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The stunning book design behind the new Philip Dick collection

The Folio Society is releasing a limited edition collection of all 118* short stories written by Philip K. Dick — and like a lot of the Folio Society's work, the graphic design is absolutely stunning. Check out the video for more about the process: This limited edition of Philip K. — Read the rest
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ByLwansta: Walking in the shadow of DOOM

Rapper, producer, designer and ardent DOOM fan ByLwansta shares the influence the masked villain had on his craft The post ByLwansta: Walking in the shadow of DOOM appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Drawing, Hip-hop, Eminem, Graphic Design, Friday, Mask, Doom, Branding, Emceeing, Mf Doom, Cover Art, Madvillainy, ByLwansta, Spijønget

8 Top Book Cover Design Trends for 2021

If you want to stand out as an author, your book must have a great cover. Here are the biggest trends in book cover design for 2021.
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The 7 Biggest Packaging Design Trends For 2021

Here are the 7 biggest 2021 packaging design trends that are powerful, relevant, and easily adapted for any business.
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5 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes To Avoid and What to Do Instead

Use these tips and insights to help avoid the top 5 mistakes many authors make when self-publishing a new book.
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How To Use Mood Boards For Brand Identity Design

This article has been contributed by Gabe Nelson. If you’re like most graphic designers, you hate hearing the phrase, “Just work your magic.” Without some specific guidance or any idea of what a client is looking for – or looking to specifically avoid – you could wind up wasting hours of design time without ever creating anything usable. And simply throwing designs at the wall and hoping some “stick” is probably something you’re not eager to try, or waste your valuable time doing. Every web desi...
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Biden-Harris: Here's the typeface they're using.

Typeface nerds, prepare to scrutinize the new logo design of that just-announced Biden-Harris ticket. “The solo Biden campaign logo used the typeface Brother 1816 and the new Biden-Harris campaign logo uses the typeface Decimal,” says Hunter Schwarz [@hunterschwarz]. There have only been four female candidates on major party presidential campaign logos: Ferraro, Palin, Clinton, Harris. — Yello (@yello_zine) August 11, 2020 Writes Hunter: The new Biden logo u...
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A New Issue of The Planetary Report in thousands of mailboxes

This is still one of my favorite projects! The Planetary Report is a quarterly magazine published by The Planetary Society. I have been its art director for the past several years, and we make beautiful, informative art every time! It’s fun to watch your baby head out into the world and be read by thousands of people, keeping them educated and informed about science. Very proud of the work we do on this.
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Milton Glaser, legendary graphic designer, RIP

Milton Glaser, the graphic designer who defined the visual style of the 1960s and 1970s, has died at age 91 of a stroke. Thanks for all the color, Mr. Glaser. You've seen his work everywhere, from the iconic "I NY" graphic for a 1977 tourism campaign to the incredible poster included in Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album in 1967. He was also co-founder of New York magazine. From the New York Times: “We were excited by the very idea that we could use anything in the visual history of hum...
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The revolutionary art of Black Panthers graphic designer Emory Douglas, a short documentary

From 1967 through the 1980s, Emory Douglas was the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary social justice and political organization founded in Oakland, California. Douglas was the art director, designer, and primary artist for The Black Panther Newsletter and created the iconic Black Panther flyers, handouts, and posters. Hw work is as relevant, and as necessary, right now as it was 50 years ago. Art historian, artist, and professor Colette Gaiter referred to Do...
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How to design your next album artwork

Outside of technical requirements, your coverart needs to be eye catching and consistent with the music connected. While the industry standard program to jump to is Photoshop, there are plenty of free tools online to help you design something unique that stands-out with no graphic design experience. Canva have many dedicated templates for album covers. This can be great for designing your cover or promotional material for your social pages. Another useful site to checkout is Unsplash. Unsp...
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Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions From the USSR

Made in collaboration with the Moscow Design Museum, Alexandra Sankova’s Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions From the USSR (out 1 April on Phaidon) chronicles the Cold War-era graphics that accompanied ambitious plans for outer space exploration—most notably the race to the moon. While some images were pulled from popular-science magazines, others take creative liberty in depicting extraterrestrial visits, life found outside of our solar system, and …
Tags: Space, Design, Russia, Graphics, Moscow, Ussr, Graphic Design, Space Race, Soviet Design, Outer Space, Phaidon, Moscow Design Museum, Alexandra Sankova

