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Escape to the Bavarian Alps in a charming A-frame that produces surplus energy

An A-frame house from the 1970s has been converted into the Solarferienhaus S3 (Solar Holiday Home S3), an energy-positive holiday home located in a former holiday village in the hilly Chiemgau landscape of Upper Bavaria. Redesigned last year by German architect Thomas Ziesel, the innovative modern home is primarily powered by large photovoltaic panels mounted on both sides of the steeply sloped roof. Natural light floods the interior, which follows a minimalist design to keep the focus on the ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Hotels, Germany, Architecture, Energy Efficiency, Alps, Solar Panels, Solar Power, Bavaria, Salzburg, Rental, Loft, Holiday Home, Upper Bavaria, Chiemgau

4 years later, the Stilform Pen still remains the best-designed pen we’ve seen

Perhaps the most decorated pen we’ve written about (and well deserving of all its awards too), Stilform’s pen upholds all of Dieter Rams’ principles of good design. When you look at how far the pen is come, from a quill, all the way to the pens we have today, none are as simple, useful, intuitive, and elegant as the Stilform pen. It has no extraneous detail, no unnecessary feature, no embellishment. It’s not a pen, it’s arguably THE pen. A simple cylindrical form makes it good to hold, its met...
Tags: Deals, Design, Germany, Stationery, Popular, Product Design, Mont Blanc, Random, Dieter Rams, Matt, SCHMIDT, Stilform, Aurora Green, Stilform Pen, Christoph Bohrer Martin WagnerClick, SCHMIDT Technology

Repurposed shipping container now holds a trendy beer stand in Tokyo

In a creative project that will appease both advocates of recycling and lovers of food and drink, the designers at I IN used a corrugated metal shipping container to create the Schmatz Beer Stand in Tokyo, Japan. Rather than stepping into a dark shipping container, guests will enter a warm and inviting beer stand completely contrasting with the industrialized exterior. Light timber wood lines both the walls and the floor, matching the exposed wooden bar and bar stools. If there was any confusi...
Tags: Design, California, Germany, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, Tokyo Dome, Kolsch, Schmatz

Germany Is Returning Stolen Papers Of Kafka Executor Max Brod To Israel

“[The handover] will end a decade-long struggle to retrieve the missing Brod papers which, according to Israel’s National Library, were stolen 10 years ago in Tel Aviv. The documents, letters and memoirs re-emerged in 2013, when two Israelis approached the German Literary Archives in Marbach, and private collectors, with a huge collection of unpublished documents belonging to Brod.” – Yahoo! (AFP)
Tags: Art, Germany, Israel, Tel Aviv, Words, National Library, Brod, Marbach, 05.21.19, Kafka Executor Max Brod

Wired up: East Berlin thriller makes National Theatre a surveillance centre

Ella Hickson’s radical new play asks its audience to spy on the lives of a nation gripped by revolutionary promiseThe National Theatre’s Dorfman stage is to be transformed into a gigantic surveillance centre for Anna, the new play by Ella Hickson. Audience members will watch a newly married couple enjoy an evening in their Plattenbau high-rise apartment in East Berlin, but the set is to be sealed off inside a giant glass box. The only way spectators can eavesdrop on the conversations is through ...
Tags: Europe, Germany, Theatre, World news, Surveillance, Culture, Communism, Stage, Stasi, National Theatre, Anna, East Berlin, Dorfman, Plattenbau, Ella Hickson, Ulrich Muhe

Hannelore Elsner, German Actress Loved By Art-House Audiences And TV Viewers, Dead At 76

“While not well known outside continental Europe, Elsner was a major star in Germany, one of the country’s most famous actors and a regular in both film and television. She was also one of the last great originals, a larger-than-life personality who seemed fearless in her choice of roles and in her intense acting style.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Germany, People, 04.23.19, Hannelore Elsner, Europe Elsner

Trümmerfrauen: The Women Who Helped Rebuild Germany After World War 2

After the end of World War 2, one of the main tasks was to clear the urban areas of ruin and start rebuilding Europe—Germany in particular, where the damage was extensive. Allied bombing had laid to waste nearly every German city, town and village, destroying millions of homes, public buildings, schools, factories, as well as centuries-old cathedrals, mediaeval houses and other historic structures. Source
Tags: Europe, Photography, Design, Germany, Women, Ww2, Trümmerfrauen

