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The EVA Cushion turns any surface into an ergonomic, comfortable seat

There’s a pretty big chance you’re reading this while sitting down. On a seat at work, at a restaurant, in the subway or the bus, at home, why heck, perhaps you’re on the crapper. Last example aside, we’ve descended into a majorly sedentary lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, and anyone who does a lot of sitting (basically everyone) knows that after a while your spine, neck, and tailbone start telling you to have mercy on them. You get up, take a walk around, and after a 3-4 minute break...
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Organic Overflow at Milan Design Week 2019

Floral use in furniture, installations and more To offset the precision frequently associated with furniture design, many participants in Milan Design Week 2019 used elements from nature to add soft, organic overflow to their presentations. In many instances, we’re simply referring to the calculated use of trees and plants near or atop artificial elements of design. With two specific exhibitions, however, floral components composed the …
Tags: Design, Milan, Furniture, Norman, Chairs, Installations, Tom Dixon, Milan Design Week, COS, Herman Miller, Raf Simons, Kvadrat, Alcova, Design Fairs, Milan Design Week 2019, Nilufar Depot

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The first-ever photo of a black hole, artwork-adorned Japanese currency, inspiration from Milan Design week and more First-Ever Photo of a Supermassive Black Hole Truly a quantum leap, astronomers have “seen the unseeable” and captured an image of a supermassive black hole—a “smoke ring framing a one-way portal to eternity,” Dennis Overbye writes for the New York Times. A planet-sized network of eight radio telescopes—called …
Tags: Photography, Space, Science, Design, Environment, History, Furniture, Asteroids, Archeology, Black Holes, Self-driving, Linkaboutit, Dark Blue, Link About It, Milan Design Week, Verner Panton

Verner Panton’s Bond Villain Seating in Reproduction

Several of Danish furniture and interior designer Verner Panton’s creations have been used to decorate Bond villains’ hideouts—from decadent shell chandeliers to minimal lamps and beyond. Perhaps the most recognizable, the Pantonova seating system, is back in production. Bond antagonist Karl Stromberg perched atop the iconic, curve-framed seat in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me and it was just unveiled once more at this year’s Salone …
Tags: Design, Milan, Film, Industrial Design, Furniture, Pop Culture, Denmark, Interiors, Bond, Danish, Milan Design Week, Scandinavian Design, Verner Panton, Karl Stromberg

Space-Saving Seating

Space can be a limiting factor when it comes to furnishing the interiors of commercial spaces, with communal areas being restricted or seating being placed in walkways causing an inconvenience and proving a hazard. The Landing aims to offer a solution to this space-related problem, and it does so in an unobtrusive and rather ingenious manner.Landing’s designers recognized that seating doesn’t have to be a permanent feature; occasional and short use leads to the items of furniture being a hindran...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Landing, Product Design, Rudolph Schelling Webermann, Wilkhahn

YD Design Storm #29

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts!Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!The Odyssey Collection by Joris Poggio...
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Meet Anton Lorenz, the Man Who Brought Tubular Steel Furniture and Reclining Chairs to the Masses

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus this year, Vitra Design Museum is highlighting the work of a lesser-known yet key figure, the entrepreneur and designer Anton Lorenz who helped bring the promise of tubular steel furniture to life. The exhibition at Vitra Schaudepot in Weil am Rhein, Germany, titled "Anton Lorenz: From Avant-Garde to Industry," looks at Lorenz's legacy as the man behind the Bauhaus' "machined aesthetic." It traces his career, following him from Germany to the Uni...
Tags: Usa, Design, Germany, Berlin, Chicago, Furniture, Budapest, United States, Leipzig, Designer Profiles, Lorenz, Desta, Dessau, Avant Garde, Marcel Breuer, Max Planck

Inside The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect New York

Highlights from every floor of the West Village home turned showroom For anyone who has dreamed of living in a West Village townhouse—and, of course, for those who already have one and are looking to furnish it with pieces of insurmountable elegance and vision—The Future Perfect‘s new Casa Perfect is an absolute inspiration. A gallery experience for the brand’s carefully selected wares, Casa Perfect New …
Tags: Design, Shopping, NYC, Furniture, Interiors, Shops, Decor, West Village, Interior Decorating, Showrooms, Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect, Casa Perfect New York

