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NASA Unveils Two “Galaxy of Horrors” Posters

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has shared two posters featuring the distant exoplanets, HD 189733 b (Rains of Terror) and PSR B1257+12 c (Zombie Worlds). For this series, meant to showcase places “only sophisticated telescopes” can reach, the space agency borrows storylines from famed sci-fi films and pairs them with hypothetical real-life journeys. HD 189733 b is characterized as being “the killer you never …
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How to Make Friends with a Ghost

Intended for readers from four to eight years old, Rebecca Green’s aptly named How to Make Friends with a Ghost details the best technique for becoming pals with a spook. From making them their favorite treats (mud tarts and earwax truffles) to charming them with bedtime stories and serenades, there are plenty of useful tips. Along with whimsical illustrations, the book is sweet, funny and …
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Have an eco-friendly Halloween and aim for zero-waste this October

Holidays and celebrations can take a toll on the environment. Between waste and consumption, Halloween festivities leave behind a giant carbon footprint. But with a little purposeful planning, your holiday can be fun and eco-friendly at the same time.  Go plastic free Obviously plastic is problematic for the planet from the petroleum used in production to the lack of sustainable disposal options. With some foresight you can mostly avoid plastic in favor of alternatives. For costumes, shop lo...
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How to have a plastic-free Halloween

Reducing plastic waste in a world that seems to be wrapped in it is no easy task, and that challenge is multiplied when it comes to holidays. From gift giving to decorations, plastic is everywhere. To avoid it takes a conscientious effort and a plan. With Halloween festivities on the horizon, we’ve put one together for you. When planning for a plastic-free Halloween, remember to encompass all aspects of the event to eliminate the greatest amount of waste. Costumes Trick-or-treating is an imp...
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An Artist Created Stunning Looks For Halloween Inspired By Creepy Movie Characters

According to Laura Nunez: “Hi there! These are a few of my favorite horror movie characters that I have transformed myself into using the magic of makeup. Just in time for the upcoming spookiest holiday of the season. Thank you for your interest and I hope you will enjoy my work.” More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda View this post on Instagram Beetlejucie! Beetlejuice! BEETLEJUICE! Source
Tags: Halloween, Creepy, Design, Makeup, Horror, Inspirations

Hilarious Snaps Show Halloween Costumes In The 1950s And ‘60s

Need to find an impressive Halloween outfit? Just check out these snaps to see. Here below is a hilarious photo collection that shows people in their Halloween costumes in the 1950s and 1960s. h/t: vintag. Source
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Hero Complex Gallery’s NYCC 2019 Artwork for ‘Lost Boys’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Seinfeld’ & More

New York Comic-Con 2019 has come to a close, but if you weren’t able to make it to the Big Apple for the pop culture convention, you can still get your hands on some of the outstanding artwork that debuted there. This year’s collection from Hero Complex Gallery included pieces paying tribute to The Lost Boys, Seinfeld, Starship Troopers, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hellraiser, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Ghostbusters, and more. Check o...
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Go Get Glitter: The Superb Creative Glitter Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Holly Pollack, 23, and Sophia Levy, 24, were childhood besties who both pursued careers as makeup artists. After struggling to get enough work, the pair headed off to Ibiza where they were inspired to to create their own glitter brand. Whether they’re jetting off to Coachella to get influencers festival-ready or being flown to New York for parties, these girls are set for world domination. &# Source
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Artist Sculpted Giant Hay Bales Characters To Celebrate Fall And Halloween

Accrording to Jean Marie Smith:”My name is Jean Marie Smith and I love Halloween! As artist-in-residence at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, every year for the past ten years I’ve created and sculpted/painted hay bale art to bring smiles and joy to children and adults at the Halloween Haunted Hike. After reviewing popular trends and interviewing friends and family, I finally settled on... Source
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Katumba’s annual Halloween parade returns to Liverpool

KATUMBA’S ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARADE RETURNS TO LIVERPOOL CITY CENTRE WITH THE THEME FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT: WHERE THE WORLDS MEET ON SATURDAY 26TH OCTOBER, 2019. Katumba, the largest drum ensemble in the North West, is preparing to bewitch the public’s senses with an all-immersive spectacle, a hybrid of visual performance, theatre & music this Halloween. Having secured […] The post Katumba’s annual Halloween parade returns to Liverpool appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
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Spooky Halloween ornaments painted on outsized lightbulbs

Last year, I posted about the spooky painted lightbulb Halloween ornaments of David "gnarledbranch" Irvine; since then, Irvine has created a new, more ambitious batch. He writes: "Some bulbs I salvage are oversized/too heavy to hang, so I had custom designed wooden stands made and they turn into an 'art object'...some even with a wraparound scene!" The Gnarled Branch [David Irvine/Etsy]
Tags: Art, Halloween, Post, Happy Mutants, Gift Guide, News, Etsy, David, Bright Ideas, Irvine, David Irvine Etsy

