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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A profile of a successful education system, international art news, paramedical tattooing and more The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in …
Tags: Design, Education, Films, Spain, Furniture, Architecture, Exhibitions, Bollywood, Art Basel, Linkaboutit, Formafantasma, Link About It, Cyborgs, New Museum, Peter Saul, Art Basel Hong Kong

Bollywood’s First Openly Gay Main Character

A first for India’s film industry, the forthcoming major release Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (Be Extra Careful About Marriage) will feature an openly gay man as its primary protagonist. The romantic comedy depicts the character working through his family’s disdain for his sexuality—a powerful move for Bollywood, as its home nation only made being gay permissible by law in 2018. India’s LGBTQ+ community still faces discrimination and direct …
Tags: Design, Movies, Films, India, Culture, Cinema, Gay Rights, Lgbtq, Bollywood, Linkaboutit, Romantic Comedies, Queer Culture

Art Basel Hong Kong’s Online Replacement

Although Art Basel canceled this year’s Hong Kong iteration (and offered a 75% refund to participants), in response to the coronavirus deaths on mainland China, the organization sought an alternative for galleries that relied on revenue from the annual event. Thus, an online fair was born that will take place in viewing rooms on Art Basel’s website and the fair’s app. This service will be …
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, China, Online Shopping, Culture, Art Basel, Galleries, Art Fairs, Art Galleries, Linkaboutit, Basel Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong

Political Pop Artist Peter Saul’s Powerful “Crime and Punishment” Exhibition at New Museum

More than 60 paintings from 86-year-old artist—and Pop Art progenitor—Peter Saul speak from the walls of New Museum in the retrospective Crime and Punishment. Each, pulled from 50 years of work, offers a societal critique so sharp—but sometimes masked in cartoonish comedy and color—that one might not feel the attack. Through racism and violence, political ineptness and corruption, Saul pokes and prods at public figures …
Tags: Design, Culture, Linkaboutit, Saul, New Museum, Peter Saul, Political Art, Pop Art, Retrospectives, Crime and Punishment Each

La Bisbal, Spain’s Chocolate Factory Turned Residence

From the bones of a former chocolate factory, rising three stories on a historic block dating back to the late nineteenth century, architects Anna and Eugeni Bach fashioned a light-filled residence. The architects preserved the building’s stone-bearing facade and embarked upon different design directions for each of the floors within—from supporting a Catalan vault on the ground floor to employing large logs beneath brick and …
Tags: Design, Spain, Architecture, Anna, Linkaboutit, Architects, Anna and Eugeni Bach, Chocolate Factories, La Bisbal, Eugeni Bach

Farewell to Cut, Copy, and Paste Inventor Larry Tesler

An Apple, Xerox, Amazon, Yahoo, and 23AndMe alum—and an early researcher in the field of artificial intelligence—Larry Tesler may not be as well-known as early computing icons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Steve Wozniak, but his impact on the industry remains important today. Tesler popularized the tools cut, copy, and paste while working on Xerox PARC’s mouse-driven user interface—specifically an app within it called …
Tags: Apple, Design, Tech, Computers, Obituaries, Xerox, Computing, Rip, Paste, Linkaboutit, Cut, Steve Jobs Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Copy, Tesler, Larry Tesler

Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Grasshoppers

Dogs and even pigs have long been heralded as having the ultimate snout—one capable of detecting bombs, drugs, truffles, and even human beings through thick brush and dense soil. But, courtesy of a bit of high-tech engineering, cyborg grasshoppers may be the ultimate nose after all. Researchers at the University of Missouri inserted electrodes into the antennal lobes of each grasshopper (the “brain” of the …
Tags: Design, Tech, Linkaboutit, Cyborgs, Neurons, University of Missouri, Noses, Bomb Detection

Assembly-Free “Origami” Furniture

Degrees of Freedom carefully designs and produces assembly-free furniture and decor. Helmed by former Space X engineer Brian Ignaut, the ingenious brand’s pieces unfold into legs, and then require a mere rotation before they can be used. Right now, Ignaut builds the prototypes himself, which drives prices up for consumers. But, his goal is to get the final cost to something more affordable. Considering the …
Tags: Design, Furniture, Space X, Origami, Linkaboutit, Decor, Flat-pack, Assembly, Brian Ignaut, Ignaut, Degrees of Freedom, Self-Assembling