Inside The Future Perfect’s NYC Casa Perfect

Highlights from every floor of the West Village home turned showroom For anyone who has dreamed of living in a West Village townhouse—and, of course, for those who already have one and are looking to furnish it with pieces of insurmountable elegance and vision—The Future Perfect‘s new Casa Perfect is an absolute inspiration. A gallery experience for the brand’s carefully selected wares, NYC’s Casa Perfect …
Tags: Design, Shopping, NYC, Furniture, Interiors, Shops, Decor, West Village, Interior Decorating, Showrooms, Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect, NYC Casa Perfect

By Design: At Home With the Curator Championing a New Generation of Italian Artists

Caroline Corbetta has become an advocate for emerging talent — and has filled her Milan apartment accordingly.
Tags: Art, Milan, News, Furniture, Museum, Guggenheim, Francesco, Maurizio, Vezzoli, Milan Furniture Fair, Solomon R, Interior Design and Furnishings, Milan (Italy, Cattelan, Caroline Corbetta

IKEA Is Selling ‘Flat-Pack’ Chocolate Bunny, So You Can Assemble Your Own Easter Candy

IKEA has released a flat-pack product that we can all handle: a chocolate bunny. The VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate, three-piece bunny is launching in honor of Easter and is so on brand for Ikea. No Tools, instructions, or booze required—okay, so maybe the third is more of a personal condition. The three-ounce snack is currently selling for £2.95 ($3.91) in U.K. stores, and it’. Source
Tags: Design, Eat, Furniture, Ikea, Chocolate, Easter, Bunny, VÅRKÄNSLA

The fluted gradient table does a wonderful job of self-creating its patterns

No matter what angle you look at it from, the Fluted Gradient Table looks slightly different, because it picks up elements of objects behind it and warps them into a pattern. This pattern helps the Fluted Gradient Table blend in, but also stand out. It’s purely transparent, and uses textured glass and a printed gradient film to really make a product pop. Designed by Bangkok-based Thinkk Design, the tables are part of a collection titled ‘Made In Thailand’ that is a result of collaboration with l...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Thailand, Table, Bangkok, Product Design, Thinkk, Fluted Glass, Fluted Gradient Table

Factory Visit: California’s Modernica Furniture

Tracing the people-powered process of making a fiberglass shell chair and more Half a dozen buildings rise on Modernica‘s sprawling five-acre compound just south of DTLA proper. Here—in Vernon, California—the family-owned business awaits its 29th birthday. Brothers Frank and Jay Novak founded the furniture brand to honor and foster Southern California design and, along the way, Modernica became synonymous with the fiberglass shell chair—a product …
Tags: Design, California, Los Angeles, Furniture, Chairs, Southern California, DTLA, Mid Century Modern, Modernica, Vans, Shell Chairs, Brothers Frank, Vernon California, Jay Novak, Factory Visits, Modernica Furniture

A pull-out bed made of accordioning paper

Pro Idee's £369 Paper Bed is made of folds of rigid paper that collapse to a narrow sliver and then expand to 200cm length when needed; the materials are lightweight (total weight, 14.5k) and it can support up to 300kg, and the manufacturer claims it's comfortable, albeit with the addition of a foam pad. (via Yanko Design)
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FUNGI le banc recyclé par Akos Huber

Akos Huber, jeune designer hongrois passé par l’Angleterre, actuellement du côté des Etats-unis où il a imaginé pour le Street Seats International Design Challenge, FUNGI un banc recyclé ! « The bench, which is made of recycled and renewable materials is currently exhibited in the city center of Portland, Orgeon. During the design process of FUNGI I found the inspiration to consider mushrooms, mosses and parasites. I observed their connections to tree trunks and their structural properties. I ...
Tags: Books, Design, Furniture, Bench, Etats-unis, Mobilier, Banc, Recyclage, Akos Huber, Portland Orgeon

