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How To think About Leadership Transitions

“I mentioned that I work in real estate. When a listing is advertised with the line, “First time on market after 40 years of family ownership,” it almost always includes the phrase, “Bring your contractor and architect!” The work of restructuring an outmoded organization is not as physical as renovating a building, but the perils of deferred maintenance are just as dangerous. You can’t allow your house to fall into disrepair. You must keep up with changing codes, modern tastes, new ways of addr...
Tags: Art, Issues, 08.03.20

Well, England Didn’t Re-Start Indoor Performances On August 1 After All

“Indoor English venues were scheduled to open on 1 August with social distancing measures in place for audiences and performers – emulating the pilot run performed at The London Palladium last week.” But, with the novel coronavirus raging on, at noon on July 31, Boris Johnson told the nation, “Our assessment is that we should squeeze the brake pedal.” (The sensible Scots are waiting until October to reopen their theatres and concert halls.) – WhatsOnStage
Tags: Art, England, London, Boris Johnson, Issues, Audience, 07.31.20

The Rank Hypocrisy Of Threatening TikTok

The U.S. president’s TikTok flipout might not just be because of its security issues; indeed, there’s a lot more to it, including free speech … and Facebook. “It’s a rare feat to upturn two such fundamental democratic values—free speech and free markets—at the same time.” – Wired
Tags: Art, Issues, Facebook It, 08.01.20

Booker Nominee Arrested For Supporting Another Arrested Writer In Zimbabwe

Tsitsi Dangarembga, an activist and award-winning writer who was just chosen for the Booker longlist, has been arrested in Zimbabwe while she was protesting the arrest and imprisonment of investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. “Dangarembga, 61, and another protester were bundled into a police lorry while carrying placards. The government has warned that participation in Friday’s demonstration is regarded as insurrection.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Zimbabwe, Issues, Tsitsi Dangarembga, 07.31.20, Hopewell Chin ono Dangarembga

As COVID Cases Continue To Rise, South Carolina Reopens Performance Spaces And Cinemas

“Venues newly allowed to reopen to customers include movie theaters, auditoriums, stadiums and performing arts centers. Those represent the last of the business restrictions not rolled back two months ago. However, they must keep capacity at 50 percent or 250 people, whichever is less.” – The Post and Courier (Charleston)
Tags: Art, Post, South Carolina, Issues, Audience, 07.30.20

Australia Is Raising University Tuition For Arts And Humanities Degrees And Lowering It For STEM Degrees

“Education Minister Dan Tehan said the government wanted to ‘incentivise students to make more job-relevant choices’. The next wave of graduates would have to power the post-Covid economic recovery, he stressed. ‘A cheaper degree in an area where there’s a job is a win-win for students.'” Many education professionals are skeptical (to say the least), and evidence suggests that the new pricing won’t change students’ choices. – BBC
Tags: Art, Australia, Issues, Dan Tehan, 07.28.20

MacDowell Artists’ Retreat Tries Virtual Fellowships

With the ongoing COVID epidemic making travel to its New Hampshire campus impractical at best, the no-longer-a-colony has invited this summer’s eight fellows to a four-week virtual residency that will include dinners and other events which the participants will join electronically. – AP
Tags: Art, New Hampshire, Issues, 07.28.20

Giving To Arts Is Down In 2020: Study

The latest COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Insight Report, released by TRG Arts and data specialists Purple Seven, “includes data from 105 nonprofit organizations of all scales in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. The report reveals that there has been no aggregate growth in donations, but some individual organizations, particularly ones with a lower ratio of contributed income, have seen substantial increases in gift revenue.” – American Theatre
Tags: Art, Canada, United Kingdom, Issues, 07.29.20

Reimagining Los Angeles’ Approach To Culture

Even in the best years, funding for arts and culture in our city does not meet the needs of the communities we serve. It is time to expose this hard truth and build the support needed to focus on culture and creativity as a primary driver of racial equity, create healthy communities, assure key economic recovery, and build vital long-term sustainability. – KCET
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Issues, 07.28.20

Watching Online: The Differences Between Audience and Viewer

Amid this deluge of performance art offerings flowing into my house, I realized two words marred my experience: remote and control. With remote clenched in one hand and phone in the other, it hit me: No longer a member of an audience, I had become merely a viewer now. – ArtsandCultureTexas
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.28.20

Here’s How The UK’s £1.5 Billion Arts Rescue Package Will Work

“Of the total amount, the government has currently released £880 million ($1.14 billion), which has been split into two funding rounds. The first round of £622 million ($805.3 million) will be distributed immediately, while the remaining £258 million ($334 million) will be reserved for a second round of funding later in the financial year to meet the developing needs of organizations.” – Variety
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 07.28.20

