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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Farewell to two cultural pioneers, debunking myths about women's bodies, our co-founder at SXSW and more Four New Statues of Women for NYC While NYC is scattered with statues of notable men, there are very few of women—just five, in fact. She Built NYC is commissioning four new statues of historical and influential women: Billie Holiday, Dr Helen Rodríguez Trías, Elizabeth Jennings Graham and Katherine …
Tags: Art, Books, Games, Gender, Space, Spacex, Design, Interviews, NYC, La, Nasa, Auctions, Board Games, Icon, Sxsw, Linkaboutit

Bafta games awards 2019: God of War leads nominations

Epic mythological fighting game picks up 10 nominations, chased by Red Dead Redemption 2, Return of the Obra Dinn and Florence with six nominations each. See the full list belowSony Santa Monica’s God of War has received 10 nominations for this year’s Bafta game awards, leading a diverse pack of nominees.Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 also picked up six nominations, as did Florence – a game about a relationship played from the perspective of a young woman – and Return of the Obra Dinn, a lo-fi...
Tags: Games, Design, Technology, Tetris, Culture, Art and design, Awards and prizes, Pokemon, BAFTA, Mobile Games, Assassin's Creed, Super Mario, Florence, Esports, Role playing games, Strategy games

“Children Of The Damned”: The Superb Artworks Of Ástor Alexander In Classic Sci-Fi And Noir

Imagine a combination of low-budget spaghetti westerns and Pixar cartoons, such as Toy Story. What world would it be set in and what stories would we be able to see? In fact, such a story has been at the center of attention of an American illustrator, Ástor Alexander. Ástor Alexander is a San Diego-based illustrator and painter whose main body of work focuses on the combination of digital art and... Source
Tags: Games, Design, Sci-fi, Book, Covers, San Diego, Pixar, Classic, Noir, Inspirations, Ástor Alexander, Ástor Alexander Ástor Alexander

Hypnospace Outlaw review: a surreal tribute to the 90s internet

PC; Tendershoot/No More Robots Journey back in time as an online detective policing a compelling parody of the nascent net, with dodgy graphics, tinny music and a host of weird websites to exploreThe very nature of the internet means that things are constantly vanishing from it, as websites, social networks and communities emerge, evolve and dissipate over the years. This constant change means that “the internet” of previous decades becomes something like a dream, existing only in the vague memo...
Tags: Games, Design, Technology, Law, Internet, Pc, Culture, Art and design, Intellectual Property, Puzzle games, Geocities

Elizabeth Hargrave’s Surprisingly Successful Board Game

In the board-game world, where characters are often zombies and military figures, Elizabeth Hargrave’s Wingspan takes a different route. With scientifically accurate descriptions and depictions of birds, it’s a card-based game in which each player’s goal is to attract birds to their network of wildlife preserves. Players assign birds, outfitted with special powers and specific capabilities, to habitats and tally points based on whether or …
Tags: Games, Science, Design, Animals, Environment, Birds, Culture, Board Games, Game Design, Linkaboutit, Ornithology, Animal Conservation, Elizabeth Hargrave

She Invented a Board Game With Scientific Integrity. It’s Taking Off.

How Elizabeth Hargrave turned a passion for ornithology and spreadsheets into a popular game about birds.
Tags: Games, Design, News, Eggs, Birds, Birdwatching, Hobbies, Medicare, Mathematics, Health Insurance and Managed Care, Flowers and Plants, Cards and Card Games, Your-feed-science, Elizabeth Hargrave

A first look at Google’s Project Stream Gaming Controller!

Google’s Project Stream makes a promise that’s borderline remarkable. Imagine if you could play a game without a graphics card. Everything renders off-site, on a massive GPU, and streams to your screen. You’re literally using a CLOUD-BASED Graphical Processor Unit! Everything happens in realtime, and to you, it essentially means you’re playing a game as advanced and intensive as Assassin’s Creed, but you’re playing it in Google Chrome. Run your controls on your computer, they get sent to the clo...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Gadgets, Gaming, Games, Design, Controller, Gpu, Product Design, Creed Odyssey, Project Stream, Sarang Sheth, YD First Look

