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Free Pack of 24 Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Easily apply bold hand-drawn effects to your illustrations with my free pack of Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Authentically sourced from real pens, these 24 brushes provide a variety of nib styles and sizes, ranging from thin outlining strokes to thick and messy scribbles. With just a single click you can give your clean and crisp vector paths the appearance of a handmade doodle with the subtle irregularities produced by ink bleeding into the paper. This free set of Marker Pen ...
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8 Free Infrared Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop

I’ve covered the surreal appearance of false-color infrared photography a few times on Spoon Graphics in tutorials, videos and a showcase of beautiful examples. Authentic infrared photos are captured using infrared film, or digitally using an infrared lens, but the overall style and aesthetic can also be simulated with some tweaks to a normal photograph in Adobe Photoshop. Instantly apply a variety of IR colour effects to your images with my free collection of Photoshop Actions. There are 8 Acti...
Tags: Design, Photoshop, Freebies, Infrared, Adobe Photoshop, Actions, Spoon Graphics, Photoshop Actions, Infrared Photoshop Actions, Ir Photo Effect, Ir Photo Effect Actions

80 Free Light Leak Overlays for Creating Vibrant Photo Effects

In my video tutorial last week I made use of my old pack of light leak overlays. I’ve used those graphics in loads of my own photos over the years, so I took some time to produce a fresh batch in a totally new style. This new pack of Free Light Leak Overlays contains 80 high-res overlay images of light flares and bokeh effects in a variety of shapes, colours and layouts. Made using a camera, a torch and coloured film, these effects are made naturally, which adds an extra level of authenticity co...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Bokeh, Light Leak Textures, Light Leaks, Free Bokeh, Free Light Leak Images, Free Light Leak Overlays, Free Light Leak Textures, Free Light Leaks, Light Leak Images, Light Leak Overlays

12 Free Cinematic Photo Effect Lightroom Presets

I’ve given away plenty of free Photoshop Actions here on Spoon Graphics, but so far I haven’t shown as much love to Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is becoming increasingly popular as the go-to photo processing tool. Just like with Photoshop Actions, you can save a series of adjustments as a preset, which can be used to instantly apply cool effects to your images with just a single click. Download this free collection of 12 Cinematic Lightroom Presets to transform your photographs with various contra...
Tags: Hollywood, Design, Free, Freebies, Lightroom, Photo Effects, Lightroom Presets, Free Resources, Free Lightroom Presets, Lightroom Photo Effects, Lightroom Adobe Lightroom

8 Free Seamless Dot Patterns in Vector, PNG & PAT Formats

I’ve been sending myself dotty creating my latest free design resources for you to download! Hours upon hours have been spent tediously placing hundreds of circular dots to produce a selection of pattern swatches you can use to easily add interesting backgrounds to your designs. Available in vector AI & EPS formats; PNG images with and without transparent backgrounds; and a Photoshop Pattern library, they’re conveniently ready for use in a variety of design applications. This freely downloa...
Tags: Design, Free, Freebies, Patterns, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, PNG, Free Resources, Dot Patterns, Seamless Patterns

53 Free Photoshop Dry Brushes Made From Real Brush Strokes

Install my free collection of Photoshop Dry Brushes to have a variety of bristly brush strokes within reach for all your design projects. Made with real paint, each brush features an authentic texture with wispy lines and rough edges, making them perfect for creating realistic painted effects, or distressing your artwork by applying the brushes within a layer mask. With over 53 brushes to choose from, you have a wide choice of natural brush effects, from thick daubs to dry smears. This fre...
Tags: Design, Resources, Freebies, Photoshop Brushes, Free Photoshop Brushes, Dry Brushes, Free Photoshop Dry Brushes, Paint Stroke Brushes, Photoshop Brush Strokes, Photoshop Dry Brushes, Photoshop Paint Brushes, Photoshop Paint Stroke Brushes