What It’s Like Going To Disney World Right Now

The bus from the airport to my resort gave me plenty of time to contemplate my life decisions. An air-conditioned trip through a hot zone of the worst disease outbreak in a century will concentrate the mind, even if television screens and the voices of cartoon characters are constantly attempting to break that concentration. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.27.20, Disney World Right Now

For Most Of The 20th Century, To Be Chinese In Hollywood Meant Your Name Didn’t Matter

Victor Sen Yung started in Hollywood as a “Chinese peasant boy” in The Good Earth, and his last role was 43 years later, in The Man With Bogart’s Face. He was credited as Sen Yung, Sen Young, Victor Sen Yung, and Victor Young. And then there was Bonanza. “Between 1959 and 1973, Yung played the easygoing cook, Hop Sing, in more than 100 episodes of the long-running TV series, Bonanza. This, of course, is all a Chinaman can do on television: hop, sing, spout gnomic bits of wisdom, and die.” – Hyp...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Issues, Victor Young, Yung, The Good Earth, 07.25.20, Victor Sen Yung, Sen Yung Sen Young Victor Sen Yung

Time Is Running Out For Arts Advocacy

The Paycheck Protection Program is drying up, unemployment checks are about to stop (without a miracle from Congress), and 12,000 arts organizations in the U.S. say they may not survive at all. We need a figurehead. “Almost all our celebrities are artists, and though they have been generous in joining fundraisers, the benefiting organizations can only disburse small grants. You don’t save 5 million jobs that way. Where are their demands? Fancy people, the country’s op-ed pages await you.” – Vul...
Tags: Art, Congress, Issues, Paycheck Protection Program, 07.25.20

Kennedy Center Makes Additional Deep Cuts

The cuts are needed to address the financial challenges of the pandemic-related shutdown, Kennedy Center president and chief executive Deborah Rutter said in an interview. The arts center projects a $23 million budget shortfall for the 2020-2021 season. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Kennedy Center, Issues, Deborah Rutter, 07.24.20

UK Arts Bailout For Arts Institutions. But What About Artists?

After months of monotone condolences and a vague “five-step roadmap” from culture secretary Oliver Dowden, the British government Beyoncéd the arts community on 5 July by announcing a surprise £1.57bn emergency support package. Dowden said he would begin by bailing out the “crown jewels of our national life – you know, the Royal Albert Halls and so on”. It should come as no surprise that this government is prioritising bedazzled institutions. The “crown jewels” of theatre, however, are not the ...
Tags: Art, UK, London, Issues, Dowden, Royal Albert Halls, Oliver Dowden, 07.22.20

The Pandemic’s Lasting Effects On The Arts?

If, as I gloomily expect, this pandemic mushrooms into a huge, epochal shift in the social, economical and political landscape of the United States, then history teaches us perfectly clearly that there will be mirroring changes in the arts. That’s why we have concepts like “post-war literature” or “Restoration theater” or “Socialist realism.” You can’t have an earthquake without artists noticing. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, United States, Issues, 07.23.20

How I Got Audiences To Pay More For Streamed Performances Than I Would Have Asked Them To

Kahlil Ashanti began his performing career as part of an elite U.S. Air Force unit that did shows for servicepeople at military bases and in battle zones all over the globe. One thing he heard over and over from audience members, both soldiers and civilians (in his post-Air Force life), was “I would have gladly paid more for that.” Here’s how he got them to actually do it. – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, Air Force, Issues, Audience, U S Air Force, Kahlil Ashanti, 07.22.20

How Artists And Arts Organizations In San Francisco Are Adapting

Some of these people have taken the opportunity to begin a radical rethinking of their operations. Others are doing their best to maintain a connection with their patrons and audiences that will be strong enough to tide them over the current and coming upheavals. Wherever you look, the cultural players are busily brainstorming solutions. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Issues, 07.23.20

Kennedy Center Will Reopen Its Large Theaters Next January

Pandemic permitting, the Center and its resident companies, the National Symphony Orchestra and Washington National Opera, plan to present performances for full audiences n its three large venues early in the New Year, with a few socially distanced, small-scale or outdoor performances before then. The big Broadway touring shows won’t be back until May. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Broadway, Issues, 07.23.20

A Bail-Out For The Arts? We Need More

What is needed is “not just a bailout” but a “long-term plan” that would enable the sector to “come out the other side. What we’ve seen is a lack of joined-up thinking across government,” he went on, suggesting “huge swathes of our cultural infrastructure” are at risk. – BBC
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.23.20

