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Marionette Museum in Palermo

By Walter Sanders At first I balked at paying 5 Euro for a ticket to see what … a marionette museum? But Sharon said, “We have to experience this. UNESCO lists the Sicilian puppet theater on its Intangible Heritage site.” Now I think that the Antonio Pasqualino Museo Internazionale delle Marionette ticket is a bargain. […]
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Meet Pentagram's Newest Partner: Information Designer Giorgia Lupi

For the first time in nearly a decade, Pentagram New York has brought on a new partner: interaction designer and 2013 Core77 Design Awards honoree Giorgia Lupi. In addition to being the co-founder and design director of Accurat, Lupi is also known for co-authoring Dear Data. She's worked with clients including IBM, Google, Starbucks, United Nations, and the World Health Organization among many others. Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper Hewitt...
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The Artwork That Won The Venice Biennale Is Actually An Opera

“The piece, called Sun & Sea (Marina) (2019), was created by a trio of highly creative women: filmmaker and theater director Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė; writer, poet, and playwright Vaiva Grainytė; and artist, musician, and composer Lina Lapelytė. From within Venice’s Marina Militare, the opera’s set is a faux beach, complete with lounge chairs, inflatables, and sand. A troupe of two-dozen performers from Lithuania and Italy sing sweetly and harmoniously, enacting dark humor that reflects on the deca...
Tags: Art, Music, Italy, Venice, Lithuania, Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, 05.14.19, Sun Sea Marina, Vaiva Grainytė, Lina Lapelytė, Marina Militare

The Louvre’s Attempts To Get Works Loaned For Its Leonardo 500 Show Aren’t Going So Well

First of all, there’s the on-again, off-again attempt by Italy’s new-ish nationalist government to make da Vinci and the Louvre show a cultural battleground. But there are also the perpetually uncertain status of loans from the Hermitage (again, politics), the fact that works on wood are too fragile to travel, and the mysteriously missing Salvator Mundi. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Italy, Visual, Da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, 05.20.19

Venice Biennale 2019: Darkness + Light

From doppelgängers to robots and holograms, some of the physically and metaphorically shadowy works on show This year’s theme for the 58th International Art Exhibition at this year’s Venice Biennale, “May you live in interesting times,” is oftentimes purported to be translated from a traditional Chinese curse—wherein a phrase that sounds like a blessing is actually said ironically. It makes sense that many artists involved in …
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Migrant Death Boat Is By Far Most Controversial Work At Venice Biennale

Artist Christoph Büchel managed to get possession of the actual fishing boat in which hundreds of migrants drowned while trying to get from Libya to Italy in 2015 — and he entered it as is, with no identifying text, in this year’s Biennale as an artwork titled Barca nostra (Our Boat). Reactions to the piece have been strong, ranging from somber admiration to appalled denunciation. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Italy, Libya, Barca, Venice Biennale, Visual, Christoph Büchel, 05.14.19

The Sparkle Paper Saver Notebook teaches kids about recycled paper and sustainable living

Australian-based company Paper Saver has been using its products to help recycle paper since 2015. Its original Paper Saver notebook has a plastic sleeve inside, where leftover scratch paper can be inserted and used as pages. When the pages are full, the paper can be easily taken out, recycled and replaced with new pieces. It’s an innovative idea that has since allowed tens of thousands of people alike reduce their paper waste, according to the site. Now, the company is supplementing its sleek...
Tags: Art, Design, Kids, Italy, Kickstarter, Recycling, Recycled Materials, Eco Kids, Sustainable Living, Recycled Paper, Arts And Crafts, Paper Saver, Sparkle Paper Saver, Environmental Awareness Woven Stickers

Interview: Federico Cerelli on Cavaliere d’Oro Wines

We speak about how to lead a heritage brand in a contemporary climate The picturesque wine region of Tuscany is home to Castello di Gabbiano, a 500-year-old medieval castle surrounded by rolling hills dotted with vineyards and olive trees. Since 1480, Sangiovese grapevines have thrived on the estate and are the soul of the Gabbiano label’s enduring reputation as a top producer of Chianti (blessed …
Tags: Design, Climate Change, Interviews, Alcohol, Italy, Wine, Tuscany, Food + Drink, Federico Cerelli, Wines, Italian wines, Cavaliere d’Oro

