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Playable, stackable terrarium blocks that bring mother nature to your desk!

Just about the size of a matchbox, these acrylic cuboids contain a living, breathing, self-sustaining terrarium. Designed to be conveniently compact enough to be placed anywhere, the Level Scapes are a great way to bring a bit of nature with you anywhere. Not just a simple plant but a real natural floral habitat. Terrariums are wonderful micro-habitats that have a knack for surviving on their own, replenishing their needs, living in harmony, like a miniature forest. Just a touch of water and a f...
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These “Galaxy” Flowers Grow Entire Universes On Their Petals

Want to gaze at distant galaxies but don’t have a strong enough telescope? Then don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect solution. All you need to do is to buy yourself some Night Sky Petunias, because as you can see, their petals look like they’re hiding secret little universes inside of them. Scientifically known as Petunia cultivars, Night Sky Petunias are a deep purple flower that’s... Source
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It might be time to let your garden grow wild

Think of a formal yard or garden, and you likely envision rows of neatly trimmed bushes along meandering walkways and sitting areas. Homeowners spend a ton of money, time and resources in an attempt to recreate that image. But another equally beautiful option for your home is a wild garden. What is a wild garden? A wild garden can carry a variety of definitions. For some, it means limiting the amount you tame your plants, letting them become what others might define as overgrown and unsight...
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Designer Advice: Creating Image Boards That Fuel Design Ideas

Back in 2003, I was invited back to my alma mater, The Cleveland Institute of Art to give a talk hosted by the Industrial Design department. It coincided with a time when image searching on the internet was beginning to be a possibility. I wanted to cover a topic that wasn't formally taught in a class, but is a skill that arguably every designer across all disciplines relies on. I titled the presentation "Source" and it aimed to show some methods for kick starting ideas based on non-related imag...
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This passive house in the Czech Republic uses technology to recycle heat

A unique location and environmentally-friendly passive house design are what define this lovely home on the Czech Republic/German border. 750 meters above sea level and in the middle of a ridge within the Ore Mountains, it almost looks like a modern farmhouse from the outside. On the inside, however, you’ll find a sleek, clean design with light colors, glass and wood. The rustic home was built by Stempel & Tesar Architects and is a certified passive house. A passive house technique dramaticall...
Tags: Energy, Garden, Design, Technology, Environment, Green, Architecture, Czech Republic, Innovation, Heat, Green Building, Reuse, Passive House, Wood, Eco-friendly, Green Design

A lamp with a herb-garden? Yes please!

Providing a lovely dim light to your space as well as photons for a tiny kitchen-garden, the Brot is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package. The lamp provides nourishment to a tiny kitchen-garden that you can literally pick from and use in your meals. The upper half of the Brot lamp houses the light, while the lower half acts as a torus-shaped vessel for growing plants. A stainless steel tray sits inside the lower half, acting as a holder for the plant. You can sow a vari...
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An urban wetland springs to life among Bogotas high rises

An open plaza in Bogota’s northeastern business district has been radically transformed from a place of pure pavement to a vibrant urban wetland. Colombian architecture firm Obraestudio completed the project in 2016 in the Santa Barbara business center to revitalize the outdoor common space shared by the Torres Unidas Building, Scotia Bank, Samsung, AR and W Hotel towers. Covering an area of over two acres, the architects injected a lush aquatic landscape into the public-facing plaza, creating ...
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Afghanistans Chihilsitoon Garden is restored with rammed earth architecture

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) has breathed new life and purpose into the Chihilsitoon Garden, a historic cultural destination in Kabul, Afghanistan that was in ruins for nearly three decades. Founded in the 19th century, the Chihilsitoon Garden had once housed visiting dignitaries such as U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, but suffered looting and damage during the internecine conflict of the early 1990s. Now restored to its former glory, the Chihi...
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11 ways to be more self-sufficient in the new year

Self-sufficient living is all about providing for your own needs— and the needs of your household— without resources or help from the outside. To become more self-sufficient, you need knowledge and skills, plus motivation and a spirit of independence. The reasons for living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be political, social or personal, but whatever the motivation may be, learning how to become self-sufficient can offer a feeling of security, even in the event of a disaster. There isn’t a han...
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Produce Fresh Vegetables in The Comfort of Your Home!