20 Free Vintage Photo Texture Overlays From 1800s Photography

I recently discovered a fantastic collection of Daguerreotype photographs from the mid-1800s in the public domain, which I’ve transformed into the perfect tools for producing vintage photo effects. I picked the most deteriorated images from over 800 scans and photoshopped out the main subject to leave just the texture of the tarnished metal plate. They are all over 2500px in size with a high resolution of 300ppi and feature a variety of natural stains, scratches and scuffs that will give your mo...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Textures, Free Design Resources, Free Textures, Daguerreotype, Daguerreotype Textures, Free Photo Overlays, Free Vintage Photo Overlays, Free Vintage Photo Textures, Photo Overlays, Vintage Photo Overlays, Vintage Photo Textures

30 Free Vintage Shading Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Give your illustrations an old etched or engraved appearance with my new collection of 30 free brushes for Adobe Illustrator. These brushes feature a variety of hand-drawn line patterns in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross-hatched orientations that can be used to apply shading to your digital drawings. After being scanned from hand-made pen strokes, they were then processed into Illustrator brushes that seamlessly repeat along paths of any length without stretching or deforming. Ho...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Vintage, Illustrator, Design Resources, Brushes, Illustrator Brushes, Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator Shading Brushes, Shading Brushes, Vintage Brushes, Vintage Illustrator Brushes

Download My Free Treasure Map Maker for Adobe Illustrator

I used to love drawing my own treasure maps as a boy, especially the tea-staining stage which transformed my doodled piece of white paper into an antique parchment. I’ve been reliving that childhood experience by producing a toolkit for Adobe Illustrator which helps you construct your own treasure map digitally, using a range of vector assets to plot a route to buried treasure on a fantasy island. Download my free Treasure Map Maker to create fun artwork for party invitations, storybook imagery,...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator, Map Maker, Fantasy Map, Fantasy Map Illustrator, Fantasy Map Illustrator Tutorial, Treasure Map, Treasure Map Illustrator

14 Free Subtle Grunge Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

Subtle grunge textures are one of my favourite types of design resources. They’re great for adding interesting details to what would otherwise be plain and flat colours within your artwork, which helps give your design a more tactile appearance. I’ve shared a couple of iterations of subtle grunge resources over the years in a range of formats, including Photoshop Brushes and seamless textures. Today I have a brand new collection of subtle grunge brushes for Adobe Photoshop to share, which have b...
Tags: Design, Free, Photoshop, Freebies, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Brushes, Free Photoshop Brushes, Subtle Grunge, Subtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Free Wild West Vector Graphics & Logo Templates Pack

I had lots of fun producing my free pirate themed vector graphics pack a few months ago. Recently I’ve been indulging in western movies, which inspired me to create a variety of assets for a Wild West graphics pack to share with Spoon Graphics readers. Use these ready-made illustrations and editable logo templates to quickly produce cowboy themed design material, such as invitations, brand emblems, t-shirt designs and more! My free Wild West Graphics Pack contains 13 vector illustrations, ...
Tags: Design, Free, Cowboy, Western, Freebies, Logo, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, Vector, Spoon Graphics, Vector Graphics, Wild West, Logo Templates

10 Free Abstract Stripes Backgrounds with Distorted Lines

I recently came across a neat design on Pinterest which featured a cool background pattern made of distorted lines, which inspired me to experiment with some similar abstract stripe effects of my own. The result is this collection of 10 free graphics that you can use as backgrounds for your artwork and designs. Each one features a busy composition of wavy lines, much like the distortion from a photocopier or scanner. The files come in vector and PNG format, so you can use them in all kinds of de...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Backgrounds, Textures, Free Textures, PNG, Abstract Backgrounds, Abstract Lines, Abstract Stripes, Abstract Stripes Backgrounds, Distorted Lines, Distorted Lines Backgrounds, Free Backgrounds

