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As Senegal Opens New Museum Of Black Civilizations, It Wants France To Return Objects Taken During Colonial Period

“The scale of artifacts in question is staggering. Up to 95 percent of Africa’s cultural heritage is held outside Africa by major museums. France alone holds 90,000 sub-Saharan African objects in its museums.” — The New York Times
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"The Extraction of the Stone of Madness."

That's a painting by Hieronymus Bosch (c.1488–1516). I'm seeing it this morning because I'm hearing about a friend's surgery and thinking about how (and when) human beings got the idea that cutting (or drilling) into the interior of the human body might improve person's medical condition. You'd think the idea "first, do no harm" is so strong and obvious that no one would dare intrude into a living human body.The title of Bosch's painting suggests that the daring arises out of the belief that som...
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Artist/Self-Mutilator Pyotr Pavlensky Sentenced For Setting Fire To Bank Of France

The high-pain-threshold artist, who claimed political asylum in France in May 2017, ignited the façade of the country’s central bank the following October. A court has sentenced him to time served (a year) plus a two-year suspended sentence. His ex-girlfriend, who fled with him, received a 16-month suspended sentence. The pair was also fined more than €21,000, which they say they won’t pay. — Hyperallergic
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Download Vincent van Gogh’s Collection of 500 Japanese Prints, Which Inspired Him to Create “the Art of the Future”

Vincent van Gogh never went to Japan, but he did spend quite a bit of time in Arles, which he considered the Japan of France. What made him think of the place that way had to do entirely with aesthetics. The Netherlands-born painter had moved to Paris in 1886, but two years later he set off for the south of France in hopes of finding real-life equivalents of the "clearness of the atmosphere and the gay colour effects" of Japanese prints. These days, we've all seen at least a few examples of tha...
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ECTO famille de table basse vitrine par Piks Design

Piks Design, studio design multidisciplinaires français nous dévoile ce matin ECTO, une collection de mobilier ludique pour salon. ECTO est une collection de tables basses vitrines originales, pour jouer, surprendre votre famille et vos invités. « Pour changer, chaque jour ou chaque semaine son intérieur, simplement et rapidement. Une table sur laquelle les objets entrent en lévitation. Une table sous laquelle se cache, se devine et s’anime votre petit monde. Joyeuse ou chic, sel...
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After Party

From kitsch to classy, François Prost‘s After Party is a 300-page exploration of French nightclub façades. The collection of photographs was shot during the daytime, offering a strangely alien element to the images—with their neon unlit, doors closed, and void of humans. In contrast, the cover boasts a holographic foil which will stand out on bookshelves or coffee tables. With a poster included, this book is available in an …
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That Caravaggio That Turned Up In An Attic? French Gov’t Decides It’s Not Authentic And Can Be Sold

“The painting, found in April 2014 in the attic of a house near Toulouse, southern France, was thought to be another version of the famed [Judith Beheading Holofernes] by the maverick 16th-century Italian artist.” The French ministry of culture promptly put an export ban on it and reserved the right to buy it for a national museum — an option the government has now allowed to expire amid continuing questions about the Caravaggio attribution. — The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, France, Toulouse, Visual, Caravaggio, 01.10.19

The Story Of ‘Spider-Man’, France’s Most Spectacular Art Thief

“Long before the burglar Vjeran Tomic became the talk of Paris, he honed his skills in Père Lachaise, the city’s largest cemetery … Tomic and his friends turned the cemetery into a parkour playground, leaping from the roof of one mausoleum to the next, daring one another to take ever-bolder risks.” — The New Yorker
Tags: Art, France, Paris, Visual, Tomic, Vjeran Tomic, 01.14.19

When Pablo Picasso and Guillaume Apollinaire Were Accused of Stealing the Mona Lisa (1911)

If you visit the Louvre today, you'll notice two phenomena in particular: the omnipresence of security, and the throng of visitors obscuring the Mona Lisa. If you'd visited just over a century ago, neither would have been the case. And if you happened to visit on August 22nd, 1911, you wouldn't have encountered Leonardo's famed portrait at all. That morning, writes Messy Nessy, "Parisian artist Louis Béroud, famous for painting and selling his copies of famous artworks, walked into the Louvre t...
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Da Vinci Paintings Blocked for Export by Italian Government

The Italian Government will block a loan of works by Leonardo da Vinci to the Louvre for an exhibition dedicated to the artist, underscoring the government’s populist turn. “Leonardo is Italian; he only died in France, says Lucia Borgonzoni, the undersecretary for the Italian ministry of culture. “Giving the Louvre all those paintings would mean putting Italy […]
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Gauguin. Spirituality and Max Hollein