When we think of growing plants, phrases such as ‘High maintenance’, ‘Unreliable’ and ‘Time consuming’ spring to mind. But this doesn’t always have to be the case… and Aspara proves this!Aspara is a smart indoor garden that encourages the growth and consumption of fresh, healthy vegetables and herbs! Remembering to water the plants is a thing of the past; a scaled-down hydroponics farm system has been neatly integrated into the design, allowing for a reduced amount of wasted water, a faster pl...
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9 sustainable living tips to take from our grandparents

Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in a simpler time, and we aren’t just talking about technology. During the Great Depression, many rural areas didn’t have running water or electricity, and things like proper refrigeration, freezers and air conditioning were a luxury. What’s more, big-box chains and massive supermarkets didn’t exist, and you didn’t have the option of throwing a pre-packaged meal into a microwave or hitting a drive-thru for lunch. Many modern conveniences are great, ...
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Triangular windows bring light and drama to a stunning Bogota bakery

The site of a former house in Bogota has been reborn into a gorgeous bakery and cafe that respects the surrounding residential context. Designed by New York City-based Studio Cadena, the sculptural building draws the eye with oversized triangular windows, a monolithic concrete envelope and contemporary interiors featuring playful terrazzo floors, timber furnishings and pops of greenery. With an area of 7,500 square feet, the restaurant marks Studio Cadena’s second and largest commission for Ma...
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Eye Candy for Today: Franklin Booth pen and ink advertising illustration

Ad for Etsy Organ in House and Garden, Franklin Booth American artist Franklin Booth, who was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was known for his marvelously intricate pen and ink illustrations, a style that came largely from the young artist confusing images in magazines that were done in wood engraving with pen and ink drawings. Here, he pulls out the stops (oh, how I delight in that pun) in his illustration for organ manufacturer Etsy Organ, printed in House and Garden maga...
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The World’s First Strawberry Tree?!

Successfully growing strawberries is notoriously challenging… pests love them just as much as we do! The team at Gusta Gardens identified this, and their solution came in the form of the wonderful SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world’s first strawberry tree!The vertical planting system allows the product to be versatile; the height of the planter can be adjusted by adding or removing the pots, this can be increased further by elevating it, adding to its tree-like form! Or, if you’re after something a l...
Tags: Garden, Design, Sissi, Product Design, Gusta Garden, Lucas Burger, Sissi Stawberry, Gusta Gardens

Former convent in Valencia is reborn as an ornate entertainment hub

In the heart of Valencia, Spain, the old convent of San José has undergone a sensitive transformation that has turned the historic site into a vibrant gathering space for civic events, a food market and a soon-to-be hotel. Barcelona-based interior design practice Francesc Rifé Studio was tapped for the adaptive reuse project and inserted modern updates while preserving the property’s architectural integrity. The renovation project was completed this year under the name of Convent Carmen. Built...
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Handsome Hydroponics

If someone told you that every home in the future would have its own farm smack dab in the middle of the living room, that’d be a hard sell, wouldn’t it?! When you see this design called Aeva, however, it becomes a little easier to believe. Designed to blend in with your existing home atmosphere, this is what happens when Scandinavian design values meet modern hydroponics.Elegantly crafted from fine wood, chrome, and other premium materials, it nudges our preconceptions about how hydroponic syst...
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Broughton House and Garden Kirkcubright

Broughton House and Garden is located in the town of Kirkcubright in Dumfries and Galloway, in the south west of Scotland. It is managed by the National Trust for Scotland. It’s usually fairly easy to find free parking the Kirkcubright, either on the street or in the car park by the river. I was keen […]
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MAD unveils biophilic home of the future that produces all its own energy in China

Beijing-based MAD Architects recently completed its “home of the future” prototype, a net-zero energy pavilion that aims to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Created in collaboration with Chinese renewable energy company Hanergy, the “Living Garden” features a curvaceous, latticed roof topped with Hanergy solar panels that are angled for optimal solar conditions and generate enough electricity to satisfy the daily needs of a household of three. The futuristic structure was insta...
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I Can’t Even With How Cozy This Is

There’s something crazy comfy about this design from Studio Rem and it’s purely intentional! Called Nebl, this thoughtfully designed planter represents the snugness, calmness, and grey quietness of a foggy day.A minimalistic material blend, its ceramic base and frosted glass top create a safe cocoon for houseplants. The semitranslucent material teases the contents to the viewer, encouraging the use of their imagination while recalling the familiar feeling of being wrapped in a hazy cloud. In two...
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Unusual ellipse-shaped home celebrates a return to nature in Vietnam

There’s no question that the healing powers of nature can do wonders for our well-being, which is why the client behind the V4 House asked Hanoi-based design studio TNT Architects to create a home that felt peaceful and rural despite its suburban setting. In response, the architects created a dwelling that celebrates a return to nature with an immersive garden, swimming pool and unusual pavilion-like form. Located in Vietnam’s Nghe An province in the Nghi Loc district, the V4 House offers a str...
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Singapore, the City in a Garden, sets an example for a green planet

Singapore has transformed itself from a hub of pollution to an environmental dream-city in the past 50 years. From afar, the country’s landscape looks like any other modern city with abounding skyscrapers etched into its skyline. On the inside however, a green heart has grown at the center of the city, spreading into the minds of its people and up the walls of its buildings. This heart was initiated by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew — often called ‘Chief Gardener’ — who pushed his imperative of a ...
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Furniture For Your Plant Friends

