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This AI's only function is to draw penises

DICK-RNN is a neural network trained with 10,000 doodles of dicks. When you start drawing a shape, the AI will turn it into a penis as best it can. Try it. For the technical background and conceptual inspiration: GitHub page for DICK-RNN
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Machine Learning, Ai, Neural Networks, Dick RNN, Phallic Symbols

Edward Gorey's new book reviewed by Mark Dery

"The Angel, The Automobilist, and Eighteen Others" is a new collection of early drawings by eccentric illustrator and storyteller Edward Gorey (1925-2000). Over at The Comics Journal, Mark Dery, author of the Gorey biography Born to Be Posthumous, reviews the slim new volume while considering where Gorey's odd oeuvre sits (or doesn't) in the comic book tradition. Dery writes: [Gorey's] library, at the time of his death, included anthologies of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Gary Lars...
Tags: Art, Post, Books, Comics, News, Illustration, Batman, Asterix, Calvin, Max, Edward Gorey, Gorey, Moritz, Dery, Heller, McCloud

Studio Ghibli released magnificent free backgrounds for videoconferencing

Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli has released stunning free backgrounds for videoconferencing software like Zoom. Change your set and setting to Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, and four other enchanting film scenes. Download them here: "Studio Ghibli wallpaper that can be used for web conferences" (via Open Culture)
Tags: Art, Post, News, Illustration, Animation, Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Zoom, Videoconferencing, Mononoke Castle

When Banksy has to work from home

"My wife hates it when I work from home," writes Banksy on Instagram.
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Recently discovered: Eiffel's drawings for a slightly different Statue of Liberty

In 2018, Barry Lawrence Ruderman, a rare map dealer from California, bought a folder of documents and blueprints related to the Statue of Liberty. What they didn't realize is that the lot contained almost two dozen original engineering drawings for the Statue produced by Gustav Eiffel's workshop. Ruderman and Alex Clausen, director of Ruderman's gallery, hope to eventually show the drawings at a museum but for now you can inspect scans they posted online. Greg Miller writes in Smithsonian: ...
Tags: Art, Post, New York, Design, News, California, New York City, Architecture, Engineering, Illustration, Smithsonian, Statues, Eiffel, Greg Miller, Berenson, Ruderman

Video: Behind the scenes of the Astro Boy anime (1963)

Osamu Tezuka's iconic Astro Boy TV series premiered on New Year's Day, 1963. (First episode below.) By some accounts, the cartoon was watched at its most popular point by 40% of Japanese people with a TV. I love watching cartoonists draw familiar characters and the above behind-the-scenes footage from the Astro Boy production is a real delight. (via r/ObscureMedia)
Tags: Art, Video, News, Illustration, Cartooning, Cartoons, Anime, Illustrations, Osamu Tezuka

OWL WISDOM – Love and Tea

Breathe, movement, thought, feeling, love. Peace. Presence. Drink, Love. Be one with it. J.R. Cook Image provided and copyright held by autho
Tags: Tea, Art, Illustration, Art & Design, Love and Tea

Enjoy this rather weird social distancing flipbook animation

Keep on doing your part by staying inside and keeping a safe distance from one another. For those who don’t have that option for whatever reason...thank you and stay safe #FlattenTheCuve #QuaratineLife— The Flippist (@TheFlippist) March 21, 2020 The Flippist presents "Social Distancing... A Flipbook," inspired by Kirsten Lepore's wonderful "Hi Stranger" (2017) and Juan Delcan's "Safety Match" (2020).
Tags: Art, Video, News, Weird, Illustration, Animation, Kirsten Lepore, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Flipbooks, Juan Delcan

Eye candy for Today: Jean Giraud illustration

Mystere Montrouge, plate 10, Jean Giraud This is an image from a portfolio of prints published in 2001 by Jean (Moebius) Giraud. Dreamlike, inventive and striking, it’s yet another wonderful example of his line and color approach, without the spotted blacks and feathering characteristic of American comics art. Note the subtle gradations in the face and headdress. I found this copy of the image posted on Reddit  
Tags: Art, Comics, Illustration, Jean Giraud, Jean Moebius Giraud Dreamlike