Most Paul Gauguin exhibitions show him off as a sensualist who abandoned his family in France to canoodle with young Tahitian girls. So it was refreshing to see Gauguin: A Spiritual Journey last year at the de Young museum in San Francisco. The exhibit leaves out his most sensualist works and therefore presses visitors to see other aspects of his work. — Judith H. Dobrzynski
Tags: Art, France, San Francisco, Ajblogs, Paul Gauguin, Max Hollein, 01.07.19

Word of Mouth: Paris

From natural wine bars to sophisticated accommodations, some of our favorite spots in the City of Light Like any dynamic city, Paris is ever-evolving. As frequent visitors, we try to keep up with all cultural developments. While we remain faithful to our beloved stalwart bars and restaurants, there are always new or undiscovered venues to visit—be it bars, cafes, galleries or places to rest your …
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Gorgeous new Apple store is powered entirely by renewable energy in Paris

The latest Apple store designed by Foster + Partners has opened in a beautifully renovated 19th-century building on Paris’s Champs-Élysées. Powered with 100 percent renewable energy, Apple Champs-Élysées draws energy from the photovoltaic panels integrated into its kaleidoscopic roof light and collects rainwater for reuse in the bathrooms and irrigation systems. Described by Apple as the tech company’s “grandest Forum,” the retail location blends historic architecture with contemporary design i...
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Beyoncé and Jay-Z help Louvre museum break visitor record in 2018

More than 10m visited Paris museum, with interest boosted by music video filmed thereThe Louvre, the world’s most visited museum, broke all ticket office records last year with more than 10 million people viewing its Paris collection of fine arts and antiquities, boosted by foreign tourists and the interest in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s music video filmed there.The 10.2 million people who came to the museum in 2018 marked a 25% rise in visitors, beating the previous record of 9.7 million visitors in 20...
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Christie’s France Wins Resale Royalty Case in Supreme Court

A long-running legal battle in France over artist resale royalties has been decided in favor of Christie’s efforts to shift responsibility for payments to the buyer, after the Supreme Court allowed the auction house to charge the buyer of paintings at auction for the royalty rates.  “The Cour de Cassation handed down its decision on 9 November […]
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Buyer, Not Seller, Must Pay Royalties When Artwork Is Resold, Rules France’s Supreme Court

“The decision has been welcomed by Christie’s France, which is behind the move to pass on the expense to the buyer. The auction house is ultimately responsible for paying the levy to the collecting agency, but it is now its right to ask for the money from the buyer.” — The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Supreme Court, France, Visual, Christie, 12.31.18

A New Chapter On Restitution Of Plundered Art

All eyes are now on France. Despite the legal hurdles, restitutions are possible but only through a drawn-out process. President Macron’s decision earlier this month to return 26 plundered items to Benin “without delay” will have to be approved by parliament. Similarly, when the Muséum de Rouen discovered a “toi moko”—a tattooed head of an ancient Maori warrior—in its collection in 2011, restitution to New Zealand had to be approved by a special act of parliament, which took four years. – The A...
Tags: Art, France, New Zealand, Benin, Visual, Macron, 12.27.18, Muséum de Rouen

Boa, les luminaires artisanaux en papier signés Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Anne Charlotte Saliba, designer française basée à Lyon et sculptrice de papier porte toute son attention sur les luminaires, les créant dans toute leur intégralité. Voici la collection Boa, une série de luminaires en papier retenant la notion de mouvement, entre la gravité et le positionnement de l’objet. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = '
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Best of CH 2018: Editors’ Picks

Design stories, interviews, travel guides and curious cuisine that truly mattered to us Perhaps it was a quote of unearthly wisdom, a bite of strange deliciousness or simply a breeze on a newly discovered path; 2018 imparted several moments worth honoring. As a team of writers and editors, we spoke to so many and set foot in so much. The following excerpts mark personal high …
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Prominent Artists Protest Appointment At France’s National Arts Academy: Too Conservative?

