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SAG/AFTRA Sign First Agreement On Social Media Influencers (What Does That Mean?)

The Screen Actors Guild–American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ national board voted to adopt its first-ever agree­ment for influencers—personalities and performers paid to promote products and services on networks like Instagram and TikTok, plus non-networked websites. In addition, those side hustles are no longer prohibited for current members of SAG-AFTRA. – Dance Magazine
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Meet the miniaturist whose tiny homes are a delight

Carmen Mazarrasa builds exquisite doll’s houses where she can control everything – except when the mice decide to move in…At moments of unrest I open Instagram and scroll impatiently until I see what I need to see, and then I exhale, a gleeful loosening. What I am looking for is something recognisable – a plant, a pencil, a chair, a bowl of dumplings – shrunk to a fraction of its size. How to describe the pleasure, the sweet, squealy pleasure of studying a miniature iPhone, suitable only for a b...
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In The Age Of Instagram, You Probably Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

One of the big literary events of last week? The cover reveal for Sally Rooney’s new novel. “In recent years, book cover design has taken on a higher profile, and we may be seeing a new heyday for book design. It was Rooney’s 2018 novel Normal People that Arter believes signalled the shift towards the book cover as a ‘cultural phenomenon on Instagram in terms of being almost like an accessory.’ Scroll Instagram or Twitter feeds related to books, and eye-catching designs, with bright colours and...
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These dollhouses cost more than a typical home in Indiana

While $200,000 won't get you a single-family home in most parts of California, it can buy a very elaborate dollhouse on Instagram.
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Survey: How Students Attitudes About Arts Education Are Changing In The COVID Era

Student responses show that their biggest concerns are the high cost of tuition for remote classes and the changes to their social lives on campus. But students interested in the arts say they have embraced the difficulties of virtual arts learning by pivoting to digital showcases, as well as platforms like Instagram and TikTok. – American Theatre
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The beluga whale who became famous: Aleksander Nordahl's best photograph

‘He was called Hvaldimir and he would play in front of crowds at Hammerfest harbour in Norway. One woman dropped her phone and he fetched it for her’In April 2019, a beluga whale appeared alongside fishing boats off the coast of Norway. He was wearing a harness. A fisherman called Joar Hesten freed him, and saw the harness had stamped on it “equipment of St Petersburg”. The media went crazy, and the whale was named Hvaldimir, a combination of hval, the Norwegian word for whale, and Vladimir, a n...
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"In March last year I was sectioned and went to a psychiatric ward for six weeks, I had been diagnosed with suffering from a Psychotic episode...."

"It’s basically like an overspill of your brain’s 'stress bucket,' when your mind can’t handle it any more. In my case I went through a wave of hallucinations and delusions from thinking that I was speaking to God to being hired to doodle all over Donald Trump’s wall to believing that I had become the video game character Crash Bandicoot. In the psychiatric ward I believed I had met and become friends with Banksy and Kanye West and that we were destined to doodle the world together, in reality ...
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What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? And How Can a Work of Digital Art Sell for $69 Million

Value in the art world depends on manufactured desire for objects that serve no purpose and have no intrinsic meaning outside of the stories that surround them, which is why it can be easy to fool others with fraudulent copies. Collectors and experts are often eager to believe a well-told tale of special provenance. As Orson Welles says in F is for Fake, “Lots of oysters, only a few pearls. Rarity. The chief cause and encouragement of fakery and phoniness.” “Concepts of fakery and origin...
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Covid triggers crypto collectables boom

These one-of-a-kind digital collector’s items are being sold for unprecedented prices The post Covid triggers crypto collectables boom appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Video: Banksy channels his inner Bob Ross

By Raissa Kasolowsky | Reuters LONDON – British artist Banksy has shared a video of himself in the process of painting stencil graffiti of a prisoner escaping which appeared on Monday on the side of a former prison wall in the city of Reading. Filmed by an accomplice, the video shows Banksy in a black hoodie working quickly under the cover of darkness, although he never shows his face. Banksy has earned worldwide acclaim for his witty, subversive street art and his works can fetch millions of do...
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Books: A Coronavirus Lifesaver

