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Gray-and-white kitchen renovation added to the KHS architecture and design portfolio

Wide-angle photo by the homeowner I recently added the KHS Bristol Kitchen renovation to the KHS website portfolio pages. Give it a look if you have a Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
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Cottage kitchens from The New Cottage in The Vine from the Vineyard Gazette

Pick up a copy of The Vine from The Vineyard Gazette for a story I wrote about three cottage kitchens found in my latest book The New Cottage from The Taunton Press. Better yet, pick up a copy of the book ;-) Available at Bunch of Grapes on Martha’s Vineyard, local bookstores near you, and Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
Tags: Design, House, Katie Hutchison, My cottage book, Martha 's Vineyard, Web tours, Taunton Press Better

House Manager, Music Director, Technical Director Positions, More in this Week's BroadwayWorld Classifieds, 10/10

This Week's New Classified Listings on BroadwayWorld for 10102019 include new jobs for those looking to work in the theatre industry. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, House, BroadwayWorld, BWW News Desk

Cabins designed to help you feel one with nature

Cabins have long since had the reputation of being a little wooden structure with basic amenities, meant for plaid-clad angry men who cut off from the world. Well, the plaid-based clothing aside, there is something amazing of being in the lap of nature. Our collection here today reinvents the traditional cabin designs for a modern, even futuristic look. These cabins are designed with meticulous attention to detail, filled with modern-day amenities so you can interact with nature while being comf...
Tags: Home, Mountains, Design, Architecture, House, Norway, Quebec, Lake, Cabin, Product Design, Remote, Vipp, Børge Ousland, Jean Philippe, Varden, Vitznau

Photos of Raymond Loewy's House in Palm Springs

A favorite pastime is raiding Google's archive of previously-unseen Life Magazine photos. There's three pages of film on Raymond Loewy, who was apparently quite the partier (check out his crib, above and below).This, friends, is the Father of Industrial Design's bathroom, circa 1949. Below, Loewy laying in the cut: Behind the wheel of his Lincoln Continental concept car with a plexi roof. The Loewy Crib in Palm Springs featured an indoor/outdoor pool studded with natural rock formations...
Tags: Google, Design, House, Palm Springs, Object Culture, Lincoln Continental, Raymond Loewy, Loewy

Talking Heads Songs Become Midcentury Pulp Novels, Magazines & Advertisements: “Burning Down the House,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and More

Do you like Talking Heads? Writer and visual artist Douglas Coupland once proposed that question as the truest test of whether you belong to the cohort named by his novel Generation X. Coupland's contemporary colleague in letters Jonathan Lethem summed up his own early Talking Heads mania thus: "At the peak, in 1980 or 1981, my identification was so complete that I might have wished to wear the album Fear of Music in place of my head so as to be more clearly seen by those around me." What makes...
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Hidden archives at the National Trust’s Hardmans’ House to be revealed

Hidden archives at the National Trust’s Hardmans’ House to be revealed  The National Trust’s Hardmans’ House – often considered to be one of Liverpool’s hidden gems – is set to finally reveal a huge collection of unseen photographs after being awarded special funding by the National Archives in London. Hidden away on Rodney Street in […] The post Hidden archives at the National Trust’s Hardmans’ House to be revealed appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
Tags: Art, London, News, Top, Liverpool, House, National Archives, National Trust, Rodney Street, Hardman House

Get the KHS Look: Design featuring O&G Studio of Warren, RI

Kitchen addition by Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) featuring O&G stools at the breakfast bar peninsula. (Also note some Oliveira Textiles custom pillows in the “Spiral Tide” pattern on the built-in bench to the left.) Next up in “Get the KHS Look” is O&G Studio furnishings as seen in my book The New Cottage from The Taunton Press and here online in the KHS Touisset Small House renov...
Tags: Design, House, Warren, Taunton Press, Katie Hutchison, Wayland, KHS, KHS Touisset Small House, Get the KHS Look, Warren RI, Katie Hutchison Studio KHS, Oliveira Textiles Here

