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Brazilian Biodiversity Information System is bringing Brazil's biological diversity to the internet

As one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth, Brazil is taking steps to consolidate all of the nation’s biodiversity data and information into one place to support scientific research, as well as decision-making and creation of eco-friendly public policy. In an effort to achieve those goals, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC) has created the Brazilian Biodiversity Information System (SiBBr), which is an online platform that gives free acces...
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He had countless hit records. You never heard of him.

Hal Blaine, the behind-the-scenes heartbeat of over 40 #1 hits, has died at 90. Many records by 1960s and 1970s artists were secretly recorded by session musicians and singers. These unheralded performers were some of the most talented artists ever. None Drummer Hal Blaine died on March 11 at 90 years young. Though you may not know his name, he was arguably the most important drummer in the history of recorded music. And the fact that so few were aware of his existence is no accident. If you'...
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How a wee Scottish village is shining a light — literally — on rising seas

Lochmaddy is a seaside village sitting at the encroaching edge of the North Atlantic. Artists dazzling lights depict the town's submerged future as the oceans continue rising. It's an unsettling visualization of global warming's impact. None The Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre sits in a hauntingly beautiful place, at the sea's edge in a tiny Scottish village. The name of this Outer Hebrides place is Lochmaddy, and it can be found, for now, in the low-lying archipelago of Uist off the ...
Tags: Art, Climate Change, Scotland, Water, Sustainability, Earth, Oceans, Innovation, Anthropocene, Rising Sea Level, Outer Hebrides, Uist, Prediction, Lochmaddy, Timo Aho, Pekka Niittyvirta

Shellworks upcycles leftover lobster shells into biodegradable bioplastics

Four design students from The Royal College of Art and Imperial College have created a biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic using an unusual material — lobster shell waste. In an initiative dubbed Shellworks, the team — Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar and Andrew Edwards — has developed new manufacturing machines to produce what they believe is a sustainable replacement for single-use plastics. The malleable bioplastic is extremely versatile and can be adjusted in thickness, transpare...
Tags: Design, Innovation, Biodegradable, Cradle-to-Cradle, Sustainable Design, Green Materials, Crustaceans, Reebok, Fertilizer, Bioplastic, Andrew Edwards, Biopolymer, Plastic Alternative, Recyclable Plastic, Single-use Plastics, Shellworks

This distillery helps you make delicious, carbon-negative cocktails

Do you ever think about how your happy hour is affecting the environment? Manufacturing alcohol in the United States creates harmful carbon dioxide that can wreck the earth’s system of natural resources, and a massive amount of the materials needed to package and distribute alcohol (bottles, plastic caps, etc.) end up in the trash. Los Angeles-based Greenbar Distillery, however, is changing the game entirely with its carbon-negative company model. One of the world’s largest selections of USDA-...
Tags: Design, California, Environment, Trees, Los Angeles, Usda, Organic, Beverages, United States, Conservation, Innovation, Bulgaria, Cocktails, Sustainable Food, Wall Street Journal, Central America

Steal from your heroes: John Cleese on Big Think Edge

John Cleese teaches a video lesson for Big Think Edge called "Make Your Mark with Humor".The Monty Python alumni and comedy legend has some unexpected advice to get your creativity out of your mind and onto the page. Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships. None Who better to show you the ropes of comedy than Monty Python alumni John Cleese? Humor is valuable in its own right. It's also a perfect tool for connecting with others and c...
Tags: Art, Comedy, Writing, John Cleese, Hack, Creativity, Innovation, Literature, Monty Python, Personal Growth, John CleeseRetire

Bird-friendly buildings on the rise

Nearly a billion birds are killed every year after flying into windows. The American Bird Conservancy published an extensive guide to incorporating bird-friendly design into buildings. Over twenty cities have programs to help reduce the number of avian deaths. None Last year, a minor ruckus broke out on social media about feral and indoor-outdoor cats decimating bird populations. According to research, cats do murder plenty of prey. As apex predators that is their biology, even at twelve pounds...
Tags: Design, Minnesota, Abc, New York City, San Francisco, Flight, Cities, Infrastructure, Innovation, General Services Administration, Urban Planning, North America, Illinois, Derek, Javits Center, Toronto Chicago