Vintage Snapshots Of Freaky Halloween Costumes That Give You A Nightmare

Halloween is a time to dress up as your favorite character and go trick-or-treating. Nowadays, people often dress up as funny or sexy characters, but traditionally, Halloween was a time for the scariest ghouls and creepers to make an appearance. People definitely knew how to stir up a scare in the past. Check out these vintage snapshots of horrifying costumes that people used to wear on Halloween. Source
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The scariest Halloween shirts with 25% discount

Pumpkin spice latte season is here and we`re really glad about that. Tho, since the very first day of October all I have in mind is this holiday that simply... The post The scariest Halloween shirts with 25% discount appeared first on Tshirt-Factory Blog.
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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 2: The Strange Door!

For tonight’s feature, we’re going to 1951 and a team-up of Charles Laughton and Boris Karloff in The Strange Door. But first, for today’s #TrackoftheDay, we go to the classic 1990 Concrete Blonde vampire album, Bloodletting. So, if you were in high school and college around the time this came out, I’m not sure how you could have avoided this. You could have not gotten the full vampiric impact of the album, since its biggest hit was “Joey” (though it’s a damn good song) and also in 1990 the...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Saying goodbye to Kepler, an upstate Witch Camp, Halloween in Tokyo and more in our look around the web Farewell to NASA’s Kepler Telescope Kepler—the beloved NASA telescope responsible for discovering 70% of the 3,800 confirmed “alien worlds” to date—officially met its end yesterday. After nearly a decade of exploration, the telescope ran out of fuel and can no longer transmit data or focus on transient …
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Shibuya’s Impressive Halloween Celebrations

Tokyo—specifically Shibuya—is one big, well-costumed party in a new photo series by Kawasaki-based photographer Ko Sasaki. Over the past decade, Halloween celebrations have been gaining momentum in Japan, and the costumes—ranging from classic to unconventional—are wildly impressive. Visit Afar to see all the corpse brides, witches, aliens and more.
Tags: Costumes, Halloween, Photography, Japan, Design, Culture, Tokyo, Linkaboutit, Kawasaki, Shibuya, Photo Series, Ko Sasaki

Cool Stuff: Pick Up Jason Edmiston’s New ‘Halloween’ Eyes Without a Face Prints

Jason Edmiston is one of the most renowned pop culture artists working today thanks to his famous Eyes Without a Face series of paintings and prints that focus in on the eyes of various characters from film, television, video games and more. Some of his most coveted work has been created in honor of the original Halloween, and now he’s released two new prints in his ongoing series that pay tribute to the new Halloween that has won the box office two weekends in a row. And the good news is they ...
Tags: Art, Halloween, Movies, Horror, Sequels, Universal, Cool Stuff, Jason Edmiston, Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, New Jason Edmiston Halloween Prints Jason Edmiston

Halloween ornaments painted on salvaged lightbulbs

David Irvine (AKA gnarledbranch) sent us a selection of photos of his delightful Halloween ornaments painted on salvaged lightbulbs.
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10 sustainable Halloween decorations for your green home

Halloween is just around the corner, but when it comes to decorating your home for the spooky holiday, it can be a challenge to keep things eco-friendly. Most store-bought decorations are made with non-recyclable plastic and covered in toxic paint or synthetic fabrics. But there is no need for frivolous spending and waste when it comes to decorating for Halloween. There are some great DIY ideas that you can use to upcycle things that are already lying around your house, allowing you to keep you...
Tags: Halloween, Design, Instructables, Courtney Bed, Gurney Halleck Quazie Lenore Edman

Cool Stuff: Hero Complex’s ‘Halloween 40’ Art Show Celebrates The Night He Came Home

This week marks the release of Halloween, the direct sequel to the original 1978 slasher of the same name that turned John Carpenter into a horror legend. Perhaps even more legendary is the killer at the center of the entire Halloween franchise, The Shape himself, Michael Myers. And a new art show from Hero Complex Gallery celebrates the 40th anniversary of the original Halloween and the pure evil killer who has struck terror into the hearts of so many. Check out some of the pieces from the the...
Tags: Art, Halloween, Movies, Horror, Cool Stuff, John Carpenter, Loomis, Laurie, Michael Myers, Hero Complex Gallery, Hero Complex Gallery Halloween, Mondo Bottleneck Gallery

7 most important horror movies: Double-feature edition

This scareful season, make sure to check these seven important horror movies off your to-do list.Already an aficionado of fear? The list offers a double-feature option to pair with each classic horror flick.With apologies to Hereditary, but I haven't seen it yet.It's October! That time of year when we are duty bound to indulge in horror movies till we can't sleep with the closet door ajar. If you're looking to indulge your horror habit, we've collected seven of the most important horror movies t...
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Cool Stuff: Gallery 1988’s Latest Show Features Fictional Products from Movies & Television

