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Homeowners ‘jab’ at anti-vaxxers with grim Halloween displays

One Twitter user showcased a series of human skulls situated next to front-yard gravestones inscribed with epitaphs such as, "Trusted Ivermectin more than science."
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Homeowners ‘jab’ at anti-vaxxers with divisive Halloween displays

One Twitter user showcased a series of human skulls situated next to front-yard gravestones inscribed with epitaphs such as, "Trusted Ivermectin more than science."
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Halloween, New York Post, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, News Brief, Tiktok, Coronavirus, COVID

9 tips to transition into seasonal decor buyers will fall for

Although the temp might still be high outside, now's the time to start thinking ahead about creating warm spaces for fall. Whether you're going all out with staging or giving clients some advice, here are a few fall decorating tips to celebrate the season.
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7 open-shelving design concepts to inspire your decor

Open shelving is more than just a fleeting trend. When done right, it can really imbue a home with some much-needed style and personality while saving space. Here are a few fresh and creative ways to put this concept to good use.
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Homeowners are obsessed with bringing the outside in: Houzz

Houzz's latest emerging trends report shows how homeowners are leaning into a pandemic-inspired renovation boom with luxurious living rooms and backyards.
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The best decks in America are ready for summer

The winners of the 2020 North American Deck Competition may just inspire a warm weather backyard renovation thanks to wow-worthy designs that feature pools, colored lights, sunken fire pits and much more.
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These dollhouses cost more than a typical home in Indiana

While $200,000 won't get you a single-family home in most parts of California, it can buy a very elaborate dollhouse on Instagram.
Tags: Design, Instagram, California, Lifestyle, Indiana, Radio, Luxury, Dollhouses, Architectural Digest, Cheap Old Houses, Chris Toledo, Nutshell News

Supernatural stairway found on Zillow sends social media aflutter

Known as "witches stairs," a type of staircase sometimes seen in old New England homes, has been making the rounds on social media.
Tags: Facebook, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Zillow, New England, Reuters, News Brief, Fine Homebuilding, Samir Mezrahi, Zillow Gone Wild, Laurie McDonel Sipe, Scott Schuttner

Ikea is selling tiny homes now — and, phew, no assembly required

In a partnership with Vox Creative and Wisconsin-based tiny home and RV builder ESCAPE, the furniture giant revealed a 187-square-foot tiny home.
Tags: Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Ikea, Wisconsin, Escape, News Brief, Tiny Home Project, Vox Creative

Here’s the home design trend homeowners regret the most

Trends come and go, and it's time to ditch industrial design according to UK-based platform HomeNow's latest homeowner survey.
Tags: UK, Design, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Radio, Interior Design, Home Design Trends, 2021 Home Design Trends, HomeNow, Industrial Home Design

The good, bad and ugly of owning a historic home amid the pandemic

What homes are optimal for living and working through stay-at-home orders and social distancing? It may depend on lifestyle and what a buyer is willing to put up with.
Tags: Florida, Design, Windows, New York City, Lifestyle, Radio, Idaho, Fires, New Homes, Agent, Rhode Island, Minimalist Design, Boise, Newport, Hudson Valley, The Corcoran Group

Yes, Santa’s house now has a 3D tour on Zillow

The online marketplace updated its listing for Santa's house — off market, of course — with a 3D tour for anyone itching for a glimpse of St. Nick's home when he's not busy on the job.
Tags: Design, Listings, Christmas, Lifestyle, Radio, Santa Claus, Santa, Zillow, St Nick, Jeremy Wacksman, Fireplaces, 3d Tours, Celebrity Listings, Christmas Staging, The North Pole

Why tiny homes are booming during the pandemic

While some Americans see appeal in adopting a more efficient and affordable way of living during a time of economic uncertainty, others see tiny homes as an opportunity for an office or investment property.
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Remote Work, Analysis, Radio, Tiny Houses, Remote Working, Tiny Homes, Energy Efficient Home, Affordable Homes, Home Offices, Select, Investment Properties, Small Business Owners, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Grandmillenial? Japandi? 7 home design trends to usher in 2021