10 Free Floral PNG Graphics of Flowers & Bouquet Illustrations

Adorn your digital designs with elegant flowers and bouquets with this collection of 10 free floral graphics. These vintage illustrations have been sourced, scanned and processed into PNG images with transparent backgrounds for quick and easy use within your artwork. Use them to decorate prints such as greeting cards and wedding invitation, or layer up the flowers to produce trendy ‘floral typography’ pieces by interweaving type with the help of a layer mask in Photoshop. This free pack of ...
Tags: Design, Free, Freebies, Flowers, Design Resources, Bouquet, Free Design Resources, PNG, Floral, Floral Graphics, Flower Graphics, Flower Images, Free Floral Graphics

10 Free Textures To Simulate Holographic Foil Print Effects

Hot foil stamping is a special finish that gives printed material such as business cards or packaging a feeling of quality and luxury. Common foils include silver, gold and the more psychedelic holographic foils that reflect a full spectrum of colours. These extravagant foils are applied at the print stage by industrial machines, but designers are starting to simulate the appearance in their digital artwork to add artificial foil effects to designs that are viewed on screens. I’ve been busy crea...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Holographic, Foil Textures, Holographic Effect, Holographic Foil, Holographic Foil Effect, Holographic Foil Effects, Holographic Foil Textures, Hot Foil, Hot Foil Textures, Iridescent Textures, Photoshop Holographic Foil

30 Free Film Dust Textures to Add Dirty Effects to Your Work

In my latest video tutorial I covered 5 ways you can generate film grain effects in Photoshop. One of my tips was to use an actual film grain texture as an overlay, which achieves a much more authentic result than the uniformity of the built-in noise filters. I’ve been busy making a mess on my scanner to produce a range of film dust effect textures using the dust, fibres and speckles from an old burlap sack. The natural scattering of particles produce a great image that can be used to add dirty ...
Tags: Design, Photoshop, Freebies, Textures, Free Design Resources, Free Textures, Film Dust, Film Dust Textures, Photoshop Textures, Film Grain, Film Grain Textures, Free Film Dust Textures, Free Film Grain Textures

24 Free Dirt Textures in High Resolution JPG & PNG Format

I’ve literally driven miles to produce my latest set of free design resources. These 24 Dirt Textures are created taken layers upon layers of road grime from long motorway journeys, processed into high resolution JPG textures and PNG files with transparent backgrounds. They’re great for adding dirty backgrounds to your designs, or applying to layer masks to distress your artwork. Being taken from real surface grime means these digital resources help you produce authentic effects with intricate d...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Textures, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, Free Textures, PNG, Free Resources, Dirt Textures

10 Free Ink Splatter Photoshop Brushes and PNG Textures

I have a new set of messy design resources for you to download for free today! These 10 ink splatters can be used to add drips and stains to your designs, or even to produce blood effects for horror themed artwork. They come as a set of Photoshop Brushes, which can be saved directly in Adobe Photoshop for immediate usage; and as individual PNG textures with transparent backgrounds, which are also compatible with other image editing software. In the download package you’ll find a Photoshop ...
Tags: Design, Photoshop, Freebies, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Brushes, Free Photoshop Brushes, Free Ink Splatters, Ink Splatters

Free Pirate Vector Graphics & Logo Templates Pack

Avast ye swabs! I’ve been working hard a brand new collection of free design resources to share with you all. The Pirate Pack contains a mixture of vector graphics and ready-made logo templates for Adobe Illustrator, to help you quickly create pirate themed design material. Easily build logos, emblems, party invitations, t-shirt designs and more! You’ll find 50+ graphics all with a pirate theme, such as swords, sea creatures, skull & crossbones and a bottle of rum, along with a couple of rope an...
Tags: Design, Free, Freebies, Pirate, Vectors, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, Vector Graphics, Logo Templates, Free Logo Templates, Pirate Vectors

