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The Oppo C1 gamepad turns your smartphone into a Switch-style portable gaming setup

While its lack of symmetric design does bother me a slight bit, the Oppo Gamepad C1 Unicorn Gundam Edition (the name’s quite a mouthful) does give you a great handheld gaming experience. It features a telescopic expandable design that lets you fit a smartphone in, although it’s tailored specifically to visually complement Oppo’s Reno Ace Gundam Edition.The C1 Gamepad’s most defining feature is its ergonomic, asymmetric design. It’s ergonomic to allow you to grip it better (especially with that c...
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The doqo case turns your iPad Pro into a MacBook… with a trackpad and multiple ports!

One could argue that doqo’s case does something that even Apple couldn’t seem to do… it gives you a MacBook with a great keyboard.Designed to give iPad Pro users the laptop experience, doqo’s case design transforms your tablet into a full-fledged MacBook. Slip the iPad Pro into the doqo and there’s little difference between this setup and any of Apple’s laptops. The case comes with a gorgeous aluminum design, a full-sized keyboard, a functioning trackpad, and enough ports to make a MacBook Pro...
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A Japanese charm redesigned to keep you healthy by syncing with the earth!

Omamori (お守り) are traditional good luck charms in Japanese culture that protect the wearer of the charm. The Japanese word “mamori” (守り) means protection, while prefix “o” gives the word an external movent connotation, transforming it to “your protection” and there are Omamoris for every area of life: love, health, luck, trips, success, protection. The concept of Kenkō is a futuristic take on the traditional Omamori, it does not cure illnesses or ward off evil spirits but it helps you stay heal...
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This “Bracelet of Silence” actively blocks Alexa and Siri from hearing your conversations

The dilemma with phones and smart-speakers are that they undermine the privacy of not just their owners, but everyone around them. Maybe you have a friend who loves talking about their cat, and that’s perfectly fine… until YOU begin getting ads for cat-food on your Instagram.Students at the University of Chicago developed a unique, wrist-worn bracelet that can remotely scramble all sorts of microphones in a working radius of a few feet. Just wear “The Bracelet of Silence” and switch it on when...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Design, Privacy, Safety, Siri, University Of Chicago, Alexa, Product Design, Jammer, Alexa Siri, Huiying Li, Pedro Lopes, Scott Urban, Yuxin Chen, Zhijing Li

Fujifilm’s ‘infinitely flexible’ projector lets you project literally anywhere!

I doubt there’s any surface the Fujifilm’s FP-Z5000 can’t project on. The projector comes with a two-axis, rotat­able lens design that allows users to position the lens to face practically anywhere. The projector works normally, projecting forwards onto a wall or screen, but can also project upwards onto the ceiling or even downwards on the floor. Its adjustable neck gives you the ability to independently rotate and move the lens in any direction, facing it anywhere, as well as in any orientat...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Awards, Fujifilm, Projector, Product Design, FP-Z5000, Kunihiko Tanaka

Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
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The world’s thinnest truly-wireless earphones don’t feel like a floss-box in your pocket

In the interest of consumer-friendliness, someone designed what is arguably the most satisfying pair of truly wireless earphones. The CARD20, as they’re called, come with a coveted iF 2020 Design Award for being incredibly slim, pocket-friendly, yet as robust and long-lasting as other truly wireless earphones on the market. They feature a capsule-shaped design that measures a stunning half-inch in thickness, allowing them to slide right into your pocket without creating that unsightly bulge. T...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Music, Design, Audio, Product Design, Portable Audio, AirPods, Truly Wireless Earphones, CARD20, Thinnest, YOBYBO

This Apple Pencil-based dropper is a DJ that drops data instead of beats!

Remember the simpler childhood days of using the dropper to pick a color and spill it *carefully* on another sheet? We then advanced from papers to MS Paint and I doubt any of us were able to master that virtual dropper. Now we are in the Apple era but the nostalgia of the simple dropper is not lost and that was the inspiration for the iSpoid – a conceptual dropper that picks up data instead of colors and we are here for this!The motion of using a dropper to transfer colors was reinterpreted wit...
Tags: Apple, Productivity, Gadgets, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Stationery, Concept Design, Data Sharing, Concept, Product Design, Apple Accessories, Data Transfer, Chi-eun Jang, Jaegeun Kim, Productivity Boosting

