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Sundance Institute’s Head Of Indigenous Inclusion Reflects On 20 Years Of Programming

Bird Runningwater has built upon the organization’s foundations of Indigenous inclusion, helping to develop a pipeline of Indigenous creative talent and expand their cultural reach across storytelling both in the U.S. and beyond. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Black? Hollywood’s Going To Be All Over It (And Vice Versa)

Yes, Anish Kapoor purchased exclusive rights to the color for visual art, but the entertainment world sees numerous uses for it and has been itching to put it to work. But Vantablack’s complicated application technique has been a hindrance —until a recent, surprisingly simple innovation. – Fast Company
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Looping — Perhaps Hollywood’s Most Surprising, And Most Secretive, Profession

Loopers are the equivalent of extras: they’re voice actors who provide realistic background chatter for just about any setting or subject. And no, you can’t become one: says one insider, “No one gives up their spots. You have to kill someone to get in.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Fantastical Tower Proposed For Heart Of Hollywood

The proposed 22-story glass-skinned office tower would create its own bubble-like world with garden levels open to the elements on the 10th and 17th floors and an enclosed landscaped rooftop with a restaurant, all served by a funicular tram traveling up and down the sides. – Los Angeles Times
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The Emmys Updated List Of Winners

Early wins for Ted Lasso and Mare of Easttown may predict the whole evening, or may not. All of the winners, updating live. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Jane Powell, Wholesome Star Of Classic Movie Musicals, Dead At 91

“An actress and singer who first appeared in movies as a teenager, (she) became a sunny stalwart of Hollywood musicals in the 1940s and 1950s, most notably opposite Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding and Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” – The Washington Post
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‘Negotiated Authenticity’ — What Black Scriptwriters In Hollywood Have Always Been Expected To Provide

That’s how one screenwriter describes the unspoken task she and her Black colleagues usually face: “it’s still white people determining what the Black experience is and then hiring Black writers to ‘authenticate’ it.” Hannah Giorgis looks at those expectations and how Black writers handle them. – The Atlantic
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The Podcast About The Book Reporting On The Massive Flop That Was Bonfire Of The Vanities

Julie Salamon’s book stunned the country – especially Hollywood. It “portrayed the world of big-budget studio filmmaking as a high-stakes battle, in which three mercurial factions — the artists, the executives and the audience — are ever at odds with themselves and each other.” – The New York Times
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How Movies Changed In Response to 9/11

If the terrorist attacks had appeared like a movie, then the immediate response of Hollywood was that films released in the aftermath of the event should not be too much like 9/11. – The Conversation
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The Motion Picture Academy’s Museum Is Opening Way Past Schedule — Thank Goodness

“After spending more time in development hell than any other project in Hollywood, the museum was plagued by more production and budgetary setbacks than Apocalypse Now.” Yet, argues Mary McNamara, the delays have allowed the museum to offer things it couldn’t have otherwise. – Los Angeles Times
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The Motion Picture Academy’s Museum Is Opening Way Past Schedule — Thanks Goodness

“After spending more time in development hell than any other project in Hollywood, the museum was plagued by more production and budgetary setbacks than Apocalypse Now.” Yet, argues Mary McNamara, the delays have allowed the museum to offer things it couldn’t have otherwise. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Motion Picture Academy, Mary McNamara

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition kicks off in LA with drummer Nick Mason

Nick Mason, the drummer of British rock band Pink Floyd, officially kicked off the run of Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains, an immersive exhibition that will run daily through Jan. 9, 2022, at the Vogue Multicultural Museum in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 3. As fans of all ages with opening day tickets lined the sidewalks out on Hollywood Boulevard, Mason took a stroll through the exhibition, which features over 350 Pink Floyd artifacts including oversized stage sets, props and private collectio...
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Is Seeing Live Theatre Worth All Of The COVID Precautions And Stress?

Charles McNulty, in Los Angeles, says yes, but: “Anticipating the stress of the new COVID-19 protocols, I forgot the old stresses, the lunatic driving at Hollywood and Vine, the $25 parking fee (‘credit card only, please’). The woman sitting behind me returned after intermission with a bag of potato chips.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Rise And Fall (And Rise And Fall) Of Jackie Mason

How a bored young rabbi named Yacov Moshe Maza became a Borscht Belt comic, came to Hollywood and got famous, alienated Ed Sullivan and got eclipsed, then came back to become Broadway’s most proficient stand-up comedian. (The article skips his right-wing phase.) – Vulture
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Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit Could Be A Movie Industry Watershed

