titan, Product Design, Google Titan, Security Key

Inside The Obsessive, Weird Fandom Of A Murder Podcast

The podcast “My Favorite Murder” started two years ago, and “unleashed the Murderino fandom community onto the internet. Facebook is the space where the murder-minded come out to play; take any hobby, profession or pop culture touchstone and add ‘erino’ to find the niche, murder-minded community you never knew you needed. There are Teacherinos and Bakerinos, Weight Watcherinos and Brooklyn 99erinos. I typed ‘Pooperino’ into my Facebook search bar just to see if it would yield a result. It did.”...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, Brooklyn, 12.08.18, Teacherinos, Bakerinos Weight Watcherinos, Pooperino

Small Business Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

This 8500 word monster article was contributed by Sneha Mittal.  Entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges and with so many options out there, it might be difficult for you to master all aspects of the business. Marketing is evolving each day and even more with the technological evolution changing the way consumers live. When done right, marketing can help your business grow rapidly. Are you a business owner who wants to grow your business but doesn’t know much about marketing? Do yo...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Business, Design, Microsoft, Yahoo, Marketing, Social Media, Linkedin, CMO, Content Marketing, Cta, Customers, Google Analytics, Quora

Brother's Keeper, Love and Hisses

Brother's Keeper  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. If you notice anything "extra" in today's painting and maybe several to follow, it's thanks to Robyn at Love and Hisses.  Robyn fosters kittens and cats from her beautiful home in Huntsville, AL.  She takes incredible photographs of them, romping, resting and doin' what they do in a relaxed environment. She has honored me with permission to use her photos as painting reference. Thank you, Robyn!! Find more of Robyn's kitty goodness on Faceb...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Robyn, Diane Hoeptner, Huntsville

Facebook’s Existential Crisis: What To Do When You’re Not “Making The World A Better Place?”

More than other tech companies, Facebook has insisted that its commercial success benefits the world. There are examples of the wealth from a tech business being used by its founder to support a grand project like space exploration, as Tesla’s Elon Musk or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos do. Alphabet harnesses the money from the Google search engine to support expensive, speculative “moon shot” engineering projects with the potential to change the world. Facebook’s point is more direct: The business goals o...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Art, Facebook, Elon Musk, Tesla, Ideas, Jeff Bezos, 12.03.18

"That whole 'so you can have it all.' Nope, not at the same time. That’s a lie. And it’s not always enough to lean in, because that shit doesn’t work all the time."

Said Michelle Obama, and good for her!Quoted in New York Magazine.The sentiment is important and plainly true, but I think what's getting more attention is her use — in a public setting — of the word "shit." I think it's interesting that she said "that shit doesn’t work all the time" and not "that shit don’t work all the time." This wasn't a descent into the vernacular. She was keeping it lofty, but choosing to deploy the expressive, valuable word "shit."The WaPo article on the subject is titled...
Tags: Art, Facebook, New York, Law, Obama, Wikipedia, America, Language, Michelle Obama, God, Buddhism, Sheryl Sandberg, Trump, Michelle, Buddha, WaPo

Behold the Original Deck of Oblique Strategies Cards, Handwritten by Brian Eno Himself

"Honor thy error as a hidden intention." "Work at a different speed." "Try faking it!" These suggestions will sound familiar to everyone who's ever flipped through the deck of cards known as Oblique Strategies. You can now do that digitally, of course, but Oblique Strategies remains an essentially physical experience, one whose shuffling and drawing reminds the user that they're drawing from the well of chance for a way to break them through a creative impasse or just rethink part of a project....
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Music, College, Creativity, Jim Jarmusch, Brian Eno, Seoul, Eno, Don, Facebook Twitter, Schneider, SCHMIDT, William S Burroughs, Marshall McLuhan

Harry Leslie Smith, Who Survived The Great Depression And WWII And Became A Social Media Star, Has Died At 95

Smith’s following on Twitter and Facebook, in podcasts and in his column for The Guardian, reached well into the hundreds of thousands. “‘Enjoy yourself,’ he often said. ‘It’s later than you think.'”
Tags: Art, Facebook, People, Smith, Harry Leslie Smith, 11.30.18

Designing for Digital Marketing: How to Get Started

It is not uncommon for web designers and developers to think about aspects such as search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing when designing a website. After all, there are a lot of optimizations to be added to the design and even more benefits to enjoy as a result. Interestingly, even site owners see digital marketing for its instruments rather than holistically during the design stage of the site. The site may be optimized for SEO and tweaked to work well with social media, but does...
Tags: Facebook, Design, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART, Design Minute

Magical rainbow swamp goes viral

Earlier this week, Brent Rossen posted a photo on Reddit that his girlfriend took of a rainbow swamp, and within 24 hours the photo received more than 120,000 upvotes. The couple was enjoying a walk at First Landing State Park in Virginia when they came upon the unusual phenomenon. “Me and my girlfriend were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time,” Rossen wrote in his post. Related: Magical artworks place lamps, books and chairs in the middle of nature So ...
Tags: Facebook, Florida, Design, Virginia, Bbc, Reddit, Annie, Rossen, Michael Hussey, First Landing State Park, Thomas Thornton, Brent Rossen, Jeff Ripple, Tallahassee Florida Swamp, Sandra Friend, Caw Caw County Park

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