Another WWII Movie? Yes, And A Necessary One

The movie Where Hands Touch is about a young adult romance – about what happened to the generation of biracial young Germans who were born to white German mothers and French colonial African soldiers during and after WWI. Director Amma Asante (Belle, A United Kingdom) “poured into it her fears that racism and bigotry are flourishing today. ‘We wonder about Nazi Germany and how it got that way. It started with language and scapegoating, and we’re using a lot of [that same]language today,’ she s...
Tags: Art, Media, Germany, United Kingdom, Amma Asante Belle, 05.03.19

A Look Inside the Largest Miniature Train System in the World

In Hamburg, Germany, the sounds of the city are found indoors instead of outdoors. In fact, when walking the winding streets early in the morning and late at night, you can practically hear a pin drop from the other side of the city. But wander into into S. Michael's Church (or any church for that matter), the bustling fish market by the water, or even the Elbphilharmonie, and you'll find a city filled with infamous organ music, crowds buzzing over fresh seafood, and the echo of a world-renowned...
Tags: Design, Germany, Trains, US, Rome, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Hamburg, Michael, Speicherstadt, Interior/exhibition Design, St Peter, Hamburg Germany, Photo Galleries, Basillica, Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Bascule Bridge

What Was the Bauhaus?

The legacy of the legendary design school is both universal — and universally misunderstood.
Tags: Art, News, Germany, Architecture, Bauhaus, Ludwig, Mies van der Rohe, Fashion and apparel

As Rents Rise, Artists Are Reviving the Idea of the Medieval Guild

From London to Berlin, five collectives embracing the centuries-old structure of shared resources and labor.
Tags: Art, Design, London, News, France, Germany, Berlin, Netherlands, Belgium, Waibel, Real Estate and Housing (Residential, Jule, Medieval Guild

The Art of Product Sketches

Bhagvanji Sonagra is an award-winning design thinker and product designer in Rajkot, India. With a masters in Product Design from Coventry University, Sonagra’s prowess as a product designer has earned him numerous accolades, including the iF Design Award-Germany and the Gold Winner at the European Product Design Awards. The product design role is one rarely considered when thinking about great artists but Bhagvanji Sonagra’s Behance profile puts the artistry in product design on display. In ...
Tags: Art, Germany, Behance, Bhagvanji Sonagra, Coventry University Sonagra, Sonagra

The Art Highlights of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019

Art lovers and exhibition goers have already been looking forward to this since months: the Berlin’s Gallery Weekend! The 15th edition will take place from the 26th to the 28th of April. With 45 galleries and around 1000 international and national guests, the Gallery Weekend Berlin successfully continues to draw in 30.000 visitors every year. It has also developed into a high-selling event on the art market, that many collectors from Russia, the USA or even China come to visit. The event reveals...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Usa, New York, China, Germany, Russia, Berlin, Congo, Exhibition, Zurich, Pauline, Charlottenburg, Renate, Sexauer Gallery, Larry Clark

Halifax! I'm speaking at Atlseccon on April 24 (then Toronto, Ottawa, Berlin and Houston!)

I'm coming to Halifax to give the closing keynote on day one of Atlseccon on April 24th: it's only my second-ever visit to the city and the first time I've given a talk there, so I really hope you can make it! From there, I'm headed to Toronto, where I'm giving a keynote called The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH on April 29th at the FITC Technology and Creativity Conference. Then I'm appearing at the Ottawa Writers Festival on May 4, presenting my newest book, R...
Tags: Security, Post, Happy Mutants, Science Fiction, Comics, Usa, Texas, Design, News, Germany, Berlin, Toronto, Events, Canada, Infosec, Houston

