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Rare gemstone particles found in an 8th-century nun's mouth shatter a historical misconception

It turns out medieval religious manuscripts were not exclusively the domain of male monks. Fleck of a rare gemstone pigment in fossilized teeth prove women were involved in the making of religious manuscripts. We'll never see these exquisite books the same way again. Surviving medieval religious manuscripts can be quite beautiful, with impeccable calligraphy and adorned with intricately detailed and brightly colorful illustrations. By and large, their authors remain unknown, and they've been as...
Tags: Art, Books, Gender, History, Afghanistan, Christianity, Innovation, Faith, Salzburg, Radini, Anita Radini, Fleck, Max Planck Institute, Ancient World, Badakshan, Alison Beach

Teeth prove women helped produce 8th-century religious manuscripts

It turns out medieval religious manuscripts were not exclusively the domain of male monks. Fleck of a rare gemstone pigment in fossilized teeth prove women were involved in the making of religious manuscripts. We'll never see these exquisite books the same way again. Surviving medieval religious manuscripts can be quite beautiful, with impeccable calligraphy and adorned with intricately detailed and brightly colorful illustrations. By and large, their authors remain unknown, and they've been as...
Tags: Art, Books, Gender, History, Afghanistan, Christianity, Innovation, Faith, Salzburg, Radini, Anita Radini, Fleck, Max Planck Institute, Ancient World, Badakshan, Alison Beach

Sex lives and video games: first exhibition of LGBTQ gaming history opens in Berlin

Rainbow Arcade explores the cultural history of queer content and games, from Nintendo’s 1988 trans character to World of Warcraft’s pride paradesFrom Birdo, the 1988 Nintendo character described in the manual as a boy who “thinks he is a girl”, to Robert Yang’s recent Radiator trilogy, which includes an autoerotic game about pleasuring a gay car, there’s a surprisingly rich history of queer content in gaming. However, these instances are rarely portrayed as part of broader LGBTQ culture. Berlin...
Tags: Games, Gender, Design, Berlin, Society, Culture, Sexuality, Nintendo, Game culture, Identity politics, Exhibitions, Castro, Ralph, Schwules Museum, Robert Yang, Adrienne Shaw

Inspiring suffragist forgotten by history | Letters

Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy was described by Emmeline Pankhurst as the ‘brains behind the suffragette movement’, writes Susan Munro. Plus Sylvia Edwards on the new statue of Emmeline PankhurstI was on the Pankhurst March in Manchester on Friday and it was truly “joyous” (Letters, 17 December). I too was surprised there was no coverage in Saturday’s Guardian. You can redeem yourself, perhaps, by giving some column inches to another wonderful suffragist, Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy, a friend of th...
Tags: Art, Gender, Protest, Women, UK News, World news, Feminism, Art and design, Sculpture, Manchester, Greater Manchester, Emmeline Pankhurst, Elizabeth, Millicent Fawcett, Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy, Susan Munro

Studio Visit: Sidai Designs, Tanzania

Handmade jewelry that creates opportunities for Maasai women Just north of Arusha, Tanzania‘s historic Clock Tower, the jewelry workshop of Sidai Designs is tucked behind gates of their headquarters. In the garden, Maasai women sit under the trees hand-pulling pieces of recycled grain sack to twist into thread. They meticulously stitch glass beads one by one onto soft leather bracelets and necklaces. Dressed in colorful traditional …
Tags: Jewelry, Gender, Design, Women, Artisans, Swaziland, Tanzania, Empowerment, Studio Visit, ARUSHA Tanzania, Arusha, Masaai, Sidai Designs

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

"Hearables," fungi, the history of both humanity and the bandana and so much more from the web Fungi’s Many Life-Changing Uses While there are 144,000 discovered species of fungi on the planet, there could be many more—millions more, in fact. But finding fungi and sorting out whether or not they contain any useful chemical compounds comes down to chance. The serendipity, scientists argue, is what …
Tags: Wearables, Gender, Science, Design, Africa, Tech, Smartphones, History, Smartwatches, Sculpture, Fungi, Npr, Banksy, Archeology, Sexual Harassment, Linkaboutit