Interview with Artist Andy Russell

We sat down with LoTempio Law displaying artist Andy Russell to ask him about his background, the inspiration for his work, and his advice for other artists. What are you trying to accomplish as an artist? My artwork is meant to portray perfect worlds of well-being in this hectic world that we live in. They […] The post Interview with Artist Andy Russell appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyright | 1-800-866-0039.
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Add this all-in-one natural skincare to your bathroom counter

Imagine having silky smooth, intensely hydrated skin, even in the dead of winter. This dream can be a reality with Lalicious, a brand we discovered earlier this year at the Indie Beauty Expo. We instantly fell in love with the company’s whipped sugar scrubs, body butters and our personal favorite, a magical product known as the “velour body melt.” With a passion for luxurious, cruelty-free skincare at an accessible price point, Lalicious has made a permanent home in our daily skincare routines....
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Features, Beauty, Innovation, Green Products, Skincare, Natural Skincare, Cruelty Free, Green Product Review, LaLicious, Inhabitat Editor, Jessica Kernochan

LSU researcher creates biodegradable plastic beads for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras would not be the same without its plastic beads. For the past 200 years, people have given out freebies to parade attendees in New Orleans, starting with nuts and glass ornaments back in the day and eventually switching to the plastic beads that party-goers have grown accustomed to today. While the colorful beads have become a staple for the iconic celebration, leftover Mardi Gras beads end up littering the streets of New Orleans. Fortunately, one researcher has come up with an answe...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, LSU, Plastic, Innovation, New Orleans, Biodegradable, Plastic Waste, Mardi Gras, Louisiana State University, Kato, Mardi Gras Beads, Plastic Alternative, Plastic Beads, Naohiro Kato

A new Dr. Seuss book — 'Horse Museum' — is coming out this fall

The new book will be titled Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum.Author of 45 children's books, Dr. Seuss's profundity mixed seamlessly with his simplicity. Revisit and explore these timeless classics by yourself and with your children. Publisher Random House has announced that a new Dr. Seuss book, Horse Museum, will be released this fall. In it, a horse guides children through a tour of an art museum, teaching them how we all see the world in different ways.The book's release on September 3 will mark ne...
Tags: Art, Books, Earth, Ted, Culture, Illustration, New York Times, Innovation, Classics, Literature, Pablo Picasso, Grinch, Random House, Brian Grazer, Joyner, Dartmouth College

The mystery behind Minoan bull-leaping

The Minoan civilization, which existed on the island of Crete nearly 5,000 years ago, produced a treasure trove of artwork showing a unique sport or ritual: men leaping over charging bullsScholars have argued over whether the Minoans actually performed this dangerous activity, though the evidence seems to suggest that they did.If so, modern bull-leaping sports, such as those practiced in France and Spain, may have their roots in ancient Minoa. None The Minoans, a nearly 4,000-year-old civilizati...
Tags: Art, France, Sports, Spain, History, Innovation, University of Pennsylvania, Archeology, Crete, Knossos, Ancient World, Minoans, Jeremy McInerney

This on-the-go carafe heats or cools water instantaneously as you pour

Good news for coffee and tea drinkers: No more wasting time and energy waiting for the perfect cup. Thanks to Heatworks, the company responsible for creating an innovative new heating carafe, you won’t have to. Using patented Heatworks’ Ohmic Array Technology, the DUO Smart Untethered Carafe has the power to heat (or cool!) water to the exact degree while you pour. The DUO Carafe has Frog Design to thank for its modern, sleek exterior, and it is the third in a line of award-winning collaboratio...
Tags: Design, Interviews, Ces, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy, Green Technology, Carafe, Heater, Callahan, Hot Water, Filtered Water, Heatworks, Jerry Callahan, Heating Technology

Baux unveils sustainable acoustic panels made out of chemical-free pulp

Acoustic products manufacturer Baux has just unveiled a truly innovative design for some stylish, plant-based acoustic panels. Made out of chemical-free pulp material sourced from sustainably harvested Swedish pine and fir trees, the decorative Baux Acoustic Pulp panels can be used to soundproof various environments such as homes, restaurants office spaces, classrooms and more. Launched during this year’s Stockholm Design Week, the eco-friendly Baux Acoustic Pulp panels were made possible thro...
Tags: Design, Innovation, Interior Design, Product Design, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Baux, Fredrik Franzon, Sustainable Building Materials, Acoustic Panels, Green Insulation, Eco Friendly Interior Design, Plant-based acoustic panels, Baux Acoustic Pulp, Baux products, Natural Decorative Products

