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Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition Watch Is Joy Manifested

Limited edition watches come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they come from a good place, sometimes it is clear they don’t. When I first heard about the Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition I took a moment to get my head around it. While Swatch […] Visit Kenji Chai × BOLDR Venture Chaigo Limited Edition Watch Is Joy Manifested to read the full article.
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New kind of ancient stencil graffiti found in northern Australia

In Australia, ancient Aboriginal rock artists are known for using body parts, plants, and everyday objects as stencils and then blowing pigment across the masked area like spray paint. Recently though, archaeologists found small-scale artwork of characters created using handheld figures seemingly made specifically as stencils. — Read the rest
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The Art of Self-Expression on a Steel Pot: Vintage Photos Showing Graffiti on Soldiers’ Helmets During the Vietnam War

A lot of the soldiers wrote graffiti on their helmets with inscriptions of their attitudes about where they were and why they were there. The military called it the M- I helmet, the troops called it a “steel pot”. The damn thing felt like it weighed half a ton when you first put it on your newly shaved head in basic training or boot camp. It’s a sure bet that not long after the U.S. Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Military, Soldiers, Vietnam, Graffiti, Helmets, POTS, 1960s

Graffiti artist paints sports car to look like a cartoon

Talented graffiti artist Kyle Bryce Monteiro, aka KBMER, painted a Nissan 350Z so it looks like a cartoon. He did it freehand with only spray paint and markers. Don't miss KBMER's other fantastic work posted to his Instagram: @kbmerone View this post on Instagram Check out this @Nissan 350z I painted Initial D animation style using @montanacans and markers for @initialz33 inspired by @animauto #kbmer Follow @kbmautoa...
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Banksy's pro-mask graffiti in London Tube washed away by cleaning crew

Last week, street artist Banksy, disguised as a London Underground cleaner, painted an excellent artwork inside a train car urging people to wear face coverings due to COVID-19. Video below. Turns out though, an actual cleaning crew wiped away the work shortly after it was created. From CNN: The work was removed "some days ago" because it was in violation of [Transport for London]'s "strict anti-graffiti policy," a spokesperson for the transportation agency said in a statement. Even th...
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"Cleaners did not know graffiti on a London Underground train was by world-renowned artist Banksy when they removed it...."

BBC reports.The piece, If You Don't Mask, You Don't Get, was painted inside a Circle Line service carriage. But by the time he unveiled the work on his Instagram account, it had been wiped away by Transport for London (TfL) cleaning crews. A TfL source said: "It was treated like any other graffiti on the network." "The job of the cleaners is to make sure the network is clean, especially given the current climate," they said.... Of course there will be those who say it should have been kept or pr...
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Our art museum — the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art — boarded itself up and has repurposed the utilitarian protection into a surface for painting.

Is it art? That's a boring old question, but is art made under duress art? I think of the writer tortured to write in Stephen King's "Misery." I think of Scheherezade. I think of the old cowboy trick of shooting at a person's feet and shouting "Dance!" (Is the stepping crazily out of the way of bullets properly termed a "dance"?).Ah, but the museum isn't doing the art. It's bringing in the artists and saying Go ahead, draw on my wounds."Stop": "Power": "... fucking for virginity... the path t...
Tags: Art, Law, Police, Stephen King, Museums, Madison, Graffiti, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Murals, Race Consciousness, Ann Althouse

When Luxury Stores Decorate Their Riot Barricades With Protest Art

Upscale companies have been commissioning art for their boarded-up stores in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. The efforts ring hollow.
Tags: Art, News, New York City, Black People, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter, Graffiti, Black Lives Matter Movement, Murals, Misconduct and Shootings, Shutdowns (Institutional, Looting (Crime, George Floyd Protests (2020

When Luxury Brands Pretend That ‘Protest Art’ Is Enough

Upscale companies have been commissioning art for their boarded-up stores in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. The efforts ring hollow.
Tags: Art, News, New York City, Black People, Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter, Graffiti, Black Lives Matter Movement, Murals, Misconduct and Shootings, Shutdowns (Institutional, Looting (Crime, George Floyd Protests (2020

Fascinating short doc about Keith Haring's mural in Melbourne and its stolen signature

In 1984, pioneering street artist Keith Haring painted a mural in Collingwood, Melbourne at a school there. Today, that mural is only one of 31 Haring murals that still exist, but it was almost lost to time and controversy. Above is "Keith Haring Uncovered," a documentary telling the story of Haring's time down under and what happened after he was gone. From CityLab: Collingwood was an industrial, blue-collar neighborhood when Haring arrived, but gentrification has swept through rec...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Amsterdam, Artists, Melbourne, Street Art, Graffiti, Collingwood, Keith Haring, Haring, Collingwood Melbourne, Victorian Heritage Register, Creative Victoria, Antonio Rava

Can Street Artists Survive a City in Lockdown?