Get the KHS Look: Design featuring Oliveira Textiles of Bristol, RI

The bolsters, square pillows, and valence on the KHS custom-designed banquette alcove are all created with patterned fabric that’s 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton designed by Oliveira Textiles. The bolster and pillow patterns are titled “Spiral Tide” and “Kelp Me” in a custom colorway to coordinate with the C2 Paint colors that the homeowners and I selected for the renovated open dining/living area. The valance pattern is called “Ripple...
Tags: Design, House, Marvin, Ikea, Bristol, Rhode Island, Katie Hutchison, KHS, Oliveira Textiles, Oliveira, Wenham, Get the KHS Look, Dawn Oilveira, KHS Wenham Ranch

The New Cottage featured in Cottages & Bungalows magazine

I just discovered, a little late, that my recent book The New Cottage from the Taunton Press was featured in the June issue of Cottages & Bungalows magazine. Here’s a PDF of the article. Give it a look if you have a Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
Tags: Design, House, Taunton Press, Katie Hutchison, My cottage book, Cottages Bungalows

REPII House offers expansive modular space with sleek design elements

Modular design is nothing new and continues to grow in popularity as well as functionality. The design has been a growing trend in innovative markets such as converted train cars and storage pods. But not all modular spaces feature modern design, fabulous natural lighting and sleek decor. In fact, the REPII House is a stark contrast to many modular blueprints with the idea that the extra space can be close but not attached to the main unit — and stylish to boot. The REPII House can be used as ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Chile, House, Prefab, Prefabricated, Modular Design, Prefab Housing, Canelones Uruguay, Prefabricated Housing, Bernardo Vivo, Guzmán Trípodi, VivoTripodi, Marcos Guiponi

The "Uber of Live Music" will charge you $1100-1600 to book a house show, pay musicians $100

Sofar Sounds is an "uber for live music" startup that just closed a $25m round of investment for its product, which books house-shows -- where musicians show up and play in your living room for you and your friends -- at $1100-$1600/each. House shows are a staple of indie musicians and a way for people in communities to show their support for bands getting their start, but they are a labor of love that generally lose money for all concerned. How could a company like this ever be profitable ...
Tags: Art, Post, Music, News, San Francisco, House, Gig Economy, Late Stage Capitalism, Guillotine Watch, Sofar Sounds, House Shows, Uberization

Solar-powered Ring House heals a scarred hilltop landscape in Greece

On the southern coast of Crete, Greek architectural firm decaARCHITECTURE has turned a commission for a modern residence into an opportunity for land preservation. Named the Ring House for its rounded shape, the house was created to follow the existing topography and looks like an extension of its hilltop location. The site had been scarred by environmentally insensitive infrastructural development but has now recovered its original morphology and has been replanted with native flora. Located...
Tags: Design, Greece, Architecture, Gallery, House, Solar Power, Crete, Carousel Showcase, Swimming Pool, Contemporary Architecture, Edible Garden, Native Plants, Open-plan, Agia Galini, Rooftop Solar Panels, Microclimate

The best bedroom design trends that can completely change your bedroom look

Let’s get serious. How often do you think about the importance of your bedroom décor and the beds in your home? Our bedroom is a special place where we can switch off and recharge from our busy lives and cuddle with the ones we love. However, it’s sad that often it’s where we spend the least money on because kitchens, bathrooms and sitting rooms take all our attention. However, with you being here means you want to spruce up your bedroom – or at least change something therein. Let’s take a look ...
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Ballet Memphis Finds Its New Artistic Director In-House

“Steven McMahon, 34, was named Artistic Director on Tuesday, taking over half the role occupied by company founder Dorothy Gunther Pugh since 1986. While Pugh will stay on as C.E.O., McMahon will take charge of the artistic and programming decisions and continue to choreograph new works.” He has been with the company as dancer and choreographer for 15 years. – KUAF (Memphis)
Tags: Art, Dance, House, Pugh, McMahon, 05.07.19, Steven McMahon, Dorothy Gunther Pugh

Designing a Living Room? Here’s Our Suggestion For an Evergreen, Organic Design

Are you looking for brand-name, mid  century modern furniture ? Designing a living room is the most joyful part of furnishing a home for most people. This article will present you with a simple, easy-to-assemble sitting area that will please most tastes and styles. These furnishings will never go out of style because they’ve captivated homeowners worldwide for nearly a century. If your knowledge about furniture doesn’t exceed matching colors and styles, allow us to introduce ‘organic’ style fu...
Tags: Home, Food, House, Living Room, Home Improvements, Interior Design, Diy/home, Arne Jacobsen, Noguchi, Evergreen Organic Design, Warren Platner Side Table

