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Upon Further Consideration: Maybe New Plans For LACMA Aren’t So Bad

Justin Davidson: “I, too, joined the scoffer’s chorus when the latest designs emerged in March, but the longer I’ve spent studying these paltry materials and pacing the site, the more promise I feel the project has.” – New York Magazine
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Yet Another Problem With Peter Zumthor’s Design For New LACMA Building: You Can’t Hang Paintings On Bare Concrete Walls

As if there weren’t enough issues with the damn thing already. As Christopher Knight writes, you could hang paintings on wires coming down from a high rail. (Bad idea in an earthquake zone.) Or you could drill holes in the wall, which is loud, expensive, and weakens the concrete. And LACMA want to rotate the collection constantly, so there would be a lot of rehanging. What were these people thinking? – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA Design Challenged in LA Times

A piece in the LA Times this week notes the challenges the LACMA renovation’s new concrete walls will pose for the mounting of work. “Faith in concrete’s sober virtue reminds me of all the cooing back in 2008-2010 over “column-free space” in Renzo Piano’s LACMA designs for BCAM and the Resnick Pavilion. Wide-open, uninterrupted interiors without […]
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LACMA Caps Collectors Weekend with Eight New Works, $2.4 Million

LACMA’s annual Collectors Committee Weekend took place this past weekend, with eight works being added to its collection while adding $2.4 million in donations.  “I think everyone knows this is a momentous weekend for LACMA,” says director Michael Govan. Read more at Art News  
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LACMA Counterpoint: An Art Historian Argues In Favor Of The Museum’s Radical Makeover

Brian T. Allen argues that LACMA’s new Zumthor makeover of its campus is just what the museum needs. “Donna Reed and Celeste Holm were attractive and workable. Lana Turner was fabulous. L.A. will always crave fabulous… I think a big, Met-style museum in Los Angeles is culturally counterintuitive, and I mean the civic culture. In L.A. style, it’s time to do something fresh.” National Review
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Christopher Knight: LACMA’s New Vision For Itself And Its Building Should Be Rejected

“A ‘yes’ vote from the supervisors means that more than 50 years of the county project to build the last great encyclopedic art museum in the United States is over. It has driven five former LACMA directors, scores of curators and professional staff, countless past benefactors, an array of trustees and untold others in building the institution, virtually from scratch, since 1965.” – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA Wins Unanimous Approval for Building Project

LACMA won unanimous approval Tuesday from the county Board of Supervisors for its $650-million design. “This is a milestone moment, this is the big green light to go forward,” museum Director Michael Govan said. Read more at LA Times
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Michael Govan Defends LACMA Plans in LA Times

LACMA Director Michael Govan is in the LA Times this week, defending his decision to embraced reduced exhibition space in the museum’s expansion.  “We were aware that this building project would be not as big as the current space it was replacing because that was a jumbled mess of galleries,” he says. “We were trying […]
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LACMA’s Director Defends The Incredible Shrinking Design

While an awful lot of art and architecture folks are asking what (the hell) happened to the original LACMA redesign, Michael Govan, as he must, defends the plan: “I’m just going to say, for the record — and I believe it fully — that through the process of refinements, we now have a better building.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Arts In LA Are Booming. Why? Geography, For One

One example: The LACMA, in an effort to reach underserved populations, announced plans to transform an 84,000-square-foot building in South Los Angeles into a center for a variety of community-targeted arts programming. “If you look at a map of L.A.’s public schools, the dots representing the neediest students are all through South Los Angeles,” MichaelGovan said. “You start thinking, where can the value of your collection and program be the greatest? When you’re behind a big fancy fence on Wil...
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LACMA Combines Departments for European and American Art

LACMA has collapsed two major departments into one this year, combining its American and European holdings into a single department as part of director Michael Govan’s plan to gradually arrive at a more fluid museum structure, LA Times reports.  Read more at LA Times
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LACMA Decides To Collapse Euro And American Art Into One Big Department

Christopher Knight on why this isn’t going to work – with a review of a new show embedded within the commentary: “Art museums have two audiences — one general, who may or may not have a genuine interest (there’s got to be someplace to take the in-laws over the holidays); the other a dedicated art audience, who range from passionate enthusiasts to committed professionals. … Lose the core and the museum is in trouble.” – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA Acquires 12-Foot Long Zeng Fanzhi Work

LACMA has acquired an untitled Zeng Fanzhi painting from 2018 for its permanent collection, following on its commitment to expanding its collection of works from China. “Chinese contemporary art has emerged as one of the most compelling areas of the global art landscape,” says Dominic Ng, CEO of East West Bank. “The addition of a piece by […]
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Rita Gonzalez Appointed Head of LACMA’s Contemporary Art Department

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has tapped Rita Gonzalez, a long-running curator at the museum, as its new head of contemporary art.  Read more at Art News
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Things to do in the San Fernando Valley, LA area, March 1-8

  Zoe, the Mexican rock band and Grammy Award winners, perform on March 6 at the Hollywood Palladium. (Photo courtesy of Zoe)   There’s always something fascinating to do in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. Here is a sampling of entertainments this week and also save-the-date events to put on your calendar.   EVENTS   Bianchi Planetarium at Cal State Northridge: “Winter Sky” show, 7:30, and “The Search for Life in the Universe,” 8:30 p.m. March 1. Minimum age 8. Ticke...
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A First: In LA This Year More Women Artists Than Men Had Solo Shows

