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The Transitory Influence Of Hemingway

So what can Hemingway tell us about what American writers owe to Hemingway? Whatever that debt is, it’s a lot, according to the various writers and literary scholars who appear as talking heads in the documentary, but they (Edna O’Brien, Tobias Wolff, Mario Vargas Llosa) are fairly long in the tooth, and few young fiction writers would now claim him as a star to steer by. In comparison, the influence of William Faulkner, transfigured in the crucible of Toni Morrison’s genius and legacy, can be ...
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Making The Argument For 1925 As A Literary Watershed

Don’t just salivate over Ulysses, The Wasteland, and the soon-to-come centennial of 1922. Where would modernist English literature be without Great Gatsby? Mrs. Dalloway? John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer? Or Hemingway’s In Our Time? – The New York Times
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How Hemingway felt about fatherhood

Ernest Hemingway was affectionately called “Papa," but what kind of dad was he? In my role as Associate Editor of the Hemingway Letters Project, I spend my time investigating the approximately 6,000 letters sent by Hemingway, 85% of which are now being published for the first time in a multivolume series. The latest volume – the fifth – spans his letters from January 1932 through May 1934 and gives us an intimate look into Hemingway's daily life, not only as a writer and a sportsman, but also a...
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The Creative Differences Between an Office and a Coworking Space

This article was contributed by Kim Burmester, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ATLAS Workbase, a coworking and shared office space in Seattle. — Do you ever feel like those cubicle walls surrounding you are more than just a physical barrier? Do you ever think that if you were to get rid of them you’d feel a lot more free? Those walls act as much more than just separation from you and your coworkers, they can be mental blockers as well. I can speak from personal experience when I say ...
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Creative Differences of Coworking Spaces vs Traditional Offices

This article was contributed by Kim Burmester, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ATLAS Workbase, a coworking and shared office space in Seattle. — Do you ever feel like those cubicle walls surrounding you are more than just a physical barrier? Do you ever think that if you were to get rid of them you’d feel a lot more free? Those walls act as much more than just separation from you and your coworkers, they can be mental blockers as well. I can speak from personal experience when I say ...
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Hemingway Hoped ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ Could Be Made Into A Play. Now, At Last, It Has

The novel was adapted for film three times, but none were considered successes. (Hemingway hated the first one, saying that Spencer Tracy looked more like Gertrude Stein than a Cuban fisherman.) A.E. Hotchner, who was both Papa H’s longtime friend and his biographer (and is now 101), has partnered with his son to make the novel’s first stage version, which opens in Pittsburgh on Feb. 1. — The Observer (UK)
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My Goals for 2019—I Must Be Crazy To Think I Can Do This Much In One Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had another good holiday weekend with a possible day of work mixed in. If you managed to swing another day off today, enjoy. If you’re back at work just remember it’s a short week. As I do with the first post of each year, I want to talk about the year ahead, specifically a few goals I’ve set for 2019 and some of the things I’d like to accomplish this year. Last week I reviewed my goals for 2018 and discovered I finished more than I thought over the previous twel...
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"Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy/He says there’s a crisis in masculinity. Why won’t women — all these wives and witches — just behave?"

Whoa! That's a pretty insulting title for a new NYT article about Jordan Peterson. The article is by Nellie Bowles who spent 2 days with him, with access to his home — check out the unflattering photograph of him in his home — and listening in to his phone calls and following him backstage at a lecture.Wherever he goes, he speaks in sermons about the inevitability of who we must be. “You know you can say, ‘Well isn’t it unfortunate that chaos is represented by the feminine’ — well, it might be u...
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Hemingway's First Short Story Found In Florida

Well, it's the earliest one anyone has found, anyway, and it almost sounds like a parody of itself: "an untitled, previously unknown work that he wrote at the age of 10."
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The Book Fairies Hit Bangkok

Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince. Hemingway's Cat in the Rain. Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie. "Fairies hid copies of these books and more in public places this past weekend as a local launch of The Book Fairies project, an international initiative in which people leave texts for others to discover in cities around the world. After readers […]
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What Hemingway Learned From Miro

It was pretty direct (Miró timed Hemingway's boxing matches, by the way): "Miró models a visual clarity that the writer, for whom the sun was a central symbol, used in the descriptive passages with which so many of his works begin. With Hemingway’s writing, this is not a passive record of the scene, but the […]
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New Theory: Hemingway Suffered From CTE, The Brain Trauma Injury That Football Players Suffer From

Hemingway’s bizarre behavior in his latter years (he rehearsed his death by gunshot in front of dinner guests, for example) has been blamed on iron deficiency, bipolar disorder, attention-seeking and any number of other problems. After researching the writer’s letters, books and hospital visits, Farah is convinced that Hemingway had dementia — made worse by alcoholism and other maladies, but dominated by […]
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Cormac McCarthy - Author, Playwright

