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The University Of Michigan Finally Fires Opera Singer David Daniels Over Sexual Misconduct

Daniels, once a leading countertenor and now facing a separate criminal charge for sexual assault in Texas, “was deemed not eligible for severance pay. According to the university, Daniels is the first tenured faculty member to be dismissed since it adopted its current bylaws in 1959.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Texas, Michigan, Issues, Daniels, David Daniels, 03.27.20

Next Step In Social Distancing And The Arts: Live Performance For One Audience Member At A Time

In a project called “One on One”, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, known as one of the most innovative in Russia, will let 850 people (as many as the auditorium could hold) register for a lottery for each ballet, concert, or opera; one winner will get to buy a ticket at the regular price and attend. Says director Marat Gatsalov, “We’d been told that we can’t let viewers into the theatre hall. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let just one viewer in.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Russia, Issues, Audience, Perm Opera, 03.25.20, Marat Gatsalov

Of Arts CEOs Who Are Giving Up Their Salaries

“There’s a symbolism and communications problem if you’re starting to inflict loss and suffering on your staff. If Peter Gelb or Deborah Rutter start to, and need to, lay off lots of people and calling the people they have contracts with and saying they going to invoke force majeure . . . it doesn’t look great or feel great if they’re not making a sacrifice themselves.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, Peter Gelb, Deborah Rutter, 03.27.20

Nightlife Is The Soul Of A City. Now It’s Gone And We Need To Protect It

The rise of night mayors after 2012 followed the recognition by many cities that they largely ignored what many called their nighttime economies. Those who worked in the nighttime entertainment sector had long argued that their contributions to employment and city tax coffers went unrecognized. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.26.20

How Do You Teach Performing Arts When You Can’t Be Together?

For teachers of the performing arts, seemingly insuperable challenges complicate the task: how does one teach dance and acting—quintessentially embodied forms dependent on human-to-human observation and whole-body involvement—when no one is in a room together? – Howlround
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.25.20

Cincinnati Ballet And Playhouse In The Park Were In The Middle Of Building New Homes When The Pandemic Hit

“First, you should know that neither group is on the brink of institutional disaster. The Playhouse has $10 million more to raise [out of almost $50 million] before the fall. The ballet’s project, according to the company’s web site, was 94.8 percent funded as of Feb. 25.” – Cincinnati Enquirer
Tags: Art, Issues, Cincinnati Ballet, 03.24.20

The Arts Business Has Been Decimated. It Won’t Be Easy Getting It Back

Adrian Ellis: “The sector is economically significant—we have the data on all those jobs created; on the new investment the arts attract to urban areas; and on those high-end cultural tourists seduced into spending more, staying longer and coming back again. The sector is also socially significant and is, at its core, the custodian of the world’s material and intangible culture.” – Wall Street Journal
Tags: Art, Issues, Adrian Ellis, 03.25.20

Germany Announces €50 Billion In Aid For Arts And Culture Sector

Yes, 50 billion-with-a-b. The package, which covers both small enterprises and the self-employed, “will come in the form grants designed to help with overhead costs like venue rentals and artist studios. Loans will also be available within the package to help businesses bridge financial bottlenecks.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Germany, Issues, 03.25.20

Devastated US Arts Industry Looks For Government Assistance

It has not been an easy sell, coming at a time when many pillars of the economy, from airlines to restaurants to public transportation, are facing existential crises and needing handouts themselves. But it is a fight the country’s museums and performing arts groups are used to waging. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.24.20, US Arts Industry Looks For Government Assistance

Maybe Figuring Out How To Get Your Work To An Audience Is Part Of The Creative Challenge

Playwright Nick Green created the Social Distancing Festival website to host rehearsal videos, designs, photos, excerpts and other pieces of work that have been cancelled or postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He put out a call for submissions on Saturday, March 14. By the next day he had 23,000 page views and, as of Thursday, 270,000 unique visitors. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Issues, Audience, Nick Green, 03.24.20