Clever Tool Design, Bold Entrepreneurship: The Story of the American-Made LogOX

There's a reason that only a tiny proportion of the population successfully launches their own product design. In addition to correctly identifying user needs and getting the design right, you also have to nail the manufacturing, the marketing, the distribution network, the customer service. It takes design skills, patience, research, networking and a whole lot of hard work.Meet the Roberts family. They're three members of that tiny proportion. We think you can learn a lot by reading their produ...
Tags: Amazon, Design, Youtube, Washington, Germany, New York City, America, Qatar, UPS, Austin, Afghanistan, Pennsylvania, United States, Taliban, Missouri, Maine

adidas Unveils Zero Waste Plan, Starting with 100% Recyclable Sneakers

Before we get into the details of adidas' heady new footwear release, let's give it some context: over the past few years, adidas has led three main initiatives—Parley, Futurecraft and Speedfactory. Through a partnership with Parley, adidas' line of footwear and apparel made primarily from recycled ocean plastic signified a shift towards environmental awareness for the brand. Before Parley works with a company to produce product, they require a pledge from the company, essentially stating their ...
Tags: Design, Germany, Materials, Footwear, Sneakers, Sustainable Design, Futurecraft, Speedfactory

A bunker for Bauhaus: design school comes home to Weimar

The Bauhaus was born in Weimar, but was forced to flee the conservative city. Now it’s back with a centenary museum – as Germany’s far right rises againThe German city of Weimar has long bathed in its historic cultural heritage, boasting such illustrious former residents as Goethe, Schiller, Bach and Liszt. Its quiet cobbled streets are lined with creamy stuccoed piles where great men of letters convened, and stately theatres where premieres were performed. But, while it is happy to wallow in th...
Tags: Europe, Design, Germany, World news, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, Heritage, Museums, The far right, Adolf Hitler, Bauhaus, Weimar, Nazism, Goethe Schiller Bach, Wolfgang Holler

A Playwright Who’s Been Dead For 80 Years Is At The Heart Of Contemporary German Theatre

Really, why is Odon von Horvath so incredibly popular in Germany right now? Oh: “European directors have rushed to rediscover Horvath, who chronicled the struggles of ordinary people during a time of political menace and social uncertainty.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Germany, Theatre, Horvath, 04.12.19, Odon von Horvath

Photographer Recaptured Old Photos Of Berlin To Show How Much It Has Changed Over The Years

Linie C (1923/2019) According to Jo Furch: “For about half a year now, I’ve been going out almost every day to recapture old photos of Berlin as accurately as possible. I started doing this to better understand how the banality of everyday life continues despite historically extreme periods of time. Many “anchors” in the city landscape like old houses and trees help to build a bridge to... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Germany, Berlin, Retro, Cityscapes

Baritone Lucia Lucas Becomes First Transwoman To Sing Lead Opera Role In U.S.

Lucas, who is based in Germany and has her career largely in Europe, began rehearsals this week for the title role in Don Giovanni at Tulsa Opera. And this is not her first time playing Mozart’s antihero. – Tulsa World
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Germany, Lucas, Mozart, Don Giovanni, SJ, Tulsa Opera, 04.09.19, Lucia Lucas

Baritone Lucia Lucas Becomes First Transgender Woman To Sing Lead Opera Role In U.S.

Lucas, who is based in Germany and has her career largely in Europe, began rehearsals this week for the title role in Don Giovanni at Tulsa Opera. And this is not her first time playing Mozart’s antihero. – Tulsa World
Tags: Art, Europe, Music, Germany, Lucas, Mozart, Don Giovanni, SJM, Tulsa Opera, 04.09.19, Lucia Lucas

Germany Recovers Huge Trove Of Antique Books Lost In World War II

The works, which had belonged to the University and Regional Library of Bonn and “which were thought to have been irretrievably lost, included rare medieval manuscripts, early 15th-century prints, historical maps and the 19th-century illustrated bird books from the library of the celebrated German ornithologist and explorer Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Germany, University, Bonn, Words, Maximilian, 04.11.19

Germany’s Largest Book Wholesaler Goes Bankrupt; Germany’s Publishing Industry Freaks Out