Buskers, musicians and muralists have been entertaining London for centuries. But now the capital has gone quiet and the future of their activities looks uncertain.
Tags: Art, Music, London, News, National Health Service, Banksy, Graffiti, Lockdown, Street Performers, London (England

When Banksy has to work from home

"My wife hates it when I work from home," writes Banksy on Instagram.
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What José Parlá, JR and Kunle Martins Learned from Graffiti

Three shows in New York are inspired by a transgressive art form. For Parlá, it’s a mode of aesthetic innovation; for JR, it’s a jumping-off point and a pretense; for Martins, it’s a way to connect past and present.
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Court upholds $6.75M award for graffiti destroyed at 5Pointz

Twenty-one artists will be awarded $6.75 million seven years after suing developer Gerald Wolkoff for whitewashing their work at graffiti art mecca 5Pointz.
Tags: Lawsuit, Design, Steve Jobs, Lifestyle, Radio, Queens, President Barack Obama, Time Magazine, Demolition, Graffiti, Long Island, Select, News Brief, Jonathan Cohen, Gerald Wolkoff, 5pointz

Interview: FUTURA’s Decades of Kinetic Art + Meaningful Collaborations

From the "BREAK" train in the '80s to today's BMW M2, the artist's work continues to move people In 1980, a subway car sped through the Bronx completely covered in the work of Futura (the pseudonym of graffiti writer Lenny McGurr, formerly Futura 2000). It was another breakthrough for the artist—and the art form, as it was an exploration of unmatched proportions, all the while …
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Banksy Is a Control Freak. But He Can’t Control His Legacy.

He’s a master of manipulating the news media and the art market. But will he be remembered as a significant artist?
Tags: Art, News, Germany, European Union, Museums, Auctions, Banksy, Sotheby's, Graffiti, Steve, Stuttgart, Great Britain, Pest Control, Copyrights and Copyright Violations, Lazarides, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Look Mum! I’m a vandal

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A 20-year-old man has ripped Picasso's "Bust of a Woman."

"Man charged over damage to £20m Picasso at Tate Modern/Bust of a Woman was reportedly ripped while gallery was open to public on Saturday" (The Guardian).Attacking artwork is a strange crime. Here's an article from last October in ArtNews, "What Makes Someone Attack a Work of Art? Here Are 9 of the Most Audacious Acts of Art Vandalism—and What Inspired Them." The reasons vary. There's objection to the work of art, that it's something that shouldn't be regarded as art (e.g, the simple modern Bar...
Tags: Art, Crime, Law, Rembrandt, Graffiti, Picasso, Barnett Newman, Ann Althouse, Insanity

Phase 2, an Aerosol Art Innovator, Is Dead at 64

In the early 1970s, the dawn of what became known as hip-hop, he helped shape the art of graffiti on New York City subways. But he hated the word.
Tags: Art, News, New York City, Graffiti, Phase 2, Deaths (Obituaries, Bronx (NYC, Rap and Hip-Hop

Hilariously Polite Graffiti

It’s nice to be nice. When protesting or tagging a wall, remember to be like as polite as Canadians! Source
Tags: Design, Canada, Humor, Graffiti, Inspirations, Polite

Check out this killer Yoshitomo Nara graffiti in NYC bar

In 2009, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara was hanging out with his business manager Tim Blum in the Manhattan bar Niagrara. Nara pulled out a marker and drew some of his fantastic figures on the walls. (Later that night, he did the same thing at a subway station and was promptly arrested.) Last week, one of Nara's paintings sold in a Sotheby's auction for $24.9 million, driving up the value of his other work including this graffiti. According to Blum though, Nara doesn't want anyone to pull out t...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Post, News, Bars, Cnn, Artists, Manhattan, Graffiti, Niagara, Nara, Sotheby, Blum, Yoshitomo Nara, David Schrader, Tim Blum

‘I Have to Get That’: How Henry Chalfant Became a Graffiti Ambassador

The artist’s photographs, a major act of urban historical preservation, are on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Subways, Museums, Graffiti, Henry, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Quinones, Chalfant, Bronx (NYC, Transit Systems, Archives and Records, Henry Chalfant, Lee (1960-