Tesla Dog Mode is keeping dogs around the country safe and cool

For dog owners, there are few things worse than when people leave their pets in the car, especially when the temps are high. When cracking a window is not enough, Tesla is keeping dogs cool around the country with its first ever Dog Mode. Tesla Dog Mode is a specially designed feature that keeps the car cool whenever pets are left behind. It also shows the current temperature inside the car on a large touchscreen, just in case concerned citizens walk by. All Tesla owners have to do is touch the...
Tags: Elon Musk, Design, News, Animals, Tesla, Animal Welfare, Innovation, Musk, Ac, Pet Safety, All Tesla, Nico Nevolo, Tesla Dog Mode, Dog Mode, Jalopnik Dog Mode, Leo Young

Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List for 2019

An undertaking of immense proportion, that initiates inspiration of equal magnitude for readers, Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list shines a light on businesses impacting both culture and their respective industries. This year, China’s tech platform Meituan Dianping takes the top spot for facilitating 27.7 billion transactions through 2,800 cities—ultimately affecting 350 million people. Others on the list include household names like Walt Disney and …
Tags: Apps, Design, China, Disney, Tech, Companies, Innovation, Nba, Lists, Fast Company, Walt Disney, Linkaboutit, Meituan Dianping

Three Keys To Meeting The Challenge of Multi-Platform Product Development

Scenario: A technology company is creating a consumer electronics solution that involves hardware, software and web components. Three separate teams, located in different parts of the company’s facility, create three platforms. Each platform has its own development team, its own Program Manager and its own Project Manager. There are no clear and distinct processes for ...
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Nissan unveils incredible solar-powered mobile workshop for woodworkers

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of unique van conversions, but Nissan has taken the van-loving world by storm with its new NV300 concept van — a mobile workshop for woodworking professionals. The amazing design, which was a collaboration between Nissan and UK-based firm Studio Hardie, is fully-functioning mobile woodworking studio that can be taken off grid, letting wood-loving artisans find inspiration anywhere they choose. What’s more, the van runs on solar power and its tools are powere...
Tags: Europe, UK, Design, Automotive, Gallery, Electric Vehicles, Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Belgium, Solar Power, Nissan, Sustainable Design, Mondrian, Hardie, Van Conversion, Brussels Motor Show

How to Pick the Right Problem

The 12 steps to biomedical innovation starts with being a problem seeker, not a problem solver. Eventually, to be successful, customer problems and solutions need to meld around a VAST business model i.e. one that is not just profitable, but that demonstrates: 1. Validity Regardless or which elements of your model you choose, they have to be valid. In other ...
Tags: Design, Innovation, Problem Solving

Why are people sexually attracted to cartoons? Evolution.

According to Pornhub's annual statistics, "hentai" and "cartoons" were among the most popular categories in 2018.Such pornography is a supernormal stimulus, an artificial object that triggers an animal's instinctual response more intensely than natural analogs.Supernormal stimuli not only explain our heightened response to pornography, but also art, junk food, and social media.Every year Pornhub, the world's largest pornography website, releases annual statistics detailing the trends in online p...
Tags: Google, Art, Japan, Marriage, Sex, Women, Bbc, Brain, Harvard, United States, Innovation, Men, Playboy, Pornhub, Pacific, Tijuana

10 Golden Age science fiction novels

The early 20th century saw explosive growth for the science fiction genre. A wide range of these books would go on to become classics. These great works explore the strange, zany and absurd profundities of our existence. The first Golden Age of Science Fiction was officially considered to be from 1938 to 1946. As a whole and how most readers view it — the era extended into the early- to mid-1960s. From Jules Verne to earlier proto-science fiction works, the genre has gained more prominence an...
Tags: Art, Books, Science Fiction, London, Mexico, Time, Ray Bradbury, Earth, Culture, George Orwell, Innovation, Literature, Beethoven, Clarke, Arthur C Clarke, Stanley Kubrick

8 Design Thinking Problems and How to Fix Them

Design Thinking attempts to extract the mindset of a designer, an artist, a creator, or even a child into a series of steps that can be applied to any discipline (even business or politics) to solve human-centered problems. Its steps are so logical that we can’t imagine anyone opposing them. — Why wouldn’t you speak ...
Tags: Design, Digital Transformation, Digital, Change, Innovation, Oracle, Growth, Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience Design, Human-Centered Design, Human-centered Innovation, Human-Centered Problem-Solving

Engaging Customers – How do you know who you really want to work with?