This Smart Dress Sheds Light on Harassment and Groping

For a project highlighting everyday harassment, Ogilvy and Schweppes created touch-sensitive dresses that reveal how often women are groped at clubs in Brazil. The sensor-embedded dress, made for the The Dress for Respect project, also measures pressure of each touch. During the experiment, three women wore the dresses and were touched 157 times in just four hours, with researchers tracking it all in real-time. Heat-sensors identified the …
Tags: Wearables, Gender, Politics, Science, Design, Clothing, Tech, Brazil, Apparel, Ogilvy, Linkaboutit

Interview: Antionette Carroll, TED Fellow and Founder of Creative Reaction Lab

"Mistakes will be a part of everything you do, and you’ll be OK with it. Failure will be a part of you, and you’ll be OK with that."
Tags: Gender, Politics, Design, Education, Interviews, Race, Diversity, Ted, Community, TED Talks, Design Thinking, Antionette Carroll, Creative Reaction Lab, Equity Design, TED Fellows

Linder’s “The Bower of Bliss” for Art on the Underground

This large-scale public project celebrates women and explores how they're represented Every year, almost 17 million journeys are made via the Southwark Underground Station in south London. As of yesterday, instead of regular billboards, commuters are to be met by a new 85-meter-long artwork by Linder, who has been an artist in residence for Transport for London’s Art on the Underground project for the last …
Tags: Art, Gender, Design, London, Bower, Culture, Punk, London Underground, Public Art, Linder, Art on the Underground, Southwark Underground Station

Death threats and denunciations: artists fear Bolsonaro's Brazil

Some have employed security guards. Others have fled. With Jair Bolsonaro about to take power, many artists in Brazil fear the censorship and intimidation they now endure will only get worseWagner Schwartz received the first death threat two days after lying naked on the floor of a museum in São Paulo. It was October 2017 and the Brazilian artist had invited members of his audience, which included children, to adjust his body: move a limb, roll him over, that kind of thing. This was for a dance ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Gender, Activism, Protest, Religion, Americas, Theatre, Society, World news, Transgender, Culture, Art and design, Christianity, Stage, LGBT rights

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Saying goodbye to Kepler, an upstate Witch Camp, Halloween in Tokyo and more in our look around the web Farewell to NASA’s Kepler Telescope Kepler—the beloved NASA telescope responsible for discovering 70% of the 3,800 confirmed “alien worlds” to date—officially met its end yesterday. After nearly a decade of exploration, the telescope ran out of fuel and can no longer transmit data or focus on transient …
Tags: South Korea, Halloween, Photography, Gender, Design, Thanksgiving, Air Travel, Nasa, Beauty, Tokyo, Airlines, Iceland, Kepler, Telescope, Linkaboutit, Link About It

Inside an Upstate NY Witch Camp

Last weekend, at OlioHouse—an unassuming Victorian-style home in Wassaic—a sizable group of 20- and 30-somethings attended Witch Camp. There were no spells cast at the upstate New York location, but there were art classes, sage-burning, a Halloween-themed party and lectures on the witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries. While witches today don’t face the same horrific repercussions as those in history, Tara Kenny (an Olio …
Tags: Gender, Politics, New York, Design, History, Culture, Feminism, Magic, Witches, Linkaboutit, Upstate New York, Wassaic, Upstate NY Witch Camp, Tara Kenny

South Korean Women Destroying Cosmetics in Protest

As part of a movement called “escape the corset,” many South Korean women are destroying their make-up—and sharing the glittery, colorful results on social media. The act is a rebellion against “the strict beauty standards that have become their country’s norm,” but further, the unpaid labor of that beauty. While this is a theme across countless countries, South Korea is the eighth largest cosmetics market in …
Tags: South Korea, Gender, Design, Makeup, Instagram, Culture, Feminism, Beauty, Korea, Linkaboutit, Cosmetics

