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Pizza Slice Puzzle

Food inspired jigsaw puzzle designed to look like realistic slice of pizza. Pizza slice puzzle created by Areaware, maker of Chocolate Bar Puzzle. Also check out: Bicycle Pizza Cutte
Tags: Inspiration

Healthy Food Art

Breakfast food arranged to form colorful Disney characters that you can eat. Temporary artworks created by Laleh Mohmedi make healthy food FUN. Also check out: Sashimi Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Healthy Food Art, Laleh Mohmedi

This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper

We have seen some interesting items inspired by photography gear, such as a chocolate Nikon camera or lens-inspired watches. A Seoul-based design studio DOTMOT has also found inspiration in photography. They have created a colorful replica of a photography kit, consisting of a DSLR, two interchangeable lenses and an external flash, and everything is carefully […] The post This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Photography, Design, Inspiration, Artwork, Nikon, Dslr, Seoul, DOTMOT, Paper Camera

Game of Thrones Paper Dragon

Giant fire breathing dragon from Game of Thrones tv show made out 1200 layers of A4 paper. Game of Thrones inspired giant 13-metre-long paper dragon crafted by British company Viking. Paper Dragon sculpture created in 110 hours.  Also check out: Dragon Backpack
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Eloise Brodeur: Seeking Understanding Through Cows

Eloise Brodeur, “Best Friends” (2017) ~ The cow as a principal subject of painting may seem an odd choice.  But Montreal artist, Eloise Brodeur, has elevated the bovine creature to a sort of muse.   By painting images of her cows against a stark background of a single color, Brodeur suggests to her viewers that there […]
Tags: Art, Animals, Religion, Inspiration, Painting, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Cows, Modern Art, Brodeur, Canadian Art, Eloise Brodeur

Eloise Brodeur Really Sees Cows

Eloise Brodeur, “Best Friends” (2017) ~ The cow as a principal subject of painting may seem an odd choice.  But Montreal artist, Eloise Brodeur, has elevated the bovine creature to a sort of muse.   By painting images of her cows against a stark background of a single color, Brodeur suggests to her viewers that there […]
Tags: Art, Animals, Religion, Inspiration, Painting, Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Cows, Modern Art, Brodeur, Canadian Art, Eloise Brodeur

Aquarium Toilet

Ocean inspired toilet in Japan is a transparent bathroom with glass windows surrounded by water and real fish. Japanese aquarium toilet located in Hipopo Papa cafe in Akashi, Hyogo.  Also check out: Toilet Powered Motorcycle
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Wire Humans

Shapes of human figures made of thousands of connected electrical wires. Human wire sculptures created by Tehran based artist Salman Khoshroo. Also check out: Driftwood Humans
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Death Star Cat Bed

Star Wars pet bed for cats and small dogs looks like Death Star space station. Death Star Cat Bed designed by The Monster Factory for Star Wars fans. Also check out: Death Star Camping Tent
Tags: Design, Inspiration

OREO Game of Thrones

Limited edition Game of Thrones inspired chocolate sandwich OREO cookies. OREO cookies feature Game of Thrones embossments that represent House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark and The Night King. Game of Thrones OREO cookies. #ForTheThrone. #GameofCookies.  House Stark OREO House Targaryen OREO House Lannister OREO The Night King OREO Also check out: Paper Game […]
Tags: Design, Inspiration, House

Blurred McDonald’s Billboards

Clever out-of-focus billboards promote iconic McDonald’s fast food products in San Juan, Puerto Rico. McDonald’s billboards designed by TBWA show blurred shapes of red and yellow fast food packaging. Also check out: Creative Billboard Advertising
Tags: Design, Inspiration, McDonald, TBWA, San Juan Puerto Rico McDonald

Cardboard Creations

Detailed models of cars, tanks, household objects, robots, toys and musical instruments made out of cardboard. Cool things made of cardboard by talented Japanese artist Monami Ohno. Also check out: Cardboard Sculptures
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Monami Ohno

Submerged Restaurant

Half-sunken underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, Norway features large panoramic window that provides amazing sea views. “Under” – Europe’s first underwater restaurant and research center for marine life is now completed. Designed by Snohetta. Half-submerged 34-meter long monolithic concrete building will turn into artificial reef and integrate into environment. Also check out: Restaurant in a Cave
Tags: Europe, Design, Inspiration, Lindesnes Norway, Snohetta Half

Super Mario Shower Curtain

Video game inspired shower curtain designed to look like the iconic World 2-2 underwater level from Super Mario Bros. Officially licensed Nintendo Super Mario shower curtain from ThinkGeek. Also check out: Super Mario Aquarium
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Shark Bed Sheets

