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Stage Struck: Gloria Swanson before the pictures got small

Twenty-five years before the hard-bitten Hollywood tale Sunset Boulevard, Swanson played a small-town waitress with a dream to actThe stage on screen: more films about theatreGloria Swanson’s most enduring role is the imperious, bitterly eclipsed screen queen Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. But to fully appreciate Desmond’s faded glory in Billy Wilder’s 1950 noir classic, you need to see Swanson’s silent films. Stage Struck – directed 25 years earlier by Allan Dwan – both revels in and pastic...
Tags: Hollywood, Film, Theatre, Film Industry, Culture, Stage, John, Silent Film, Billy Wilder, Desmond, Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson, Swanson, Norma Desmond, Allan dwan, Sunset Boulevard Swanson

How The Golden Globes Brought On Its Own Demise

“The association has long been considered corrupt by critics and other members of the press, but that’s not what people are really mad about. The HFPA now faces the most serious crisis in its 77-year history because a bunch of separate Hollywood factions led by a lightning brigade of entertainment publicists finally decided to call out the organization they’ve grimly tolerated and secretly hated for so many years under the guise of pushing for more progressive politics.” – New York Magazine ...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Hfpa, 05.14.21

What Happened To AT&T’s Big Warner Media Plans?

They evaporated in the span of three years. One of those was an extremely weird year, to be sure, but three years. “AT&T found itself stretched financially as it simultaneously tried to build a nationwide 5G telephone network while ramping up spending for its year-old streaming service, HBO Max. The proposed deal with Discovery comes just three months after AT&T spun off another troubled asset, El Segundo-based DirecTV.” (But, says the LA Times, the deal will “reshape Hollywood,” again.) – Los ...
Tags: Art, Hbo, Hollywood, Uncategorized, AT T, LA Times, DirecTV, 05.16.21, Big Warner Media Plans

Emily Blunt Is One Of Vanishingly Few Actors Resisting Superhero Movies

It’s rare – incredibly rare – for a Hollywood actor to turn down Marvel or DC. But Blunt said recently, “I don’t know if superheroes are for me. They’re not up my alley. I think it’s been exhausted. We are inundated. It’s not that it’s only the movies, it’s all the TV shows as well.” It’s possible that she speaks for many of us (only without as much income on the line). – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 05.13.21

Hollywood Is Now Producing Companion Podcasts To Movies And TV Series

Why? Money, of course: to put it in business-speak, the companion podcast “offers a new way for creators to diversify IP assets.” What’s the draw? “People want to spend more time thinking and talking about the shows that they’re watching, whether they’re binge-watching it or watching it once a week,” says HBO’s director of podcasts. “It’s on their mind, and it’s a platform that really complements their watching experience.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hbo, Hollywood, Media, Audience, 05.07.21

The Long Checkered Career Of The Golden Globes

Hollywood viewed the awards as meaningless at best and corrupt at worst — most notable for their open bar and the industry perks enjoyed by their some 80 voting members. Jack Mathews, who was a film critic for Newsday, once called them “the best-fed freeloaders in the entertainment industry.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Newsday, Jack Mathews, 05.12.21

Why American Remakes Of Foreign Films Don’t Always Go To Plan

Art house films in particular bear the marks of their specific directors and writers – and that often doesn’t translate (sorry, Another Round and Leo DeCaprio). “This may explain why so many international films optioned for remakes never get made. Paramount’s version of German Oscar nominee Toni Erdmann (2016), DreamWorks’ planned adaptation of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Like Father, Like Son (2013), or Tom Hanks’ U.S. take of A Man Called Ove, the Swedish sleeper from 2015, remain, as of this writing...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Tom Hanks, Dreamworks, Paramount, Leo DeCaprio, Hirokazu Kore eda, Toni Erdmann, 05.06.21

Hollywood Is Hiring Rage Coaches To Teach Awful Execs Some Self-Control

“How to be a better boss is a question that has come under new scrutiny in Hollywood thanks to some high-profile examples of spectacularly bad ones. … In the trickiest coaching situations, a studio or agency’s human resources department hires a coach to work with a reluctant leader. … For those inclined to roll their eyes at the prospect, [a coach] reminds them of what they stand to lose.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 05.06.21