From bold wallpapers to colorful kitchens and international-inspired style, designers share their favorite home design trends for 2021.
Tags: Lifestyle, Radio, Interior Design, Hgtv, Forbes, Home Design, Kitchen Design, Select, Home Design Trends, Japandi, Veranda Magazine, 2021 Color Of The Year, Cottagecore, Grandmillennial Style, Home Design Trends 2021

Outdoor kitchens, dining spaces take center stage during holidays

Agents in California, Montana, Arkansas and Louisiana share how buyers are embracing outdoor entertainment spaces for socially distanced holiday gatherings.
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Radio, Louisiana, Home Design, Kitchens, Select, Pandemic, Outdoor Dining, Coronavirus, Buyer Needs, Entertainment Areas, Blended Spaces, Buyer Wants, Outdoor Kitchens, California Montana Arkansas

The top 5 wallpaper mistakes your clients must avoid at all costs

Before your seller starts a mini-renovation or your buyer makes plans for a fixer-upper, here are the top wallpaper crimes they absolutely mustn't commit.
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Wallpaper, Radio, Painting Tips, Home Design, Design Mistakes, Design Fails, Design Trends, Select,, The Spruce, 2020 Design Trends

4 home design trends ushered in by the pandemic

From home offices to meditation rooms, both builders and sellers are now incorporating some of these new priorities to suit the needs of today’s buyer.
Tags: Design, Lifestyle, Radio, Luxury, Home Office, Teams, Agent, Select, Outdoor Space, Amenities, Amazon Room, Coronavirus, Mauricio Umanksy

Winter is coming: These are most in-demand cold weather amenities

As homebuyers and owners prepare to settle in for what may be a long COVID-19 winter, they're looking for amenities to keep them warm and provide them with experiences and entertainment in a world where going out is still on pause.
Tags: Design, Winter, Lifestyle, Radio, Home Office, Agent, Nashville, Compass, Pool, Santa Fe, Hot Tub, Rvs, Boise, Marin County, Keller Williams, Select

Upcoming elections too much to bear? Why not ‘live under a rock’?

If the pandemic and upcoming elections are stressing you out, maybe it's time to consider literally living under a rock with a promo deal from
Tags: Politics, Design, Maryland, Hotels, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Presidential Election, Getaway, Abraham Lincoln, Back To Basics, Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s a small world after all: Average apartment shrank 9.7% since 2010

Centrally located, small and more affordable living spaces dominated the past decade, according to new data released by RCLCO Real Estate Advisors.
Tags: Work From Home, Design, Lifestyle, Data, Analysis, Radio, Apartments, West Coast, East Coast, South, Midwest, Markets & Economy, Select, Rental Market, Studio apartments, Coronavirus Pandemic

Property at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate asks $60M — Alexandria’s priciest listing ever

Mount Vernon's 16,000-square-foot River View estate combines history with modern amenities on the banks of the Potomac River.
Tags: Design, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Luxury, Agent, Bar, Alexandria, George Washington, Sauna, Mount Vernon, Potomac River, Home Theaters, Home Gym, Most Expensive Homes, River View

This Japanese wooden electric scooter is designed to solve mobility issues!

