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Fast Company Previews Rothko Chapel Reopening

Fast Company has a piece on the renovation of the Rothko Chapel in Houston and a look at the space’s improvements. “The Chapel was built with a vision that brought together modern art and a sacred space to promote human unity, solidarity, justice and peace,” says Christopher Rothko, Opening Spaces chairman and the artist’s son. “The universality of this vision […]
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Director of Development – Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS)

THEATRE UNDER THE STARS (TUTS) in Houston, TX invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next Director of Development. The Director of Development is responsible for handling all aspects of strategic fund development and communications as they relate to annual fundraising activities, including, but not limited to: individual giving, major gifts, corporate giving, grants, foundations, planned giving, government funding, and events. The Director of Development will...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New York City, Disney, America, Development, Broadway, Microsoft Office, Little Mermaid, South Pacific, Houston, Board, Houston TX, Public Theater, Rodgers, Hammerstein

Rothko Chapel to Reopen in June

The Rothko Chapel in Houston is set to reopen to the public in June of 2020.  The institution announced its new dates this month, preparing to unveil its restoration work and enhanced security systems. Read more at Rothko Chapel  
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General Manager – Theatre for a New Audience

THEATRE FOR A NEW AUDIENCE (TFANA) in Brooklyn, NY invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next General Manager. The General Manager is a trusted confidant and peer, a top executive who oversees all producing duties within TFANA’s season of plays and humanities activities at TFANA’s permanent home, Polonsky Shakespeare Center (PSC), in the Brooklyn Cultural District. OPPORTUNITY Theatre for a New Audience (TFANA) seeks a savvy and experienced theatre profes...
Tags: Art, Usa, New York, London, Jobs, New York City, Brooklyn, United States, Broadway, Gm, Manhattan, Houston, Lincoln Center, Shakespeare, Jonathan West, Stratford

Aisha Jackson, Taylor Iman Jones, Lexi Lawson and More Set For 54 CELEBRATES WHITNEY HOUSTON

Aisha Jackson Frozen, Waitress, Taylor Iman Jones Head Over Heels, Scotland, PA, and Lexi Lawson Hamilton, In the Heights, will be among those taking part in 54 Celebrates Whitney Houston at Feinstein's54 Below on Sunday, February 2nd at 930PM. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Houston, Whitney Houston, Feinstein, BWW News Desk, Aisha Jackson Taylor Iman Jones Lexi Lawson, Lexi Lawson Hamilton

Tim Crowley Saved Marfa, Texas And Built It Into An International Destination. Is He Now Ruining It?

When Donald Judd, the artist who came to the West Texas desert village and attracted other artists there, died in 1994, he left his foundation with $400 in the bank and Marfa faced doom. Then Crowley, a Houston attorney and developer, and his gallerist wife came to town and pumped a lot of money into it, buying properties, building businesses and bringing in new and prosperous residents. But over the last few years, as Crowley’s plans have gotten bigger and more commercial, many Marfans think t...
Tags: Art, Texas, Houston, Issues, Marfa, Crowley, Donald Judd, West Texas, Marfa Texas, 01.22.20, Tim Crowley

Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact is Two Billion Years Old

The oldest asteroid collision on the planet, the Yarrabubba impact crater in Western Australia, is a whopping 2.229 billion years old. After analyzing minerals at the crater site, researchers have found the asteroid hit at the end of an era called Snowball Earth (one of the planet’s ice ages). Scientists, led by Dr Timmons Erickson (a geochronologist at Houston’s NASA Johnson Space Center), studied around …
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Houston Is Nearly 50% Hispanic. Why Doesn’t The City Have A Major Hispanic Cultural Center?

“Some community leaders … wonder why a city with such a fierce appetite for new parks, public spaces, museums and theaters has not invested in a major facility that acknowledges their significance. Why doesn’t Houston have a Latino cultural center on the scale of, say, the Asia Society Texas Center?” – Houston Chronicle
Tags: Art, Houston, Issues, 01.12.20, Asia Society Texas Center

Artistic Director Of Houston’s Shuttered METdance Launches New Company

METdance, the city’s largest company after Houston Ballet, was disbanded this past summer, having never recovered financially from 2017’s Hurricane Harvey. Before the summer was over, Marlana Doyle had started both a school, the Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston, and the Houston Contemporary Dance Company, which gives its first performances this weekend. – Houston Chronicle
Tags: Art, Dance, Houston, Houston Ballet, 12.12.19, METdance Launches New Company, Marlana Doyle, Institute of Contemporary Dance Houston, Houston Contemporary Dance Company

They’ve Discovered Another Problem At The Rothko Chapel, So Its Reopening Will Be Delayed