Trying Very Hard To Ask Bruce Dern Interview Questions

“‘Wait a minute, let me tell you about this first,” says Bruce Dern, embarking on what I think is his fifth discursive anecdote in six sentences. ‘Did you ever see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Do you remember when Brad Pitt comes in and tries to wake me up?’ he asks. … ‘So I wake up eventually and start talking. But Brad laughs, which he’s not supposed to do, and Quentin [Tarantino] yells: ‘Cut!’ and says to Brad: ‘What are you doing?’ Brad says: ‘He’s not sticking to the script!’ And Quentin...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Brad Pitt, Brad, Quentin, Bruce Dern, Quentin -LSB- Tarantino, 05.04.21

Verizon Sells The Internet Junkyard (AOL, Yahoo…)

The telecom giant is selling Yahoo, AOL and the remainder of its Verizon Media brands to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in a $5 billion deal announced Monday. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Verizon, Hollywood, Media, Yahoo AOL, Apollo Global Management, Verizon Media, 05.03.21

A Humble Alley Boasts Hollywood History

Can tourists gain more appreciation of the real Hollywood – could the city do more (a lot more) to help them leave invigorated, and not disappointed? Check out the alley: “So many visitors to Hollywood would love to know about this unnamed space — where, in the early, exhilarating, madcap days of moviemaking, three of the greatest Hollywood stars of all time shot parts of three of their greatest films.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 05.01.21

Olympia Dukakis obituary

American stage and screen actor who won an Oscar for her role in the 1987 film MoonstruckAfter more than two decades of distinguished work in the US theatre as an actor, director and teacher, and appearances in a dozen or so films, Olympia Dukakis, who has died aged 89, became hugely famous overnight by winning the best supporting actress Oscar in 1988 for her performance as Cher’s mother in the romantic film Moonstruck (1987).The course of her career suggests that her ambitions never lay in the...
Tags: Hollywood, Film, Theatre, US, World news, US news, Culture, Democrats, Stage, US television, LGBT rights, Broadway, Cher, Tennessee Williams, Olympia Dukakis

Rafe Spall: ‘Madonna came up and started grinding me. A circle formed’

For all the standing ovations, Hollywood roles and parties with stars, nothing beats the rough and tumble of real life for actor Rafe SpallThe play was going well. It was going very well, a Broadway production of Pinter’s Betrayal, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz as a married couple and Rafe Spall as her lover – the last thing Mike Nichols directed before he died. It was a hit; so much so that one night Madonna invited the cast round for dinner. “So I went to dinner,” says Spall.He is tel...
Tags: Hollywood, London, Television, Theatre, Culture, Television & radio, Stage, Broadway, Madonna, Daniel Craig, Rafe Spall, Mike Nichols, Rachel Weisz, Stroud, Lourdes, Rafe

Debord and Wolman—Détournement

Guy Debord and Gil J Wolman "A User's Guide to Détournement" (1956) in Situationist International Anthology (2006) trans. and ed. Ken Knabb pp. 14-21 It is not just returning to the past which is reactionary; even "modern" cultural objectives are ultimately reactionary since they depend on ideological formulations of a past society that has prolonged its death agony to the present. The only historically justified tactic is extremist innovation. (14) Unfortunately it is not only our various und...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Jazz, Appropriation, Griffith, Ku Klux, Stefan Kac, DeBord, Wolman, Détournement, Remix Culture, From A Notebook, Situationists, Debord (guy, Wolman (gil, Gil J Wolman

Great Art Explained: Watch 15 Minute Introductions to Great Works by Warhol, Rothko, Kahlo, Picasso & More