The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in a construction accident, he realized the restorative power of a new medium dubbed paramedical tattooing. Since, he’s tattooed discolored or …
Tags: Art, Design, Medicine, Culture, Tattoos, Linkaboutit, Eric Catalano, Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio, Paramedical Tattoos, Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

A Formafantasma-Designed Exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

For the Rijksmuseum’s current exhibition, Caravaggio-Bernini. Baroque in Rome, the Netherlands-based multidisciplinary design duo Formafantasma produced the striking exhibit space. Using muted shades of blue, yellow, peach and pink; traditional textiles from Kvadrat; and an overall simple presentation, the studio emphasizes the 70 paintings and sculptures (by Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and a handful of others) against the beautiful setting. See more of the exhibition …
Tags: Art, Design, Amsterdam, Linkaboutit, Formafantasma, Rijksmuseum, Kvadrat, Italian Design, Cool Hunting Video, Caravaggio Bernini Baroque, Rome the Netherlands, Caravaggio Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Scandinavia’s Successful Education Model

Favoring a more comprehensive educational model that emphasizes humanistic and technical training, studies conclude that Nordic nations raise citizens that are intelligent (in the traditional sense), more internally aware, prideful for their nation, and capable of viewing a situation from another’s eyes. Governments in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway aim to make “lifelong learning a part of the natural fabric of society,” and it …
Tags: Design, Students, Education, Opinion, Society, Economy, Culture, Schools, Norway, Scandinavia, Linkaboutit, Sweden Denmark, Bildung, Emotional Education, Social Mutuality

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Innovation in space food and slime, an artist's sudden success, and why we should eat more sea urchins The Future of Space Food MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative focuses on all kinds of research and preparation for “the day when humanity becomes a space-native civilization, as comfortable in thFrom slime to space, tech and textilese cosmos as we have been on Earth.” The team …
Tags: Food, Art, Space, Science, Design, News, Climate Change, Animals, Environment, Sustainability, Cellphones, Nature, Architecture, Ocean, Artists, Seafood

Space Engineer Justine Haupt’s DIY Rotary Cell Phone

In an attempt to remedy the harm of an always-on lifestyle, Brookhaven National Laboratory astronomy instrumentation engineer Justine Haupt stripped a mobile phone down to its essentials in order to assemble her handheld rotary cellphone. For the DIY invention, three years in the making, Haupt paired a rotary mechanism from an old Trimline telephone with a microcontroller and Adafruit Fona 3G cell transceiver. She then …
Tags: Design, Diy, Tech, Mobile Phones, Phones, Linkaboutit, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Haupt, Justine Haupt, Rotary Phones, Space Engineers, Adafruit Fona

Scoby Slime a Sustainable, Edible Packaging Possibility

As single-use plastic waste continues to pile up, packaging solutions comprised of alternative materials are in high demand. While recycled material offers the opportunity for adaptive reuse, options that are naturally available could provide even more sustainable solutions. Scoby, an edible and natural byproduct of the process of fermenting kombucha, could be a zero-waste option for packaging dry and semi-dry goods. Polish designer Roza Janusz …
Tags: Wellness, Food, Drinks, Science, Design, Environment, Packaging, Plastic Waste, Linkaboutit, Kombucha, Plastics, SCOBY, Single Use Plastics

Artist Luchita Hurtado’s Sudden Success at 99

Venezeula-born, California-based artist Luchita Hurtado’s success at 99 years old came rather late (she’s been painting since the 1940s) and somewhat unintentionally, but she’s embraced it. For many years, she was known as an artist’s wife (she was married to Austrian surrealist Wolfgang Paalen, then American painter Lee Mullican, with whom she has a son, artist Matt Mullican) and spent “decades cheering them on while quietly …
Tags: Art, Design, California, Culture, Artists, Venezuela, Exhibitions, Paintings, Linkaboutit, LACMA, Venezeula, Venezuelan, Wolfgang Paalen, Luchita Hurtado, Lee Mullican, Matt Mullican

Eating Sea Urchins Could Restore the Ocean’s Ecosystem

Contrary to reports that conservation is the only way to save our oceans, one company’s hypothesis suggests that eating more sea urchins (urchin roe or uni in Japanese) could actually help restore balance in the aquatic ecosystem. Urchinomics (the aptly named organization testing this theory) found urchins thriving in waters now abandoned by predators due to pollution, heating or overfishing. Increased urchin populations means trouble …
Tags: Food, Design, Climate Change, Sea, Nature, Culture, Pollution, Oceans, Ocean, Linkaboutit, Uni, Kelp, Sea Urchins, Sea Life, Urchin Roe

