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Barbra Streisand Said Some Pretty Bad Stuff In An Interview

Today, she apologized for much of the interview wherein she blamed the parents of the men who say Michael Jackson abused them when they were kids, and saying such things as “You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say, they were thrilled to be there. … They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.” – The New York Times
Tags: ISSUES, 03.23.19

The Elton John Biopic Will Be Rated R, Probably, For An ‘Intimate’ Scene (And For Drugs)

Of course it’s not because that intimate scene has two men in it. No, no, of course not. It’s … the swearing. And the drugs. “According to one source close to the production, filmmakers and Paramount are in discussions about the love scene, which has the F-word several times and includes brief rear nudity, and someone snorting cocaine.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: ISSUES, 03.22.19

Mayor Of London Releases Seven-Point ‘Cultural Infrastructure Plan’

“The Cultural Infrastructure Plan sets out … why it’s important to support the capital’s venues and studios; how they are at risk; what can be done to protect them; and what resources the Mayor’s office is investing. The document covers the buildings, structures and places where culture is both consumed (defined as experiencing, participating in or showcasing art) and produced (where creative work is made, usually by artists).” – Arts Professional
Tags: ISSUES, 03.22.19

Finally, An Online Space Where Black Artists In UK Can Find Each Other

“Make Online has been created by [Talawa] Theatre Company for artists across the UK, and is described as an online community that will give black British artists ‘ownership and agency of their careers’. It is available for black artists at all stages of their careers to develop networks with their peers and the wider industry through open discussions and event listings, as well as access job postings, commissions and castings.” – The Stage
Tags: ISSUES, 03.20.19, Sj

Instead Of Trashing Or Replacing Its Old-Style, Stereotyped Colonists-Meet-Indians Diorama, This Museum Is Interrogating It

The American Museum of Natural History in New York has a 1939 diorama purporting to show a diplomatic meeting between governor Peter Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam (today’s Manhattan) and some Lenape Indians, and — not everything in it is wrong (Stuyvesant really did have a pegleg), but in 2019, you can’t call it accurate. So the Museum decided to make the diorama an exhibit on old stereotypes, with labeling explaining the differences between what’s shown and what’s known of the site’s actual hist...
Tags: Art, New York, Manhattan, American Museum of Natural History, Stuyvesant, Issues, SJ, New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant, 03.20.19, Ana Fota

Old Photos Of Enslaved African-Americans Should Belong To Their Descendants, Not Museums, Argues Lawsuit

Just as the law now requires that Native American remains and artifacts should be returned to today’s Native tribes, the descendants of a pair of slaves seen in historic daguerreotypes now owned by a Harvard museum claim that they’re the rightful owners of those slaves’ images, which are, says their lawsuit, “spoils of theft.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Harvard, Issues, 03.20.19

Arts Pay Survey: Wanna Be Depressed? Here’s The Story For You

The personal stories tell of unpaid hours; unsustainable workloads; limited prospects for progression; poor pension provision; exploitation – and self-exploitation; undervalued qualifications; volunteers taking formerly paid positions; the need for financial support from family members; second jobs in other sectors; huge differentials between senior and junior staff; freelance rates that have been stagnant for a decade; and experienced and highly qualified workers leaving the sector altogether ...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19

Where Chicago’s Candidates For Mayor Stand On The Arts

Both candidates exist on the progressive spectrum. Both candidates have problematic pasts and positive potential. Both appear to be arts-knowledgeable, but at February’s Mayoral Arts Forum, sponsored by Arts Alliance Illinois and the League of Chicago Theatres, they sat shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow candidates in terms of their uncertainty around Chicago’s current arts policies. – Clyde Fitch Report
Tags: Art, Chicago, Issues, 03.16.19, Mayoral Arts Forum, Arts Alliance Illinois, League of Chicago Theatres

What Exactly Constitutes ‘Cultural Democracy’? And Should State Arts Funding Be Paying For It?