The Alpha Ergo is a simple, modern Keyboard that you can ergonomically adjust

While we have Taika Waititi slamming Apple’s keyboards just moments after winning his Oscar award, here’s a simple wireless concept that does something none of Apple’s products do… It adjusts to your needs.Meet the Alpha Ergo, a wireless keyboard with a unique design that allows it to alternate between regular and split-keyboard layouts. This unique swiveling action allows you to adjust your keyboard’s design for more ergonomic typing, but that isn’t all. The Alpha Ergo’s seemingly large hinge ...
Tags: Apple, Gadgets, Spotify, Design, Desktops, Laptops, Product Design, Taika Waititi, Ergo, ergonomic Keyboard, Ryan Smalley, Alpha Ergo, Split Keyboard

Alienware’s new gaming mouse looks like a peripheral from the periphery of the universe

If you want to see form explorations at their best, you better either look at transportation design, or at computer mice. The computer mouse, which has evolved so much since its debut in 1964, still pretty much does the same thing, but has seen improvements in function and evolutions in form that make it a great form-study product. Mice are almost always designed to be ergonomic, but they can be as basic-looking as Apple’s Magic Mouse, to absurd-yet-comfortable like the Logitech MX Vertical, o...
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The humble vacuum cleaner gets an inclusive makeover

Over 10 million adults in the UK alone are affected by arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions making it extremely difficult to even do basic household activities as they get older. Regular home appliances are not always designed keeping in mind the independence of our aging generations and cleaning is a tedious task for those who are in pain with the slightest movement. Vacuuming causes wrist ache, back pain and is heavy to push around – Vivo aims to solve this problem with a concept vacuum cl...
Tags: Home, Gadgets, UK, Design, Lifestyle, Elderly, Appliances, Disabled, Vivo, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Vacuum Cleaner, Inclusive/Special Needs, Alex Worthington

Duo imagines a world where the smartphone is made up of a modular computer + detachable displays

Think of the Duo as an all-in-one PC that just needs a display to work. This separation means you can attach your all-in-one PC to a handheld screen, a large 4K monitor, or even a projector, alternating between them while still having all your data in the same place. Scale that down to something handheld and you’ve got the Duo, a Phonebloks-style concept that has two simple parts… The display, and everything else.The ‘everything else’ or as designer Roc H Biel calls it, the ‘electronics module’ ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Smartphone, Cellphones, Duo, Product Design, Smart Device, Modular Electronics, Roc H Biel

iPad stand for digital artists

The Sketchboard Pro wouldn't look like much if you didn't know what it was: a stand for the iPad Pro designed for digital artists, holding it at a perfect angle and providing more ample arm-resting space around the display. It's fifty dollars on Indiegogo and ships in March. [via Digital Arts] The Sketchboard Pro features strong legs that easily fold out to create a comfortable 20-degree angled drawing surface. This allows you to have a drawing desk experience virtually anywhere in landscape or ...
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Made of 45% bio-based material, this solar phone charger imitates a sunflower!

Everyone loves a bunch of pretty flowers and sunflowers are one of my favorites, I do wonder why I haven’t received any. Guess XD Design felt the same since sunflowers were the inspiration for their ‘Sunshine Solar Charger’. Yes, the charger looks like a bunch of sunflowers facing towards the sun, and they do so because they make use of solar energy and not electricity to charge your phones!Equipped with a 25000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that stores all that sun-sourced energy, the solar c...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Solar Energy, Product Design, XD Design, Green/Sustainable, Sunshine Solar Charger

I vote that all power banks should have videogames built into them…

It’s corny but also a stroke of genius. Peepsquare’s power banks come with videogames built right into them so you can leave your phone alone while it’s charging. The 8000 mAh power bank comes with an impressive 416 games built into it, quite like those third-party Gameboy cartridges back in the day. It conveniently allows you to plug two devices into it, thanks to the presence of 2 USB ports, and lets you play games right on the power bank itself, thanks to the presence of a small screen, a d-p...
Tags: Gadgets, Games, Design, China, Cellphones, Nintendo, Console, Power Bank, Product Design, Powerbank, Peepsquare

Logitech’s new wavy ergonomic keyboard was designed to be like a spa-day for your hands