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Genre-bending new tunes by some of our favorites this week Collard: Hell Song From his debut album Unholy, “Hell Song” is a genre-bending jam by London-based Collard. With elements of rock, blues, funk and R&B, the track is hazy, sultry and full of Collard’s fiery falsetto. Produced by Zach Nahome, the song will appeal to Prince and D’Angelo fans—but Collard isn’t imitating either of them. …
Tags: Music, Design, London, Disco, Music Videos, Rock, House, World Music, Indie, Blues, Jazz, Rb, Prince, Listenup, Electronic, Collaborations

Finn Juhl's Iconic Grasshopper Chair is Put in Production After More Than 80 Years 

Danish designer Finn Juhl created the Grasshopper chair in 1938 and made two editions for that year's Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. He exhibited them alongside a mobile bar cabinet with illustrations of cocktails hanging on the walls, a setup that was evidently too racy for the more traditional crowd in attendance. Juhl's chairs received no interest during the fair and by the end of it, Juhl decided to buy them from Niels Vodder, the master cabinetmaker who had produced them, to...
Tags: Design, House, Denmark, Copenhagen, Grasshopper, Furniture Design, Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Eero Saarinen, Juhl, Design News, Børge Mogensen, Kaare Klint, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Niels Vodder, House of Finn Juhl

Bioclimatic home curves for optimal daylighting and views in Chile

In an effort to beat the intense Chilean heat without compromising views of Santiago, local architectural firm Biourban Arquitectos has designed a bioclimatic home in La Reina that combines passive solar principles with high energy performance materials. Dubbed the H.D. House, the site-specific dwelling features two floors — each built of different materials with contrasting textures and colors — that are optimized for thermal resistance. The H.D. House’s rectilinear lower floor is built with ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Santiago, Chile, House, Costa Rica, Carousel Showcase, Passive Solar Principles, Pine, Venturi, Reinforced Concrete, La Reina, Bioclimatic, Bioclimatic Architecture, Sunscreens

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Sad bangers, bedroom-pop, house-inflected bops and more this week Kaytranada feat. VanJess: Dysfunctional From CH-favorite Kaytranada, a new track featuring Nigerian-American duo VanJess. “Dysfunctional” features house influences, a precise combination of live and digital percussion, excellent vocal accompaniment and Kaytranada’s trademark bouncy, danceable energy. It’s the producer’s first release of 2019 and could be a teaser for an upcoming album—which would be his first since …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Pop, House, Indie, Island, Listenup, Collaborations, Funk, New Music, Kaytranada, Listen Up, Bedroom Pop

Kaytranada feat. VanJess: Dysfunctional

From CH-favorite Kaytranada, a new track featuring Nigerian-American duo VanJess. “Dysfunctional” features house influences, a precise combination of live and digital percussion, excellent vocal accompaniment and Kaytranada’s trademark bouncy, danceable energy. It’s the producer’s first release of 2019 and could be a teaser for an upcoming album—which would be his first since his 2016 debut.
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, House, Listenup, Electronic, Funk, New Music, Kaytranada

Bizarre House Hangs Perilously Over a Cliff’s Edge in Australia

A five storey modular home clings to the side of a cliff in this conceptual design by Modscape. Entitled the Cliff House, the modular design is a theoretical response to clients who have approached Modscape to explore design options for building modular homes in Australia on extreme parcels of coastal land. More: Modscape Concept h/t: inhabitat Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a... Source
Tags: Design, Australia, Architecture, House, Cliff, Modular, Cliff House, Modscape

SEArch+ Imagines the Future of Life on Mars

Just as NASA announced plans to send astronauts to Mars by 2033, they released the Phase 3 winners of NASA's 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, a multi-part challenge imagining what architecture might look like on the Red Planet that launched back in 2015. SEArch+ was awarded first place for their proposed Mars X House, created in collaboration with robotics company Apis Cor, the first company to develop specialized equipment for 3D-printing entire buildings directly on site. Led by SEArch+ co-fou...
Tags: Design, Future, Nasa, Earth, Architecture, Arkansas, 3d Printing, House, Connecticut, Mars, Yashar, Melodie Yashar Mars X House, Mars Ice House Team Zopherus

