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Experience: I live in the 1990s

We have a Spice Girls calendar on the door and an old VHS player – I watch my Vicar of Dibley box set on itI was born in 1998, at the tail end of the decade I love. Titanic was in cinemas, Britney Spears released … Baby One More Time, Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls and Apple released the bright turquoise iMac computer.I was too young to appreciate those things, but my first home in Mansfield was full of 90s decor. I loved the fun of it. The hallway was decorated in tongue and groove wood pa...
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Mismatch plates and hang art low: 18 ways to create a more beautiful home

Matt Gibberd, founder of high-end architectural estate agency The Modern House, shares his top tipsFor the past 16 years, I have spent my days nosing round other people’s homes like a design-obsessed basset hound. I have been granted access through hundreds of locked doors, perched on wobbly Windsor chairs, and taken tea in stylish studio flats, cleverly converted factories and even a working barge. Throughout all this, I’ve learned a lot. As The Modern House has grown, I’ve discovered that thes...
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Copper-clad Bondi House highlights compact, multi-level living

Armed with a thoughtful combination of natural light, garden outlooks and angled design, this copper-clad townhouse in Australia manages to achieve compact, multi-level living with a deep sense of privacy — despite its location on an exposed corner site. The Bondi House, named for the beachy suburb where it’s located in eastern Sydney, comes from Fox Johnston Architects and has already been shortlisted for the 2021 Australian Interior Design Awards, Houses Awards and the AIA NSW Architecture Awa...
Tags: Design, Privacy, Australia, Sydney, Homes, Landscaping, AIA, Beach, Recyclable Materials, Copper, Courtyard, Rainwater, low VOC, Post-format-gallery, Fox Johnston, Bondi House

Explore the Saltbox Passive House's sweet sustainable design

The Saltbox Passive House is located in Bromont, Quebec, and is a residence for a family of four. The 3100-square-foot home sits in a meadow at the edge of a 2.5-acre wooded plot. Its design combines elements of the local context with energy-efficient strategies to enhance sustainability while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Through the efforts of the architects from Atelier l’Abri, the contractor Construction Rocket and consultants from the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS), the building has...
Tags: Utah, Design, Germany, Homes, Passive House, Quebec, Wood, New England, Leed Platinum, Cedar, Energy Efficient, Post-format-gallery, Saltbox Passive House, Bromont Quebec, Passive House Institute U S PHIUS

Loom House is a first of its kind green home renovation

The 1960s-era Loom House has been extensively renovated. This sustainable, highly modern design pays homage to the home’s decades-old roots. The project was designed by the Miller Hull Partnership, a Seattle-based firm that has made a reputation for itself through green building achievement and sustainable design. Showing off the firm’s sustainability skills, this is the first renovated home in the world to achieve Living Building Challenge Certification. Related: This backyard cottage in Seatt...
Tags: Design, Homes, Seattle, Residential, Puget Sound, Bainbridge, Rainwater, Living Building Challenge, Living Building Challenge Certification, Net Positive, Miller Hull Partnership, Puget, Miller Hull, Loom House, Miller Hull Photography

Viewfinder House combines great views with energy efficiency

In an initial meeting with Faulkner Architects, the client requested every room be oriented towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It took some out-of-the-box thinking, but somehow the design team managed to stay in the box while achieving that goal. Called Viewfinder House, this home is located in Truckee, CA, a launching point for myriad outdoor activities in every season. Even at 7,200 square feet with a pool, the design offers unique architecture and environmentally friendly features. The bod...
Tags: Mountains, Design, California, Architecture, Czech Republic, House, Homes, Energy Efficiency, Insulation, FAULKNER, Pacific Crest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Truckee CA, Glazing, Faulkner Architects, Earth Sheltering