At least that’s what a bookseller turned newly-minted Instagram book reviewer (that is, a Bookstagrammer) says. He hasn’t seen his family for nearly two years, a friend has cancer, and his job at Waterstone’s keeps going away and coming back as lockdowns come and go. But reading, and Instagram, are there: “There’s so much to be worried about, and book blogging takes my mind off it.” – BBC
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February linkfest

“Trade characters” like Aunt Jemima and the Quaker Oats man used to be much more common in American commerce than they are today, writes logo expert James I. Bowie in Marker. They were so common, in fact, that the US Patent and Trademark Office assigned six-digit codes to trademark applications to “capture personal characteristics, including race and gender, as they were perceived in American culture many decades ago”: There are codes for Native Americans and Asian Pacific people, but not fo...
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There’s A ‘Museum Of Comfort’ In Spain

Well, on Instagram, actually. Yes, another InstaMuseum. Did Spanish people invent something to make life easier, better, more comfortable? Into the “museum” it goes. Part of its goal: “We have to generate a narrative for Spanish design.” – El Pais
Tags: Art, Instagram, Spain, Visual, 02.05.21

Ballet Dancers, Getting Real (And Sometimes Really Funny) On TikTok

If Instagram is about selling your moves – and your clothing line, your toe shoe line, your skin care routine, etc. – then TikTok is about being yourself. Kind of. “Casual, confessional and playful, TikTok offers a release for ballet dancers, particularly students, who spend their days chasing impossible perfection. TikTok is a place to laugh about the impossibility, rather than obsess over perfection.” – The New York Times
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'It's sheer! It's queer!': redesigning and diversifying beauty ads of the past

A new photo project revives 70s advertisements for beauty products yet recasts them with racially diverse and LGBTQ modelsLong before makeup moguls like Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner were selling lip kits and mystery boxes on Instagram, there was the old-fashioned way of selling beauty products – in the pages of women’s magazines.Thin white women posed alongside phrases like “Lashes” or “Great look, great body, great mascara!” while donning blue eyeshadow and bright bursts of pink blush.
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DesignCrowd raises $10 million AUD to grow its DIY platform, BrandCrowd

DesignCrowd announced today it has raised $10 million AUD (about $7.6 billion USD) in pre-IPO funding. The capital will be used on hiring and product development, with the goal of accelerating the growth of BrandCrowd, its DIY platform. The new funding comes as DesignCrowd gets ready for a potential initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange. The round’s investors include Perennial Value Management, Alium Capital, Ellerston Capital, Regal Funds Managemetn and CVC, along with r...
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The Musical Fantasy World Created By Teens That Has Spawned Three Concept Albums For Broadway Shows

Yes, it’s partly because of TikTok and the world of duets, collaborations, and free-flowing (but in this case, very directed) creativity. But it’s so much more: “Averno [is] the setting of a sprawling, cross-platform universe over TikTok (125,000 followers), Instagram (47,000 followers), Spotify (1.4 million streams), YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr. It encompasses podcasts, livestreams, novels and short stories, TV and film scripts, an extensive alternate-reality game and, yes, musicals — all at d...
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Michigan Opera Theatre Seeks Digital Media Manager and Storyteller

Detroit’s stalwart of opera and dance is hiring for a new position, the Digital Media Manager and Storyteller. This candidate must articulate Michigan Opera Theatre’s vision to its audience, and serve as an ambassador to the city of Detroit, to grow the opera and dance audience. The Digital Media Manager and Storyteller will play an essential role for Michigan Opera Theatre in supporting company objectives, charged with elevating the presence and relevancy of opera and dance in metro Detroit...
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The Graphic Design Of Instagram Activism

Not unlike the activist graphic design of the past, woke Instagram design is easy to comprehend, is clever, and often contains familiar themes so that meaning doesn’t have to be spelled out. Companies are happy to seize on that visual language for their own vaguely worded “Go People” posts. But those can easily fall flat – audiences see through the language to the emptiness that lies below. – Hyperallergic
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Teaching The Arts To Students Via Zoom Requires Every Last Piece Of Teacher Creativity