The Future of Space Food

MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative focuses on all kinds of research and preparation for “the day when humanity becomes a space-native civilization, as comfortable in the cosmos as we have been on Earth.” The team (made up of 50+ graduate students, staff, scientists, designers, and engineers) works on countless aspects of space travel, but hones in on two central topics: boredom and food. These …
Tags: Health, Food, Cooking, Space, Science, Design, Nasa, Mit, Space Travel, Mars, Food + Drink, Linkaboutit, MIT Media Lab, Space Food

Marvin’s Innovations For Improved Natural Light and Air Access

Relying on its long-standing history as one of the home and interiors market’s most reliable brands, Marvin is introducing two innovative new products at 2020 International Builders’ Show that reference their abilities, but also test their potential. Skycove is a prefab, pop-out window-box designed to expand interior square footage and seating, while Awaken is a smart skylight that can dim natural sunlight, purify incoming air …
Tags: Wellness, Design, Windows, Sunlight, Marvin, Interiors, Building, Wellbeing, Linkaboutit, Decor, Skylight, Skycove

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Belgium's beautiful bike route, Australia's guerilla environmental group, Sweden's floating hotel and more from the web Record-Setting NASA Astronaut Returns to Earth Record-setting NASA astronaut Christina Koch has returned to her home planet after an incredible 328 days in orbit—the second-longest single trip into space by an American astronaut. During those 11 months among the stars, Koch took part in the first three all-woman spacewalks, …
Tags: Travel, Art, Apps, Space, Science, Design, News, Sweden, Internet, Australia, Hotels, Environment, Advertising, History, Nasa, Bacteria

Record-Setting NASA Astronaut Returns to Earth

Record-setting NASA astronaut Christina Koch has returned to her home planet after an incredible 328 days in orbit—the second-longest single trip into space by an American astronaut. During those 11 months among the stars, Koch took part in the first three all-woman spacewalks, “completed 5,248 orbits of the Earth and a journey of 139 million miles, roughly the equivalent of 291 trips to the moon …
Tags: Gender, Space, Science, Design, Nasa, Earth, Culture, Astronauts, Linkaboutit, Koch, Christina Koch

Mattel’s New Inclusive Barbie Dolls

Mattel is betting on “a multi-dimensional view of beauty” as they continue to make Barbies that are more diverse and inclusive. Their latest cast of characters includes Barbies with vitiligo, hair loss, prosthetic limbs (made in collaboration with young disability advocate Jordan Reeves), and various other attributes. In fact, Barbie is now available in “five body types, 22 skin tones, 76 hair styles, 94 hair …
Tags: Toys, Design, Kids, Diversity, Culture, Barbie, Dolls, Action Figures, Disabilities, Linkaboutit, Inclusion, Abilities, Mattel, Jordan Reeves

Animated David Shrigley Paintings in the Sketch App

London’s Sketch restaurant is sought out for more than its menu; its sci-fi, egg-shaped toilet pods and beloved David Shrigley paintings attract an audience, too. Now the Mayfair eatery has added an augmented reality element to the experience. The restaurant’s new app—developed by Hato—allows Shrigley’s artwork “to break free from its frames on the walls and invade your surroundings.” There are 15 Shrigley illustrations available …
Tags: Art, Apps, Design, London, Restaurants, Painting, Tech, Illustration, Artists, Augmented Reality, Sketch, David Shrigley, Linkaboutit, Shrigley, Hato, Sketch App

Dead Sea Dates Successfully Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds

Using 2,000-year-old seeds originally unearthed from a fortress in the Middle East and caves at the mouth of the Dead Sea, researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center have successfully grown new date palms. After soaking them in an activating solution, 34 seeds were plotted in precise, research-specific potting soil and then watched as they grew. Six seeds sprouted and each plant was carefully assessed. Research …
Tags: Food, Science, Design, Research, History, Culture, Middle East, Plants, Dates, Seeds, Linkaboutit, Varietals, Dead Sea, Hadassah Medical Center, Food Research, Judean Dates