40 Punchy Designs and Illustrations with a Boxing Theme

I have made inspiration showcases for all kinds of design subjects, but one theme I least expected to provide such a variety of artistic styles was the sport of Boxing! This hard-hitting roundup features packaging designs with mustache-wielding vintage fighters, fan art for legendary boxing athletes, abstract character illustrations, and reimagined film posters for your favourite Rocky movies for some knock-out design inspiration to give you a creative hit. Prime Tyson by Gian Galang Thri...
Tags: Design, Roundup, Inspiration, Articles, Beijing, Munich, Illustration, Boxing, Jack Davis, Manila, Anthony Petrie, Showcase, Tyson, Design Inspiration, DAN Gartman, Boxing Illustrations

Studio Visit: Illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli

Connecting with the talented artist ahead of her talk at Design Indaba Olimpia Zagnoli stands as one of the most important Italian editorial illustrators of her generation. Her style—bold, playful and immediately recognizable—has graced the cover of The New Yorker, within the pages of La Repubblica, on fabrics for Marella, or as part of a Prada campaign. We were delighted to visit Zagnoli at her …
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Animated David Shrigley Paintings in the Sketch App

London’s Sketch restaurant is sought out for more than its menu; its sci-fi, egg-shaped toilet pods and beloved David Shrigley paintings attract an audience, too. Now the Mayfair eatery has added an augmented reality element to the experience. The restaurant’s new app—developed by Hato—allows Shrigley’s artwork “to break free from its frames on the walls and invade your surroundings.” There are 15 Shrigley illustrations available …
Tags: Art, Apps, Design, London, Restaurants, Painting, Tech, Illustration, Artists, Augmented Reality, Sketch, David Shrigley, Linkaboutit, Shrigley, Hato, Sketch App

25 Best Procreate Brushes for Illustration

While there are many illustration apps available for the iPad, the Procreate App stands alone as one of the most popular for professional and hobbyist illustrators. Companies such as Pixar and Disney use Procreate. Turning the iPad into a drawing table, it is truly a game-changer by providing the same outcome without having to get an expensive desktop or tablet dedicated to digital illustration. To help you navigate all of the amazing options out there, we have brought together the top 25 best P...
Tags: Design, Resources, New York City, Disney, Illustration, Las Vegas, Graphic Design, Pixar, Jack Kirby, Illustrator, Van Gogh, Brushes, Times Square, Escher, Mandala, ProCreate

It Took Almost Five Years to Draw This Incredibly Detailed, Freehand Map of North America

New Zealand-born Anton Thomas drew maps throughout his childhood but he never received any formal training in cartography—or art, for that matter. While working a brief stint as a cook in Montreal in 2012, the self-taught illustrator started to draw a freehand map of North America (where he had backpacked years earlier) on his apartment fridge which had been painted over in white paint to hide unseemly stains. It became the study for an even more ambitious project that he completed in 2019 after...
Tags: Design, San Francisco, Illustration, Portland, New Zealand, Dallas, Vancouver, North America, Montreal, Seattle, Fort Worth, Columbia, Thomas, Anton Thomas

Syd Mead, 1933-2019

Syd Mead designed the future. Though it’s sad news I write about — that designer, concept artist and visionary futurist Syd Mead died on December 30, 2019 at the age of 86 — it’s somehow fitting that a post about him is my first for the start of a new decade. He is best known as a concept artist responsible for the futuristic look of movies like Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens and many others, but Mead’s influence goes back further and extends well beyond his movie work and actual designs. For ex...
Tags: Art, Illustration, Mead, Syd Mead, Concept & Visual Dev, Gnomon Workshopd James Gurney, GurneyJourney Mead

Happy Leyendecker Baby New Year 2020!

