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University Of Hong Kong To Remove Tiananmen Commemoration

The 23-foot tower of naked bodies twisted together, some mid-scream, was created by Danish sculptor Jens Galschiøt and is the last remaining Tiananmen commemoration on Chinese soil. – Washington Post
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Hong Kong’s Art Market Is Flourishing. But New Security Laws Threaten

Never before has the vitality of the market felt so disconnected from the everyday lives of Hong Kong people. – Artnet
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M+, Hong Kong’s Long-Delayed Contemporary Art Museum, At Last Has An Opening Date

It’s been 18 years since the project was first proposed, and there have been messy conflicts over costs and content (notably over the inclusion of dissident artist Ai Weiwei), but the official opening date is set: November 12. – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
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Police Disassemble Hong Kong’s Tienanmen Massacre Museum

The June 4 Museum, as it’s called, had been closed to the public (presumably on Beijing’s orders) since June. This morning, police were seen entering the building and carting away display and exhibition materials. – The Guardian
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A startup that made 'cow-free' milk and ice-cream will soon launch its own cream cheese

The startup is already seeking regulatory approval in Canada, India, and Europe. Shutterstock Perfect Day, based in California, advocates for animal-free products, free from animal exploitation. They aim to ethically produce milk using a cow's milk gene and reproducing it using a fungus. The firm is already selling ice cream and cheese. At the end of 2021 it plans to sell cream cheese. See more stories on Insider's business page. What if there was an alternative to plant-based mi...
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Under New Censorship Law, Hong Kong May Retroactively Ban Older Films

“Authorities are tightening their grip on the screening of films with a series of censorship law amendments that will include empowering the city’s No. 2 official to ban previously approved productions if they are deemed threats to national security.” – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
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Christie’s Will Open a New Hong Kong Headquarters in 2024

Christie’s will open a new, state-of-the-art Hong Kong headquarters in 2024, following the auction house’s strong results in past years in Asia.“We will evolve from primarily hosting two main auction seasons a year, to programming all year-round,” says Francis Belin, Christie’s Asia Pacific president. Read more at Art Newspaper  
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Hong Kong Book Fair Slims Down With Self-Censorship

This year, far fewer politically sensitive books are on display. Vendors are curating their books carefully to avoid violating the national security law, which Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in June 2020. – The Guardian The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Beijing, Words, 07.15.21

A love from beyond the grave – Kurt Tong on his ‘ghost marriage’ photographs

His latest project, piecing together the story of a bereaved Hong Kong man who wed his dead fiancé, has won an award. The photogapher reveals how it began with the discovery of a trunk of keepsakesAt the centre of Kurt Tong’s elaborate visual narrative Dear Franklin, there is a doomed love story that is also a ghost story. It traces the intertwined lives of Franklin Lung, a man who rose from poor beginnings to become part of Hong Kong’s social elite in the 1940s, and a young woman known only as ...
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Restrictions On Movie Content In China And Hong Kong Put Hollywood In Difficult Position

“As Hollywood faces a deteriorating relationship with China, it appears committed to keeping the flame alive even if that means going to humiliating lengths. … On June 11, Hong Kong authorities announced that any movie deemed ‘a threat to national security’ would henceforth be banned from distribution. … The policy, which mimics mainland rules that already have stifled the film industry in the country and abroad, is certain to affect Hollywood’s limited ability to exercise free speech when it c...
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Hong Kong’s Bookshops Face Tough Choices As Censorship Rules Shift

A lack of clarity about why certain books are suddenly off limits has complicated decisions about which titles to stock. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Words, 06.19.21

Will The Chinese Government Strip Hong Kong Of Its Colonial Markers?

Ultimately, one wonders what item of Hong Kong’s colonial baggage the next publicity-seeker will attempt to steal away. – The Critic
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Issues, 06.21

Hong Kong Police Raid Gallery For Showing “Seditious” Art

They claimed to have received a complaint that the space was exhibiting “seditious” content—a criminal offense under Hong Kong’s controversial new national security law. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Visual, 06.15.21

How Academic Freedom Ends

Just look to Hong Kong, where by the time a group of University of Hong Kong academics gathered in a town hall meeting in May. “The assembled faculty pressed [administrators] on whether HKU would provide legal assistance if they were arrested for allegedly violating the law while working, what to do if students reported professors on a government tip line, and what educators may be forced to teach.” There was no reassurance: “The marching orders to suppress freedoms are being dutifully carried ...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Issues, HKU, University of Hong Kong, 06.06.21

Art Basel Will Take Place In September

A successful Hong Kong venture means Switzerland gets its fair (with new safety protocols, no surprise). – Artnet
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Visual, 06.03.21

Hong Kong’s State Broadcaster Forbidden To Report Political News

“‘We were informed that no political story is allowed,’ says Emily*, an RTHK employee who, along with others interviewed for this article, asked for anonymity to speak freely. ‘We think it’s kind of funny because what isn’t a political story now?'” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Media, Emily, RTHK, 06.02.21

The former chairman of Valentino just sold a Basquiat skull painting at auction for $93.1 million - $40 million more than it was expected to go for

A woman looks at Jean-Michel Basquiat's "In This Case" during a press preview on May 3, 2021 for a Christie's sale New York. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images The cofounder of Valentino just sold a Basquiat painting at auction for $93.1 million, per Bloomberg. The 1983 painting, titled "In This Case," was expected to sell for around $50 million, Christie's auction house said. It's the second-most expensive Basquiat ever sold at auction; the priciest sold for $110.5 mill...
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Beijing, Hong Kong, The Streisand Effect, And The Oscar For Best Documentary Short

“[Anders] Hammer is bemused at the lengths to which China has gone to stop its citizens catching even a brief glimpse of his latest film” — Do Not Split, about the 2019 pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. “In the rest of the world, that move has earned him the type of press coverage he could never have dreamt of.” – The Guardian
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Hong Kong’s New M+ Wants To Be One Of The World’s Great Contemporary Art Museums. Politics May Make That Impossible.