House in the Dunes modernizes an original Gwathmey design

Charles Gwathmey was an influential architect for many decades in the 1900s, so when one of his works showed up in need of renovation in Amagansett, New York, architecture and design studio Worrell Yeung enthusiastically jumped on board. The home, originally known as the Haupt Residence, was constructed in the 1970s and has remained unchanged, standing as an example of Gwathmey’s work. The team at Worrell Yeung approached the project with reverence. Max Worrell, co-founder of Worrell Yeung said...
Tags: Design, Architecture, House, Homes, Wood, Natural Light, Timber, Pine, Cedar, Worrell, Dunes, Amagansett New York, David Hertz Architects, Charles Gwathmey, Worrell Yeung, Gwathmey

A modern desert retreat for the eco-conscious cowboy

It’s the kind of thing movies are made of, but Hollywood isn’t the only one to get inspiration from this region of the vast and open Mojave Desert. Dubbed the Cowboy Modern Desert Eco-Retreat, this home pairs old west inspiration with modern eco-friendly features. Jeremy Levine Design was in charge of the project, a 1,200-square-foot family vacation home on a plot of protected desert between Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneertown, CA. The home includes two bedrooms, two baths, a great room w...
Tags: Hollywood, Design, Homes, Sustainable Design, Levine, Sawtooth Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, Black Hills, Joshua Trees, Pioneertown, Jeremy Levine, David Hertz, Zero-waste Design, Lance Gerber, Resource Conservation Protection

This house by the lake erases the barrier between inside and outside

Designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, this home merges outdoor spaces with indoor living for a multi-generational family in a home known by architecture practice Atelier Starzak Strebicki as “Single family house by the lake.” Located in Poland, this home has a common space in the connected kitchen and dining room for gatherings of any size. Massive windows provide panoramic views of the outdoors, erasing the division between the spaces. The home also provides four bedrooms, one ...
Tags: Design, Homes, Poland, Sustainable Design, Green Architecture, Cantilever House, Starzak Strebicki

This sustainable home has a roof that bends like a leaf

Architecture is more than creating a sound building. It’s a craft that couples personal style and visual appeal with goals for the space. In the case of the Garden House, a project located in Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, it’s a family home that meets the challenges of immersing into the surrounding landscape while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Garden House is more than shelter, although it is built to provide shelter for everyday life and in the case of natural disasters. It’s...
Tags: Design, Homes, Energy Efficiency, Costa Rica, Sustainable Design, Green Architecture, Rainwater Harvesting, Garden House, Sustainable Architecture, Playa Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica, Upper West Side Costa Rica

House Lhotka brings energy-efficient home design to the Czech Republic

Sustainable construction is on the mind of builders, architects, engineers, residential homeowners and businesses around the world. A project by SOA architekti in collaboration with Richter Design reflects this mindset with green design elements and privacy in an open and well-lit home.  Located at Lhotka Prague 4 in the Czech Republic, House Lhotka is unique in the creation of a large home with an easily identifiable and functional central space. The house is purposely divided into four volume...
Tags: Design, Czech Republic, Homes, Sustainable housing, Green Architecture, SOA, Eco-friendly Design, Radiant Cooling, Lhotka Prague, Czech Republic House Lhotka, Minohshinmachi

A Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired green house in Menlo Park

Built on a suburban lot in Menlo Park, California, this home blends into the natural landscape, a beautiful escape from the world. Made with connected pavilions and gorgeous redwood, the home by Butler Armsden Architects (BAA) echoes the clean lines and simple elegance of Frank Lloyd Wright while blending seamlessly into the natural world all around it. Instead of using corridors, the three pavilions are connected with a bridge. This gives the home a distinct and highly unique design that stand...
Tags: Design, California, Hawaii, Homes, FSC, Frank Lloyd Wright, Baa, Leed Platinum, Redwood, Menlo Park, LEED, Menlo Park California, Lloyd Wright, Lewis Butler, Butler Armsden Architects, Butler Armsden Architects BAA