Some movies and TV shows are so iconic that even the fake products from them become well known. That’s why Gallery 1988 put together a second edition of their Product Placement show honoring some of the most beloved fake products from film and television. For the Gallery 1988 Product Placement 2018 show, artists like Danny Haas, Dave Perillo, Doug LaRocca, Joel Hunter, Jen Taylor, Nathan Ebersole, Ryan Brinkerhoff and many more creating posters, advertisements and more pay tribute to things lik...
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There’s a Knott’s Scary Farm art show hiding out inside the Halloween haunt

There’s something creepy lurking within Knott’s Scary Farm. An art show. Wander inside the Nautilus shop, which has become the seasonally renamed Bizarre Bazaar, and you will not only find exclusive Scary Farm merchandise but also the art exhibit, “Into the Fog: Tribute to Scary Farm.” Curated by Knott’s show producer Eric Nix, “Into the Fog” boasts nearly 40 pieces, representing 35 artists, including paintings, digital work and sculpture. “The first Knott’s art show happened this past spring du...
Tags: Art, Halloween, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, Amusement Parks, Sephora, Nix, Mary, Brandon, Knott, Knott's Berry Farm, Berry Farm, Buena Park, Jenn Rose, Top Stories LADN

[Freebie] 40+ Halloween Icons, Badges & Banners

Halloween is just around the corner and preparations for the spookiest night have already begun. This year, the folks over at Vexels created this exclusive freebie to give your designs a wicked touch. With these bats, ghosts and skeletons, your Halloween graphics will surely have a fun and unique look. This freebie includes +40 icons in two different styles, as well as badges and banners in neon colors. Everything comes in AI, PDF and isolated transparent PNGs. » Download Free Halloween Freebie ...
Tags: Deals, Halloween, Design, Freebie, Vexels, Deals & Freebies

Buy ‘Halloween’ Prints Signed by Original Poster Artist Before the Classic Returns to Theaters

Fall is almost officially upon us, which means Halloween is just around the corner. That means horror fans are gearing up for a timely rewatch of one of the most revered horror classics of all time. Halloween is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and in addition to a slate-wiping sequel arriving in theaters next month, the original 1978 slasher directed by John Carpenter is returning to select theaters starting on September 27. On top of that, today you have a chance to get your hands ...
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10 adorable DIY Halloween costumes for pets

Halloween is here, which means it’s the best excuse of the year to play dress-up with your pets. In fact, seeing our furry friends in costume have become one of our favorite parts of the spooky holiday—who can say no to a superhero-costumed dog? Of course, while our photogenic pets might not be as excited about their new outfits as we are, it’s important that their adorable ensembles are safe and comfortable for them to wear. If you need help figuring out how to dress up your pet this year, or j...
Tags: Halloween, Design, Animals, Turkey, Features, Leo, Batman, Phoenix, Seymour, Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors, Gryphon, Boston Terrier, Halloween costumes, Chia Pet, Green Halloween

Six Bloody Maria Variations From Herradura's "Legends Challenge": Masterful remixes of the tequila-powered brunch cocktail from some of the best bartenders in the US

The cocktails on signature menus move around as quickly as the bartenders making them. Some sippers have moved on from the longstanding staple Bloody Mary to its tequila-based sibling the Bloody Maria. Last week's Tequila Herradura Legends bartender...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Halloween, Design, Mexico, Alcohol, US, Cocktails, Guadalajara, Tequila, Food-drink, Bloody Mary, Herradura, Mixeddrinks, Dayofthedead, Dialelosmuertos

Five Bloody Maria Variations From Herradura's "Legends Challenge": Masterful remixes of the tequila-powered brunch cocktail from some of the best bartenders in the US

The cocktails on signature menus move around as quickly as the bartenders making them. Some sippers have moved on from the longstanding staple Bloody Mary to its tequila-based sibling the Bloody Maria. Last week's Tequila Herradura Legends bartender...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Halloween, Design, Mexico, Alcohol, US, Cocktails, Guadalajara, Tequila, Food-drink, Bloody Mary, Herradura, Mixeddrinks, Dayofthedead, Dialelosmuertos

Halloween Wreaths by The Grim Wreather: Artist Andy Alexander's hanging sculptures combine the best of several holidays

Born from a love of "Nightmare on Elm Street," artist Andy Alexander's The Grim Wreather is a purveyor of Halloween Wreaths. Just as you might imagine, they're a creepy take on the Christmas holiday version—with skulls, abnormal dolls, eyeballs...... Continue Reading...
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Link About It: Highlights From 2017's Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

Every year the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade brings plenty of joy to New Yorkers, with pooches (and oftentimes their owners) dressed up in all kinds of sweet, silly and clever costumes. This year, of course, was no different—from a pup...... Continue Reading...
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