Eye-catching bed sheets designed by SNURK for children who like sharks. Shark Bed Sheets: duvet cover and pillow case with realistic shark print. Sleep inside the mouth of a shark. [more info] Also check out: Shark Sleeping Bag
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Sashimi Art

Disney characters, birds, and beautiful edible designs made out of raw fish. Creative Japanese food raw fish sashimi art handcrafted by Mikyou. Also check out: Incredible Sushi Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Disney, Mikyou

R2-D2 Observatory

Observatory building in Zweibrucken, Germany renovated and painted to look like R2-D2 droid from the Star Wars universe. Star Wars R2-D2 Observatory created by university professor Hubert Zitt and students of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern. Also check out: Star Wars R2-D2 Sweate
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Observatory, Hubert Zitt, Zweibrucken Germany

Floating Giant in Hong Kong

Inflatable giant sculpture is floating along the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Floating 121-foot-tall giant designed by Brian Donnelly, known as KAWS. Also check out: Giant Rubber Duck
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Inspiration, Victoria Harbour, Brian Donnelly

3D Coffee Drawings

Series of impressive three-dimensional drawings made with spilled coffee. 3D Coffee artworks painted by talented Turkish artist Ekrem Pala. Also check out: 3D Coffee Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Ekrem Pala

Ocean Floor Rug

Beautiful rug inspired by underwater landscape on the bottom of the ocean. OCEAN TAPESTRY rug handmade by textile artist Vanessa Barragao. Also check out: Forest Rugs
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Vanessa Barragão

Carved Furniture

Wooden chairs, stools, and home furniture carved directly out of tree trunks. “Carved Furniture” – series of creative wooden sculptures by Alicja Kwade. Also check out: Distorted Furniture
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Alicja Kwade

Paper Faces

Distorted human faces made out of crushed paper and stainless steel foil. Paper Faces – sculptures created by talented artist Matthew Monahan. Also check out: Cake Faces
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Matthew Monahan

Twitter Link Roundup #359 – Terrific Reads for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now? If you had to stop and count, it’s probably too many. An overcrowded browser is like a cluttered home. It is overwhelming and excessive, and it provokes a genuine stress response. If you suffer from spending precious mental energy searching through all 42 tabs in your browser to find the one you need, consider looking into some tools to help you regain that lost time and attention. Medium recommends several good ones to try out. You may ...
Tags: Startups, Twitter, Design, Leadership, Small Business, Inspiration, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneur, Munchery, Holland, Logo, Ross, Branding, Etsy Shop, Kevin Kelly

Rising Sea Level

Light installation provides visual representation of future sea level rise in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. “Lines (57° 59′ N, 7° 16’W)” project by Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho shows how rising sea level will affect coastal areas in the future. Also check out: Sinking House
Tags: Design, Scotland, Inspiration, Outer Hebrides, Timo Aho, Pekka Niittyvirta

Sushi Tape

Creative masking tape designed to look like realistic Japanese sushi rolls. Decorative sushi tape designed by Rosie Upright for SUCK UK. [order] Also check out: LEGO Tape and Sushi Socks
Tags: UK, Design, Inspiration, Rosie Upright

Glass Bonsai Trees

Beautiful sculptures of miniature Bonsai Trees made of borosilicate glass. Glass Bonsai Trees created by talented Italian artist Simone Crestani. Also check out: Wire Bonsai Trees
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Bonsai Trees, Simone Crestani

Tank Slippers

Comfortable slippers designed to look like cartoon version of a Panzer tank. “Tank Slippers” handmade out of acrylic yarn and thick felt. [more info] Also check out: Back to the Future Slippers
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Tattoo Notebook

One hundred pages feature high resolution photos of human body parts that will help you practice your tattoo drawing skills. Tattoo Art Drawing Notebook with images of arms, hands, back and more. Also check out: Street Art Notebook
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Design, meet music: gorgeous graphic scores from LETRA / TONE fest

Nine designers created graphics scores. Next, nine musicians will interpret them. LETRA / TONE festival is one of the more compelling experiments in festival programming – an adventure in crossing media. Here’s what it looks like. Now, in these here parts, we’ve been fans of visual-musical synesthesia, from live visuals and VJing to graphics. LETRA / TONE makes that connection in the score. Curator (and composer/musician) Hanno Leichtmann had the idea. Five years ago, I covered one of the earl...
Tags: Facebook, Music, Design, Germany, Berlin, Inspiration, Experimental, Events, Festivals, Artists, Stories, Schneider, Magda, Electronica, Electronic-music, DE

Dogs in Cars

Series of powerful images show dogs in cars patiently waiting for their owner. “The Silence of Dogs in Cars” photo series – project by Martin Usborne. Also check out: Dogs Shake Off Wate
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Silence of Dogs, Martin Usborne

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