As I’ve done every New Year’s Eve Since 2006, I’ll wish all Lines and Colors readers a Happy New Year with another of J.C. Leyendecker’s terrific New Year’s Baby covers for the Saturday Evening Post. See my 2006 post for background on the origin of the Leyendecker New Years baby covers for the Saturday Evening Post. I wish you all a new year filled with beautiful, inspiring art!  
Tags: Art, Illustration, Eye Candy For Today, Leyendecker

Vaughan Oliver -- graphic designer for 4AD, Cocteau Twins, Pixies -- RIP

Vaughan Oliver, the graphic designer whose work defined the 4AD record label, has died. He was 62. His ethereal, surreal, magnificent album art for The Pixies, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and Clan of Xymox brought together design and music in a way that forever changed and elevated the design of music packaging. From The Guardian: Oliver, born in 1957, grew up in County Durham and studied graphic design at Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic. “I was a working class lad from a dull town,” he...
Tags: Art, Post, Video, Music, Design, London, News, Illustration, Newcastle, Packaging, Oliver, County Durham, Vaughan Oliver, Cocteau Twins Pixies, Tyne Polytechnic

Gediminas Pranckevičius

Gediminas Pranckevičius is a Lithuanian illustrator who works in the fields of advertising, book and album covers, gaming and children’s books. He has a jaunty,energetic style rendered with nice touches of lighting and texture. His website is divided into sections by project type. I particularly enjoy his the imaginary landscapes in his “Secret place” section. Pranckevičius has videos on YouTube and Vimeo, some of which show his process. He also has prints and other items avail...
Tags: Art, Youtube, Illustration, Gediminas Pranckevi

Carlos Schwabe

Though some of his literary subject matter and style characteristics have much in common with Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite artists, German-Swiss painter and printmaker Carlos Schwabe is considered to be a Symbolist. Schwabe was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and his work presented a variety of themes and approaches. [Note: some of the images on the sites linked to below contain nudity and should be considered NSFW.]  
Tags: Art, Illustration, Gallery And Museum Art, Art Nouveau, Schwabe, Carlos Schwabe

Another Norman Rockwell exhausted Santa

Another of Norman Rockwell’s tired Santa illustrations, this one before rather than after his world-round ride, as in the illustration I featured in this post from 2017. I love the fact that Santa is apparently oblivious to the elf on his shoulder hanging onto his ear as he leans out to point. Source for the image is this article from the Union College Clocktower. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  
Tags: Art, Illustration, Santa, Eye Candy For Today, Norman Rockwell

How do you stop a megacity grinding to a halt? A cartoon

Until four years ago Dar Es Salaam had no public transport. Artist Popa Matumula looks at the impact a new bus system is having on the city’s legendarily bad traffic Continue reading...
Tags: Design, Africa, Cities, Illustration, Art and design, City transport, Tanzania, Transport policy, Dar es Salaam, Megacities, Popa Matumula

Alexandria is an invisible city: we live in it, but cannot see it

The illustrated city: As rapid development sweeps through Alexandria, architect Mohamed Gohar is trying to document both the past and the present of this ancient Egyptian port cityFor a long time I have been attached to the past – or the past is attached to me. Either way, the past of my city, the ancient Egyptian port city of Alexandria, is something I feel incredibly strongly about.As an architect, I have been deeply impacted by the rapid loss of buildings along with their architectural and hi...
Tags: Design, Africa, World news, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Egypt, Illustration, Art and design, Alexandria, Mohamed Gohar

Will Terry

Will Terry is freelance illustrator with a history of both editorial and children’s book illustration. His emphasis currently is on the latter, and he has worked with publishers like Random House, Simon Schuster, Scholastic, Penguin, Klutz, and Albert Whitman. He has also created widely circulated indie ebooks and is the co-founder of the online children’s book illustration instruction program Society of Visual Storytelling. Terry’s style has a lively cartoon-like energy combined with sophis...
Tags: Art, Illustration, Terry, Will Terry, Albert Whitman He