The 9 Biggest Packaging Design Trends of 2020

Are you giving your packaging design the attention it deserves? You may have an awesome product. But, it’s your packaging that does the selling. That’s why packaging design and package graphics are too vital to be overlooked, thrown together, or left to grow outdated. Your product packaging is on the front line of every product sale. Potential…
Tags: Design, Sales, Color, Graphic Design, Package Design, Design Trends

How to Level Up as A Designer: Interview with Jacob Cass

I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow Aussie, Frank on his G’day Design Life podcast called Two Red Chairs, on how to level up as a designer. Here is Frank’s summary of our chat: “We talk about Jacob’s origin story, having left uni to work with brands like Disney and Nintendo once landing in NYC. We also cover how he came to re-brand a tiny city you’ve probably never heard of… ummm the city of SAN FRANCISCO! ⁣ But what we dive into in the second half of the show is the long-term success h...
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15 Best Affinity Designer Brushes

Developed by Serif, the Affinity Designer program is a vector graphics editor that is one of the strongest competitors to the crown held by the industry-preferred Adobe Illustrator. One of the features that have brought numerous designers to the platform is the ability to either create custom brush packs or modify Illustrator brushes to work with the Affinity software. This has brought the Affinity software to the forefront of the tools designers use. With the excitement surrounding the software...
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25 Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration

While there are many illustration apps available for the iPad, the Procreate App stands alone as one of the most popular for professional and hobbyist illustrators. Companies such as Pixar and Disney use Procreate. Turning the iPad into a drawing table, it is truly a game-changer by providing the same outcome without having to get an expensive desktop or tablet dedicated to digital illustration. To help you navigate all of the amazing options out there, we have brought together the top 25 best P...
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UNDONE’s “Blank” Watch Collection With Topawards Asia

Six designers radically reimagine the brand's wristwatches Historically, wristwatch design has been beholden to function. Wearers had to be able to tell time quickly and easily. As more (or most) people learn the time from their smartphones, the role of the watch has become more personal, either for the sake of ornamentation or self-expression. With that in mind, Topawards Asia tapped six veteran designers—Alan Chan, …
Tags: Asia, Design, Watches, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Noritake, Undone, Watch Design, Theseus Chan, Topawards Asia, Wang Zhi-Hong

Wrappers Delight

Published by FUEL and compiled by Trunk Records owner (and self-proclaimed nostalgia lover) Jonny Trunk, Wrappers Delight features 500+ images of British drink, confectionary, and candy packaging from 1950 through 1980. “Decisions about what to include were based on three parameters set by FUEL and myself,” Trunk writes in the book’s introduction. “1) We had to like the item for nostalgic reasons. 2) We had …
Tags: Books, Design, Trunk, Packaging, Graphic Design, Retro, Food Packaging, Packaging Design, Package Design, Trunk Records, Wrappers Delight

Top 10 Futur Courses to Learn Design & Business

If you run own graphic design firm, improving your skills can not only make you a better graphic designer but also more attractive to potential clients. The business side of your firm may not be your strong suit and that’s ok. Thanks to The Futur, an online website that runs to remove many of the roadblocks people have to continue their education including money, time, and accessibility. With this in mind, we thought that by highlighting the courses that can help you build your skills in either ...
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The 9 Best Courses on Coursera for Designers & Creatives

People are curious by nature and thanks to the internet, anyone curious about a topic or looking to expand their skills or even learn a new skill can take classes online on their time. One of the best options for taking classes online is through Coursera. Coursera offers numerous courses and works with leading universities and companies. With people focusing on self-improvement more than ever these days, we wanted to shine a light on The 9 Best Courses on Coursera for Creatives to give you some ...
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The 2100 Project Maps the Impact of Climate Change Across the Country

To help take the Green New Deal from abstract legislative goals to reality, the University of Pennsylvania's Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology launched The 2100 Project late last year. Culled together from the Center's far-reaching research, the first part of the project is titled "An Atlas for the Green New Deal" and consists of more than 100 visualizations unpacking the intersecting issues that define our time: a changing climate, population growth, and an economic dependence on ex...
Tags: Design, United States, University of Pennsylvania, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Green New Deal, Impact of Climate Change Across the Country, Ian L McHarg