Arts Council England Pledges £160 Million To Arts For Virus Response

The money is intended to prevent artists and arts organisations from going bust, but is also designed to help them come up with creative responses “to buoy the public” during the lockdown. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.24.20

What Will America’s Arts Economy Be Like After COVID? How Can Artists Survive? (It’s Not A Pretty Picture)

Zach Finkelstein does not sugar-coat the situation: “The tragic irony of this crisis is that, in the post-COVID era, the person most likely to have a performance career will be the one that can last the longest without performing. … The most effective route to survival in the post-COVID word will require artists to build another set of marketable skills, with training to start immediately.” – The Middle-Class Artist
Tags: Art, America, Issues, Zach Finkelstein, 03.24.20

There Will Be No Spoleto Festival USA This Year

“After spending about $4.5 million that can’t be recovered, [the] Festival now must cope with a projected $756,000 deficit for 2020. (It did manage to avoid spending another $4.5 million that had been budgeted.)” No job cuts or furloughs are planned, and much of this year’s programming will be moved to 2021. – The Post and Courier (Charleston)
Tags: Art, Post, Issues, Spoleto Festival USA, 03.24.20

Systemic Failure: Virus Shutdown Highlights Precariousness Of Arts Economic Model

The economic fallout of the virus has made the disparity between employed workers and independent contractors clearer than ever. New York has a paid-sick-leave law, but it does not cover contract workers. Many freelance workers in the arts have high self-employment taxes and health-insurance costs; they do not have 401(k) matching programs or employer-backed disability insurance, or severance when work is called off. If artists have health insurance through a guild or a union, coverage ...
Tags: Art, New York, Issues, 03.23.20

Report: San Francisco Arts Orgs Could Lose $73 Million By This Summer

Every performing arts group in the Bay Area contacted by The Chronicle has canceled its spring season, even as most had barely begun. Now a study reports that arts organizations stand to lose more than $73 million in revenue and donations if the shutdown continues through summer. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Issues, Bay Area, Chronicle, 03.23.20

Berlin Launches €100 Million Aid Program For Freelance Arts Workers

“The Berlin Senate announced … that it would soon be offering €100 million ($107 million) in €5,000 ($5,366) grants to freelance workers and small businesses in the cultural sector. In addition, the senate is offering another €300 million ($322 million) in loans for the retail, hotel, restaurant, and cultural industries.” – Artnet
Tags: Art, Senate, Berlin, Issues, 03.20.20, Million Aid Program For Freelance Arts Workers, Berlin Senate

In Canada, The Banff Centre And The Stratford Festival Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers

Banff laid off 75 percent of its staff members as classes closed, and the Stratford Festival (reported in a separate CBC story, here) “laid off 495 people Friday and says another 440 will have their contracts or seasonal employment delayed.” – CBC
Tags: Art, Canada, Issues, Banff, Cbc, Stratford Festival, 03.20.20

What Will The Arts Look Like When This Is All Over?

Even in that best-case scenario — say, a May return — it may take years to return to the vibrant, cultural universe that defines our country. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.23.20

Philanthropies Are Lining Up To Try To Help The Arts

Though the organizers of the fund wanted to start with New York because of the city’s importance as a cultural center, they know the need spans the country, extending to individuals as well as nonprofit groups. Elizabeth Alexander, president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, another fund contributor, expects Mellon to partner with other advocacy organizations to develop additional granting programs soon. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, New York, Issues, Elizabeth Alexander, Mellon, Andrew W Mellon Foundation, 03.20.20

What Might The Arts Look Like After Corona?