The Road has 541,011 ratings and 38,095 reviews. . Keely said: The Road is unsteady and repetitive--now aping Melville, now Hemingway--but it is less
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How The Soviets Recruited Ernest Hemingway

"Why did Soviets focus on Hemingway? He first caught their attention in 1935 by writing for the far left American journal New Masses. His article was an angry denunciation of the U.S. establishment for leaving a large group of veterans, at work on government relief, to die in the path of a hurricane that struck the Florida Keys that year. Then, during the Spanish civil war, he came into contact with Comintern agents, Soviet spies, and communist guerrillas. They intrigued and captivated him, all ...
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Robert Gottlieb: My Life As A Reader

“Not since Max Perkins worked with Hemingway and Fitzgerald has there been a more admired editor than Robert Gottlieb. His has been, he would admit, a privileged and enviable life, which is really just another way of saying that it has been a life filled with books.”
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Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow Returns Elk Antlers He Stole From Hemingway

“‘He was embarrassed that he took them,’ Anita Thompson told The Associated Press on Thursday, noting the deep respect her husband had for Hemingway’s work. ‘He wished he hadn’t taken them. He was young, it was 1964, and he got caught up in the moment.'”
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Feminist art, a waterproof iPhone, what Hunter S. Thompson stole from Hemingway and more in our look at the web

1. The Brooklyn Museum Announces a Year of Feminist Exhibitions Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, the Brooklyn Museum has announced it's launching a year of feminist exhibitions. According to...... Continue Reading...
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Link About It: Hunter S. Thompson's Wife Returns Antlers Stolen From Hemingway

Even after both their deaths, writers Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway are full of surprises. This week, Thompson's wife returned elk antlers that her late husband stole from Hemingway's house way back in 1964. Thompson, who was apparently there...... Continue Reading...
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When America’s Most Famous Journalist Couple Fought Each Other For War Scoops (It Didn’t Help The Marriage)

“Gellhorn and Hemingway first met in 1936 at a bar called Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, Florida. Their relationship blossomed during their coverage of the civil war in Spain. Both were phenomenal writers, known for daring reportage from the battlefield. Their similarities made them natural allies, and passionate competitors, in journalism.”
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How to Fight Self-Doubt When Writing

This article was contributed by Megan Hicks. All writers experience moments of self-doubt when writing. Even the most eloquent and successful writers have moments when they feel that they’ve earned the title Worst Writer in the World. It’s perfectly natural to feel that way sometimes, however, those feelings do have to be put in check so you can overcome them and move on. Here are some ways to work through self-doubt and keep writing. Also see here for how to improve your writing with Stanislavs...
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How The Young Ernest Hemingway Invented ‘Ernest Hemingway’

“When it came to selling copy, Hemingway was one of America’s most versatile leading men, and certainly one of the country’s most fascinating entertainers. By then, everyone had long forgotten one of his earliest roles: unpublished nobody. It was one of the few Hemingway personas that never really suited him. In fact, in the early […]
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Voyage au cœur de l’univers Pinto Paris

Pinto Paris nous a ouvert il y a quelques mois les portes de son showroom pour une visite guidée privée au cœur de son univers coloré, raffiné et empreint d’excellence. Cour intérieure de la Maison Pinto et de Pinto Paris C’est une tache difficile que de résumer Pinto Paris en quelques mots…Chaleureux, solaire, éclectique, intemporel, libre en sont peut être une ébauche pour définir ce dernier, qui crée des collections de mobilier, d’art de la table et d’accessoires dans des matériaux rares, ...
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Exit Lines: Spring Awakening

Spring has arrived in New York, or so it’s rumored. We’re currently in the grip of February weather. So, too, is the theatre season blowing hot and cold, on Broadway and off. Gale force entertainment is on view at Studio 54, where a sensational revival of She Loves Me is brightening the Roundabout Theatre Company’s 50th anniversary season. The original 1963 production was somewhat lost in a shuffle of shows that included Funny Girl and Hello, Dolly!, but the Roundabout revived it in high style i...
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Hemingway’s Forgotten Spanish Civil War Play

“Although not a great play, [The Fifth Column] is a fascinating one for what it tells us about Hemingway himself.” (Which ain’t pretty.)
Tags: Theatre, Hemingway, 03.18.16

Hemingway’s forgotten Spanish civil war play to be produced for only second time ever

The Fifth Column, now revived for the first time in 70 years, is fascinating for what it reveals about the authorNext week the Southwark Playhouse in London will host what will be only the second production in Britain of Ernest Hemingway’s 1937 play, The Fifth Column (the first, produced by Michael Powell, toured in early 1944). Hemingway wrote the play while in Madrid covering the Spanish civil war for the North American Newspaper Alliance. Although the main fighting was by then in the north, M...
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