BATHDOOM: A Doom level based on a terrible bathroom remodel

For years, Something Awful forum members have reveled in user bEatmstrJ's blow-by-blow account of a terrible bathroom remodel, in which he sought to transform his bathroom "with a woman in mind" with an eye to a future home-sale ("woman play an unfair role in the home-buying process"); bEatmstrJ's saga combines terrible ideas about how a bathroom should look with total home-renovation incompetence, making it the perfect foil for Something Awful's pioneering brand of jeering insults and mayhem. ...
Tags: Post, Happy Mutants, Games, Design, News, Makers, Rpgs, Doom, Trolling, Hippo, Matthew Gault, Matthew Gault Motherboard, Goons, Bathdoom, Dieting Hippo

Japanese Illustrator Asteroid: Wandering Through The Ruins Of The Future

Whether they are set in the past or in an imagined future, ruins are a favorite subject of illustrators working in the fantasy and science-fiction genres. Not only can they be very visually appealing, they can provide the backdrop for a potentially rich narrative about a once flourishing world and the reasons for its demise. Japanese illustrator Asteroid (stylized in Japanese as あすてろid) often... Source
Tags: Games, Japan, Design, Future, Sci-fi, Anime, Abandoned, Asteroid, Inspirations

Zachary Knoles imagines video games as pulp novel covers

Artist Zachary Knoles created a wonderful series of illustrations that pay tribute to video games by imagining them as pulp novel covers, with the game writers' names in the by-line slots (a very nice touch indeed!). (via Gameraboy)
Tags: Art, Post, Books, Happy Mutants, Games, Copyfight, Remix, News, Illustration, Mashups, Pulp Metafiction, Zachary Knoles

The GameBoy lost some weight and got curvy (displays)

In the interest of nostalgia and Nintendo’s obsession with it, here’s the Nintendo Flex, a fan-made GameBoy update that gives the age old classic handheld gaming device a time-appropriate revamp. The Nintendo Flex is to the Gameboy what Daniel Craig is to Sean Connery. Same James Bond, but modern. (Sames Bond?)The Flex comes with a few very welcome updates. Bigger screen on a device that’s the same handy size (albeit thinner). The screen’s also mildly curved, giving you a slightly panoramic expe...
Tags: Gadgets, Games, Design, Nintendo, Daniel Craig, Product Design, Brownie, Gameboy, FLEX, YJ Yoon, Nintendo Flex, Sean Connery Same James Bond, Sames Bond

Prism Chess Set

With production limited to just 25, this chess set from Poketo is a collectible, design piece—and a functional game, of course. The pieces are geometric, and are made from lucite, as is the board. Though the rules remain the same this edition is a contemporary and stylish update.
Tags: Games, Design, Limited Edition, Prism, Chess, Poketo

'Playable shows are the future': what Punchdrunk theatre learned from games

When one critic hailed the company’s immersive show ‘game of the year’, founder Felix Barrett explored video games’ non-linear storytelling. Now he spies a new frontier for the stageThere is a head-scratching moment at the beginning of the popular farming simulator video game Stardew Valley, where you wonder, “What now?” Newly installed on your late grandfather’s dilapidated farm, you’re given no instructions on how to turn the business’s fortunes or what to explore in the neighbouring town.This...
Tags: Games, Theatre, Culture, Stage, Game culture, Immersive theatre, Role playing games, Punchdrunk, Felix Barrett, Stardew Valley, Faust Punchdrunk

A Graphic Explanation of Why Boarding Airplane Passengers from Back to Front is Not the Fastest Method

Because I played The Oregon Trail as a child, I greatly appreciate air travel. For a few hundred bucks I can traverse America in hours, not months, with no fear of breaking my leg, starving to death or contracting dysentery. So I consider the hassles of air travel minor, although they are glaring.The largest problem, as I see it, is a lack of 1:1 storage. The plane is going to leave at the same time whether I board first or last; all I care about is that there's space in the overhead compartment...
Tags: Games, Design, Youtube, America, Grey, Oregon Trail

Watch a Walt Disney Imagineer Design a Theme Park on the Fly

This was surprisingly fun to watch!Out of all of the subgenres of design you could go into, theme park designer has got to be one of the most unusual. That's the subdivision that architect Jarrett Lantz has gone into, working his way up at the Walt Disney Imagineering Architecture studio as an intern, climbing the ranks to become a full-fledged Senior Concept Designer eight years later.In this video Lantz designs a theme park on the fly using Steam's Planet Coaster. Combining elements of exhibit...
Tags: Games, Design, Lantz, Walt Disney Imagineer, Jarrett Lantz, Walt Disney Imagineering Architecture