Maryland could become the first state to ban plastic foam containers

Last week, the Maryland General Assembly voted 100 to 37 to approve a ban on plastic foam containers. If the bill is approved by Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland will become the first U.S. state to ban such containers because of their harmful impact on human health and the environment. The bill will now go to Republican Governor Larry Hogan for approval. Although Governor Hogan has not yet expressed a position, the bill has enough votes from the House and Senate that it would be able to override ...
Tags: Politics, Design, News, Maryland, Senate, Earth, ESP, Policy, House, Plastic, World Health Organization, Baltimore, Ocean Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Fossil Fuel, State

Contemporary A-frame home soaks up lakeside views in Mexico

On the edge of Lake Avándaro in the Mexican town of Valle de Bravo is House A, a beautiful, contemporary home that’s designed by Mexico City-based architectural firm Metodo in collaboration with Ingeniería Orca to embrace views of the lake. Named after its sharply pitched A-frame construction, the three-story home is built with walls of glass and folding glazed doors to create a seamless connection with the outdoors. A palette of natural materials complement steel and glass elements to create a...
Tags: Design, Sweden, Mexico, Architecture, Gallery, House, Mexico City, Carousel Showcase, Valle De Bravo, Lake Avándaro, Open-plan, Full-height Glazing, Local Materials, Steel Frame, Natural Materials, Solar Radiation

Sure, You Can Play That New Movie At Your Own House – For Three Thousand Dollars

Where previous attempts to serve the one percent by showing new movies to them for a high price, a new venture may work because the founders have decades-long relationships in the industry – they’re not some random kids from Silicon Valley. One says, “We are a niche offering — I’m too old for disruption — but even if a studio makes $25 million to $50 million annually from us, that’s found money.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, House, Silicon Valley, 04.07.19

OREO Game of Thrones

Limited edition Game of Thrones inspired chocolate sandwich OREO cookies. OREO cookies feature Game of Thrones embossments that represent House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark and The Night King. Game of Thrones OREO cookies. #ForTheThrone. #GameofCookies.  House Stark OREO House Targaryen OREO House Lannister OREO The Night King OREO Also check out: Paper Game […]
Tags: Design, Inspiration, House

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From scorching guitar solos to jazzy hip-hop and indie-electro, plenty of new music this week Kishi Bashi: F Delano Upbeat instrumentation envelops the complex subject matter of Kishi Bashi‘s new track “F Delano.” As one may assume, the lyrics address the reputation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt—specifically his perception as a hero in contrast to his use of internment camps for Japanese-Americans. From the singer/songwriter/violinist’s forthcoming …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Hip-hop, House, Indie, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hot Chip, Folk, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Dream Pop, Holy Ghost, Kishi Bashi, Listen Up

Beautiful family home in Western Australia boasts a bevy of passive design features

While it may not exactly be the Little House on the Prairie, Osmington-based Archterra Architects certainly made the most of a beautiful plot of grassland in Western Australia. The architects have unveiled the gorgeous 2,000-square-foot Paddock House that uses solar power, natural materials and several passive features to blend the home into its natural landscape while reducing the residents’ water and energy use. Located on an expansive field of rye grass in Margaret River, Western Australia,...
Tags: Energy, Design, House, Western Australia, Archterra Architects, Interior, Margaret River Western Australia, Little House, Douglas Mark Black, Prairie Osmington, Paddock House, Archterra Architects Via ArchDaily Photography

A prefabricated timber facade envelops a gorgeous glass home on a Norwegian island

Oslo-based firm Atelier Oslo has created a beautiful home for a pair of artists who wanted to enjoy a peaceful retreat on the remote Norwegian island of Skåtøy. Built into the rocky landscape, the design for the House on an Island was inspired by the couple’s desire to find a place for contemplation in nature. The 7,500-square-foot glass cube features a prefabricated timber frame enveloped by a loosely gridded timber facade that filters the sunlight into playful shadows throughout the interior,...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, House, Vancouver, Oslo, Prefabricated, Prefab Housing, CLT, Ivar Kvaal, Nature Inspired Design, Glass Homes, Timber Homes, Concrete Flooring, Prefab Timber Architecture, Eco Designs

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