Mille Bisous d’Italie Towel

Part perverse, part playful, the art on this 100% cotton towel—from Paris-based Carne Bollente—is printed on just one side, so you can flip it over if you happen to be spending time with puritans. Sex-positive and a little silly, this delightfully colorful towel measures 130cm by 65cm. Price is in Euros.
Tags: Design, Sexual, Paris, Italy, Beach Towels, Towels, Carne Bollente, Mille Bisous

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Designing an Italian icon, a mirrored hot air ballon, 3D-printed organs and plenty more inspiration and oddities The Impending Death of the Password Thanks to companies like MobileIron, device passwords (believed to date back to the 1960s, thanks to an MIT time-shared computer) may be on their way out once and for all. Since most people use weak passwords for the majority of their logins …
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Why Knights Fought Snails in Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts

The snail may leave a trail of slime behind him, but a little slime will do a man no harm... whilst if you dance with dragons, you must expect to burn. - George R. R. Martin, The Mystery Knight As any Game of Thrones fan knows, being a knight has its downsides. It isn’t all power, glory, advantageous marriages and gifts ranging from castles to bags of gold. Sometimes you have to fight a truly formidable opponent. We’re not talking about bunnies here, though there’s plenty of documentati...
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New Deal: Italian Galleries Won’t Have To Pay Artist Resale Royalties

Primary market galleries in Italy no longer have to pay the artist’s resale right (ARR) when selling a work for the first time on behalf of an artist, meaning only works being resold are subject to royalties. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Italy, Visual, ARR, 05.08.19

The History of the Iconic Moka Pot

The single-serve espresso machine first appeared in Italy in 1901. More than 30 years later, Alfonso Bialetti popularized an even more democratic coffee maker for home use: the Moka Express. This version (now patented) became an iconic symbol of Italian coffee culture—simple yet dignified. The historically significant eight-sided machine helped to make at-home coffee brewing possible at a much larger scale. Today, the Moka Express …
Tags: Kitchen, Coffee, Design, Italy, Espresso, Italian, Linkaboutit, Homewares, Alessi, Kitchen Accessories, Alfonso Bialetti, Moka Pot, Coffee Culture

Lamborghini’s Restored Arancio Miura P400

Made famous in 1969’s The Italian Job, this glorious Lamborghini Arancio Miura P400 was long-believed to be destroyed, as per the film’s plot. But a confession years later revealed that the on-screen collision involved a different Miura—one that was already damaged pre-shoot—and the hunt for the original began. With many aiding the search, the car surfaced, returned to Polo Storico (the brand’s classic division) and …
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Clairy’s Planter/Purifier keeps the house green and the air clean

It’s pretty commonly known that plants have a way of cleansing the air we breathe. A forest has much healthier air than a busy intersection, and while that reference is sort of overkill, it proves a point. Greenery is associated with freshness, and plants trap dust, dirt, kill bacteria, and dissipate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen that nurtures the body. The Clairy Air Purifier plays on this property of plants, accelerating it in a way that al...
Tags: Home, Design, Green, Italy, Appliances, Product Design, Planter, Greenery, Air Purifier, Clairy

Italian stamps showcase artworks recovered by its 'monuments men'

Country marks 50th anniversary of police taskforce with Van Gogh, Mantegna and Raphael stampsItaly has issued a set of stamps depicting stolen artworks recovered by its “monuments men” taskforce as it tries to shake off its status as the country with the highest number of art thefts in the world.The stamps, which show works by Van Gogh, Mantegna and Raphael, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The carabinieri – Italian police – taskforce’s nickn...
Tags: Art, Europe, Nazis, World news, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Raphael, George Clooney, Art Theft, Van Gogh Mantegna

Tuscan village pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci, 500 years on – in pictures