Love your customers, and your customers will love you back I like to work with customers who are willing to do the personal and professional transformation to become innovative and agile. If I look at my customer set, they’re usually between 32 and 55 years old. They already have work experience, but they either want ...
Tags: Design, Marketing, Customers, Innovation, Product Innovation, Agile Business Innovation Design

How to use a thesaurus to actually improve your writing

Using a thesaurus to find larger or more impressive words is misguided, says Martin Amis. Instead, use a thesaurus to find words with the perfect rhythm for your sentence. For example, the Nabokov novel "Invitation to a Beheading" was originally called – not for very long – "Invitation to an Execution". Nabokov nixed the repetitive suffix. A dictionary is also a writer's best friend; looking up words has a rejuvenating effect on your mind, says Amis. "When you look up a word in the dictiona...
Tags: Art, Writing, Brain, Creativity, Language, Innovation, Storytelling, Literature, Theater, Novel, Martin, Nabokov, Bellow Nabokov Hitchens Travolta Trump

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Has 2 New Exhibits! 2/14-3/14/2019!!

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery ( is a great find and one that I hope you are can visit. It’s a place for artists across Southern California can exhibit as well as a great place for those interested in uniquely themed artwork can visit. There are two new exhibits about to launch on February 14 […]
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These are our favorite beauty retailers from the Indie Beauty Expo

The beauty world can be a complicated place, especially if you’re looking to ditch products with intimidating lists of ingredients and make the switch toward eco-friendly makeup and skincare. The return of the Indie Beauty Expo brought hundreds of independent retailers from around the world to showcase their amazing, one-of-a-kind products in the heart of Los Angeles. This year, our team of editors attended the IBE in Los Angeles and scouted the best beauty products from independent retailers t...
Tags: Design, Makeup, Colorado, Environment, Los Angeles, Events, Organic, Features, Rebecca, Gmo, Beauty, Hawaii, Innovation, Peta, Skincare, Vegan

9 weird and terrifying monsters from Japanese mythology

Compared to Japan's menagerie of creatures, Western folklore can feel a little drab.The collection of yōkai—supernatural beasts or spirits—has a staggering amount of variety.Although there are many more creative folkloric creatures, here are nine that caught our attention. None Like any culture, Japan has its fair share of folkloric creatures. But to Westerners, whose folklore tends to recycle the same variations on witches, goblins, orcs, and dragons, Japan's bestiary of creatures can be stagge...
Tags: Art, Asia, Japan, Religion, Painting, History, Innovation, Storytelling, Buddhism, Buddha, Buddhist, Tanuki, Ashinaga, Tanuki Starting, Tsukumogami Tsukumogami

5 favorite books of Albert Einstein

Einstein had a large library and was a voracious reader.The famous physicist admitted that some books influenced his thinking.The books he preferred were mostly philosophical and scientific in nature. None Undoubtedly considered one of the brightest individuals who ever lived, Albert Einstein did not become so accomplished in a vacuum. The physicist learned from the best minds of the time, as is evidenced by his voracious appetite for reading and his extensive personal book collection.In "Einste...
Tags: Art, Books, Astronomy, Isis, Science, Education, Intelligence, History, Physics, Innovation, Philosophy, Albert Einstein, Einstein, Newton, Mach, Cervantes

Superman: America's Jewish superhero?

Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, the children of Jewish immigrants, right when the world was contending with growing anti-Semitism.The experience of Jewish immigrants in America and Superman's own fictional origins have striking similarities.Though this theory has its critics, there seem to be too many parallels to dismiss it out of hand. None In the mid-19th century, an immigrant fleeing horrific violence arrived in America. He quickly assimilated, adopting an American-sou...
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GoSun unveils solar cooker that lets you serve up some sizzling meals at night

San Francisco-based GoSun has become synonymous for their ground-breaking solar-powered cookers that use nothing more than sunlight to cook entire meals. Now, the company has just unveiled two new game-changing products at this year’s CES event, the GoSun Fusion, a solar stove capable of cooking day or night, and the GoSun Chill, a solar refrigerator system that can keep food and beverages cold without using a drop of fuel. Using the company’s patented solar cooking technology, the GoSun Fusi...
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