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Japan’s Grand Old Man Of Anime Is Making One Last Film

Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli said in 2013 that he was retiring. Now, aged 80, he’s back at work, the film titled How Do You Live? “I am making this movie,” he says “because I do not have the answer.” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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A Magical Look Inside the Painting Process of Studio Ghibli Artist Kazuo Oga The magic of Studio Ghibli’s films owes much to their characters: the high-flying Princess Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind; the World War I-fighter ace-turned-swine Porco Rosso; the spirited ten-year-old Chihiro, spirited away into the realm of folklore; the dog-raccoon-bear-cat forest spirit known only as Totoro. But to understand what makes these figures come alive, we must remember that they inhabit living worlds. A Ghibli production stan...
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Studio Ghibli Puts Online 400 Images from Eight Classic Films, and Lets You Download Them for Free

Japan’s Studio Ghibli has long been protective of their intellectual property, with Hayao Miyazaki and his team overseeing how their characters are merchandized, as well as carefully making sure foreign distribution of their films stay faithful to the original. (Miyazaki famously--although apocryphally--sent Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein a katana sword along with a note reading “No Cuts,” because the mogul and all-around bad person was notorious for recutting Asian films for western audiences). I...
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Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Releases Free Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings: Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away & More

To a degree that surpasses any other studio in animation history, Studio Ghibli has created a reality of its own. All of its fans around the world appreciate the artistry of its films, directed by such luminaries of Japanese animation as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, and many appreciate it so fervently that they'd prefer to occupy any of Ghibli's worlds to this one. The studio has responded to their desires by not just continuing to produce motion pictures — the "retired" Miyazaki is now at...
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IBLARD – The World Of Inoue Naohisa Art Book Review

If you’re a fan of Ghibli Studio’s animated film Whisper Of The Heart ( 耳をすませば ), you would have come across the art work of fantasy artist/painter Inoue Naoshisa. A graduate of Kanazawa College of Art, and currently a professor at Seian University of Art and Design, Inoue-san is renowned for the art work of his fantasy world IBLARD, with strong influences by Surrealism and Impressionism. This art book explores the artist’s creative influences, his working styles, as well as conversations/dis...
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Wood-cut Style Ghibli Illustrations

This is a beautiful series of illustrations by Bill Mudron inspired by traditional wood-cut prints, depicting characters and scenery from Ghibli films.
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Kazuo Oga

You may not be familiar with the name Kazuo Oga, but if you’re a fan of Ghibli films, then you’ve certainly seen his work in the form of the luscious painted backgrounds. Here are a couple of videos that show him at work, as well as a more general documentary, both with English subtitles.
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Cold in Yokohama

I really love “Cold in Yokohama,” a series of illustrations produced by Tokyo-based Mateusz Urbanowicz. As he explains on this page from his site (which also includes a 20-minute “making of” video), he was inspired by watching Ghibli’s From Up on Poppy Hill, wanting to recreate the Yokohama of that film, that no longer exists. Found via Tokyo Soup.
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