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The Winners Of The LA Times Book Prizes Cover Today’s Hot Topics

And also the hot topics of 80 years ago. While Rebecca Makkai won best novel for The Great Believers, “Julia Boyd won the History prize for chronicling the Nazi party’s ascent to power in Travelers in the Third Reich: The Rise of Fascism 1919-1945, a project that relied heavily on nearly century-old pieces of paper. ‘For anyone out there who has a box of letters in their attic and is thinking of throwing it out, don’t. Please,’ Boyd said.” – Los Angeles Times
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Michael Govan Defends LACMA Plans in LA Times

LACMA Director Michael Govan is in the LA Times this week, defending his decision to embraced reduced exhibition space in the museum’s expansion.  “We were aware that this building project would be not as big as the current space it was replacing because that was a jumbled mess of galleries,” he says. “We were trying […]
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LACMA Combines Departments for European and American Art

LACMA has collapsed two major departments into one this year, combining its American and European holdings into a single department as part of director Michael Govan’s plan to gradually arrive at a more fluid museum structure, LA Times reports.  Read more at LA Times
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LA Times Charts Klaus Biesenbach’s Love of MOCA Grand’s Architecture

The LA Times has a piece on Klaus Biesenbach’s love affair with the architecture of the MOCA. “Everyone said, ‘Do you like the building?’ ” he says of his first notes on the beauty of the building. “I said, ‘This is such an important piece of architecture, we need to let it shine.’ ” Read more […]
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The Worst Best Picture Winner Since ‘Crash,’ But Maybe Worse Than That One

Justin Chang of the LA Times: “Peter Farrelly’s interracial buddy dramedy is insultingly glib and hucksterish, a self-satisfied crock masquerading as an olive branch. It reduces the long, barbaric and ongoing history of American racism to a problem, a formula, a dramatic equation that can be balanced and solved. Green Book is an embarrassment; the film industry’s unquestioning embrace of it is another.” – Los Angeles Times
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Lyn Kienholz, Advocate for California Arts, Passes Away at 88

Lyn Kienholz, a longtime advocate for California artists and the founder of the California/International Arts Foundation, has diedat the age of 88, the LA Times reports.  “She had said for years, ‘I love this place that I live in and I want to go out feet first’ — and she did,” her sister Melinda Maddock said. […]
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MOCA to Close Pacific Design Center Location

MOCA LA is closing its exhibition space at the Pacific Design Center, the LA Times reports. “We are proud of MOCA’s record of achievement at the PDC,” says board Chairwoman Maria Seferian. “We are grateful for our partnership with the PDC and [owner] Charles Cohen and now look forward to consolidating and growing our exhibition activities, including […]
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LA Times Features Klaus Biesenbach’s Vision for MOCA LA

The LA Times has a piece on newly minted MOCA Director Klaus Biesenbach’s vision for his leadership at the museum, and the efforts he plans to spearhead while working at the museum. “As a museum, you have a civic responsibility, you have a role in society, you have to be courageous, you have to open […]
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LA Times Critics Reflect On How The Arts Changed Since The Great Recession

“Tough times are not always bad times, and so many factors are involved in the evolution of the arts that cause and effect are simply not quantifiable. Technology. Entrepreneurship. Audiences. The economy. You name it. All play ever-changing parts. Institutions die and new ones are born. Look around downtown L.A. and elsewhere. Young musicians have begun their own ensembles. To be an outlier is to be in. Composers have found the players they need. New music and new opera are thriving throughou...
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Julia Turner to Become Arts Editor at LA Times

Julia Turner will become the Arts Editor at the LA Times. “Los Angeles is where entertainment, culture and technology intersect in interesting and exciting ways,” says Times Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine. “Julia is a versatile and experienced editor who will work with our journalists to capture, criticize and have a conversation about everything from literature to […]
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Julia Turner Named New Arts Editor At The LA Times

Turner has been the editor-in-chief of Slate since 2014 and will relocate from New York. She joined Slate in 2003, working first as a reporter and critic on the culture team covering media, television and design, and eventually becoming culture editor, and then deputy editor. For a decade, she’s been one of the co-hosts of Slate’s critically acclaimed “Culture Gabfest” podcast, which she’ll continue co-hosting from Los Angeles.
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Thelma Golden Profiled in LA Times

The LA Times profiles Thelma Golden, and the work she has done to build Harlem’s Studio Museum into a landmark American institution. “Often, it makes me laugh when people who have never been to the museum would come visit,” she says.  “The two things people would often say is that they thought I’d be taller and that […]
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Yayoi Kusama: the world's favourite artist?

After spending the past four decades in a psychiatric hospital, her name written out of art history, Yayoi Kusama became an art-world phenomenon in the age of the selfieIn the past five years, more than 5 million museum visitors have queued – and queued some more – for a brief glimpse of the work of Yayoi Kusama. The 89-year-old Japanese artist, who for the past 41 years has lived voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital, has had large-scale solo shows of her work in Mexico City, Rio, Seoul, Taiwan...
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Jeffrey Deitch Interviewed in LA Times

Jeffrey Deitch has an interview in the LA Times this week, as he tours the newspaper around his new space in Hollywood. “For people coming from different parts of America, coming from different countries,” he says, “this is a really L.A. space. And that’s what I wanted — an only-in-L.A. space.” Read more at LA […]
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LA Times Charts Ongoing Challenges for Boyle Heights Residents