“The [West Kowloon Cultural District Authority] has set M+ the target of being the first museum of its kind in Asia and to be ranked among the top five museums in the world for visual culture. … To achieve such lofty ambitions, M+ needs international credibility. But given growing ideological tensions between China and the West, it is going to be hard for the museum to meet the expectations of its political master as well as an international art world based on the values of liberal democracies....
Tags: Art, Asia, Hong Kong, China, Visual, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, 04.07.21

In Hong Kong, Fears That Beijing Is Coming After The Arts

“Decisions in Hong Kong not to display a politically sensitive photograph in a museum exhibition and not broadcast the annual Academy Awards for the first time in decades have prompted concerns that Beijing’s crackdown on dissent in the city is extending to arts and entertainment.” – AP
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Beijing, Issues, 03.29.21

Under Pressure, Chair Promises That Hong Kong’s Big New Contemporary Art Museum Will Obey China’s National Security Law

The chairman of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, the Lincoln Center-like complex under construction on the harbor, publicly pledged that curators at the District’s flagship museum, M+, will see to it that all exhibitions comply with the law, which prohibits “acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers.” The statement comes after a week of attacks from pro-Beijing newspapers and politicians on the museum, which does not open until later this year. – S...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Beijing, Lincoln Center, Visual, District, South China Morning Post, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, 03.23.21

Beijing Leans On Hong Kong’s Arts Funding Body To Curb ‘Anti-Government’ Work

“The campaign has forced the Arts Development Council into stating it might suspend grants to artists who advocated independence, while additional cultural venues have refused to screen a controversial documentary about the 2019 anti-government protests. The question of what constitutes ‘lawbreaking artworks’ has also been raised in the Legislative Council.” – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Beijing, Issues, Arts Development Council, 03.19.21, Legislative Council South China Morning Post

Bright lights, big city: Hong Kong's neon at night – in pictures

When photographer Pascal Greco discovered neon, he became fascinated with how they brought poetry and magic to the city’s architecture. But now they’re fading away Continue reading...
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Fonts in Use: Enter a Giant Archive of Typography, Featuring 12,618 Typefaces

Type selection is an intensive process that requires intimate knowledge of a brand’s values, audience, competition, voice, and goals. —Fonts in Use, FAQ Fonts in Use is a typography nerd’s dream come true. The 10-year-old independent archive of typography has collected over 17,000 designs, each using at least one of over 12,000 typeface families from more than 3,500 type companies. Each font is contextualized with images depicting them in the wild, on everything from wine labels and storefronts...
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Can Asia Save The Modernist Masterpieces Of Its Many Cities?

The campaigns to save the Hong Kong post office and Modernist buildings in Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan are about more than the structures. “Many of the structures were municipal buildings that served as downtown hubs of civic life. The campaigns, in a sense, are an attempt to preserve the collective memories stored inside.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Japan, Visual, Thailand The Philippines, 12.25.20

'They are willing to sacrifice everything': Ai Weiwei pays tribute to the Hong Kong protesters

The artist’s documentary, Cockroach, tells the inside story of the 2019 demonstrations against mainland China’s brutal clampdown – a tough task when he’s not allowed to returnWhen Ai Weiwei was growing up in China, it was customary for people from the mainland to look down their noses at Hong Kongers. “We thought they had no serious culture. We thought they were colonial subjects only interested in making money and martial arts films. They weren’t political,” the exiled 63-year-old artist recall...
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Chinese Gov’t Is Cracking Down On Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster

“Amid the political turmoil since the pro-democracy movement erupted last year and the national security law was enacted in July, [RTHK] has been under fire from various quarters as the government appears to tighten its grip.” Producers have been taken for questioning, programs have been cancelled, staffers (who are considered civil servants) are being made to take a loyalty oath, and the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China is now played every day before the 8 am news. – Global Vo...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Media, People s Republic of China, 11.13.20

Watching Women Who Wallop

Mahnola Dargis: “I looked to Hong Kong (the great Michelle Yeoh), French nonsense (“La Femme Nikita”) and American exploitation flicks (the indelible Pam Grier), where the punches were in service to braless jiggling. Only recently did I grasp that the behind-the-scenes videos I was looking at were showing women kicking and punching their way to different kinds of female representation.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Media, Michelle Yeoh, Pam Grier, 11.06.20, Mahnola Dargis

Entire Hong Kong Philharmonic Trapped In Island Quarantine

Ever since the bass clarinetist tested positive for the coronavirus, “they have been placed in the same section of the 1,080-room camp [on Lantau Island], each minimally furnished room the size of a standard shipping container. Jamming and group rehearsals are banned, obviously, given that nobody can leave their own rooms.” Here’s how they’re getting through the days. – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, Music, South China Morning Post, Lantau Island, 10.24.20

700-year-old drunken princes scroll fetches £32m in Hong Kong

Painting by government official Ren Renfa bears seals of several Chinese emperorsA 700-year-old Chinese painted scroll from the Yuan dynasty has fetched HK$306.6m (£32.2m) at an auction in Hong Kong.The 6.6ft Five Drunken Princes Returning on Horseback is by Ren Renfa, a renowned Chinese artist and government official. Continue reading...
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