Free Watercolour Text Effect Smart PSD for Adobe Photoshop

One of my recent video tutorials on the Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel was a guide to creating a watercolour text effect in Photoshop. Ever since creating the effect I thought it would make a great downloadable resource that people can use to quickly customise their own text and graphics using the built in Smart Object, rather than follow the tutorial from scratch. I finally found the time to process the effect into a Smart PSD for all Spoon Graphics readers to download. Customise the text, or p...
Tags: Design, Free, Photoshop, Download, Freebies, Watercolour, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, PSD, Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel, Smart Object, Photoshop Watercolour Text Effect, Watercolour Text Effect

10 Free Winter Blues Photo Effect Actions for Adobe Photoshop

I have a new set of free Photoshop Actions to share with you all today. These Winter Blues photo effects are designed to complement your cold and snowy photographs by enhancing cloudy skies and converting boring overcast greys to subtle cool hues. There’s 10 Actions to choose from, each with a different style that best suits a specific type of image, but they can all be used to enhance your pictures with interesting effects all year round! Load the downloaded .ATN file into Photoshop, then...
Tags: Design, Free, Photoshop, Freebies, Filters, Photo Effects, Actions, ATN, Free Actions, Free Photoshop Actions, Evergreen Picks

Spoon Graphics Greatest Hits: My Most Popular Posts of 2017

To finish off every year I enjoy taking a moment to look back at my content from the past 12 months to compare how all my articles, tutorials, freebies and videos performed in terms of view counts. This is my greatest hits collection for 2017, broken down into individual top 10 roundups for each category. Did you miss any of these most popular posts? Which one from the list was your favourite? Or was there a particular piece of content you found really useful that didn’t make the cut? My mos...
Tags: Design, News, Freebies, Popular Posts, Popular, 2017, Adobe Photoshop, Greatest Hits, Free Design Resources, Spoon Graphics, Milestone, Spoon Graphics YouTube, Tutorials 2017

15 Free Grit & Grain Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

I regularly use grainy textures in my artwork, but typically I’ll import a JPG or PNG texture file, which can be time consuming and cumbersome to use. To provide myself with textures I can use on-demand, I’ve produced a brand new set of grit and grain textures in the form of Photoshop Brushes. Once installed, these 15 Brushes are ready for action in my Brushes panel, so I can quickly distress my designs with a single click. You’re totally welcome to use them too, so go ahead and download them fo...
Tags: Design, Free, Photoshop, Freebies, Adobe Photoshop, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, Grain, Photoshop Brushes, Free Photoshop Brushes, Grain Brushes, Grit And Grain, Grit Brushes

300+ Free Tech & Activities Icons from Swifticons

I have a great free icons collection for all Spoon Graphics readers to download today from Swifticons. Included in this freebie are the Gadgets & Tech and Activities categories in Outlined and Filled styles. The graphics come in a wide range of file types, including AI, EPS, PNG (in both @1x & @2x resolutions), Sketch and SVG. They’re really handy resources to have available for any website or interface design projects you might need to work on. Check out the full Swifticons collection for ...
Tags: Icons, Design, Free, Freebies, Freebie, Spoon Graphics, Swifticons

Download My Free Felt Craft Kit for Adobe Photoshop

I’ve been busy creating a new set of free design resources for you to download, which contains a variety of tools for Adobe Photoshop, including patterns, styles, brushes and textures. Use my Felt Craft Kit to create cute hand-made pieces of art in the style of felt craft materials. You can apply the effects to shapes directly with a single click using 9 Style presets in a range of colours, or work with the seamless pattern and texture files manually to create custom felt effects within your art...
Tags: Crafts, Design, Free, Photoshop, Freebies, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, ATN, Felt, ASL, Aodbe Photoshop, Felt Craft, Photoshop Felt Kit, ABR Brush

Threadless x Bucketfeet – a match made in shoe heaven!