Athi-Patra Ruga's best photograph: a queer black fantasia with added zebras

‘I’ve seen the zebra since this shoot – in a TV advert and then at a beach party. He has a life of his own!’This image is part of my Future White Women of Azania series. Azania is the utopia I’ve created. Populated by a pantheon of recurring characters, it is the story of black queer women in South Africa. On the right, you have the Flower of Azania, wearing a costume made from 250 sunhats. The two figures to the left, holding sceptres, are the faceless abo dade (sisters). They have the ability ...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Africa, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Culture, South Africa, Art and design, Race issues, Sexuality, Azania, Athi Patra Ruga

Judy Chicago’s Portrayal of Toxic Masculinity Appears in Real Life

Judy Chicago‘s 1985 series Three Faces of Man occurred in real-life this past week—seen in the outrage of three powerful, petulant men unaccustomed to answering for their behavior. Chicago’s painting was unveiled in 1985, but it’s clearly as relevant as ever. As Jonathan D Katz writes for Artsy, “What was once allegory is now reportage, and Chicago’s art from decades past has never looked so current.” While exploring …
Tags: Art, Gender, Politics, Design, Chicago, Culture, Feminism, Linkaboutit, Judy Chicago, Feminist Art, Jonathan D Katz

If They Come for Us: Poems

Fatimah Asghar encapsulates her experiences as a Pakistani and Muslim woman living in the USA in her glorious book of poems: If They Come for Us. Asghar (also a co-creator of the award winning web-series Brown Girls) explores identity, race, sexuality, loss and violence through thoughtful and tender prose. Each piece seems to blossom. Inventive, powerful, and entirely beautiful, Asghar’s poems enthrall.
Tags: Books, Gender, Usa, Design, Poetry, Race, Reading, Fatimah Asghar, Asghar, Fatimah Asgar

Complicated Territory at Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs

Curator Bridget Donlon brings together three women artists who reflect on our society and its structures For Complicated Territory, the art of three women (Alex McQuilkin, Erin M. Riley, and Martha Tuttle)—covering three distinct styles and forms of media—hangs in unity and opposition to address and explore the nuances of feminine identity. It’s the latest exhibition to be part of the Queens-based Dorsky Gallery’s  Curatorial Programs—a series …
Tags: Art, Gender, Design, Exhibits, Charity, Culture, Queens, Artists, Exhibitions, Long Island City, Social Awareness, Hour Children, Dorsky Gallery, Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, Bridget Donlon, Alex McQuilkin Erin M Riley

AR Puts Notable Women on US Bills

Notable Women—a project from former Treasurer of the USA, Rosie Rios, along with Google Creative Lab and Nexus Studios—lets anyone with a smartphone camera and the power of augmented reality put one of history’s most important women on the front of a bill. Once AR identifies the bill, it’ll place a portrait there and, by tapping said portrait, you’ll be able learn about that woman’s contributions …
Tags: Gender, Usa, Design, Money, US, Tech, Culture, Feminism, Currency, Ar, Augmented Reality, Linkaboutit, Rosie Rios, Google Creative Lab and Nexus Studios

Sarah Lucas, Unmasked: From Perverse to Profound

Not widely known on this side of the Atlantic, the British sculptor has a show at the New Museum this fall that may cause jaws to drop.
Tags: Art, Gender, News, Atlantic, Sculpture, Simmons, Julian, New Museum, Sarah Lucas, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel (Exhibit, Young British Artists

Link About It: New Orleans' All-Women Motorcycle Club: Caramel Curves

Bucking the traditional (and oftentimes toxic) image of a motorcycle club, NOLA's Caramel Curves is an all-women group with 13 members who can be seen riding through the city—bright pink smoke billowing behind them. Often decked out in bedazzled gear...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Gender, Design, Women, Culture, Motorcycles, Linkaboutit, Neworleans, Motorbikes, Caramelcurves, New Orleans All Women Motorcycle Club, NOLA s Caramel Curves

Sarah Bernhardt Becomes the First Woman to Play Hamlet (1899)

At one time, the name Sarah Bernhardt was synonymous with melodramatic self-presentation. In her heyday, the actress created a category all her own—impossible to judge by the usual standards of the dramatic arts. Or as Mark Twain put it, “there are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses—and then there is Sarah Bernhardt.” Admired and beloved by Victor Hugo and playwright Edmond Rostand, who called her “the queen of the pose and the princes...
Tags: Google, Gender, England, London, College, Theatre, Washington Dc, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Hamlet, Robins, Sarah, Stratford, Facebook Twitter, Hugo, Josh Jones