Can great art be explained? Isn’t it a little like explaining a joke? Yet this can be worthwhile when the joke is in a foreign language or an unfamiliar idiom, a long-forgotten dialect or an alien idiolect. Consider, for example, the most common response to Mark Rothko’s monochromatic rectangles: “I don’t get it.” Will perplexed viewers better understand Rothko’s Seagram murals when they learn that “he was found in a pool of blood six by eight feet wide, roughly the size of one of his pa...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Hollywood, London, College, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Warhol, Tate Modern, Monet, Andy, Forbes, Mozart, Payne, Josh Jones, Mark Rothko

Stewart Brand and Brian Eno on “We Are As Gods”

In March 02021, We Are As Gods, the documentary about Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand, premiered at SXSW. As part of the premiere, the documentary’s directors, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, hosted a conversation between Brand and fellow Long Now co-founder Brian Eno. (Eno scored the film, contributing 24 original tracks to the soundtrack.) The full conversation can be watched above. A transcript follows below.   David Alvarado: Hi. My name is David Alvarado. I’m one of the directors fo...
Tags: Art, Video, Hollywood, Stanford, Singapore, India, Future, Mit, David, Army, Siberia, Brian, Volkswagen, West Coast, North America, Brian Eno

Maureen Dowd: Has Hollywood Lost Its Inspiration?

As a Hollywood writer friend of mine said after she watched “Nomadland”: “That was not entertainment. That was Frances McDormand having explosive diarrhea in a plastic bucket on a van.” Not a crop of movies that make you reach for the Junior Mints. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Frances Mcdormand, Audience, Maureen Dowd, 04.25.21

Hollywood’s Anti-Black Bias Is Costing It Billions Of Dollars A Year

For a supposedly capitalist industry, what the heck? A study found that “America’s film industry is the country’s least diverse business sector and that its systemic anti-Black biases cost it at least $10 billion in annual revenue. Black content is undervalued, underdistributed and underfunded, the analysis found. It also found that Black talent has been systematically shut out of creator, producer, director and writer positions. That is despite the fact that films with two or more Black people...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, America, Issues, 04.24.21

Scott Rudin’s Decades Of Power And Damage On Broadway And In Hollywood

At the crux of the matter, there are hints at rottenness that extends far beyond Rudin and his protegés: “Many wondered how artists who consider themselves politically enlightened could be so eager to work with Mr. Rudin, knowing how badly he treated his employees. ‘People are acting like the industry is changing, but the fact that someone like Scott is still in power makes me doubtful of that,’ said Josh Arnon, 25, who worked at Mr. Rudin’s office from October 2018 to August 2019. ‘It’s crazy ...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Broadway, Scott Rudin, Issues, Scott, Rudin, 04.24.21, Josh Arnon

A canvas of nonsense: how Dada reflects a world gone mad through art

Dada is a provocative and surreal art movement born out of the madness of World War I. Tzara, a key Dada theorist, says Dada seeks "to confuse and upset, to shake and jolt" people from their comfort zones.Dada, as all avant-garde art, faces a key problem in how to stay true to its philosophy. In a world gone mad, what can the few sane people left do? What can someone say when there are no words that seem up to the job? How can anyone hope to express ideas so terrible when doing so will only r...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Innovation, Oxford, Philosophy, Silicon Valley, Grayson Perry, Nihilism, Dada, Duchamp, Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters, Hans Richter, Dadaism, Jonny Thomson, Kurt Schwitters Merz

This Year’s Oscars — Disaster In The Making?

There may be fundamental problems with the way the Academy Awards connect with contemporary Hollywood films and their audiences. “For some time the movies nominated for best picture represent only a tiny fraction of the tickets sold – there is chasm between the Oscars and the moviegoing public. The Marvel and DC films are hardly ever up for best picture, or Star Wars, while the Pixar moves are relegated to the animated category, so the pictures that constitute 90% of moviegoing just aren’t ther...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Pixar, Audience

One Week Until We Find Out If The Oscars Ratings Will Hit An All-Time Low

Just as Chloé Zhao seems a near-lock for Best Director, the predictions are … that no one watches this year’s Oscars ceremony. “At a time when the traditional film industry is fighting for its primacy at the center of American culture — with at-home entertainment soaring in popularity and pandemic-battered theater chains closing — a collective shrug for the Oscars would send Hollywood deeper into an identity crisis. And a shrug certainly could happen.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Time Low, Chloe Zhao, 04.18.21