A green roof makes Lazy House a sustainable beauty

Lazy House’s design emphasizes the relationship between house, garden and city. Each element flows together in this beautiful, harmonious home. Part of a new urban area in the Czech Republic, Lazy House is located above the Zlín valley on a slope that connects to the Lazy residential district. With its lower floor base sunk into the slope, the house has a square floor plan with a rotated layout. The house sits facing the north and the valley below to create gorgeous views. Related: 4 green-roof...
Tags: Design, Czech Republic, House, Homes, Insulation, Bamboo, Green Roof, Zlín, Czech Republic Lazy House, Lazy House, Petr Janda

Traumhaus Funari transforms an old military site into affordable housing

Traumhaus Funari is an urban development on the site of a former U.S. military barracks in Germany. The neighborhood design takes a unique approach with a focus on green spaces and pedestrian access, while also creating affordable, diverse and individualized housing. Architectural firm MVRDV aims to redesign the idea of a suburban neighborhood by partnering with Traumhaus, a prefabricated home builder. Putting their strengths together has resulted in a district of homes that owners can help des...
Tags: Design, Germany, Urban Design, Homes, Urban Planning, Affordable Housing, Residential Architecture, MVRDV, Universal design, Traum, Residential Development, Winy Maas MVRDV, Funari, Pedestrian-friendly, Traumhaus Funari, Traumhaus

Minimalist House in Minohshinmachi focuses on nature

The clients for this home in the northernmost part of Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture, wanted the architecture to represent local history and culture while also developing a modern aesthetic in a space that closes the gap between indoors and outdoors. Architect Yasuyuki Kitamura honored the clients’ wishes for a sustainable home that spoke to nature with thin beams on the interior and large windows to invite in natural light and open up the views of the nearby Mount Aogai. Known as the House in Mi...
Tags: Design, Nature, House, Homes, Green Building, Minimalist, Green Architecture, Earthquake Resistant, Minimalist Architecture, Minohshinmachi, Minoh City Osaka Prefecture, Yasuyuki Kitamura, Mount Aogai Known, Masashige Akeda

Self-sufficient Sail House by David Hertz Architects looks like a ship

It’s a nautical home that boasts plenty of space for entertaining plus a self-sufficient design. The Sail House, designed by renowned sustainability architect David Hertz in Los Angeles, was selected as the 2021 Architizer A+Awards Jury Winner for Residential, Private House (XL > 6,000 square feet). Dubbed the Sail House, it’s actually a main house and several guest houses clustered together on Bequia Island, Grenadines, in the Caribbean. Because the Caribbean is a notoriously difficult area to...
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, House, Homes, Hertz, Borneo, Caribbean, Recycled Materials, Off-grid, Rainwater Collection, Tulum, Self-sufficient, David Hertz, David Hertz Architects, Sail House, Bequia Island Grenadines

This island home has a green roof seeded with native, drought-tolerant plants

Lone Madrone is a 1,600-square-foot vacation retreat located on a rocky, south-facing shoreline on Orcas Island, a horseshoe-shaped islet in the San Juan Islands archipelago off Washington state. The home’s green roof is landscaped with a variety of plants and vegetation that are both native and drought-tolerant, a feature that designers hoped would increase the biodiversity value of the area. The home, called Lone Madrone, is built for a family of four and is clad in wood. It utilizes a simple...
Tags: Design, Washington, Hawaii, Homes, Biodiversity, Green Roof, Shoreline, San Juan Islands, Native Plants, Orcas Island, San Juan Islands National Monument, Sean Airhart, Kauhale Kai, Lone Madrone

Prefab holiday home in the Netherlands features transforming rooms

Located on the Dutch island of Texel in the Netherlands, this small holiday home is found just a short walk to the North Sea. Rotterdam-based Orange Architects decided to take a different approach to the villa’s design in order to save space with the use of prefabrication and flexible design. Instead of building separate rooms for different purposes that are divided by walls like a traditional home, the designers incorporated prefab, multifunctional spaces with the ability to divide and transfo...
Tags: Design, Netherlands, Homes, Wood, Vacation Home, Prefab, Skylights, Delft, Texel, Holiday Home, Orange Architects, North Sea Rotterdam, Orange Architects Photography, Sebastian van Damme