Consider all the ways arts and cultural groups earn money: from ticket sales and admission fees; participation in educational programs; renting spaces for galas and gatherings; investments and endowments; and the largesse of public and private giving. Every one of those streams is now potentially shut off. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Issues, Corona, 03.19.20

Americans For The Arts Makes Plea For Federal Assistance For The Arts

In a national survey by Americans for the Arts, 91% of responding arts organizations have cancelled one or more events. Many arts organizations have closed their doors for months to come. More than one-third of respondents expect to make reductions in staff; 26% have already reduced their creative workforce. The $3.2 billion figure losses so far includes actual revenue losses to date from admissions (ticket sales, subscriptions, memberships), non-admissions income (gift shop sales, spons...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.20

LA Times Listings Editor Watches Schedule Fall Apart

The listings I had spent the previous several days carefully crafting and curating had mostly crumbled before my eyes. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Issues, LA Times, 03.18.20

What Coronavirus Content Is Showing Us About Ourselves (It Ain’t Pretty)

“The pandemic has clarified the dark bargain of our internet-connected devices: We look to them to protect our bodies and soothe our nerves, and in return, we hand over our minds.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.20

Alabama Will Open Museum For Remnants Of Last American Slave Ship

“Mobile County, the city of Mobile and the Alabama Historical Commission say work will begin ‘immediately’ on an Africatown Heritage House that will feature artifacts from the slave ship Clotilda … [which] is believed to be the last ship to bring a cargo of captive Africans into slavery in the United States, shortly before the start of the Civil War.” – The Press-Register (Mobile)/
Tags: Art, United States, Issues, Alabama Historical Commission, 03.11.20, Africatown Heritage House

Some Practical Suggestions For Arts Organizations Struggling To Survive

Michael Kaiser: “For many, it is a lack of clarity on the duration of the crisis that causes the most anxiety. Should we proceed with rehearsals for a new production scheduled for May? Do we issue next season’s subscription brochure? Should we move forward with our capital campaign? Will our reserves outlast the downturn, or are more drastic measures necessary? These are some of the sensible and challenging questions we have heard from arts leaders across the nation.” – DeVos Institute ...
Tags: Art, Issues, Michael Kaiser, 03.17.20

City Of Seattle Announces Emergency Rent And Financial Support For The Arts

“This is 9/11 meets The Great Recession meets the snowstorm,” Randy Engstrom, director of the city’s Office of Arts and Culture (OAC), said during an online public meeting Tuesday afternoon. “We know we’re going to get through this together — and this is our time.” – Seattle Times
Tags: Art, Seattle, Issues, Randy Engstrom, 02.18.20, Office of Arts and Culture OAC

This French Nonprofit Is Training Refugees To Work In The Arts

The organization Sama for All, founded by Syrian refugee Souad Nanaa, prepares displaced persons in France to find jobs in museums and cultural organizations. The six-month program teaches topics such as museum security, making presentations to visitors, and the specialized vocabulary refugees won’t learn in their regular French classes. – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, France, Issues, Sama, 03.16.20, Souad Nanaa

An Upside Of Italy’s Lockdown: You Can Now See Fish And Waterfowl In Venice’s Canals

Venetians are posting photos to the Facebook group Venezia Pulita (Clean Venice), saying that they’ve never seen the water in the canals so clear. It’s not that they’re suddenly far less polluted than before, says the mayor’s office: the lack of boat traffic means that no sediment is getting stirred up from the bottom. – CNN
Tags: Art, Facebook, Italy, Venice, Issues, 03.17.20, Venezia Pulita Clean Venice

Denver Arts Funder Offers Money To Its Grantees To Help With COVID Effects

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation: “These Denver-based organizations offer ongoing public arts & culture programming and are at risk for earned revenue loss due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The funding amount is based on 10% of their most recent grant, with a $6,000 cap. The total grant commitment is approximately $125,000. These grants will not require any sort of application or final report. The funding has already been released. Much has been written about how funders are taking this oppo...
Tags: Art, Denver, Issues, Bonfils Stanton Foundation, 03.16.20

England’s Arts Funding Will ‘Refocus’ To Help Artists With Loss Of Income Due To COVID

“We will refocus some grant programmes to help compensate individual artists and freelancers for lost earnings,” said a statement from Arts Council England. “This will require further planning. It may take about ten days before we can announce the details.” Institutions will continue to receive grant money, with funding requirements suspended for three months, and advance payments can help those with cash flow problems. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, England, Arts Council England, Issues, 03.16.20

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