Scott Rudin’s Apology Is Not Enough

Not great: “Broadway producers I spoke to told me that Rudin seems to be sincere about stepping away from the day-to-day running of his megahits, The Book of Mormon and To Kill a Mockingbird, but no one seems to think he’ll be relinquishing his financial stakes. When Broadway resumes, so will his revenue streams.” What can Broadway, and Hollywood, do? – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Theatre, Broadway, Scott Rudin, Rudin, 04.18.21

Please, Someone, Everyone, Save The ArcLight Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome

The flagship theatre was special for multiple reasons, but one is that Hollywood often doesn’t seem very, well, Hollywood. “The ArcLight Hollywood, by contrast, represented the living, breathing movie industry. It accomplished the rare feat of melding Hollywood the real with Hollywood the ideal. With its costume and prop exhibits in the lobby and its Q&As with actors and directors, it showcased one of our city’s top industries in ways that made it shine so brightly that people from all over our...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, Arclight Hollywood, Cinerama Dome, 04.17.21

Wouldn’t It Have Made More Sense For Netflix To Just Buy Sony Pictures Outright?

Last week the video-rental-service-turned-streaming-giant paid an estimated $1 billion for five-year exclusive U.S. rights to Sony’s theatrical releases and right of first refusal for the studio’s direct-to-streaming productions. If Netflix is going to spend that kind of money, shouldn’t it have just bought Sony outright? It’s what many people expected, and all the other major Hollywood studios have been gobbled up by other corporate giants. Josef Adalian explains why a purchase might have made...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Netflix, Sony, Josef Adalian, 04.15.21

One Of The Movie Theater Chains That’s Closing Also Owns Cinerama Technology. What Happens To That Now?

“Pacific Theatres announced on Monday that it would close all of its locations, which include the ArcLight Hollywood and the historic Cinerama Dome. Not as well known is that the theater chain also owns the Cinerama technology. The three-camera filming technique was introduced in 1952 in response to the rise of television, and was virtually obsolete by the time the Cinerama Dome opened on Sunset Boulevard in November 1963.” But there are still some movies made with the technique extant — what w...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Sunset Boulevard, Cinerama Dome, Cinerama, Pacific Theatres, 04.14.21

Producer Scott Rudin, “Monster” Boss

Even as others have been canceled or have dialed back their aggression, Rudin’s behavior has continued unabated, leaving a trail of splintered objects and traumatized employees in his path. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Scott Rudin, Rudin, 04.07.21

“Godzilla” Is A Hit — And It Could Change How Movies Are Distributed

It’s the kind of hybrid release that would have seemed impossible to pull off prior to the pandemic. Today, it’s the clearest indication yet that COVID-19 has forever changed how movies will be distributed. And the results have left Hollywood questioning what the film’s success means for the future of moviegoing. – Baltimore Sun
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Audience, 04.06.21

A Supreme Court Ruling On Computer Code Has Hollywood Worried

“While a copyright dispute about computer code might not seem like a subject of particular consequence for them, an opinion from Justice Stephen Breyer concluding that Google made fair use of copyrighted material will very likely be discussed for quite some time and be invoked in other contexts. As such, a few lines in particular from today’s opinion regarding public benefits and public harms could have many in Hollywood quite tense about a future staked on intellectual property.” – The Hollywo...
Tags: Google, Art, Hollywood, Supreme Court, Issues, Stephen Breyer, 04.05.21, Hollywood Worried

People Love Their Physical Music

Or at least, a Hollywood record store shuttered for many months by the pandemic: “‘We’ve been waiting for a year,’ said Silver Lake resident Kerri Barta, who was near the entrance on the cusp of access. Until COVID-19, a visit to Amoeba was part of the weekly ritual for her and companion Jason Yates. ‘It’s been a big hole in our life.'” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Jason Yates, 04.01.21, Kerri Barta

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