Your Furniture Design Moodboard: Winning Furniture Projects from A’ Design 2018

The purpose of this post is twofold. Not only is it a roundup of ten award-winning works that are worthy of your design inspiration mood board (go ahead and bookmark the page for use later!), it’s also a reminder that this is the last call for entries for the A’ Design Award and Competition, a competition that covers almost all categories of design. Furniture consistently ranks in the top 3 of A’ Design’s award categories, and we’ve pulled 10 noteworthy design from a hefty bunch.We look at the t...
Tags: Design, Living, Awards, Furniture, Best Of, Product Design, Exo, Urdu, Stainless Steel, Nick Baker, A' Design Award and Competition, Moodboard, Svilen Gamolov, Timmy Kwok, Cintia Miyahira, Romulo Teixeira

The Parting of the Furniture

So it’s come to this: BILLY is joining the gig economy, and he’ll hold your books and whatever else you see fit until you upgrade to KALLAX or HEMNES, or you finally bring yourself to KonMari all your worldly possessions away.IKEA recently announced that it is looking to launch a subscription model, in which customers effectively “lease” furniture and trade it back via credit system; depending on the condition, the Swedish behemoth will either refurbish or recycle the used items. Initially limit...
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5 ideas for cool coffee bar carts for your home, whatever your decorating style. Barista not included.

I’m thinking of taking my coffee obsession to the next level, with one of these cool coffee bar carts. Kind of like bar carts, only…for coffee. I’m seeing them absolutely everywhere, and I love the idea of a dedicated space for my coffee supplies — but one that’s easily moveable so that it can be […]
Tags: Coffee, Diy, Shopping, Home Decor, Furniture, Interior Design, Home Appliances, Home Design, Art + Decor

Highlights From 2019’s Stockholm Furniture Fair

From retro-influenced style to entirely recyclable and biodegradable materials, some of our picks from the fair Stockholm Furniture Fair and its off-schedule events (grouped under the name Stockholm Design Week) kicked off 2019’s design calendar amid the chaos of a huge snowstorm. Cold weather aside, there was a sense that this was the year that Stockholm succeeded in curating a world-class design week—with cohesion between the big, …
Tags: Home, Design, Sweden, Furniture, Stockholm, Decor, Environmentally Friendly, Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Design Fairs

Shopping Guide: Shopping for Coat Trees

The newest ones aren’t just for coats — and they’re as eye-catching as they are functional.
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A Simple Solution to Functional Furniture

We’ve seen items of furniture that are capable of taking on different uses and forms before, however the breath-taking simplicity of O-Table allows it to stand out from the saturated market, and this grabbed our interest.The O-Table has been designed in two size variants, small and large, which just increases its functionality further! The large variant makes for a striking table that would become a conversation piece in any room, or it can simply be rolled to become either a unique clothes-rack...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Product Design, Jeongho Ko, Heesoo Kim, Hyoungseop Kim, O Table, Youngjik Lee, Jeongho Ko Hyoungseop Kim Heesoo Kim Youngjik Lee

Increasing the Enjoyment of Shared Living

Whether it’s in a flat or a house share, co-living has become a significant part of the student lifestyle, whether this is because of the financial advantages or sociable nature, it is increasing in popularity amongst millennials. However, what living in compact spaces don’t always cater to, is a sense of privacy… and that’s where KŌDEN comes in.KŌDEN uses its form to divide the shared spaces and create rooms within rooms! However, this is far more than just a sound-deadening, fabric-covered div...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Product Design, Koden, Room Dividers, Martin Luu

Design Report: From Industrial Waste to Objects of Beauty

Is it denim or marble? Algae or glass? How a new group of designers is resurrecting once-discarded materials.
Tags: Design, News, Furniture, Tables, Waste Materials and Disposal

