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FBI Needs Help To Return Huge Haul Of Indigenous Artifacts Captured In Raid

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s art crime team is seeking help to return thousands of objects, works of art and Native American human remains that it seized in 2014 in Waldron, Indiana, from the property of the late ethnographic collector Don Miller.” – The Art Newspaper
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Lawyers For Guy Who Stole Terracotta Warrior’s Thumb Try Defense That’s — Let’s Call It Novel

At a holiday party in 2017 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, an inebriated Michael Rohana allegedly broke off and pocketed the thumb of one of the 2,000-year-old Chinese terracotta warriors on display there at the time; FBI investigators found it in his home desk drawer a few weeks later. Now his public defenders are using some inventive arguments to get his charges reduced: that Rohana was too drunk to intend to steal the thumb, that the thumb wasn’t worth enough to qualify for the ch...
Tags: Art, Fbi, Philadelphia, Visual, Institute, Franklin Institute, Rohana, Michael Rohana, 03.14.19

Call for Art: Puffin Cultural Forum’s “Measured Hate”

Puffin Cultural Forum Open Call “Measured Hate” Deadline for submission: February 19 Curator: Andrew Lee, [email protected], 201-500-7259 FBI hate crime reports were up 17% in 2017, marking a rise for the third year in a row. In today’s discordant political atmosphere, these statistics confirm what many have already felt: speech...Read more »
Tags: Art, Fbi, Call For Artists, Andrew Lee, Puffin Cultural Forum

Radio Free Alcatraz, The Pirate Broadcasts That Spooked The FBI

For nine months in 1969-70, Native American activist John Trudell made weekly broadcasts from the shuttered prison in San Francisco Bay, programs that aired on Pacifica Radio stations in California, New York, and Texas. They brought the injustices faced by indigenous Americans to the ears of more than 100,000 listeners — and earned Trudell an FBI file that ran to more than 1,000 pages. — Narratively
Tags: Art, Texas, Media, Fbi, San Francisco Bay, California New York, John Trudell, Trudell, Pacifica Radio, 01.16.19

How The MAGA Teen Video Crystallizes America’s Culture Wars, Despite Meaning (In The End) Almost Nothing In Itself

“This is just the latest instance of a phenomenon you could call ‘event politics’ — that familiar flurry of knee-jerk responses sparked by a single image or clip that a little too perfectly illustrates one side’s worldview.” Lili Loofbourow looks at what event politics signifies (“a response to uncertainty”) and why it spreads so fast (“we’re in a moment when so much is truly bananas — the president can’t spell hamburgers and was investigated by the FBI for being a possible Russian agent, to pi...
Tags: Art, America, Fbi, Ideas, Lili Loofbourow, 01.24.19

When J Edgar Hoover’s FBI Declared Writers Enemies Of The State

Reading through dossier after dossier on 16 American writers contained in Writers Under Surveillance: The FBI Files, what strikes you immediately is the terrifying absurdity of Hoover’s obsession with anyone who didn’t follow his patriotic party line and dared to express critical concern about the national psyche in well-written words.  – New Statesman
Tags: Art, Fbi, Words, Hoover, J Edgar Hoover, 01.09.19

When J Edgar Hoover’s FBI Declares Writers Enemies Of The State

Reading through dossier after dossier on 16 American writers contained in Writers Under Surveillance: The FBI Files, what strikes you immediately is the terrifying absurdity of Hoover’s obsession with anyone who didn’t follow his patriotic party line and dared to express critical concern about the national psyche in well-written words.  – New Statesman
Tags: Art, Fbi, Words, Hoover, J Edgar Hoover, 01.09.19

When Herbert Hoover’s FBI Declares Writers Enemies Of The State

Reading through dossier after dossier on 16 American writers contained in Writers Under Surveillance: The FBI Files, what strikes you immediately is the terrifying absurdity of Hoover’s obsession with anyone who didn’t follow his patriotic party line and dared to express critical concern about the national psyche in well-written words.  – New Statesman
Tags: Art, Fbi, Words, Hoover, Herbert Hoover, 01.09.19

Reality Winner’s Interrogation By The FBI Becomes A Play — With Not One Word Changed

A 25-year-old Air Force vet and translator for a U.S. intelligence contractor, Winner was convicted of leaking a classified NSA report on Russian hacking of US voter databases. For The Intercept, the web site to which Winner gave the report, Alisa Solomon writes about how director Tina Satter found the transcript of the FBI’s questioning of Winner and knew she had to stage it verbatim. — The Intercept
Tags: Art, Nsa, Theatre, US, Fbi, Air Force, Alisa Solomon, Tina Satter, 01.02.19

Contrarian View: Has Social Justice Focus Gone Too Far?