“When German book wholesaler and distributor Koch, Neff and Volckmar (KNV) filed for bankruptcy in February, Europe’s largest book market was deeply shaken. Coming hot on the heels of a controversial merger between two leading book chains — Thalia and Mayersche — KNV’s plight added massively to the already fraught mood in the industry. If no buyer is found for the family-owned business, the implications could be severe … for the German book industry as a whole.” – Shelf Awareness
Tags: Art, Europe, Germany, Words, 04.08.19, Koch Neff, Volckmar KNV

Germany’s Orchestral Scene Isn’t As Marvelous As It May Look To Outsiders

“Germany might have more orchestras [than other countries], but it also has more musicians (including those flooding in from abroad) looking to fill positions in them. The audition procedure is often archaic, unnecessarily nerve-racking and, with strict voting systems, sometimes deeply frustrating. Musicians go from one temporary contract to the next in the vain search for the security of a permanent position.” – The Strad
Tags: Art, Music, Germany, 04.04.19

Opera-Ballet-Concert House Flooded By Sprinkler System, Closed Indefinitely

The municipal theater in Duisburg, a city in Germany’s industrial Ruhr Valley, saw 80,000 liters of water pour over the stage, the floors, and crucial building infrastructure following a mishap during sprinkler system testing. (No answer yet as to whether the cause was mechanical or human.) The venue is home to the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the Ballett am Rhein, the Schauspiel (spoken theater) and the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. (in German; for Google Translate version, click here) – WDR (Co...
Tags: Art, Music, Germany, Duisburg, WDR, BALLETT, Ruhr Valley, 04.05.19, Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Stripping Away Lies to Expose a Painter’s Nazi Past

A new exhibition of the German painter Emil Nolde shows that rather than being a victim of Hitler’s regime, he was an enthusiastic supporter.
Tags: Art, News, Germany, Merkel, Hitler, Angela, Adolf, Holocaust and the Nazi Era, Berlin (Germany, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Emil Nolde, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

When the Nazis Declared War on Expressionist Art (1937)

The 1937 Nazi Degenerate Art Exhibition displayed the art of Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Georg Grosz, and many more internationally famous modernists with maximum prejudice. Ripped from the walls of German museums, the 740 paintings and sculptures were thrown together in disarray and surrounded by derogatory graffiti and hell-house effects. Right down the street was the respectable Great German Art Exhibition, designed as counterprogramming “to show the works that Hitler approved of—de...
Tags: Google, Art, New York, Film, College, Germany, Nazis, Berlin, History, Bbc, Hitler, Moma, Burns, Facebook Twitter, Josh Jones, Adorno

Poster Design Collection - 100 Years Bauhaus

Poster Design Collection - 100 Years Bauhaus abduzeedoApr 08, 2019 I know you might probably be tired of Bauhaus and all the articles and tributes we post about it since we started the blog. This year is a very special one because we celebrate 100 years since the Bauhaus foundation. Personally, I am a fan of the way they saw the discipline of design and its importance what makes it useful to my work 100 years later. That’s the reason we will post and repost e...
Tags: Design, Germany, Nazis, Berlin, Weimar, Walter Gropius, Dessau, Xavier Esclusa Trias

The minimal and emission-free electric Scrooser has hidden horsepower!

Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser’s minimal looks belie its inner strength! Designed in Germany as a pure and simple electric scooter, Scrooser (how cute is that name, though!) can be configured to use on sidewalks and or private or public streets with ease. Visually speaking, Scrooser stands out with its iconic wide and fat tires and the sleek steel-framed body but hidden underneath the footboard is a portable and mobile 36-volt, 500-watt, Lithium-ion battery that can be easily removed and ...
Tags: Deals, Transportation, Design, Germany, Eu, Product Design, E-scooter, Electric Sccoter, Scrooser

This Is An Ad For Men: Hire More Women In Leadership Roles

The sad truth about gender equality in Germany: Men dominate the management and executive boards – with 91.4%. Time to prove that women belong in leadership too. Based on a data project, L’Oreal Paris collected and analyzed several studies and data sets with results that led to the first cosmetic advertising for men. Simplified infographics with products prove that women belong in... Source
Tags: Design, Germany, Time, Women, Advertising, Beauty, Men, Rights, L'oreal, Inspirations, Oreal Paris, Cosmetics

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