RESSAC la banquette confort par Jules Levasseur

Retrouvons aujourd’hui, Jules Levasseur, jeune designer français habitué de BED qui nous présente RESSAC, une large banquette dédiée au confort révélée lors de la dernière édition de la Biennale Emergences. « La banquette RESSAC est un concept d’assise proposant un temps de repos, laissant l’utilisateur se lover dans les coussins tapissés de laine, aux positions libres. Proche du sol, très évasé, le confort est total et invite au relâchement, à la détente, à la déconnection. » Non sans nous r...
Tags: Books, Design, France, Furniture, Sofa, Mobilier, Canapé, Banquette, Jules Levasseur, Renaud Marin, Entreprise Banque Populaire Les

The Transformer Shell Sofa Is Comfy As Hell

Imagine sinking into a couch that envelopes you from the sides and gives you true “quiet space.” This multifunctional couch called the Transformer SHELL Sofa is inspired by Art Deco and tries to mimic the modularity of the form. The sofa is encompassed with a ‘sink’, whose colors can be changed from a retro white and grey combo to modern dark grey and black. Teamed with accessories that are in brass and bright red, respective to the two color combos, the sofa is a delight!Designer: Aleksei Danil...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Product Design, Art Deco, Sof, Aleksei Danilin, Transformer Shell

GAGO le rocking chair hommage par DAM

Partons ce matin à la rencontre de GAGO, la nouvelle assisse à bascule imaginée par le studio portugais DAM. Les designers de la marque aime mettre du sens dans leurs création, Gago fait ainsi directement référence la première traversée aérienne de l’Atlantique Sud par Gago Coutinho et Sacadura Cabral en 1922. La forme de l’assise fait référence à la forme du casque de l’aviateur de l’époque, le tout reposant sur uns structure de bois pouvant rappeler les flotteurs d’un hydravion. «  Inspiré p...
Tags: Books, Video, Design, Furniture, Portugal, Dam, Chair, Gago, Chaise, Mobilier, Rocking Chair, Lisbonne, Hugo Silva, Chaise À Bascule, Atlantique Sud, Gago Coutinho

Pioneer of Office Design, Florence Knoll Bassett Dies at 101

Anyone familiar with open-floor plans, straight lines and simplicity within their office knows the work of Florence Knoll Bassett. The acclaimed architect and designer reimagined corporate workspaces through her system of “total design,” which removed heavier drapes and desks and championed sleek, modern additions. As the design director of Knoll Associates, for more than 20 years, she pioneered minimalist simplicity. Her vision still inspires today. Read more …
Tags: Design, Furniture, Interiors, Offices, Workspaces, Interior Design, Linkaboutit, Office Design, Knoll Associates, Florence Knoll Bassett

Florence Knoll Bassett, 101, Designer of the Modern American Office, Dies

The mid-20th-century furnishings she fashioned were profoundly influential, and they still resonate.
Tags: Art, Design, News, Furniture, Bassett, Knoll Inc, Deaths (Obituaries, Frances Knoll, Florence Knoll Bassett, Modern American Office Dies

BACK TO BED is IKEA’s Wet Dream

The newly crowned royalty in modular furniture has to be designer Chang Kuei Fang. The BACK TO BED sofa is multifunctional and modular enough to be an elegant lounger or a snuggly bed for the kids. The combination is such, that if you put four of the sofa chairs together, you can make it a warm bed. And if you’d like to, you can play around with the armrests, dividers and backrests to make new combinations.As far as the details go, the sofa uses brass knobs on the undersides and substitute tradi...
Tags: Design, Bed, Furniture, Ikea, Product Design, Sofa, Chang Kuei Fang

CUDDLE le lit câlin par le studio WA+CH

CUDDLE, une véritable invitation aux câlins, à la détente et au repos.. Le studio WA+CH imagine un lit douillet, tels deux bras chaleureusement ouverts. WA+CH, studio basé en Italie et plus exactement à Milan, fondé par Weichih Chen et Fuhua Wang en provenance de Taiwan : « Every project for me is a new chapter of innovation story, a journey between observations, users, materials, technologies, and beauty. » La tête de lit imaginée par les jeunes designers offre deux volets pliables, permetta...
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