When I was young, we knew what offensive music was like. It was like the Fugs – a filthy-mouthed band once described as “the most vulgar thing the human mind could possibly conceive” in FBI files. Times change. So do our our ideas of filth – and not necessarily in ways one might expect. – The Globe & Mail (Canada)
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Exit Lines: Mad as Hell

I’ve watched Belgian director Ivo van Hove deconstruct and reupholster classic texts since an outstanding Off Broadway production of The Misanthrope in 2007. It used video to immerse us more fully in the world of Molière, and broke the fourth wall in novel ways, as when the actors headed outside the theater for a scene, followed by videographers. Since then Broadway has embraced his vision, with acclaimed, award-winning productions of A View from the Bridge and The Crucible blowing the dust of d...
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(Probably Awful) In-Car Solutions for Sleeping on a Flat Surface

Whether you're fighting with your spouse, out of gas in the middle of nowhere or living life as a fugitive, there may be times when you need to sleep in your car. But just because you're on the FBI's Most Wanted list doesn't mean you're a contortionist; you want a flat, level, padded surface to lie down on. Most vehicles lack these, so what do you do?If you have an SUV or large wagon, you can treat yourself to one of these: Or if the back seat of your car is wider than you are tall, or if you...
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Police Resume Search For ‘World’s Most Wanted’ Painting, A Caravaggio Stolen 49 Years Ago

The Nativity with San Lorenzo and San Francesco was cut from its frame in a Palermo church in 1969, and its theft is number two on the FBI’s list of unsolved art crimes. Now the Italian carabinieri have announced that they believe the painting is still intact and somewhere in Eastern Europe.
Tags: Art, Fbi, San Lorenzo, Palermo, Visual, San Francesco, 10.15.18, Caravaggio Stolen

Florida Man Tried To Defraud Sotheby’s By Bidding On Art As Somebody Else: FBI

Antonio DiMarco, an interior designer from Broward County, and New York art consultant Joakim von Ditmar have been charged with identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud: they allegedly bid $7.5 million for a Rothko and an Ad Reinhardt under the name of an 80-year-old client of DiMarco’s.
Tags: Art, Florida, New York, Fbi, Visual, Broward County, Sotheby, Rothko, Dimarco, Reinhardt, 10.17.18, Antonio DiMarco, Joakim von Ditmar

FBI Investigating Alleged Art Fraud

A fine art consultant in New York and an interior designer in Florida are facing charges of fraud after allegedly using an elderly woman’s identity to buy a Mark Rothko for $6.4 million and an Ad Reinhardt work for $1.16 million at Sotheby’s, AP reports. “Our discussions with the purchasers raised significant suspicion and concern for the elderly client they […]
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A Look At Susan Sontag’s FBI File (She Was A ‘Subversive’)

“As a prolific social critic covering topics from AIDS to American interventionism, Susan Sontag seemed almost fated to run afoul of the Bureau. Although her association with the ‘New Left’ of the 1960s first put her on the FBI’s radar, it was her writing in opposition to the Vietnam war that earned her her own investigation and the personal attention of no less than Director J. Edgar Hoover.”
Tags: Art, People, Fbi, Susan Sontag, 09.12.18

FBI Sting Recovers Stolen Ruby Slippers From ‘Wizard Of Oz’

“The slippers were on loan to the Judy Garland Museum in the late actress’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, when they were taken in 2005 by someone who climbed through a window and broke into a small display case. … The FBI said a man approached the insurer in summer 2017 and said he could help get them back. … After a nearly year-long investigation, the slippers were recovered in July during a sting operation in Minneapolis.”
Tags: Art, Media, Fbi, Grand Rapids Minnesota, Judy Garland Museum, 09.04.18, FBI Sting Recovers Stolen Ruby Slippers

The Newseum, Where They Honor News, Had A Fake News T-Shirt In Its Gift Shop Until People Complained

The Newseum, which also sells MAGA and FBI hats to make money, had a T-shirt reading “You Are Very Fake News” in its physical and online gift shops. “‘I think it’s obviously intended as a joke,’ Robert MacNeil, an author and a Newseum trustee emeritus, said Friday. ‘I don’t think it’s a great joke.'”
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Mafia Art Heists Hint At Motivations

In 1996, a mafia penitento (an informant) claimed that he had stolen the Caravaggio on the request of a high-ranking boss. In 2009, another penitentoasked about the Caravaggio and said that he’d heard, back in 1999, that the painting had been ruined during an earthquake while in storage in Sicily, and had subsequently been eaten by rats and pigs rooting through the rubble. The work still hovers at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted Stolen Works of Art list, but it has since been labelled “missing,...
Tags: Art, Fbi, Sicily, Visual, Caravaggio, 07.09.18