Nan van Houte: “This is not an attempt to discredit cultural democracy; I am convinced that access to the arts and the stimulus towards personal creativity are basic human rights and needs. This is, instead, an attempt to analyze my growing uneasiness when I read yet another arts fund, council, or ministry in Western Europe is opening a strand for ‘everyday creativity.’ … Why? I am afraid that soon we will no longer have to fear for the instrumentalization of the arts, because the artists thems...
Tags: Art, Issues, Audience, Western Europe, SJ, 03.17.19, Nan van Houte

Harnessing The Arts To Power The Ongoing Recovery In Puerto Rico (And ‘Hamilton’ Helps)

“While the government’s priorities shifted a bit in the immediate aftermath of [Hurricane Maria], as the island works to rebuild, tourism, particularly arts-fueled tourism, is playing a significant role.” The biggest example so far was the tour of Hamilton that Lin-Manuel Miranda brought to the island (and which attracted a lot of visitors) — and Miranda established a fund that funnels profits from that tour to local arts organizations. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Miranda, Hamilton, Issues, Puerto Rico, Lin Manuel Miranda, 03.19.19

It Just Sucks: What It’s Like To Be Freelancer Worker In The Arts

Freelancers in the arts hit the instability jackpot. They enter a market with no money and ask for the scraps, billing for what the organisation can afford, not what the job is worth. Unlike employees, they’re never paid for the in-between times; they sometimes lose money in preparing for and delivering jobs, which employees don’t. And it’s probably the only industry in which taking on a PhD just to live off an associated scholarship – which one respondent to the ArtsPay survey reported doing ...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19

How The Vietnam War Changed American Art

The shock of Vietnam made conventional art forms such as painting and sculpture look inadequate. Its reverberations inspired a rapid expansion of the possible forms art could take and a search for new audiences. Public performances, video, installations, land art and agitprop all flourished during the war. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Vietnam, Issues, 03.18.19

Once Again. Trump’s Proposed Budget Defunds NEA, NEH, Public Broadcasting, Libraries

“For the third time in as many years, the White House has proposed a federal budget that would shutter the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — which supports PBS and NPR — and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Like last year, the plan provides small appropriations for each agency to facilitate its orderly demise.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, White House, Npr, Pbs, Issues, Institute of Museum and Library Services Like

Thanks To Met Museum Admission Fees, New York City To Give $2.8 Million To Smaller Arts Groups

As part of the City’s agreement to let the Met charge non-New Yorkers a mandatory admission fee, the museum is to give the City a portion of the new revenues for grants to other organizations. Now the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs has announced that it will distribute $2.8 million of those revenues to 175 groups throughout the five boroughs. – ARTnews
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19, Met Museum Admission Fees New York City To Give, City s Department of Cultural Affairs

How Nightclub Culture Drives Popular Culture

Anyone with an Instagramaccount, a fashion magazine subscription or an interest in social activism is ultimately engaging with club culture. Nightlife is like an angel investor in pop culture, silently incubating grassroots movements and social moments, and since the first iterations of the disco, clubs have been a breeding ground for cultural experimentation. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19

Some Concerns About “Cultural Democracy” And What It Means For Artists And The Arts

Cultural democracy is, in its essence, anti-elitist. It denounces the superiority of one form of culture over others and includes amateur arts, lifestyles, folk creativity, and traditional practices. Diversity and free choice are key, and culture should be available as an integral part of everyday life. It was the kind of thing I benefited from in my childhood. It comes as no surprise that the term “cultural democracy” is still on the table as the buzz answer to the figures that show only a sma...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.17.19

Hudson Yards’ Monument To Wealth

Rather than a vision of the future, Hudson Yards takes a snapshot of the concentrated-wealth present. It is the physical expression of the tensions between the developer’s focus on moneymaking, the complications of the site, and complex public agendas. Hudson Yards is an untidy collage of all the forces that have acted on it. – CityLab
Tags: Art, Issues, Hudson Yards, 03.15.19

One Of Philadelphia’s Last Independent Live Venues Is Set To Close

The iconic Trocadero is going out in May, according to owner Joanna Pang, who says (and this is depressing as heck) “The landscape of the business has changed in the last five years. It’s harder now to be an independently run venue — it’s a different world. There are bigger rooms run by bigger concert corporations.” That is, Live Nation. – Variety
Tags: Art, Philadelphia, Issues, Joanna Pang, 03.18.19

British Actor Juliet Stevenson Calls Brexit A Retrograde Step That Will Make Collaboration Harder

Stevenson was among many other arts leaders in Britain who said Brexit was a terrible idea. She added, “I spent last year filming a series called Riviera, which had a French crew, Belgian director, German camera man, English, Swiss and American casts, and it’s particularly those sorts of things that are going to be much harder.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Brexit, Issues, Juliet Stevenson, Stevenson, 03.15.19

A Large Local Arts Funder Searches For A New Leader (And Ponders Some Existential Questions)

Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Arts and Culture is one of the country’s largest local arts funders. As such it has an enormous impact on its arts community. Of course having money to spend supporting the arts is a good thing. But it also gives a funder power. So what kind of leader does CAC want to have? – CANJournal
Tags: Art, Cleveland, Issues, Cuyahoga Arts, 03.13.19

Indigenous Australian Artists: It’s Time We Stop Being Reviewed By White Culture

“It feels like a moment where we are angry and ready enough to address how white Australian review culture maligns Indigenous work by only superficially engaging with it. It feels like a moment where we are ready to sustain our own review culture. We have centuries of white engagement with Indigenous story as evidence for the need to change; we also have our own critics, who show us what’s possible when whiteness loses its frame of evaluative authority over a work.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, SJ, 03.13.19

Overnight Reviews Are Largely A Thing Of The Past. Is It A Good Thing?