Kick The Cars Off 7th Avenue And Turn It Into An Outdoor Arts Center, Says Carnegie Hall Chief

Clive Gillinson: “What would it mean to close Seventh Avenue from 47th to 57th streets to vehicular traffic, creating a pedestrian mall for the arts, anchored by Carnegie Hall to the north and the TKTS Broadway ticket booth to the South. This space could be lined with restaurants, sidewalk cafes, jazz clubs, art galleries and the like, serving as a central area for people to gather — not only those headed to performances in the theater district and concert venues such as Carnegie Hall, Radio Ci...
Tags: Art, Broadway, Lincoln Center, Issues, Audience, Carnegie Hall, Clive Gillinson, Seventh Avenue, Carnegie Hall Radio City Music Hall, 07.22.20, Outdoor Arts Center Says Carnegie Hall

A Third Of U.S. Museum Directors Fear That COVID Could Shut Down Their Institutions For Good

“In a survey released Wednesday of 760 museum directors, 33% of them said there was either a ‘significant risk’ of closing permanently by next fall or that they didn’t know if their institutions would survive. … The institutions surveyed ranged from aquariums to botanical gardens to science centers. More than 40% of them were history museums, historic houses and historical societies, while art museums represented less than 25%.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Issues, Visual, 07.22.20

Needed: A New Deal For The Arts

This debilitating, isolating historical moment should make us rethink our attitudes, priorities and national policies with regard to our criminal justice system, health and education infrastructure and physical environment. Similarly, the American arts sphere shouldn’t merely hope to restore the “old normal” when it could instead be re-envisioned and rejuvenated. – Crosscut
Tags: Art, Issues, 07.20.20

Arts Center In Sydney Is Saved From Liquidation — But At The Expense Of Some Artists

“Carriageworks has a clear path towards recovery after creditors voted unopposed on Tuesday for a proposal to rescue the arts company with the support of philanthropists and the New South Wales government, but not everyone is happy with the deal.” The problem: many of those creditors are small arts organizations and individual artists, who may get only about a third of the fees owed them. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, New South Wales, Sydney, Issues, Carriageworks, 07.21.20

How Arts Schools Are Adapting

“It’s not an uninteresting moment to be part of CalArts,” said dance dean Dimitri Chamblas. “The school is ready to re-question, reinvent … innovating in this particular moment of time — it’s not a bad moment for study.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Issues, CalArts, 07.20.20, Dimitri Chamblas

Disabled Performers On Their Place In The Arts Business

“Social movements like #OscarsSoWhite and #MeToo have started important conversations about an industry with entrenched disparities. With that in mind, we asked entertainers” — actors Ali Stroker, Marlee Matlin, Micah Fowler, and Lauren Potter, and Leroy F. Brown Jr. of Krip-Hop Nation — “how they have navigated their careers, and where their hopes lie for the future of their industry.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Issues, Oscarssowhite, Lauren Potter, 07.19.20, Ali Stroker Marlee Matlin Micah Fowler, Leroy F Brown Jr

New Waves Of Arts Layoffs In Chicago – A Profession Dismantling

You might argue that furloughs are inevitable, given the inability of theaters to perform indoors in front of more than 50 people under current city and state guidelines. But it’s not the furloughs that have been so surprising: It’s the permanent layoffs, indicating that the boards of non-profit organizations just don’t see any imminent return to normal operations. Time and time again, I’ve heard that the job losses were necessary to protect the future of the institution. – Chicago Tribune
Tags: Art, Chicago, Issues, 07.16.20

London’s Southbank Centre Will Lay Off Up To Two-Thirds Of Its Staff

“The job losses are expected to affect all areas of the organisation, which comprises venues including the Hayward Gallery and Royal Festival Hall, as well as being home to eight orchestras, the National Poetry Library and the Arts Council Collection. The [Centre] has furloughed the majority of its 600 employees, and in May predicted it could face a £5.1m deficit for the 2020-21 financial year.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Issues, 07.16.20, Southbank Centre Will Lay

When COVID Hit, Arts Groups Put Loads Of Free Content Online. Has It Connected With People?

“Concerts, conversations, classes, collages, child-friendly shorts and more filled arts websites and social media channels daily as institutions and individuals worked to preserve relationships and remind audiences of the arts’ societal importance. Was anybody watching?” Jeremy Reynolds checked in with the performing organizations in Pittsburgh and reports that “not all content is created equal.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tags: Art, Issues, Pittsburgh, Jeremy Reynolds, 07.13.20

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