Designed to become a full desktop solution when paired with the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse, the Logitech ERGO K860 extends that very philosophy of comfortable computing to the keyboard. The full-feature keyboard aims at providing a relaxing, intuitive, and zero-strain typing experience, boosting typing productivity without the wrist-pain and with minimal muscle activity.The first thing you notice when you see the ERGO K860 is its camel-hump, or as Logitech calls it, the WAVE. Just like Logitec...
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Modular headphones that mix your sound to match your space

Imagine having a sound system so versatile that you can actually play Lego with it! DE-MO, which stands for Detachable and Modular, is exactly that – an ecosystem of replaceable speakers, cables and headband accessories that you can use to create an audio experience based on your needs. It has a minimal aesthetic and a sleek build so you’ll never look like Tarzan with the cords – DE-MO is built for the minimal millennial.DE-MO adapts to your needs so instead of having to keep a track of differen...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Audio, Lifestyle, Headphones, Lego, Modular, Product Design, Minimal, Portable Audio, Tarzan, EveryDayCarry, Hans van Sinderen, DE-MO

Bosch’s Virtual Sun Visor uses an LCD screen to cut the glare without cutting your view

Its animated-PowerPoint video editing aside, Bosch does make a pretty good point. We’ve innovated in every part of the car, except the sin visor. The visor, although designed with good intent, is often obstructive, as it reduces your visibility in its effort to shade your eyes. The fact that you can’t wear heavily tinted sun-glasses while driving (in most parts of the world) just further aggravates the matter because you’re faced with one of two issues when you’re driving with the sun shining ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Ces, Automotive, Lcd, Bosch, Product Design, CES2020, Virtual Visor, Sun Visor

This minimal humidifier is a safer alternative to traditional incense!

Incense has always been used by people for religious and spiritual activities, as well as to eradicate unpleasant odors. However, the smoke produced from the incense contains toxic gaseous substances, that can adversely impact our respiratory system. Hence, product designer Dongkyu Kim designed Hyang. Hyang is an incense humidifier, that replaces the traditional incense!It features an incense-like stick, as well as a base incense holder. You simply fill the base holder with water and add a fragr...
Tags: Home, Gadgets, Design, Technology, Appliances, Product Design, Dongkyu Kim, Hyang, Incense Humidifier, Hyang Hyang

Razer’s Kishi controller snaps to the sides of your smartphone so you can play Fortnite like a Pro

Let not its diminutive and cute name fool you… because the Razer Kishi is an absolute badass. The tiny controller unit snaps to and connects with your phone to give you an incredibly dexterous, minimal-latency gaming experience on your phone. Designed to work just the way the Switch does, or Xbox’s Project Cloud Concept hopes to, the Kishi opens up into two halves that sandwich your phone in between. A Type-C connector plugs into your phone too, allowing you to have a nearly zero-latency gaming ...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Mobile, Games, Design, Smartphone, Ces, Cellphones, Nvidia, Nintendo, Razer, Kishi, Product Design, Gaming Controller, CES2020, Razer Kishi

Wacom's New 13-Inch Drawing Tablet Gives Android Fans the Apple Pencil Experience

It took a couple of iterations to get it right, but the Apple Pencil 2 turned the iPad into an excellent creative tool. But now Android users can hopefully get a similar artistic experience from their mobile devices with Wacom’s new One tablet—the first from the company to support connectivity to mobile devices like…Read more...
Tags: Android, Art, Gadgets, Science, Tech, Ces, Tablets, Wacom, Consumer Tech, CES2020, Wacom One

Meet the Alienware Concept UFO, a handheld Windows 10 gaming device modeled on the Switch

Designed literally to be the Switch of PC Gaming, Alienware debuted their Concept UFO at CES this year. They’ve, however, been very quick to point out that this is still a very nascent concept and may look nothing like the prototype they’re showing… but they’re serious about developing a handheld PC that’s dedicated towards Windows-based gaming.For long, Alienware has been considered one of the oldest and most renowned gaming brands, with laptops and CPUs that cater specifically to the PC Gamer....
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Gaming, Games, Design, Ces, Dell, Alienware, Laptops, Switch, Product Design, Nintendo Switch, Alienware Dell, Concept Ufo, Portable Gaming

A Smart Wooden Stick Is Now a Thing That Exists

Just because you can make something smart—be it microwaves, showerheads, and even mattresses—doesn’t necessarily mean you should. A Japanese company named Mui Lab teamed up with Wacom to create what it’s calling the ‘Pillar Memory’ which appears to be the world’s first smart wooden stick.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Design, Tech, Ces, Wacom, Consumer Tech, CES2020, Mui Labs, Pillar Memory