Is a review dashed out in an hour really going to be as good as one written under a more generous deadline? Sometimes, maybe: I know some critics who think British deadlines are the enemy of decent reviews, but they can underestimate the quality that can be mustered with the adrenaline pumping. Nonetheless, there is something obviously counterintuitive about the idea that the more important the review, the less time will be spent on it. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.14.19

A Snapshot Of Arts Workers In Local Arts Agencies

A survey by Americans for the Arts gives an idea of salaries and demographics of arts workers across America’s local arts agencies. – Americans for the Arts
Tags: Art, America, Issues, 03.13.19, Snapshot Of Arts Workers In Local Arts Agencies

The First Women-Only Club For Arts Workers Is Key For Overcoming Inequality In Industry, Says Founder

Joanna Payne, founder and director of the London club called Marguerite: “In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need all-female spaces of any kind … But [for] all the time that the ‘ideal world’ is still very much just that, I think that we do.” – London Evening Standard
Tags: Art, London, Issues, Marguerite, SJ, 03.10.19, First Women Only Club For Arts Workers, Joanna Payne

Another Casualty Of Government Shutdown: Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival

“The Smithsonian Institution has canceled this summer’s 10-day Folklife Festival celebrating the music and culture of Benin and Brazil and will replace it with a smaller event.” Instead, “[there] will be a two-day event, June 29 and 30, focused on the ‘Social Power of Music,’ in keeping with the Smithsonian-wide 2019 Year of Music theme.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Smithsonian, Brazil, Issues, Benin, Smithsonian Institution, Social Power of Music, 03.14.19

A Sociologist Explores Explanations For Why Art By Men Gets Higher Prices Than Art By Women

“Who and what defines art and quality, which institutions matter and how they are accessed, who knows whom, whether advantage is accumulated from a prejudiced past, and where conscious and subconscious biases of culture interrupt economic valuation—these are the questions that sociologists ask to explain greatness. It is not a denial of quality, talent, innovation, or genius, but a way to contextualize them.” – Artsy
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.08.19

CEO Of Cartier: The Arts Define Who We Are

“Whether it is photography, painting, sculpture, or design, the arts define who we are at Cartier. Some of our creations were directly linked to the aesthetics of the Mughal period in India with Cartier looking less to local jewelry and more to miniature paintings. Also, geometric shapes found in Islamic Art inspired the designs of some of our accessories and the ornamental “guilloché” patterns in our watches. Art motifs enter Cartier’s vocabulary and then we use them in intuitive ways, on prod...
Tags: Art, India, Issues, Cartier, 03.13.19

Adding Up What The Government Shutdown Cost Museums

“In that time, the Smithsonian — 19 museums including the Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York and the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) and National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, along with the National Zoo — lost an estimated 1 million visitors. … Although national museums (except the Cooper Hewitt) offer free entry, the Smithsonian lost an estimated $3.4m in gross revenue from its gift shops, concessions and IMAX film screenings.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, New York, Washington Dc, Smithsonian, Issues, Cooper Hewitt, National Zoo, National Portrait Gallery NPG, 03.13.19

What Brings Wounded Cities Back To Life? Culture, Says World Bank Report

“Investing in cultural institutions, spaces, and heritage can help build bridges between sparring communities in post-conflict urban areas and make disaster recovery quick, sustainable, and more effective. The authors argue that major cultural investments early in the reconstruction process will eventually pay off by making the city more attractive to investment and tourism, fueling economic growth.” Exhibit A: Medellín, once the most violent city in the world. – CityLab
Tags: Art, Issues, SJ, 03.12.19

Our Academics Are Trapped In Academia. Can You Help?

On every campus, I meet scholars eager to share what they know outside the walls of their institutions. They find themselves stalled by three factors: lack of knowledge on how media works as an industry, fear of being scorned by their colleagues, and the realization that, in the chase for tenure or promotion, such public work rarely counts toward academic credibility or formal metrics. – Pacific Standard
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.13.19

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