Interview: Multimedia Artist Cey Adams

From NYC graffiti to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and beyond Cey Adams’ bust in the pantheon of New York artists is well-cemented. Queens-born Adams grew up writing graffiti with the likes of Lee Quiñones, Futura, and Haze; and taking part in downtown’s scene, exhibiting alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. After creating logos and designs for friends like the Beastie …
Tags: Art, New York, Design, Interviews, Culture, Brooklyn, Hip-hop, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Queens, Artists, Smithsonian, Street Art, Graffiti, Keith Haring, Adams, Jean Michel Basquiat

Interview: Iconic Documentary Photographer Martha Cooper

From Baltimore to Berlin, a new documentary traces the lesser-known aspects of a legendary career Premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Sydney-based Selina Miles‘ documentary MARTHA: A Picture Story is a thoughtful, smart and tender portrait of a woman whose influence reaches across the world. Best known for the “graffiti bible” Subway Art and Hip Hop Files, documentary photographer Cooper captured now-iconic images from NYC …
Tags: Photography, Japan, Design, Interviews, NYC, Films, Berlin, Culture, Photographers, Sydney, Documentaries, Bronx, Baltimore, Graffiti, Cooper, Martha

Russian Artist Pokras Lampas Takes Over Times Square New York

Pokras Lampas was born in Korolyov, Russia. He is one of the most distinguished representatives of contemporary calligraphy in the world. He started creating graffiti in 2008 and shortly after was inspired by the ‘Calligraffiti’ movement. Later, Pokras Lampas was invited to become an official Calligraffiti ambassador whilst working on his self-developed ‘Calligrafuturism’ style and technique. Source
Tags: New York, Design, Nasdaq, Graffiti, Inspirations, Streetart, Times Square New York, Calligraphy, Calligraffiti, Pokras Lampas, Korolyov Russia

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Improving economy class flights, THC from beer yeast, ancient phallic graffiti and more from around the internet 1970s Feminist Artists Inspired Many Famous Painters That Followed Much of the inspiration for the loud and lauded paintings by men from the ’80s comes from feminist artists a decade earlier—by the likes of Joan Semmel, Maria Lassnig, Betty Tompkins and others. The 1960s and ’70s proved to …
Tags: Art, Design, Nasa, Cannabis, Graffiti, Cbd, Linkaboutit, Link About It, Artsy, Economy Class, Thc, All-women, Feminist Art, Roman Era, Joan Semmel Maria Lassnig Betty Tompkins, Beer Yeast

Ancient Phallic Graffiti Wasn’t For Laughs

A very familiar symbol has been discovered near Hadrian’s Wall (aka Hadrian’s Wall) in Cumbria, England—only this one dates back to 207 AD. The penis-shaped drawing isn’t just juvenile scribbling, however. According to archeologists from Newcastle University, these images are common and used to adorn doorways, walls and jewelry during the Roman Era (753 BC to 476 AD) and symbolized good fortune—and power. “Phallus graffiti, …
Tags: England, Design, History, Culture, Archaeology, Graffiti, Newcastle University, Roman, Cumbria England, Hadrian, Phallic, Roman Era

Berlin’s Very Own Mona Lisa

Berlin can boast some impressive murals, and it’s no surprise that the newest addition to the bunch has drawn immediate attention. The huge version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is impossible to miss. She occupies the side wall of the East Side Hotel in Friedrichshain and presents an interesting contrast to the often abstract artworks from the East Side Gallery, which is just on the opposite side of the street. The Berlin art collective Die Dixons has previously been involved in noteworthy co...
Tags: Art, Europe, Fashion, Berlin, Graffiti, Mona Lisa, Mural, Streetart, Leonardo da Vinci, Dixons, East Side Gallery, Friedrichshain, Warschauer Straße, Alejandro Arretureta, Die Dixons, East Side Hotel

Overlooked No More: The Underground Graffiti Adventures of Dondi

Donald Joseph White, considered a legend before “street art” became popular, turned New York City’s subways into rolling canvases of color, humor and social commentary.
Tags: Art, News, Subways, New York City, Graffiti, Blacks, Dondi, Biographical Information, BHads, Donald Joseph White

Banksy mural stolen from Bataclan in Paris

This weekend, thieves stole the Banksy mural painted on the emergency exit door of the Bataclan concert venue in Paris. The Bataclan is where on November 13, 2015 Islamic State militants launched a terrorist attack by killing 90 people during a Queens of the Stone Age concert before continuing with shootings and suicide bombings that resulted in 130 deaths total and more than 400 injuries. From the BBC News: The theft, which occurred overnight on Friday, involved "a group of hooded individua...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Islamic State, BBC News, Queens, Paris, Banksy, Thieves, Graffiti, Bataclan, Afp, Paris The Bataclan, Bob Pescovitz

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