Kohler’s new Alexa-enabled bath-fitting showers you with water as well as music

Kohler seems to have taken a massive liking to bathroom-singers with its new showerhead. With a halo-shaped design, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead allows you to fit in a wireless speaker into its negative cavity, giving you a luxurious Kohler-worthy shower with handpicked (or rather voice-picked) tunes to accompany you as you bathe.Now the Moxie isn’t a new product. Kohler released the quirky showerhead+speaker combination in as early as 2012, but the new update (to be showcased at CES2020 next wee...
Tags: Amazon, Gadgets, Design, Speakers, Ces, Bathroom, Alexa, Product Design, Portable Audio, Kohler, Moxie, Shower Head, Voice AI, CES2020

The Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Remote does the job wherever touchscreen interfaces can’t

The very antithesis of touch-sensitive displays, the Chubby Buttons aims to serve you wherever touchscreens fail. Be it in the bathroom when your fingers are wet, or while bicycling when you can’t really look down at your screen to see what you’re pressing, or if you’re hitting the slopes and the gloves are too thick for you to operate a touch interface, the Chubby Buttons Remote and its significantly large buttons help you navigate playback in a way that’s easy, swift, and extremely intuitive. ...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Tesla, Wireless, Product Design, Remote, Bluetooth Remote, Chubby Buttons

This handheld Granular Synthesizer builds complex audioscapes… using grains of sound

There are a few ways to look at music. You could look at it as an aggregate of instruments, so each instrument is a unit contributing to the end result, or you could look at it as an aggregate of frequency sources, where each instrument is responsible for contributing a certain frequency to the track. The bass guitar supplies the lower-end, the hi-hat gives the rich treble, and the vocalist’s voice covers a portion of the in-between mids. Yet another way to look at audio, and break it down, is b...
Tags: Gadgets, Music, Design, Audio, Product Design, Dylan Wiener, Granular Synthesizer

Maintaining your tablet at perfect eye level, this holder prevents neck strain!

Tired of fumbling around with your phone in the kitchen while trying to read a recipe, and cook at the same time? Or tired of never finding that perfect angle while watching a movie on your tablet? Well, this is where the SkyFloat swoops in. The SkyFloat is a futuristic ceiling mount that holds your smartphones and tablets! It suspends from the ceiling, giving the impression that it’s floating in the air. The telescopic holder allows you to watch movies, read e-books, refer to recipes while co...
Tags: Home, Gadgets, Design, Technology, Office, Ceiling Mounted Tablet Holder, SkyFloat

The PlayStation DualShock 4 controller gets three extra tactile buttons!

Almost as if the DualShock 4 wasn’t good enough, Sony’s upcoming controller attachment extends an already-iconic device’s functionality. Meet the DualShock 4 Back Button. Its name isn’t particularly gimmicky, but it describes exactly what it does. The button-module plugs right into the DualShock 4 controller, via the aux input at the bottom. The module itself comes with buttons, two tactile, and one with a screen. Designed to give you an extra set of programmable controls, the attachment’s scr...
Tags: Gadgets, Games, Design, Controller, Playstation, Sony, Ps4, Product Design, Dualshock, Dualshock 4 Back Button

Ultra-thin USB powered light box

A light box is an excellent tool for illustrators. It allows you to place a sheet of paper with a sketch on it, then place another piece of paper on top of it, and trace the original drawing. A lot of artists do a pencil sketch on a sheet of paper, then use a nicer piece of paper to trace the sketch in ink. Andreas Ekberg, a wonderful illustrator who makes beautiful stenciled skateboards (like this Jackhammer Jill deck) and other things, told me about this USB light board. I already have a li...
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Video, How-do, News, Makers, Jackhammer Jill, Andreas Ekberg

Tactilely control multiple Adobe softwares with this physical editing console!

For photo editors like me who are total beginners, the max to max we really need to do is probably resize a couple of images on Adobe Photoshop CC, however for professionals who spend hours on the Adobe CC suite, streamlining their creative workflow and customizations become a high priority. Finland based company Loupedeck has just released its latest creation the Loupedeck CT (Creative Tool), targeted especially at content creators working in photography, video, illustration, and music. Loupe...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Finland, Autodesk, Product Design, Loupedeck, Loupedeck CT, Editing Console

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