The tally comes from adding up exhibitions, both major and minor, that opened since January at the J. Paul Getty Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art; UCLA Hammer and Fowler museums; Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Craft and Folk Art Museum; California African American Museum; and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (With zero, LACMA was the unfortunate outlier.) That’s impressive. – Los Angeles Times
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This Is A Critical Time For LA’s Museum Of Contemporary Art As New Director Steps In

There’s been a lack of clarity in terms of the museum’s vision for 20 years now—it’s time for a plan that moves the institution forward. There’s also a critical mass of institutions of high ambitions now that makes for a very challenging and competitive landscape—Lacma is more engaged with contemporary art than ever before, and the Hammer [Museum] is at its most energetic and creative.
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Art Review: 3 Knockout Art Shows to See in Los Angeles Right Now

At the Hammer, one of the strongest biennials; at the Fowler, the most beautiful sculpture show in recent memory; and at LACMA, Iranian superheroes.
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LACMA’s New Building Is Running Late, Even As Costs Keep Rising

“The [Peter] Zumthor project is about six months behind schedule. The process, including building permits and entitlements, is taking longer than expected, [museum director Michael] Govan says. And the museum’s $650-million fundraising campaign, he adds, is ‘in pace with the project.’ Which is to say: going slowly.”
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This 3D exhibit will give you double vision

The next exhibit opening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is eye-catching and a bit mind-bending as well. “3D: Double Vision” explores the inherent qualities of perception, the draw of illusions and our relationship to the technologies involved in 3D art. Spanning 175 years of 3D, the exhibit will display more than 60 works, including stereoscopic photography, films, video, anaglyph printing and computer animation, by artists such as Richard Hamilton and Marcel Duchamp and filmmakers Ken ...
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LA Times Profiles Fundraising Efforts at LACMA

The LA Times spotlights Michael Govan’s push to speed up LACMA’s fundraising drive, as construction continues on the museum’s new expansion. “We’re steadily raising money and signing pledges. I don’t feel there’s any danger that the project isn’t going forward,” Govan says. Read more at LA Times
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LACMA Partners with Arizona State to Create Curator Program Encouraging Diversity and New Voices

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University have partnered to create a new three-year program that combines academic training and work experience to develop and encourage a diverse body of new arts curators. “We need things to start changing now,” LACMA head Michael Govan says. […]
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LACMA Launches Program To Find And Train Minority Curators

"The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is teaming up with the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University to establish a three-year program that combines academic training and work experience to develop a new generation of diverse curators, directors and other museum professionals."
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LACMA’s Collectors Committee Weekend Sees Focus on Women Artists

LACMA’s annual Collectors Committee Weekend resulted in an unprecedented acquisition of women artists, with new works purchased by Martha Boto, Betye Saar, Jennifer Bartlett and Julie Mehretu, as well as a sculpture by Ruth Asawa. Read more at Art Newspape
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5 David Hockney portraits you can only see at LACMA

David Hockney isn’t one to rest on his laurels. The 80-year-old British artist, who many know for his stylized paintings of Southern California swimming pools, has long experimented in different genres. The artist David Hockney and a small-scale version of his “82 Portraits and 1 Still-life.” The work and exhibit is on view at LACMA from April 15 through July 29. (Photo by Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima) “He’s immensely curious and constantly engaged with interesting ideas,” said Stephanie Ba...
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Collector Budi Tek Gives Collection to Foundation Run in Partnershipwith LACMA

Art collector Budi Tek has announced plans to donate his full collection to a new foundation run in partnership with LACMA. “If I share more than a thousand pieces of artworks worth a lot of money, it actually means nothing,” he says. “I’d like to group it together to preserve the legacy, and actually to keep it […]
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Jimmy Iovine Donates Massive Mark Bradford Work to LACMA

Former Interscope Records CEO and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine has donated a massive Mark Bradford painting, 150 Portrait Tone, to LACMA. The work features text sourced from the Facebook video depicting the police shooting of Philando Castile in 2016.   “It’s Mark Bradford’s Guernica. I don’t think it’s crazy to compare it to a work like that,” Iovine says. “There’s […]
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Leonardo DiCaprio Funds Replacement of Lights in Chris Burden’s LACMA Sculpture

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is funding the replacement of all 309 incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs in Chris Burden’s iconic Urban Light at LACMA, retrofitting it to make the installation more energy efficient.  “The switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs in Urban Light will save approximately 3,173,047 kilowatt hours of electricity over the next 10 years, which is enough […]
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How To Diversify Your Museum? Here's What Works

Whose point of view are art museums in the business of representing? As one interviewee at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) succinctly put it, if you have a diverse curatorial staff, you curate differently.
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LA County Museum of Art Looks To Expand Off-Site In South LA

The City Council vote on Friday would give Lacma a 35-year lease for an 80,000 square-foot building in a recreation area known as South Los Angeles Wetlands Park. The lease will be first discussed on Wednesday during the council’s “arts, recreation and river committee” meeting, which is open to the public.
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