The Iconic Urinal & Work of Art, “Fountain,” Wasn’t Created by Marcel Duchamp But by the Pioneering Dada Artist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

In the introduction to her book Broad Strokes, writer and art history scholar Bridget Quinn describes her discovery of Lee Krasner, accomplished abstract expressionist painter who just happened to have been married to Jackson Pollack. That biographical detail warranted Krasner a footnote, but little more, in the art books Quinn studied in college. Learning of Krasner sent Quinn on a quest to find other women left behind by art history. “My fixation with these artists went beyond feminism,” ...
Tags: Google, Art, Gender, New York, College, History, Philadelphia, Quinn, Fountain, Baroness, Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Facebook Twitter, Higgs, Lee Krasner, Dada

Los Angeles Queer Biennial 2018: What if Utopia: A celebration and coming together of culture and community in DTLA

by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick Running through Pride month in Los Angeles, the third incarnation of the Queer Biennial is currently underway, bringing together artists from around the world to activate the city’s communities through LGBTQ+ art. Set...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Art, Gender, Politics, Design, Exhibits, Los Angeles, Culture, Sexuality, Exhibitions, Lgbtq, Pride, Artfestivals, DTLA, Losangeles, Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick, Queerculture

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok’s best photograph: a new perspective on male bodies

‘The image captures our relationship – the affection, the intimacy, the vulnerability. But why do so many people ask if he’s my boyfriend?’The boy is a close friend, an artist I met in Ghana about a year before I made this photo. The image perfectly captures our relationship at the time: the affection, the intimacy and the vulnerability. People who see this often ask: “Is that your boyfriend?” It’s a double standard. I’m not sure male photographers get asked that kind of question.I’d been workin...
Tags: Art, Photography, Gender, Africa, Life and style, World news, Culture, Art and design, Race issues, Men, Ghana, Mimi Cherono Ng

Link About It: Medusa's Depictions Through History

Medusa—a monster, a gorgon, a dangerous woman—with her snake hair, is an instantly recognizable subject throughout history. In art, fashion and pop culture, she has been portrayed in countless ways, but around 2,000 years ago Medusa got a makeover...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Art, Gender, Design, Media, Culture, Feminism, Magazines, Paintings, Medusa, Linkaboutit, Popculture

Genderless Beauty On The Rise

The face of beauty today is vastly different than where we've been. And as culture embraces the many faces of beauty, we are seeing genderless beauty become mainstream. Unisex cosmetics, skincare, razors, fragrances and more are hitting the market with bold, simple design and that suits the needs of the consumer regardless of gender.  For example, Mio Skincare's 'Gym Kit' is does not target men or women but rather health conscious consumers who love fitness.  Similarly, companies like Basik ar...
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Molly Ringwald's brilliant essay about John Hughes is a superb exploration of what it means to love "problematic" art

If you've been paying attention, you might already know that Molly Ringwald is a brilliant writer with smart things to say about the movies that made her famous. (more…)
Tags: Art, Post, Happy Mutants, Gender, News, Race, Lgbtq, The Breakfast Club, Molly Ringwald, John Hughes, Pretty In Pink, Problematic, MeToo

International Women's Day 2018: Gifts That Give Back: Put your money where your mouth is with these products that donate to women-focused organizations

Over the past few years, feminism has become more accepted, embraced and discussed. Meanwhile, it's also become a fashion trend. The latter development can be argued as beneficial for bringing further visibility to the movement, though many believe...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Gender, Design, Gifts, Equality, Giftguides, Giftsthatgiveback, Internationalwomensday

Buy: "Time's Up" Sweater

Made from 100% cashmere, and hand-stitched in NYC, Lingua Franca's striped sweater makes its message clear in bold red lettering: Time's Up. The TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund receives $100 from the sale of each sweater to help their team fight to offer...... Continue Reading...
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