World's first printed Christmas card goes on display at Dickens museum

Printed in 1843, the hand-coloured card originally sold for one shilling and shaped the popular traditionThe world’s first printed Christmas card, an artwork created in 1843 that went on to spawn a global industry, has gone on show at the Charles Dickens Museum in London.Designed by Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley, in the same year that Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was published, the hand-coloured card shows a family gathered around a table enjoying a glass of wine with a messa...
Tags: Books, Design, London, Christmas, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Illustration, Art and design, Charles Dickens, Carol, Dickens, Henry Cole, Charles Dickens Museum, John Callcott Horsley

Coop's tribute to Randotti Skulls, from the golden age of Haunted Mansion merchandise

Coop used the skulls as the basis for a set of gorgeous illustrations that he's selling as tees and hoodies through Threadless. These are some of my favorite designs of all time, and some of my favorite Coop illos: he really captured the spirit of these pieces. SKULLS [Coop/Threadless] Original Art [The Art of Coop]
Tags: Art, Feature, Happy Mutants, Old school, Fashion, Gift Guide, Copyfight, News, Anatomy, Disney, Illustration, Sculpture, Themepunks, Skulls

Lynda Barry's "Making Comics" is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity

I once taught week 6 at the Clarion Writers' Workshop the same year that Lynda taught week 4, so I got to inherit her students and see the results of her pedagogical methods firsthand, and they were nothing short of spectacular. Though our students were there to learn to write -- and though some of them had not tried to express themselves with art in their entire adult lives -- Barry's method drew something out of these writers that I'd never seen. For many years, Barry has served as an asso...
Tags: Reviews, Art, Feature, Books, Happy Mutants, Comics, Gift Guide, News, Creativity, Illustration, Barry, University Of Wisconsin, Lynda, Ernie Pook, Lynda Barry, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Art Projector Kit

This wooden projector encourages kids to cast their art on the wall. Complete with see-through slides, stencils and an erasable marker, the kit also comes with a flashlight and five rolls of paper Washi tape—so kids can free-draw or even trace their art directly onto the wall (with the erasable marker). Intended for artists who are five years old and up, the projector encourages kids …
Tags: Art, Design, Kids, Illustration, Drawing, Art Supplies, Moma, Projectors, Kids Toys, MoMA Design Store, Childrens Toys, Art Kits

Austin Briggs, The Consumate Illustrator

I initially encountered the work of Austin Briggs (see my previous post) in his role as a comics artist — working as an assistant to the great Alex Raymond, and eventually ghosting Raymond’s Flash Gordon newspaper strip, and taking over in a credited role on Secret Agent X-9. Briggs’ work in comics was a sideline, however; he was primarily known as one of the great American illustrators of the 20th century. He started in advertising illustration, but moved into editorial illustration, which is...
Tags: Art, Comics, Illustration, Drawing, Briggs, Raymond, Gordon, Austin Briggs, Alex Raymond, David Apatoff, Auad Publishing, Apatoff, Austin Briggs Jr

Cape Town: Are You My Mother City? – a cartoon

From Table Mountain to District 6, cartoonist Brandan Reynolds explores the complicated past and present of the city often referred to as South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ Continue reading...
Tags: Design, Africa, Cities, Culture, South Africa, Illustration, Art and design, Cape Town, Table Mountain, Brandan Reynolds

From 1929, a splendid experimental animation that imagines life's origins

Tusalava (1929) is a splended experimental animation by New Zealand avant-garde filmmaker and kinetic artist Len Lye. The original film featured a piano score by Jack Ellitt that has unfortunately been lost. (The video above has contemporary music by Andrew Pask who uploaded the film to YouTube.) From the Len Lye Foundation: The film imagines the beginnings of life on earth. Single-cell creatures evolve into more complex forms of life. Evolution leads to conflict, and two species fight for ...
Tags: Art, Video, News, Illustration, Animation, New Zealand, Lye, New Zealand Australia, Len Lye, Andrew Pask, Experimental film, Avant-garde Film, Jack Ellitt, Australia Tusalava

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