Residents of Vinci, the Italian village in which Leonardo da Vinci was born, are marking the 500th anniversary of his death on 2 May. The lush vineyards, fields and brooks that inspired his art have changed little over the centuries Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Painting, World news, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci, Vinci

Paolo Di Paolo Captured Spectacular Photos Of Italy In The 1950s And 60s

Viareggio in 1959. The “Paolo Di Paolo: Lost World” exhibition presents more than 250 largely unseen images from the photographer’s archive. Di Paolo chronicled life in his country as an economic boom followed the destruction of the second world war. Although those were the years of la dolce vita he was an anti-paparazzo – he shunned the salacious and respected his subjects. The exhibition is at... Source
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Photographer Paolo Raeli Shows Us How Beautiful The Youth Can Be

Paolo Raeli is an artist born and raised in Palermo, South Italy. Being scared of forgetting things, his main focus became photography. His main focus became photography and taking pictures of his friends and loved ones mostly. Paolo Raeli shows with his pictures how beautiful the youth can be. More: Instagram h/t: artfucksme View this post on Instagram Making love was never about you and me in a... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Relationships, Love, Youth, Italy, Feelings, Generation, Paolo Raeli, Palermo South Italy

Paolo Di Paolo's Italy in the 1950s and 60s – in pictures

The Paolo Di Paolo: Lost World exhibition presents more than 250 largely unseen images from the photographer’s archive. Di Paolo chronicled life in his country as an economic boom followed the destruction of the second world war. Although those were the years of la dolce vita he was an anti-paparazzo – he shunned the salacious and respected his subjects. The exhibition is at MAXXI in Rome until 30 June Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, Photography, Celebrity, Film, Life and style, World news, Rome, Culture, Art and design, Italy, Maxxi, Di Paolo, Paolo Di Paolo

A library of exile: Edmund de Waal on Venice's Jewish Ghetto

In 1516, Venice’s Jewish population was forced into one small area of the city. Now the writer and artist has created artworks expressing a history of displacement and lossMy day begins in the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo. It is early morning and I am nursing a cup of coffee and the first of my bag of almond dolci ebraici veneziani, still warm from the bakery. They are rather too good, a hardness that gives way to almond crumbs. It is quiet but I can just make out the sound of the water from the founta...
Tags: Art, Europe, Religion, World news, Culture, Art and design, Judaism, Italy, Installation, Exhibitions, Venice, Ceramics, Venice Biennale, Campo, Edmund de Waal

Italy’s State Broadcaster Proposes Separate Channels For Men And Women

“A source at RAI said the plan was about repositioning programmes to better target male and female audiences, rather than gender segregation, but the potential move has been lambasted by opposition MPs and women’s groups.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Italy, RAI, 04.19.19

The Felderhof House in Italy is built into the ground and topped with a green roof

In the Eisack Valley of Italy, an old “pair farmstead” structure partly built into the hillside years ago still remains. The new owner decided to turn this classic property into a proper home after living inside it for two years as it was, and chose Pavol Mikolajcak Architekten for the redesign. The partially underground extension is topped by a grassy green roof that serves as an homage to the old design as well as a minimal approach to interacting with the natural environment. A newer buildi...
Tags: Design, Italy, Argentina, Dolomites Mountains, Felderhof House, Eisack Valley, Pavol Mikolajcak Architekten, Oskar DaRiz

Opportunity at The Kennedy Center for a Senior Press Representative!

The Senior Press Representative for WNO & Classical is responsible for the strategic communications and public relations efforts for Washington National Opera and its constituents and programs, the Renée Fleming VOICES series, Composer in Residence Mason Bates and the KC Jukebox series, and other vocal and/or classical presentations, including Direct Current, the Center’s two-week annual focus on contemporary culture. In collaboration with WNO’s leadership team of General Director Timothy...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Washington, Italy, Kennedy Center, Mason Bates, Francesca Zambello, Renee Fleming, WNO, Washington National Opera, Goethe Institute, Domingo Cafritz Young Artist Program, Timothy O'Leary, Kennedy Center for a Senior Press Representative, Kennedy Center PR

