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Crude, obscene and extraordinary: Jean Dubuffet’s war against good taste

He was the inventor of ‘art brut’ who rebelled against his parents, his teachers and then art itself. Yet the impact of his wild provocative paintings, often culled from graffiti, can still be seen todayWhich great artist of the 20th century has been most influential on the 21st? Neither Picasso nor Matisse, as they have no heirs. And not Marcel Duchamp, however much we genuflect before his urinal. No, the artist of the last century whose ideas are everywhere today was a wine merchant who took s...
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How Holbein left clever clue in portrait to identify Henry VIII’s queen

New evidence shows miniature long held to be of Catherine Howard could depict Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of ClevesCreated in around 1540 by Hans Holbein, court painter to Henry VIII and one of the greatest portraitists of all time, the miniature is a prized treasure in the Royal Collection. But the sitter is unknown, with the artefact long catalogued merely as “Portrait of a Lady, perhaps Catherine Howard”, Henry VIII’s fifth queen.Now, as a result of fresh research, she has been given a new iden...
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Reconsidering the period room as a museum-made object

For those of us used to visiting historical houses and encyclopedic museums, the word “period room” will sound familiar. A period room is a display combining architectural components, pieces of furniture, and decorative objects organized to evoke—and in some rare cases recreate—an interior, very often domestic and dating from a past era.Period rooms were widespread among European museums during the last decades of the nineteenth century, and became popular in North American institutions in the e...
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Judy Chicago on the Beatles: 'They represent things we have lost – hope and freedom'

For Sgt Pepper’s 50th anniversary, the great psychedelic visionary of feminist art has created a giant mop-top mural inspired by Fixing a Hole – a song that sums up what she has spent her entire career doingWhen American artist Judy Chicago accepted an invitation earlier this year from the Tate to paint a large-scale public mural as part of Liverpool’s Sgt Pepper at 50 celebration of the Beatles’ most popular album, she was amused to hear of an exchange between two of the curators involved in th...
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What a difference 400 years makes: the London skyline 1616 v 2016 – interactive

Inspired by Claes Jansz Visscher’s classic engraving of London half a century before the Great Fire, Robin Reynolds has updated the view to the present dayVisscher Redrawn is at London’s Guildhall art gallery until 20 NovemberFifty years before the centre of London was destroyed by the Great Fire, Dutch draughtsman Claes Jansz Visscher’s captured it in his 1616 engraving, View of London – a low-rise cityscape dominated by church spires and steeples.Now the artist Robin Reynolds has updated that ...
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