New Oakville North additions put pedestrians first

Most master-planned communities take into account things like location to central services and inclusion of a gym, but North Oak at Oakvillage, a multiphase condominium development in Oakville, Canada, builds housing units while incorporating sustainable building practices, too.  Oakvillage is a pedestrian-first community with a focus on connecting to the nearby natural elements of the area. A scenic, 1.5 kilometer multipurpose trail is woven throughout the community. Moreover, onsite trails lea...
Tags: Design, Earth, Canada, Homes, Urban Planning, Geothermal Energy, Condominiums, Pedestrian Friendly, Oakville Canada, New Oakville North, Oakvillage, Sixteen Mile Creek Bronte Creek Natural Park, Lions Valley Park, North Oak, Roya Khaleeli, Innovation for Minto Communities GTA

Habitat for Humanity develops its first 3D-printed home in US

Habitat for Humanity is a long-standing nonprofit whose mission is to provide affordable home ownership to low-income families around the world. Currently, that includes areas of the United States where affordable housing is in short supply. In Tempe, Arizona, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is building its first 3D-printed home on American soil. “This is really a moonshot opportunity for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona,” said Jason Barlow, president and CEO of Habitat Central Arizona...
Tags: Design, Germany, US, United States, 3d Printing, Arizona, Homes, Affordable Housing, 3d-printed Architecture, Leed Platinum, Habitat for Humanity, Clark Park, Goolsby, IBHS, Peri Group, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

Cloudy Courtyard is crystal clear in its historical inspiration

The best architecture tells a story. It honors tradition and culture. It speaks to history. Although it doesn’t require onlookers to understand the heritage behind the design, it does require the architect to have a deep understanding of the traditional elements that define the style. Such is the case with Cloudy Courtyard, a residence and hotel in Shiguan Xiang, Anqing Yuexi, Anhui. Architectural firm One Take Architects recently completed the project, which began with an idea and developed thr...
Tags: Design, Nature, Homes, Bamboo, Natural Ventilation, Hubei, Jiangxi, Ming Dynasty, Huizhou, Historical Architecture, Natural Materials, Indoor Outdoor Living, Anqing, Shiguan Xiang Anqing Yuexi Anhui, Anhui Jiangxi, Yuexi

For sale: Darth Vader helmet house in Houston

When Dr. Jean Cukier decided to build his dream house in Houston, Texas, he grabbed a piece of paper and drew it himself. Cukier loved Star Wars so he took architectural inspiration from Darth Vader's helmet. The 7,000 square-foot, four bedroom/five bath home is now for sale for $4.3 million. — Read the rest
Tags: Star Wars, Post, Real Estate, Design, News, Homes, Darth Vader, Houston, Houston Texas, Cukier, Jean Cukier

For sale: Odd and fantastic San Francisco octagonal home designed by phrenologist

The magnificent Feusier Octagon House in San Francisco is for sale for $8.6 million. Its curious shape was informed by a popular book of the 1850s, "A Home for All; Or, The Gravel Wall and Octagon Mode of Building" by Orson Squire Fowler, a phrenologist who according to SFGATE, "argued that eight-sided homes were better for one's well-being, in part because it meant every room in the house would get sunlight at one point during the day." — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Design, News, San Francisco, Homes, Quackery, SFGATE, Feusier Octagon House, Orson Squire Fowler

Sleep in a far-out UFO that landed in otherworldly Joshua Tree, California

In 1968, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen revealed the Futuro home, a pre-fab fiberglass-reinforced plastic structure just 50 square meters inside. There were fewer than 100 of the homes ever built and 60 to 80 of them survive to this day. (The original Futuro in New Zealand just sold.) — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Design, News, California, Architecture, Homes, New Zealand, Matti Suuronen, Futuro