“When construction crews dismantled the chapel’s acoustical ceiling tiles this summer to prepare the building for a new skylight, they found the concrete support walls were built without steel reinforcement.” That was permissible back in 1970, when the chapel was built, but it won’t do in today’s Houston, a city ever more vulnerable to ever more powerful hurricanes. Steel rebar reinforcements are being added to all the walls. – Houston Chronicle
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Let’s Paint! Color Brush Strokes Pack for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have a colourful collection of graphics to download this week, courtesy of Fox & Bear. The Let’s Paint! pack contains 101 acrylic paint brush stroke images that can be used to add vibrant artistic effects to your designs. Each paint stroke PNG file has either been photographed or scanned at high-resolution, then processed to remove the background. There’s a variety of strokes, smears and splodges in several colours, all with exceptional detail and realism. Fox & Bear...
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Cancel Culture, Miss Saigon, And Butterfly

Cancel culture is not the same as the rising desire to engage with art’s social implications. But both phenomena are indications of a country that is fundamentally shifting the way it engages with entertainment. As such, the titles in Houston have been criticized for inaccurate and stereotypical portrayals of Asians. Since its premiere in 2017, theater critics have taken issue with the representation of women and Vietnamese people in “Miss Saigon.” And the local production of “Madama Butterfly”...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Houston, Saigon, SJ, 05.03.19

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in The USA

America is a majestic country that annually attracts millions upon millions of tourists to its borders. The country is big, and, because of its importance to our modern history, it is absolutely filled with things to see. For a regular middle-class person that isn’t a citizen of the beautiful United States of America, it may be quite financially challenging to visit all the places that are out there to see. However, what can you do when your honeymoon is approaching, and you want to make it as ...
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Low-income housing in flood zones traps families in harms way

Nearly one out of every 10 low-income housing projects is in a flood zone. In Houston, residents of a government-subsidized complex have sued the landlord, arguing that the subsidy system unfairly traps them in a cycle of devastation with no choice but to continuously return to where their lives are at risk and where they have lost everything — year after year. Half a million Americans live in government subsidized housing that is at direct risk for flooding. This number is modest, because the ...
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Halifax! I'm speaking at Atlseccon on April 24 (then Toronto, Ottawa, Berlin and Houston!)

I'm coming to Halifax to give the closing keynote on day one of Atlseccon on April 24th: it's only my second-ever visit to the city and the first time I've given a talk there, so I really hope you can make it! From there, I'm headed to Toronto, where I'm giving a keynote called The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH on April 29th at the FITC Technology and Creativity Conference. Then I'm appearing at the Ottawa Writers Festival on May 4, presenting my newest book, R...
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Hiring a Director of Marketing & Communications at Society for the Performing Arts in Houston!

The Director of Marketing & Communications will develop, execute and evaluate comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategies for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a non-profit multi-disciplinary presenter in Houston, TX. The Director of Marketing & Communications will develop, execute and evaluate comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategies for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a non-profit multi-disciplinary presenter in Houston, TX. Requiring solid strat...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Houston, National Geographic, Marketing Communications, Communications at Society for the Performing Arts, Society for the Performing Arts SPA, Director of Marketing Communications

André Previn And The Houston Symphony Were Not A Match Made In Heaven

The year was 1966. “It seemed full of promise. Houston, the vibrant, growing city that had become the center of manned spaceflight and medicine, and André Previn, the wunderkind Oscar winner who toiled in the world of jazz and classical music.” Then came the drop in ticket sales, and the disastrous tour. – Houston Chronicle
Tags: Art, Music, Oscar, Houston, Andre Previn, 03.01.19

Rothko Chapel Prepares for $30 Million Renovation

The Rothko Chapel in Houston will close for the first step of a $30 million restoration and campus expansion by Architecture Research Office. “We’re trying to restore the sanctity of the chapel, very close to what my father had intended for the space,” says Christopher Rothko, the artist’s son who is steering the building committee and capital campaign. Read […]
Tags: Art, News, Houston, Art News, Minipost, Rothko Chapel, Architecture Research Office, Christopher Rothko

New Conservation Center & Stellar Van Gogh Show: David Bomford’s Last Hurrahs at MFA, Houston

Gary Tinterow, director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has a knack for attracting distinguished staff. After Gary’s homecoming to Houston (where he grew up), to assume the MFAH’s directorship in 2012, one of his first and best hires was David Bomford, who became chairman of conservation and curator of European art. — Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Houston, Van Gogh, Ajblogs, Gary, MFA, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, MFAH, Gary Tinterow, 02.12.19, David Bomford

January linkfest

You’re probably heard of babies named after brands: Porsche, Chanel, Armani, and, lest we forget, Tiffany. Now the Baby Name Wizard blog tells us about three baby names from the 1980s and 1990s that were inspired by TV advertising. * On the other hand, you could name your offspring after a tech company or product. You wouldn’t be alone. (CNBC) * It’s the last call for words of the year for 2018: Lynne Murphy pronounces “MSM” the US-to-UK WotY and “whilst” its UK-to-US equivalent. (I ma...
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Website Design Tips For Beginners