Combining Industrial Design with Game Design to Improve Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be a dull and repetitive process. Playing videogames, on the other hand, requires repetitive manipulations of the controller, but is mentally engaging. Technology company Neofect is exploiting the latter phenomenon to improve the UX of PT, specifically for stroke victims, with their Rapael Smart Glove. What they should do next: Team up with Rockstar Games to create a Red Dead Rapael Redemption edition. For those recovering from a stroke and who have a tolerance ...
Tags: Games, Design, Medical, NEOFECT

Sex lives and video games: first exhibition of LGBTQ gaming history opens in Berlin

Rainbow Arcade explores the cultural history of queer content and games, from Nintendo’s 1988 trans character to World of Warcraft’s pride paradesFrom Birdo, the 1988 Nintendo character described in the manual as a boy who “thinks he is a girl”, to Robert Yang’s recent Radiator trilogy, which includes an autoerotic game about pleasuring a gay car, there’s a surprisingly rich history of queer content in gaming. However, these instances are rarely portrayed as part of broader LGBTQ culture. Berlin...
Tags: Games, Gender, Design, Berlin, Society, Culture, Sexuality, Nintendo, Game culture, Identity politics, Exhibitions, Castro, Ralph, Schwules Museum, Robert Yang, Adrienne Shaw

Before Youtube nukes annotations, take one last look at these amazing, creative projects that showed how much annotations could do

On January 15th, Google will disappear all Youtube annotations, which have lots of structural problems (spammy, don't work well on mobile or big screens), but which have been a font of creative inspiration that spawned whole genres of interactive Youtube projects, from games to interactive films to branching narrative adventures to musical experiments, to collaborative art projects to deep context and annotation. XOXO co-founder Andy "Waxy" Baio has produced a roundup of some of the greate...
Tags: Google, Art, Videos, Video, Games, News, Youtube, Mario, Mario Brothers, Birthday Party, XOXO, Annotations, Last chance to see, Interactive Fiction, Andy Waxy Baio, Youtube Annotations

You won’t roll dice the same way again

A pretty nifty way to roll your dice, the Dice Tower is a 3D printed medieval tower provides a rustic spiral staircase for your dice to come rolling down. With a clear acrylic tube around the side to prevent the dice from falling out, and an optional tray at the end to collect the dice, the Dice Tower is a perfect addition to your game of Dungeons and Dragons, or if you want to play your Game of Thrones edition of Monopoly. It makes the act of rolling dice much more fun, and you’re probably goin...
Tags: Games, Design, Product Design, Justin Miller, Dice Tower, Pamela McNeil, The3DForgeShop

Beyond the frontlines: how Battlefield V found fresh WWII battles to fight

Swedish games studio Dice on telling lesser-told – and sometimes controversial – stories of the second world warSince their beginnings in the early 00s, Battlefield games have been known for wild, unpredictable battles involving up to 64 players, on foot, in tanks or on planes. But the last two games, themed after the world wars, have introduced a new kind of single-player storytelling to complement their frenetic multiplayer warfare. Presented as an anthology of separate stories about individua...
Tags: Games, UK, Design, DICE, Culture, Art and design, Second world war, Italy, Battlefield, Nazism, Lawrence, France Turkey, Kingdom of Hejaz

Game-ify Everything!

This design, simply called PLAY, transforms any surface into a gaming device in just seconds. The set includes an array of different smart controllers that can be attached directly to your tablet or phone and connected via Bluetooth to use during your favorite games. The set includes different types of controllers. The PLAY system also features a 360º projection and sound system that will turn any table or desktop into a virtual interactive world. Like a modern board game, users can create the...
Tags: Gaming, Games, Design, Play, Product Design, FLUID Design

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Kids + Pets

Articles of distraction, instruments of creation and many more options for little loved ones For years now, we at COOL HUNTING have grouped little loved ones—human and other—into the same gift guides and shopping categories. Of course, we recognize the substantial difference between children and pets, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about items developed for youthful humans, canines and felines. Whimsy and imagination often teach …
Tags: Books, Toys, Games, Design, Kids, Education, Animals, Pets, Gift Guides, Pet Accessories, Kids and Pets