The artists Mai-Thu Perret and Lili Reynaud-Dewar, along with the curator Chus Martinez, signed the petition statement published on the Mediapart news website in early November, saying that Jean De Loisy is “near retirement… and the symbol of a hegemony”, adding: “We ask that our voices are heard, denouncing the hold that conservative [views] still exert on the cultural policy of France today, despite a desire for renewal.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, France, Visual, Jean de Loisy, National Arts Academy, 12.17.18, Mai Thu Perret, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Chus Martinez

Piracy Ring Stole 25,000 Movies, TV Shows And Music

All told, the five men allegedly stole more than 25,000 digital files, including feature films, trailers, TV episodes and audio tracks, which they stored on a server in France, according to U.S. officials. The crime ring also allegedly operated a website called “BollyTNT” used to distribute pirated Bollywood films. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, France, 12.13.18

Lyon's festival of lights: before and after – in pictures

Lyon’s Fête des Lumières is the world’s largest visual arts festival. It takes place over four nights every December and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Our photographer Alicia Canter visited the city twice to see the remarkable transformationReflets by Damien Fontaine Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, World news, Culture, Art and design, Festivals, Lyon, Alicia Canter, Fête des Lumières, Damien Fontaine

Luxembourg will be the first country to offer all public transportation for free

Luxembourg — a small, landlocked European country that borders Belgium, Germany and France — is going to be the first country on Earth to have completely free public transportation. The newly re-elected Xavier Bettel and a coalition government will lift the fares on all of the public trains, trams and buses starting in Summer 2019. The country’s capital, Luxembourg City, is small but has some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. It has a population of about 110,000, but more than 400,0...
Tags: Design, France, Luxembourg, Estonia, Luxembourg City, XAVIER BETTEL, Belgium Germany

The Unbreakable Hardcase Backpack that’s Inspired by a WW2 Legend

It’s quite a remarkable feat that something as simple as the Jerry Can helped us win the second world war. The Jerry Can’s original design can be traced back to Germany, which was designed for complete efficiency, and helped them execute the Blitzkrieg. Its design was the pinnacle of functionality and was one of Germany’s best-kept secrets (cans used by the Allied forces were flimsy and would leak as much as 30% of the fuel stored in them) that helped them efficiently execute their attacks whi...
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Milo’s Versatile, Affordable Dutch Oven

An overhaul for the dynamic kitchen essential If you’re a home cook who’s recently leveled up from “aspiring” to “avid,” you might have had an enameled cast iron Dutch oven on your wish-list for some time. The two well-respected legacy players in the field—Le Creuset and Staub—make theirs in France, but the price of $300+ puts it out of many people’s leagues. Thankfully, there’s been …
Tags: Kitchen, Cooking, Design, France, Home Cooking, Food + Drink, Milo, Le Creuset, Dutch Oven, Kitchen Gear, Kitchen Essentials

James Frey Wins 2018 Bad Sex In Fiction Award

“Years after gaining notoriety for embellishing [sic] parts of his memoir A Million Little Pieces, the US author James Frey has a new notch in his bedpost … Seeing off competition from an all-male shortlist that included Haruki Murakami and the Man Booker prize-nominated Gerard Woodward, Frey won for his novel Katerina, a ‘“fictional retelling’ of a love affair the author started while on a hedonistic trip to France in the 1990s.” — The Guardian
Tags: Art, France, US, Words, Haruki Murakami, James Frey, Katerina, 12.03.18, Gerard Woodward Frey

WWI, As Seen From The Home Front

You can thank the Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery for some of the most indelible images of the home front: “Rilla of Ingleside does an extraordinary job of conveying the anguish and worry of having sons far away in the trenches, fighting endless bloody battles to take and retake small pieces of ground, while at home you have to go on living and working and, all the time, tracking the faraway battles, waiting for the casualty lists, asking again and again, as Rilla writes in her diary, ‘Over...
Tags: Art, France, Words, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Ingleside, Rilla, 12.01.18

2006 Palmes d’Or

Elegant and creamy, this champagne’s allure lies in a subtle and more accessible effervescence. Made by France’s number one selling champagne brand domestically, Nicolas Feuillatte, it’s a balanced blend—equal parts pinot noir and chardonnay—that’s nuanced but bright. Whether drinking it as an aperitif or with food (think seafood, fish, or even citrus desserts), this is a wine to share with loved ones. The dramatic, textured …
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New Ergonomic Chair Design Based on Horse Saddles

As you read this, you're probably sitting in a chair. And the general consensus appears to be that, for the sake of your back, you oughtn't. This consensus led to the standing desk craze. More recently acupuncturist Esther Gokhale conducted and compiled research showing that folks from developing nations who squat, rather than use chairs, have lower rates of back pain. But it's not practical for most of us to stand or squat for prolonged periods, so designers will continue to cook up new chair f...
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