Designing a successful business website takes skill and knowledge.  There are several designing techniques which have been proven effective by many other businesses over the past decade. Becoming familiar with foundational design tactics will help you develop your business website into a traffic driving machine.  Start your research efforts now, and check out a brief article featuring some of the most important design tactics for successful business websites this year. Navigation is a base struc...
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Our Fears As Expressed By The Lessons Of Other Cities

Our deepest anxieties about the future of where we live are embodied in other cities — in Portlandification, Brooklynification, Manhattanization. The comparison is seldom a compliment. You don’t want to become Manhattan (too dense), Portland (too twee), Boston (too expensive), Seattle (too tech-y), Houston (too sprawling), Los Angeles (too congested), Las Vegas (too speculative), Chicago (too indebted). – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle, Issues, 12.26.18

Actor-Director-Writer Peter Masterson (‘Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’) Dead At 84

He played key supporting roles in The Stepford Wives, In The Heat of the Night, and The Exorcist, and he directed the film adaptation of The Trip to Bountiful, but his biggest impact was probably with his musical about a brothel called The Chicken Ranch. — Houston Chronicle
Tags: Art, Texas, People, Houston, Peter Masterson, 12.19.18

Grab Headphones, Listen to Something You've Never Heard Before: The Sound of Wind on Mars

Thanks to NASA, we've all seen photos of Mars. It's red, dusty and featureless, so some of you jerks might now be bored by the miraculous spectacle brought to us by those eggheads in Houston. Well, now they've upped their game, equipping their InSight Lander, which is currently hanging out on the red planet, with an air pressure sensor that can record air vibrations. They've also given it a seismometer that can record "lander vibrations caused by the wind moving over the spacecraft's solar pa...
Tags: Design, Tech, Nasa, Mars, Houston, Imperial College London, Ibiza, Pasadena California, Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL, Bruce Banerdt, Tom Pike

Canada Gallery Moves to TriBeCa

Canada Gallery will leave the Lower East Side for TriBeCa, Art News reports, setting up at 60 Lispenard Street, just below Houston between Church and Lafayette. “Sometimes being on the earlier end of everyone’s lease coming up, you are kind of at an advantage,” co-founder Phil Grauer says. “This place in Tribeca was one of […]
Tags: Art, News, Canada, Lafayette, Houston, Art News, Minipost, Tribeca, Lower East Side, Lispenard Street, Canada Gallery, TriBeCa Art News, Phil Grauer

Critic’s Notebook: Menil’s New Drawing Institute: A Full-Service Home for Fragile Art

There’s more to love, with reservations, in the Houston museum’s Drawing Institute and its extraordinary inaugural show of Jasper Johns works.
Tags: Art, Design, News, Museums, Jasper, Houston, Jasper Johns, Johns, Menil Collection, Drawing Institute, Menil Drawing Institute, Menil

As Confederate Monuments Come Down, Whom Should 21st-Century Monuments Honor?

“What should a contemporary monument look like? Who deserves to go up on a pedestal? Should there be a pedestal at all? Five artists, or groups of artists, from each of the five cities involved in New Monuments for New Cities were invited to respond to the questions and to create a poster or projection of their ideal monument. The same 25 designs will travel to each location: Houston; Austin, Tex.; Chicago; Toronto; and New York.”
Tags: Art, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Visual, Austin Tex, 11.28.18

The Things You Find Behind Doors, Like A Velazquez

In recent days, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has rehung a painting called Kitchen Maid (c. 1620) with a new label, “attributed to Velazquez.” The work used to hang in its decorative arts mansion, Rienzi, partially blocked by a door! At that point, it was labeled “in the style of Diego Velázquez.”
Tags: Art, Houston, Ajblogs, Velázquez, Museum of Fine Arts, Rienzi, 11.19.18

Does Philadelphia Really Need Another Building For Contemporary Art?

In its two years of existence so far, Philadelphia Contemporary has run a very successful program of exhibitions and performances without any single building or address. (Director Harry Philbrick works out of cafés.) Now the organization has announced not only that it’s getting itself a building, but that it has hired the architect of Houston’s new Menil Drawing Center. The problem? No site and no money. Inga Saffron is skeptical.
Tags: Art, Philadelphia, Houston, Visual, Harry Philbrick, Philadelphia Contemporary, Inga Saffron, 11.08.18

Houston Museum Attributes Painting to Velázquez

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has reattributed a work in its collection to Diego Velázquez, citing recent research after a cleaning in San Antonio. “The first moment I saw it, I believed,” Katherine Luber, the San Antonio museum’s director, says. Read more at Art Newspape
Tags: Art, News, Houston, San Antonio, Art News, Minipost, Diego Velázquez, Velázquez, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Museum Attributes Painting, Katherine Luber

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