Meet The World's Top Art Forgery Detective

The field of scientific art conservation is not a crowded one; James Martin, who set up the first for-profit art lab in the US, has been consulted in nearly every major fraud case in the past 25 years, often working alongside the FBI or other investigators. When he is described as the premier forensic detective […]
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Word of the week: Cult

When does a following become so avid, so unquestioning, so blindly loyal that it deserves to be called a cult? That question, and that label, have spiked in recent discourse. “We’re in a strange place. It’s becoming a cultish thing, isn’t it?” U.S. Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, mused to reporters last Wednesday. He continued: “It’s not a good place for any party to have a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party.” ...
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Marc Chagall Painting Lost for 30 Years Recovered by FBI

A Marc Chagall painting, Othello and Desdemona, 1911, has been recovered by the FBI almost thirty years after it was reported missing, Artforum reports.  “Gallery owners are our first line of defense in identifying pieces of art that do not have the appropriate documentation and should be brought to the attention of law enforcement,” says supervisory special agent Tim Carpenter of […]
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When Archaeologists Put The FBI On The Case

Egyptian mummies pose a unique challenge because the desert’s scorching climate rapidly degrades DNA. Earlier attempts at obtaining their ancient DNA either failed or produced results contaminated by modern DNA. To crack the case, the museum turned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Tags: Art, Fbi, Visual, 04.02.18

Flying Too High with Some Guy in the Sky

Some of the songs in Anything Goes seem at first to be throwaway numbers, one-idea novelties to shoehorn some more dance into the show. But even the seemingly emptiest of songs in this show reveal surprising relevance and irony to our story and to the times.Even the innocuous "Let's Step Out" has the twin agendas of commenting on Bonnie's "class" divide from the other passengers, as the moll of the country's most dangerous criminal; but she also rails against the gloom and seriousness of the De...
Tags: Musicals, Sex, Wall Street, Religion, Theatre, America, Fbi, Live, Atlantic, Broadway, Theater, Morality, Satire, Shakespeare, Boeing, Cole Porter

I've Been a Sinner, I've Been a Scamp

A lot of musical theatre fans love Anything Goes, but consider it a guilty pleasure, the artsy equivalent of Mississippi mud cake, just a mindless, old-fashioned musical comedy confection. They register great surprise when I describe it as a sharp satire.But it is.Musical comedy had dealt in gentle social satire since the beginning, but Anything Goes was the first successful Broadway musical comedy to build its story on two parallel threads of fierce, pointed satire. This time the plot came out...
Tags: New York, Musicals, Mississippi, Wall Street, Wikipedia, Religion, Theatre, America, Fbi, Live, Atlantic, Morocco, Moon, Broadway, Jesus, Theater

Why Hoover's FBI Investigated 'It's A Wonderful Life' For Communist Influences

"An unnamed FBI agent who watched the film as part of a larger FBI program aimed at detecting and neutralizing Commie influences in Hollywood ... uncovered that 'those responsible for making It's a Wonderful Life had employed two common tricks used by Communists to inject propaganda into the film.'"
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Fbi, Hoover, 12.20.17

The FBI's Long History Of Investigating Black Musicians

The FBI's focus on black musicians has its roots in the agency's Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO), which led to the surveillance of several of the most important black jazz musicians of the mid-20th century.
Tags: Art, People, Fbi, 11.22.17, Long History Of Investigating Black Musicians

To Read This Experimental Edition of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, You’ll Need to Add Heat to the Pages

The Jan van Eyck Academie, a "multiform institute for fine art, design and reflection" in Holland, has come up with a novel way of presenting Ray Bradbury's 1953 work of dystopian fiction, Fahrenheit 451. On Instagram, they write: This week our colleagues from Super Terrain are working in the Lab as a last stop on their all-over-Europe printing adventures. They showed us this remarkable book they made "Fahrenheit 451". --- Want to see how the novel unfolds? Just add heat. That's the idea...
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Fundamentals of futures and options markets 8th edition pdf free

Old had a productive summer, You are interested in reverting to our default settings, pressured by N. Consumer engagement can happen across all brands; you will need a free account with each service to share an item via that service. best Available Rate Guarantee assures you receive the best rates when you book directly fundamentals of futures and options markets 8th edition pdf free us. Wall Street is nervous about Disney’s latest big deal, FBI says witnesses in U. Join the NASDAQ Community ...
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VIDEO: First Look - Jonathan Groff Stars in MINDHUNTER, Coming to Netflix 10/13

How do we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy thinks Two FBI agents Jonathan Groff andHolt McCallany set out on a sinister investigative odyssey to discover the brutal answers. MINDHUNTER is coming to Netflix October 13, 2017. [Author: TV News Desk]
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