As a string of galleries in Los Angeles leave the Boyle Heights area, the LA Times spotlights the upcoming challenges the area will face from redevelopment plans and rezoning that will bring new market-rate developments in the area. “It’s all market-rate development,”Isela Gracian, president of the East L.A. Community Corp. (ELACC), a nonprofit advocacy group […]
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Klaus Biesenbach Heads to MOCA LA

In a major announcement, Klaus Biesenbach will head west to serve as the next director of MOCA Los Angeles, the LA Times reports. “He’s a total visionary,” MOCA board president Maria Seferian said. “He’s an incredible museum executive. He’s innovative. He’s done it all.” Read more at LA Times
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LA Times Spotlights the Paper’s Impressive Former Collectoin

The LA Times has a piece on the Pablo Picasso pieces that once hung in a special room at the paper, alongside a range of other works from the newspaper’s collection. “They gave us this gift of thinking highly enough of us to surround us with beautiful things,” says former bureau chief Geraldine Baum. Read more at LA Times  
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LA Times Profiles Fundraising Efforts at LACMA

The LA Times spotlights Michael Govan’s push to speed up LACMA’s fundraising drive, as construction continues on the museum’s new expansion. “We’re steadily raising money and signing pledges. I don’t feel there’s any danger that the project isn’t going forward,” Govan says. Read more at LA Times
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LA Times Profiles Strong Growth for Nigerian Art Market

A piece in the LA Times this week notes the surging popularity of Nigerian art on the international market, and the institutions springing up to cater to a thriving market. “There’s a generation of young, vibrant artists of Nigerian or African origin who have felt that the gallery infrastructure in West Africa is not sufficiently developed for […]
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Helen Molesworth to Give Commencement Address at UCLA Art School

Ousted MOCA curator Helen Molesworth will give the commencement address for UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture this year, the LA Times reports. “It is in the times that are most challenging that we, as artists, must engage the world with our greatest passion, clarity and forward-thinking vision,” says Dean Brett Steele. “To be an artist in […]
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LA Times Architecture Critic Quits Paper To Work At City Hall. Here's Why

"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has asked me to fill a new post called chief design officer for the city. In that role, beginning next month, I'll be working in the mayor's office to raise the quality of public architecture and urban design across the city — and the level of civic conversation about those […]
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Mark Bradford Interviewed in LA Times

The LA Times interviews Mark Bradford this week, as the artist opens a show of new work at Hauser & Wirth in LA, pieces the draw heavily from the language and color palette of comic books.“I wanted to immerse myself in a vocabulary that was familiar to me,” Bradford says of his influences from comic […]
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Robert Irwin Profiled in LA Times

Robert Irwin is profiled in the LA Times this week, as the 89 year-old artist reflects on his career and describes his worldview. “Beauty is all around you,” he says. “You open your eyes in the morning, the world is totally formed. You haven’t done anything other than be. It’s all around you. The whole idea […]
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Alex Ross Weighs In On The Just-Announced New Season Of "America's Leading Orchestra"

Mark Swed, in the LA Times, risks hyperbole when he writes, "No orchestra has ever come close to the ambition of this centennial season." But it's hard to think of an immediate counterexample.
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Just How Many Women Have Contacted The Los Angeles Times About Sexual Harassment By Director James Toback?

A lot. "Last week, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office announced that it was reviewing five investigations into accusations of sexual misconduct against filmmaker James Toback." That's a lot to investigate - but the LA Times has heard from 395 women and corroborated almost all of their stories.
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The Broad to Open Massive Jasper Johns Show

The Broad is opening a massive retrospective of the work of Jasper Johns, the first in the U.S. in 20 years, LA Times reports. “We already know that there’s strong buzz for this show,” director Joanne Heyler said. “And it’ll only get stronger as we get closer, as the exhibition approaches. It’s extremely rare to […]
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 12.06.17

“Essential Personnel”: My Q&A with Getty’s Communications VP on the Approaching Wildfires With the area’s surrounding streets and nearby freeway closed to traffic due to rapidly spreading wildfires that are approaching (but so far have not reached) the Getty Center, the Getty today is staffed by only “essential ... read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-12-06 The Murder of the LA Weekly Southern Californians have been bludgeoned with bad news lately, as a number of media outlets - LAist, B...
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Disney Rescinds Ban On LA Times Critics After Critics Organizations Boycott Screenings

Disney’s change of course came after a number of news outlets, including The New York Times and the A.V. Club, said they were boycotting advance screenings of Disney films in solidarity. The company also faced pressure from several high-profile Hollywood figures, including Ava DuVernay, who directed “A Wrinkle in Time,” which is to be released […]
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Disney Blacklists L.A. Times, So Journalists Start Boycott Of Disney

"The studio last week banned the LA Times from access to its screenings and talent, citing “biased and inaccurate” coverage, only to trigger a boycott on Monday by several media outlets in solidarity with the LA Times. ... The company behind the so-called 'happiest place on earth', Disneyland, now finds itself accused of bullying and […]
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Desert X Announces Next Iteration for 2019

Desert X, the free exhibition of large-scale installations in the deserts of the Coachella Vallery outside Los Angeles has announced that it will return in 2019, the LA Times reports. “Desert X’s attendance in its first year exceeded all our expectations, in both scale and diversity,” returning curator Neville Wakefield says. “With our new co-curators, we’ll be exploring issues […]
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