There’s nothing that will bring a little life (literally) to your dwelling faster than a plant or two (or three, or four, or fifty!). However, not everyone is a fan of standalone planters and pots cluttering up their living quarters. The latest from Kekkilä, the Green series of home furnishings aims to provide plenty of room for all your favorite plants.The designs, which consist of shelving, boxes, ladders and more, feature integrated containers and surfaces that make perfect homes for plants n...
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Art in the Garden at New Hopetoun Gardens

The Art in the Garden exhibition, at New Hopetoun Gardens near Edinburgh, runs until the end of August 2018. The exhibition showcases the work of local artists, such as Maple Tree by Raymond Douglas. I really liked the Trout and Medieval Heron circular mosaics by Joy Parker. One of my favourite pieces was Rosie Nixon’s […]
Tags: Travel, Art, Garden, Scotland, Edinburgh, Rosie Nixon, New Hopetoun Gardens, Raymond Douglas, Joy Parker

A Sleek and Modular Wireless Charger

Wireless charging units come in a variety of forms aimed at a range of different demographics, and now there is a newcomer to the party, and it brings with it a unique and stylish design!This intriguing device is Mobile Island, a modular wireless charger with added functionality a toned-down design. At the heart of the product is Ground; the neat wireless charger that carries a simplistic aesthetic with minimal detailing. From this, further wireless chargers can be added as they snap together us...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Product Design, Jang Won, Acho Kim, Daegwan Kim, Jaewan Choi, Mobile Island, Soyoung Ko, ` Garden

LED lighting company aims to bring a little 'friluftsliv' into our hectic lives

No matter what stresses you deal with on a daily basis, the practice of reconnecting with nature is always beneficial. Scandinavians call this connection ‘friluftsliv’ (pronounced free-loofts-liv). Literally translated to “open-air living,” the term refers to the value of spending time in remote natural locations in order to rejuvenate ourselves, mentally and physically. Of course the problem is that our daily schedules are not always conducive to taking a nature-based break. As a solution, a f...
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This tarp-based wheelbarrow is all kinds of awesome!

Allsop’s Wheeleasy cleverly redesigns the wheelbarrow to be much more than that. Aside from the fact that it folds flat to be stored easily, the Wheeleasy is also great to load things onto, because it spreads flat on the floor. Load grass, hay, rocks, planters, or pretty much anything you want onto its flat vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulin and lift the handles up. The Wheeleasy works exactly like any normal wheelbarrow, but with a flexibility brought about by the tarp that feels potentially game-c...
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Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden May 2019

Announcing a rare and magical opportunity to Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden, May 22 – 29, 2019! But there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT! Morning light at 7:30am in Monet’s flower garden. Join me (Lori McNee) and Art Colony Giverny for an exclusive week of landscape painting in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France! I’m honored to be an Art Colony Giverny guest instructor for the third time in May 2019. My Monet’s Garden workshop has become so popular, May 2019 is already almost full...
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Over 1,000 spinning pinwheels make up a moving garden at Euroflora 2018

ENTER Studio and OBR have created a pop-up installation designed in the image of an ornamental Baroque garden with modern and playful flair. Created for the famous international flower show Euroflora 2018 in Genoa, Italy, the pop-up landscape—known as “Locus Amoenus”—comprises 1,200 white pinwheels arranged like a floating flowerbed encircling a timber patio. The project was created as part of the show’s open competition “Wonder in the Parks” that challenges designers to rethink the concept of ...
Tags: Garden, Landscape, Design, Gallery, OBR, Carousel Showcase, Patio, Baroque, Gardening And Plants, Genoa Italy, Pinwheels, Garden Design, Pinwheel Garden, Calla Lily, ENTER Studio, Euroflora 2018

Over 1,000 spinning pinwheels make up this moving garden in Italy

ENTER Studio and OBR just unveiled an ornamental Baroque garden with modern and playful flair. Created for the famous international flower show Euroflora 2018 in Genoa, Italy, the pop-up landscape—known as “Locus Amoenus”—comprises 1,200 white pinwheels arranged like a floating flowerbed encircling a timber patio. The project was created as part of the show’s “Wonder in the Parks” competition, which challenges designers to rethink the concept of a garden. Locus Amoenus—Latin for “pleasant pl...
Tags: Garden, Landscape, Design, Gallery, Italy, OBR, Carousel Showcase, Patio, Baroque, Gardening And Plants, Genoa Italy, Pinwheels, Garden Design, Pinwheel Garden, Calla Lily, ENTER Studio

Doc Martens Boots Adorned with Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”

As in cuisine, where peasant food can become trendy and expensive overnight, so it is in fashion: how else to explain the way a humble working-class boot went from the factory floor to stylistic statement. The original 1960’s Dr. Martens boot, the one with the cushioned sole, fancy tread, and yellow stitching, was designed to be affordable. That’s why the punks loved it, that’s why the ska/Two Tone guys and gals loved it, and that’s why rich rockers like Pete Townshend showed his solidarity by ...
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