Threadless x Bucketfeet Maybe this is the first time you hear about Bucketfeet. Therefore, before I get to the actual news, let me tell you a few things about them. Bucketfeet was inspired by a cheesy yet meaningful gesture between two friends: „Co-founders Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met by chance while volunteering in Argentina. Aaron was an artist from Berkeley, CA living in Buenos Aires and Raaja was taking a year to backpack around the world. Before Raaja left Argentina, Aaron gave hi...
Tags: Design, US, Freebies, Berkeley, Buenos Aires, T-shirts, Aaron Firestein, Raaja Nemani, Threadless, BucketFeet, Custom Design, Designer Shoes, Custom Footweat, Custom Print, Designer Print, Threadless footwear

10 Free Geometric Pattern Swatches in AI, PAT & PNG Format

I’ve been busy playing around with a bunch of geometric shapes to produce a collection of seamlessly repeating patterns for you to download. These 10 free geometric pattern swatches come in vector format for Adobe Illustrator, a .PAT library for Adobe Photoshop, and tileable PNG images for maximum compatibility with other applications. Use them to quickly add colourful backgrounds to your artwork, or to cover large areas of mediums such as fabric or wrapping paper. How to use the pattern s...
Tags: Design, Photoshop, Freebies, Illustrator, Patterns, PNG, Free Geometric Patterns, Free Patterns, Geometric Patterns, Illustrator Swatches, Photoshop Patterns

40 Free Duotone Gradient Presets for Adobe Photoshop

The Duotone effect is still proving to be a really popular trend years after I initially talked about the topic in a video tutorial back in 2015, where I showed how to replicate the Spotify Style Duotone Photo Effect from their rebrand at the time. That post also contains a free Photoshop Action you’re welcome to download, but today I have a fresh Duotone themed design resource for you to play with. My new collection of free Gradient presets contains 40 vibrant colour combinations you can pick a...
Tags: Design, Free, Photoshop, Freebies, Adobe Photoshop, Free Resources, Gradients, Duotone, Duotone Effect, Duotone Gradients, Free Duotone

12 Free Halftone Texture Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

I’ve released a few sets of halftone texture resources on my blog over the years, but this latest collection is definitely the easiest to use when adding tones to your illustrations in Adobe Photoshop. These Photoshop Brushes allow you to paint with halftone patterns directly onto your artwork. Choose from 12 distressed halftone effects with varying degrees of density and dot size, then alter the brush size and colour to suit. As you enlarge the painted area, the halftone pattern will seamlessly...
Tags: Design, Freebies, Design Resources, Brushes, Free Design Resources, Photoshop Brushes, Free Halftone Brushes, Free Photoshop Brushes, Halftone, Halftone Brushes

Free Graphic Design Vector Icon Pack

Get your hands on these 15 design themed icons, including the pen tool, Venn diagram, Pantone color book, paint brush, eraser, magic wand, scalpel, ruler, spray can, camera and printer. They are available in color and black and white for easily editing, in AI, EPS, PNG and SVG formats. » Download Free Graphic Design Icon Pack (5.5mb) » Download Free Graphic Design Icon Pack (5.5mb) This pack was exclusively designed for JUST Creative by Vecteezy. Check out their site for more awesome free & pre...
Tags: Deals, Icons, Design, Freebies, Svg

Free Pack of Vintage Style Marquee Bulb Sign Letters

Spoon Graphics Readers may recognise this marquee sign effect from my video tutorial last week. I mentioned in the video that I would be working on a full collection of characters to share with my readers for free. After many hours of rendering the 3D artwork, I now have a set of A-Z characters, 10 numbers and 4 glyphs to form a complete pack. Each one is based on the vintage bulb letter sign style and features realistic lighting and textures. They come as individual PNG files with transparent b...
Tags: Design, Resources, Free, Freebies, Design Resources, Free Design Resources, PSD, Free Resources, Marquee, Marquee Letters, Bulb Sign, Marquee Sign, Bulb Sign Letters, Marquee Bulb Sign, Marquee Bulb Sign Letters, Marquee Sign Letters

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