A Look at Gaming Workstation Set-Ups, Some of Them Surprisingly Tasteful

Do you pay attention to how your workspace is arranged? Every successful designer whose workspace I've seen has had a style to it. Some were clean, some were messy, some were minimalist, some were cluttered, but all of them revealed something about that person. The objects that wound up on their desks, the lighting they used, the chairs they sat in all said something about that person's workflow, process, tastes or accomplishments. And they were all spaces for work.You might think spaces designe...
Tags: Games, Design, Massdrop, Interior/exhibition Design

Chicago Dog Puzzle

With 70 pieces, Areaware‘s Chicago Hot Dog puzzle is a delicious jigsaw made for those aged six and over. Created to be a reward for off-screen time, it can be assembled in about 20 minutes. Other options in this mini puzzle series include a New York slice, papaya, birthday cake, Tonkotsu ramen and more.
Tags: Food, Toys, Games, New York, Design, Kids, Chicago, Puzzles, Hot Dogs, Areaware, Jigsaws

El Catire Domino Set

The El Catire set from Luxe Dominoes is a sophisticated collection of crisp, black and white dominoes with a dark green-tinted rack. They’re designed to be played and displayed, and it’s evident in the intricate details of each domino (including gold adornment), as well as their case. Invite over an opponent and pull this off the shelf, not out of the junk drawer.
Tags: Toys, Games, Design, Tabletop Games, Dominoes, Domino Set, Luxe Dominoes

Introducing Some Fun Back into The Workplace!

Workplaces have the potential of being dreary, uninspiring and potentially boring environments, but this can quickly be turned around with the introduction of a little fun! And what better way of doing so than with your own, miniature Siege Weapon?!URSA is a mechanically-simple addition to the workspace; it houses the ability to propel nerf-like darts across the office and start a mini-war! Its playfulness is emphasized through the visually interesting design; a translucent plastic reveals the m...
Tags: Games, Design, Toy, Product Design, URSA, Dmitriy Baltovskiy

Love Hultén's Retro-Modern Update to Nintendo's NES Gaming Console

Released in 1983 as the Famicom in Japan and in 1985 as the NES in America, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the best-selling game console of the era. The beloved console's physical design was clearly a product of the '80s: Gothenburg-based designer Love Hultén, whose excellent work we previously looked at here, has created "a conceptual tribute and a delicate homage" to the NES with his Pyua: On the inside you'll find the heart of the console, the Nt mini pcb - manufactured by praise...
Tags: Games, Japan, Design, America, Nintendo, Seattle, Gothenburg, FPGA, Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Nt, Pyua

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The future of TV, Puerto Rico's rebuild, a new Monopoly edition and more Chinatown Soup’s Community-Minded Version of Monopoly NYC-based art and activism collective Chinatown Soup has developed a “Chinatown Edition” of Monopoly, but their version’s winner doesn’t play to control the city by achieving ownership of all valuable properties. Rather, players aim to create a more utopian neighborhood as the game “prizes the player that …
Tags: Amazon, Lyft, Games, TV, Science, Design, Monopoly, Tech, Nasa, Ar, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Puerto Rico, Linkaboutit, Link About It, Social Awareness

Razer’s webcam makes you look cooler in your twitch streams

Whether you’re vlogging or just streaming yourself playing PUBG or Fortnite, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see… and a crystal clear webcam only does so much to make you look your best. That’s why Razer’s Kiyo comes with its own light-ring built right into it!Considered one of the best gaming hardware companies internationally, Razer’s latest product broadly caters to streamers (podcasters, vloggers, gamers). The Kiyo is a simple plug-and-use webcam that captures video at 3...
Tags: Deals, Games, Design, Halo, Light, Cameras, Webcam, Razer, Product Design, Kiyo, Ring-light

Chinatown Soup’s Community-Minded Version of Monopoly

NYC-based art and activism collective Chinatown Soup has developed a “Chinatown Edition” of Monopoly, but their version’s winner doesn’t play to control the city by achieving ownership of all valuable properties. Rather, players aim to create a more utopian neighborhood as the game “prizes the player that purposefully develops an area while keeping its residents in mind.” Highlighting the issues surrounding gentrification, this version of the …
Tags: Games, Design, NYC, New York City, Monopoly, Culture, Gentrification, Board Games, Chinatown, Linkaboutit, Limited Editions, Chinatown Soup

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