Did you ever imagine an electric scooter made out of wood? I didn’t but it feels like something Geppetto would make if he was in 2020! Lucky for us we don’t have to wait for the master skills of our favorite fable characters, Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi has designed a conceptual wooden electric scooter that is especially aimed at those with mobility issues like the often forgotten elderly demographic. The electric vehicle is called ILY-Ai and it actually can be counted as a trike becau...
Tags: Transportation, Electric Vehicle, Japan, Design, Lifestyle, Automotive, Outdoor, Bicycle, Electric Scooter, Wood, Popular, Concept Design, Electric Bike, Product Design, Random, Motorcycle

Another semester of home-schooling: How to create a space for kids

We were all hoping for a miracle to avoid it, but the harsh reality is that another school year has rolled around, and we're still dealing with a pandemic. Here's how to create a productive home-school environment for kids this year.
Tags: Work From Home, Design, Parenting, Lifestyle, Radio, Ikea, Homeschooling, Feng Shui, Dan Smith, Home Offices, Select, News Brief, Home Renovations, COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic, Windermere Professional Partners

Panasonic Now Offering (Japan) Stylish Office Cubicles For Home

WFH just got sweeter. The post Panasonic Now Offering (Japan) Stylish Office Cubicles For Home first appeared on ALBOTAS.
Tags: Toys, Design, Lifestyle, Furniture, Gear, Panasonic

The daily life of a tree farmer with One Tree Planted

Trees make the world a better place for humans by providing shade, sequestering CO2, intercepting airborne particles, aiding respiratory health and adding great beauty to this planet we call home. Because trees do so much for us, planting more of them is an eco-strategy touted by many environmental organizations. But what’s it really like spending your workday growing, planting and caring for trees? To find out, we talked to a Zach Clark-Lee, a professional tree farmer who works with the environ...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Australia, Trees, Lifestyle, Kenya, Fort Collins, Rwanda, Reforestation, Fort Collins Colorado, Zach Clark Lee, North America South America Asia Africa, Clark Lee, Colorado State Forest Service Seedling Nursery, Jplenio George Bakos

All-glass garage doors instantly breathe life into an old home

All-glass garage doors are one of the hottest emerging home design trends right now. HomeAdvisor's Dan DiClerico shares what homeowners, sellers and buyers need to know.
Tags: Design, Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Radio, Homeadvisor, Garage Doors, Select, Dan DiClerico, Biophilic Design, All-glass Garage Door, Home Design Trend

This home improvement trend is catnip to quarantining pet owners

The pandemic has led to both a surge in pet adoptions and home improvement projects. Will the two trends meet soon in a wave of 'catio' projects?
Tags: Design, Pets, Lifestyle, Cat, Radio, Diy Projects, Homeowners, Select, Lockdown, Quarantine, Stay At Home, Home Improvement Projects, Coronavirus

5pointz graffiti case could be heard by highest court in the land

G&M Realty is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a ruling that awarded $6.7 million to artists whose work at the 5pointz graffiti Mecca was destroyed.
Tags: Design, Supreme Court, Scotus, Lifestyle, Regulations, Radio, U S Supreme Court, Select, G&M Realty, Gerald Wolkoff, 5pointz

Le Feuillet & Ictyos explorent l’avenir du luxe

Deux jeunes maisons lyonnaises, Le Feuillet – maroquinier contemporain – et Ictyos – tanneur de cuirs marins -, se sont associées pour livrer leur interprétation du luxe de demain : ergonomique, éthique et résolument esthétique. Récit.  Formafantasma l’avait initié dans ses recherches. Des recherches qui avaient menées le duo installé à Amsterdam à explorer les propriétés visuelles et tactiles de différents cuirs ; des peaux issues de l’industrie alimentaires aux vessies étudiées pour leu...
Tags: Books, Fashion, Design, Leather, France, Lifestyle, Bag, Amsterdam, Concept, Insolite, Sac, Made In France, Ecolo, Cuir, Tendance, Cette

The latest in-demand apartment feature is a Peloton room

Agents are beginning to market what may have been featured as small offices or hallways in the past as designated Peloton or workout areas with the shift to home exercise during the pandemic.
Tags: Design, New York City, Marketing, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Gym, Peloton, Home Offices, Select, Apartment Living, Brown Harris Stevens, Warburg Realty, Apartment Amenities, COVID-19, Douglas Elliman broker

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