“At stake is the future of how Hollywood stars negotiate their salaries, and how much they can command. … But the way the drama has unfolded … also reflects the bare-knuckles business environment that has emerged as the industry battles the tiring effect of whipsaw revamping.” – Variety
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A modern desert retreat for the eco-conscious cowboy

It’s the kind of thing movies are made of, but Hollywood isn’t the only one to get inspiration from this region of the vast and open Mojave Desert. Dubbed the Cowboy Modern Desert Eco-Retreat, this home pairs old west inspiration with modern eco-friendly features. Jeremy Levine Design was in charge of the project, a 1,200-square-foot family vacation home on a plot of protected desert between Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneertown, CA. The home includes two bedrooms, two baths, a great room w...
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A New Movie Centered Deaf Actors During Its Creation

Though some in the Deaf community are criticizing the new movie CODA for centering the concerns of a hearing character, the movie is (perhaps shockingly) “the first major Hollywood release to feature multiple Deaf leads, [and] its hearing director, Siân Heder, endeavored to make the set as accessible as possible.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, Sian Heder, 08.13.21

Discovery Network To Sue Poland Over New Media-Ownership Law

This week the country’s parliament passed a bill barring ownership of a broadcaster by any entity outside the EU. Discovery, which owns TVN, Poland’s largest independent network and news outlet, says the law violates that nation’s investment treaty with the US. – The Hollywood Reporter
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The Met Gala is featuring a fully vegan menu for 2021

When models, designers and Hollywood celebrities converge on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute for this year’s exclusive Met Gala, they’ll be snacking on a 100% vegan menu. Ten notable New York chefs will create the plant-based menu for fashion’s most prestigious charity event. If you’re more the sweatpants and t-shirt type, you might not know about this event that’s been called the Super Bowl of fashion. Since 1946, movers and shakers have been showing off their best red carpet...
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Texas Monthly’s Lucrative New Income Stream: Selling Old Articles To Hollywood

The magazine has secured rights deals with film and TV production companies for more than 20 pieces from its archives so far — a sideline expected to earn $1 million this year. – Business Insider
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Jane Withers, Child Star Of Depression-Era Hollywood, 95

Withers was “an antidote to the cloying sweetness of Shirley Temple,” and later became moderately famous as Josephine the Plumber in Comet ads. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Shirley Temple, Josephine, Withers, Jane Withers, 08.08.21

Balanchine As A Character In a Crime Novel

July 1943 happens to coincide with a window in Balanchine’s known itinerary. He might just have worked on this other wartime Hollywood morale-lifter, which MacNeal names “Star-Spangled Canteen”, for the fictitious Gold Brothers Studios. Alastair Macaulay
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Hollywood Takes Down Tribute To DW Griffith

Crews on Thursday night began dismantling two giant white fiberglass elephants, which are part of the complex’s tribute to the Babylon set of D.W. Griffith’s 1916 movie “Intolerance.” – Los Angeles Times
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How DeepFake Voices Are hanging Hollywood

The voice imitation revolution is already here, and artists, technologists and companies in several industries who use the new tech are grappling with the big question of what happens when you separate speech from the speaker. – Los Angeles Times
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A Memoir Of What Hollywood Men Took And Took And Took From A Young Star

Theoretically, things are different in a post-#MeToo Hollywood from when Mena Suvari was a young star. She thinks they should be, and adds, “If I can shave off a summer of suffering for someone, I want to.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Words, Mena Suvari, 07.23.21

Hollywood’s Diversity Problem — In Numbers

The study found that overall, 16.1% of the below-the-line workforce is Latino and 4.7% is Asian American. Both groups are dramatically underrepresented compared with their share of the state population (39.4% and 15.5%, respectively). – Variety Variety
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South Korea Is Becoming A Bigger Player In Hollywood

Korean-language programs have seen a surge in demand following drama “Parasite” winning best picture at last year’s Academy Awards and “Minari” receiving critical acclaim. Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
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Court Throws Out Judge Roy Moore’s Lawsuit Against Sacha Baron Cohen

The former Alabama jurist and Senate candidate sued the actor/mockumentarian over the scene in the Netflix series Who Is America? in which Baron Cohen’s supposed “anti-terrorism expert” wields a supposed “pedophile detector” which goes off as it gets close to Moore. – The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter
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Claim: Streaming Is A Dark Hole That Is Killing Indie Films

Independent filmmakers “need the real curators, the festivals, academies, critics. We need producers who will fight for a voice that is unique, rare, ambitious and challenging.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 07.08.21

How They’re Planning To Televise The Tokyo Olympics Without Fans

Those plans include an “online cheer map” and a “fan video wall” that will be made available to TV rightsholders, and which will also be accessible via the Olympics website. – The Hollywood Reporter
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