Vaughan Oliver, celebrated 4AD graphic designer, dies aged 62

Self-confessed ‘working class lad from a dull town’ created some of the most revered sleeves in modern popVaughan Oliver, the graphic designer known for his record covers for Pixies, Cocteau Twins and more, has died aged 62.Adrian Shaughnessy, a graphic designer who had worked with Oliver, announced the news on Instagram, saying Oliver had died with his partner Lee by his side. No cause of death has been given. Continue reading...
Tags: Music, Design, Instagram, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Pop and rock, Scott Walker, Graphic Design, David Lynch, Oliver, Lee, Pixies, Vaughan Oliver, Pixies Cocteau Twins, Adrian Shaughnessy

2020 Graphic Design Trends

When looking back at 2019, there were a few trends to get exciting about. From 3D design and typography, Art Deco, and Isometric design to minimalism and open compositions, trends in this industry are rather unpredictable. Some trends like minimalism, color gradients, and heavy fonts seem to be here to stay for at least another year. But what will 2020 bring in matters of graphic design trends? Bannersnack recently peered into the major design trends to come under the spotlight in 2020, and they...
Tags: Design, Trends, Graphic Design, Bannersnack

Design Activism: The Power of an Image

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” And most of us agree. But how many of us are using the full force of graphic design to enhance our presentations? If you are the type of presenter who focuses the majority of your energy on the words you will say, there’s no inherent problem with that. Words are definitely an important part of any presentation. However, the world we live in is increasingly using images to speak for us and to us. One interesting take on the p...
Tags: Facebook, Image, Design, Boston, Graphic Design, HRC, Icon, Logo, Speaking, Noah Scalin, Presentation Design, Hendren, Iconography, Erin Mays, Susanne Koefoed, Presentation Media

Toshi Omagari's Visual History of Arcade Game Typography from the '70s, '80s and '90s

Typography nerds among you: What is the Helvetica…of video game fonts?According to London-based typeface designer Toshi Omagari, it's the 1970s creation known as "Atari Quiz Show:""It was a standard-looking sans serif originally designed in 1976," Omagari told the Better Letters Co. blog, "and went on to be the most frequently used typeface in video game history."Omagari, who works at Monotype UK, should know; he recently published a book documenting the typography of arcade games from the 1970s...
Tags: Design, London, Graphic Design, Omagari, Monotype UK, Toshi Omagari, Better Letters Co

Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug

Covering the years 1950 to 1999, Do You Compute? Selling Tech from the Atomic Age to the Y2K Bug compiles the most memorable tech (specifically computer) advertising of the 20th century. A survey of the advertising industry, study in graphic design and type, and a look at how computers have changed over the years, the book contains images pulled from museums, university archives, and private …
Tags: Books, Design, Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Tech, Computers, Graphic Design

The Best Gear for Graphic Designers (Sorted by Career Level & Price)

Throughout your career as a graphic designer, illustrator or any other creative role you may have, there are generally three mile markers during your career. When you’re just starting out when you’re most likely right out of college. The mid-point in your career where you’ve had some success and have some great clients, but you haven’t reached the level of a seasoned pro. When you’re a seasoned pro, you’ve been working in the field for a good amount of years, have a Rolodex that is bursting at ...
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Touring the Facility Where the Print Magic Happens

Editor of The Planetary Report Emily Lakdawalla joined me today as I approved magazine proofs coming off press. We had a blast, and account manager Gwen Lloyd gave us the grand tour of their print facility. Check it out — Emily filmed some of the fun machines running: Signatures coming off the press — Emily Lakdawalla (@elakdawalla) May 23, 2019 It is invigorating to work with great colleagues, and today’s press proofs once again brought home the value of a good te...
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The Best Pens & Pencils for Designers, Artists & Creatives in 2019

Despite what we may think, for someone who works in a creative space, no piece of tech will replace a quality pen for quick sketches of ideas and projects.  The problem is, like many other product landscapes, the options that are available when it comes to a good pen  are almost endless and can cause headaches and confusion trying to find the best one for your type of work. With that in mind, we wanted to build a guide for designers, artists & illustrators to the best pens available, includ...
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Top 8 Best Monitor Calibrators for Designers in 2019

Searching for the best monitor calibrator? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best monitor calibrators and ranked them, making it easy for you to find the right calibrator for you. And monitor calibration is extremely important as a graphic designer, photographer or creative. The way your images, drawings, and photos look, can either make or break your business. No client would want something that doesn’t look its very best. For many creatives, the best way to ensure that their images are the...
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