Interview: Giorgio Galli, Design Director of Timex Group

Behind the details on the assembled-in-Connecticut American Documents collection From his multi-floor design lab in Milan, Giorgio Galli—the design director of Timex Group—oversees developments across the historic (and ubiquitous) brand’s portfolio. While headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, Timex looks to the Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Italy for many reasons, including their illustrious experiences together and proximity between Galli and Timex’s luxury licensed brands, Versace and Ferrag...
Tags: Design, Milan, Interviews, Watches, Connecticut, Italy, Versace, Timex, Galli, Watch Design, Automatic Watches, Giorgio Galli, Giorgio Galli Design Lab, Swiss Movements, Timex Group, Middlebury Connecticut Timex

DesignMashup 2019 - 10-day immersive Italian Design Experience

DesignMashup 2019 - 10-day immersive Italian Design Experience abduzeedoApr 15, 2019 Architects, Designers and Makers worldwide are invited to attend DesignMashup 2019, a 2-part,10-day immersive Italian design experience and workshop to energize and transform their creative work. DesignMashup 2019 starts in Milan with a 3-day immersion in modern design and Italian design progression and builds to a 7-day immersive design workshop at the Civita Institute in I...
Tags: Design, Milan, Italy, Orvieto, Civita, Civita di Bagnoregio, Bagnoregio, Civita Institute, Civita Institute Milan, Civita Institute The Civita Institute, NIAUSI, Astra Zarina, Tony Costa Heywood

XXII Triennale di Milano: Broken Nature—Design Takes on Human Survival

Questions and fears abound, but so does hope Profound and frightening questions are at the core of Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, the main show at the XXII International Exhibition at La Triennale di Milano. A cultural event occurring every three years, La Triennale focuses on some of the most advanced international design, and the 2019 edition is organized into four sections: Broken Nature, …
Tags: Google, Art, Design, Milan, Exhibits, Climate Change, Nature, Culture, Italy, Exhibitions, Art Fairs, Formafantasma, Paola Antonelli, Social Awareness, La Triennale, Design Fairs

A Look at Six Car Design Specialties, Part 6: CMF (Color, Material, Finish)

We've all had the experience of submitting something to our boss and finding s/he doesn't like it. In a conventional job they send you back to your desk to get it right. But in the case of these designers we're chatting with here, you might be sent to go wandering through a jungle on a different continent for two weeks, in search of a color no one's ever seen before. Welcome to the CMF (Color Material Finish) group at the Acura Design Studio, where designers Gypsy Modina and Violet Park are task...
Tags: South Korea, Design, California, China, Africa, Cars, Dave, Italy, Michigan, Volkswagen, North America, Detroit, James, Cape, Acura, CCS

Hotel group in Rome eliminates plastic bottles for Earth Day

Rome’s Bettoja Hotels Collection is demonstrating that you may not be able to single-handedly solve the world’s problems, but cleaning up your own house — or hotel — is a significant step that anybody can take. Starting this Earth Day, the hotel group will remove all plastic bottles from its restaurants and minibars. “The elimination of plastic bottles in our nearly 500 rooms has been a great desire of ours,” said Maurizio Bettoja, president of Bettoja Hotels Collection. “We are taking action o...
Tags: Design, News, Hotels, Corporate Responsibility, Rome, Plastic, Italy, Plastic Waste, Waste Disposal, Sustainability Initiatives, ROME Italy, Plastic bottles, Bettoja Hotels Collection, Maurizio Bettoja, Massimo D'Azeglio, Hotel Mediterraneo Bettoja

This Makeup Artist Turns His Face Into 3D Optical Illusions

Luca Luce is a talented makeup artist who uses his expert skills to turn his own head into mind-boggling 3D optical illusions. 40-year-old Luce has been working as a television makeup artist in Italy for over 18 years, but only started using his body as a canvas for optical illusions in 2014. He first made a name for himself online in 2015, when photos of his hand-painted optical illusions went... Source
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