Birds of a feather

Exotic wildlife and an evolving cast of furniture bring this Georgian home to lifeThis is the house that keeps on giving,” says rug designer Wendy Morrison, who lives in Dunbar, East Lothian, with her family – and lurcher Eddie, as well as some pet chickens and a cockerel, Napoleon – in a Georgian farmhouse. “It has beautiful bones and was built with a lot of thought and love, as Georgian houses tend to be.”Wendy and her husband Gregor, and sons Woody, 15, and Harvey, 12, initially rented the ho...
Tags: Design, France, Scotland, Life and style, Culture, Art and design, Homes, Interiors, Eddie, Napoleon, Wendy, Harvey, Woody, Gregor, Dunbar East Lothian, Wendy Morrison

Far out UFO house for sale

This rare, original Futuro home in Christchurch, New Zealand is up for sale. The good news is you can ship it anywhere! (Unfortunately, it doesn't fly on its own though.) No price is listed. Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, there were fewer than 100 of these prefab tiny homes (50 square meters) were constructed with little more than half surviving to this day. — Read the rest
Tags: Post, Real Estate, Design, News, Architecture, Homes, Houses, Christchurch New Zealand, Matti Suuronen

A midcentury home receives a sensitive renovation in Montreal

Local practice Salem Architecture has recently renovated the Maison Ave Courcelette, a stately, midcentury home with an improved indoor/outdoor connection in the heart of Montreal. Originally constructed in 1947, the house was built with beautiful attention to detail and sculptural, rounded openings — elements that both the architect, Jad Salem, and the owner wanted to preserve and highlight. The resulting transformation achieves those goals while generously opening up the interior to the large ...
Tags: Design, Homes, Salem, Montreal, Canopy, Historic Preservation, Green Renovation, Staircase, Solar Gain, Stone, Midcentury Architecture, Fire Pit, Indoor Outdoor Living, Awning, Maison Ave Courcelette, Jad Salem

ORA inserts a modern home into a romantic brick ruin

When Znojmo-based architecture studio ORA was tapped to reconstruct a fascinating old ruin into a new home in the Czech town of Jevíčko, the young architects quickly decided against a traditional repair. Originally built as a homestead that was converted into a granary during the communist regime, the existing brick building had suffered significant damage. But it still retained a strong architectural character that ORA believed would be lost if a traditional renovation was attempted. Instead, t...
Tags: Design, France, Homes, Energy Efficiency, Insulation, Historic Preservation, Ruins, Recycled Materials, Salvaged Materials, Green Renovation, Adaptive Reuse, Brick Architecture, Ora, Open-plan, Reconstruction, Jevíčko

Gardenhouse in Beverly Hills boasts one of the nations largest green walls

International architectural practice MAD Architects has completed the Gardenhouse, a mixed-use development in Beverly Hills that is the firm’s first project in the U.S. and hosts one of the largest living green walls in the country. Designed to mimic the neighborhood’s lush and hilly landscape, Gardenhouse combines ground-floor commercial space with 18 above-ground residential units that appear to “grow” out of the building’s living green wall. Inspired by a “hillside village,” the residential u...
Tags: Design, California, China, Los Angeles, Homes, Beverly Hills, Vertical Garden, Mad Architects, Mixed-use, Courtyard, Wilshire Boulevard, Drought Tolerant, Darren Bradley, Green Wall, Gabled, Living Wall

This timber-clad cabin appears to hover over an idyllic lake landscape

Rye-based architectural practice RX Architects has completed a charming cabin at the edge of a lake in Brabourne, an English village within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty about a two-hour drive from London. Dubbed the Lake Cabin, the gabled nature retreat is wrapped in natural wood that will develop a patina over time to help blend the building into the landscape. The remote cabin can only be accessed by a woodland trail, which is inaccessible by vehicles and enjoys uninterrup...
Tags: Design, Homes, Lake, Cabin, Lake House, OAK, Douglas Fir, Patina, Timber Cabin, Cantilever, Natural Materials, Gabled, Lake Cabin, Indoor Outdoor Living, London Dubbed the Lake Cabin, Ashley Gendek

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