And arts teachers in public schools are creative, no doubt about it. One middle school teacher quickly “created online tutorials on how to make art supplies at home, like glue and paint, from materials that could be found in a kitchen or recycling bin. She delivered content to her student by using her classroom’s Instagram and YouTube accounts, posting videos and images on topics like community art.” Music teachers do the same, with berry containers and rubber bands. It’s not easy. – Oregon Art...
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The Japanese Traditions of Sashiko & Boro: The Centuries-Old Craft That Mends Clothes in a Sustainable, Artistic Way

// The state of our troubled planet dictates that disposables are out. Reusables are in. And anyone who’s taught themselves how to mend and maintain their stuff has earned the right to flaunt it! A quick scroll through Instagram reveals loads of visible mending projects that highlight rather than disguise the area of repair, drawing the eye to contrasting threads reinforcing a threadbare knee, frayed cuff, ragged rip, or moth hole. While some practi...
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I’ve always liked the art by Turner. His work is often very dramatic, full of emotion and especially wonderful light. I read that the fashion in painting when he lived was having black on the canvas and painting over that but he used white and I think it accounts for the fabulous look in his work. He was a strange man, as many artists are, very reclusive, very messy. The movie, Mr. Turner, gives you an idea of how he lived and painted. It was a pleasure to go to the André Jacquemart Museum to lo...
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I made my way to the André Jacquemart Museum to have a look at the Turner exhibit there. The museum itself is also a work of art. This sweet sculpture is in the first room. Part of the really good movie, Gigi, was filmed in this museum. The lovely staircase. This is in the garden room. The bedroom of the wife of Jacquemart. She was an artist and had painted him. They spent their lives together collecting art that is seen in this museum, once their home. The most ...
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Shogun raises $35M to help brands take on Amazon with faster and better sites of their own

E-commerce has boomed this year, with more businesses and shoppers than ever before turning to websites and apps as a safer, socially distanced alternative during the current global health pandemic. Today, a startup that has built a platform to help individual companies and brands design better websites is announcing a round of growth funding to help them step up to that challenge with faster and better designed interfaces. Shogun, which lets companies build sites that sit on top of e-commerce b...
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David Attenborough Break Instagram Record In First To 1 Million Followers

Attenborough stated the reason he decided to join Instagram simply: “The world is in trouble. Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting, coral reefs are dying, fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on,” he said. “But we know what to do about it, and that’s why I’m tackling this new way of communication.” – NPR
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4 major museums have postponed a retrospective for a highly respected painter — Philip Guston — because some of the paintings have images of the KKK.

I'm reading "Delay of Philip Guston Retrospective Divides the Art World/;Philip Guston Now' has become Philip Guston in 2024, after four museums postponed an artist’s show that includes Klan imagery."There's no reason to think Guston liked the Klan. It's for the viewer to gaze on these painterly cartoons... ... and wonder what the hell is this supposed to mean? or just to think hmmm, there's that or whatever you think in a museum... those bastions of white supremacy!Maybe you think, yeah, this i...
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This Instagram Account Cleverly Photoshops Animals Into Everyday Things

Instagram account ‘Animals In Things’ is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a glorious page full of photos of animals seamlessly combined with food and everyday items. Scroll down to see the best examples! More: Instagram... Source
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How to Integrate Instagram Reels Into Your Marketing Strategy

This article has been contributed by Thomas S. Have you heard about Instagram’s new feature, Reels? Described by some as Facebook’s clone of TikTok, Reels allows users to create and share 15-second video content in a dedicated feed on Instagram. Whilst TikTok has a lot going for it, including its growth trajectory, Reels allows you to reach the Instagram user base which is a slightly different audience. TikTok is most popular with 16-24 year olds whilst Instagram is most used by 25-34 year olds....
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Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked on Dribbble

Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked on Dribbble AoiroStudio09.13.20 New week, a new abdz. 'Raw Design Inspiration' to kick it off. No theme, absolutely 'raw' inspiration. Being an abdz., inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance, it comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do appreciate a good surf on Dribbble. It's all about how we consume our feeds, I noticed a shift of change from designers on sh...
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Meet Rachael, the World’s First Fully Automated Autonomous 3D Design Influencer on Instagram

Built with Unreal Engine 4, her capabilities are specially designed to create “likeable” images representing popular visual languages on the platform. Since May 2020, she has been posting to the Instagram account @rachaellic one new image per day. She will continue posting without any human intervention, as long as the computer she is running on is online. More: Instagram... Source
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