Rembarrassment, Nitwhoppering, Lenniness and More Newly Defined Emotions

After recognizing that society has long-embraced the belief that there is a finite—even minuscule—number of basic human emotions, the editorial team at The Cut has introduced 78 new complex emotions based on the idea that if you can say it, you can feel it. As the brain loves concepts and classifications, words like FOMO and hangxiety have found a place in our vernacular. The Cut’s …
Tags: Psychology, Design, Culture, Language, Linguistics, Emotions, Linkaboutit, Fomo

Sweden’s Floating Hotel, Arctic Bath

Resembling a bundle of logs, Sweden’s Arctic Bath hotel and spa floats on the Lule River in the country’s north, near Luleå. Designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, the property offers a divine blend of luxury experiences and access to nature—with its open-air cold bath, bear-watching, hikes and other outdoor activities as well as saunas, massages and various treatments available indoors. Of the …
Tags: Travel, Wellness, Design, Sweden, Hotels, Nature, Architecture, Northern Lights, Baths, Nordic, Linkaboutit, Spas, Johan Kauppi, Lule River, Arctic Bath, Luleå Designed

Bushfire Brandalism Replaces Ads With Activism Posters

Australia’s Bushfire Brandalism collective uses guerrilla tactics to occupy high-traffic spots reserved for traditional advertising, replacing them with thoughtful protest posters pertaining to the government’s inaction regarding climate change and the country’s ongoing bushfires. The group (made up of 41 artists, including Stanislava Pinchuk, ghostpatrol, Leans, and Tom Gerrard) has successfully replaced 78 advertisements so far. As one member explains, “We do not accept that …
Tags: Art, Politics, Design, Activism, Climate Change, Australia, Culture, Public Art, Bushfires, Linkaboutit, Protest Art, Climate Crisis, Stanislava Pinchuk, Artist Collectives, Bushfire Brandalism, Tom Gerrard

Cycling Through the Trees of Limburg, Belgium’s Bike Route

1,200+ miles of well-paved bike path in Limburg, Belgium grant cyclists access to “an open-air museum, an arboretum, a nature reserve,” and more. Once riders pass through Bokrijk’s “Cycling Through Water” installation (a 650+ foot path stretching out through a pond), they’re greeted by a 19th-century castle. Further down, the route takes to the air: the aptly named “Cycling Through the Trees” leg, a recent …
Tags: Design, Bikes, Nature, Cycling, Bicycling, Belgium, Biking, Bike Paths, Linkaboutit, Landscape Architecture, Bike Riding, Limburg, Limburg Belgium, Bokrijk

“Living” Concrete Made From Bacteria

Developed by researchers at the University of Colorado, a new concrete alternative could provide a carbon-free option for buildings in remote places—where lugging traditional concrete ingredients proves difficult. Only two components—photosynthetic bacteria and gelatin—make up this “living” concrete. Due to its photosynthetic nature, it starts off green before drying into a brown hue. Perhaps most impressive of all, the concrete can regenerate: “When half of …
Tags: Science, Design, Tech, Bacteria, Materials, Studies, Carbon Emissions, Buildings, Building, Linkaboutit, University Of Colorado, Concrete, Material Innovation

Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Immense Free Image Archive

A collection of images, diagrams, sketches and research surveys believed to be “the world’s largest open access digital archive dedicated to life on Earth,” the Biodiversity Heritage Library is comprised of over 55 million pages of literature. The library (with ephemera dating back to the 15th century) has made over 150,000 illustrations from their collection available for free, high-resolution download. There are also a number …
Tags: Art, Design, Animals, Research, History, Nature, Culture, Libraries, Plants, Biodiversity, Illustrations, Botanical Art, Linkaboutit, Academic Journals, Biodiversity Heritage Library

Lisbon Triennale Surveys Ornament in Architecture

The theme for this year’s Lisbon Triennale—”The Poetics of Reason”—poses the question of whether or not ornament is integral to architecture. Positioning photographs and up-close sculptural renderings of classical Victorian structures and their decorations alongside an international assortment of patterns, prints, decorations and furniture, the curators encourage visitors to understand architecture and ornament as two separate entities. The former is rooted in reason, while the …
Tags: Design, Architecture, Exhibitions, Decoration, Ornament, Galleries, Lisbon, Linkaboutit, Triennale, Design Fairs, Lisbon Triennale, Lisbon Triennale Surveys Ornament

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