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Yves Tumor: Gospel For A New Century

Tennessee-raised pop-electronic artist Yves Tumor (aka Sean Bowie) announced his follow-up to the 2018 EP, Safe In The Hands Of Love, in the form of 3 April’s Heaven To A Tortured Mind. The project’s first single, “Gospel For A New Century,” harkens back to looming funk releases from experimental groups like Parliament-Funkadelic, but pulls in elements reminiscent of eclectic acts ranging from Prince to TV On …
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ONR feat. Carina Jade: Sober

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught producer ONR (pronounced “honor”) channels sonic energy from the ’80s in his latest track, “Sober,” which features guest vocals from Carina Jade. It’s ONR’s debut release on Warner Records and a first glimpse at his forthcoming Must Stop EP (out 15 May). Directed by Omar Al-Zidjali, the music video for the Scottish artist bleeds color and form in a bedroom …
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The Voodoo Children: Caroline

An indie rock composition centered on the subject of support in times of emotional tumult, Nashville-based The Voodoo Children’s “Caroline” churns and stirs and chugs along. Steered by musician and artist JT Daly, the music collective’s debut EP, Instant Nostalgia, will release sometime later this year. If this lead single is any indicator, one can expect more thoughtful, moody tunes from the band and its …
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Papooz: Figs and Gorgonzola

French dance-pop duo Papooz (composed of rhythm guitarist Armand Penicaut and vocalist/lead guitarist Ulysse Cottin) returns with “Figs and Gorgonzola,” a laid back and charming tale of love. The comfortably catchy single follows up the group’s well-received 2019 album release, Night Sketches. Papooz will embark upon a North American tour starting 18 February in Brooklyn.
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Listenup, New Music, French music, Papooz, Armand Penicaut, Ulysse Cottin

U.S. Girls: 4 American Dollars

A playful tune about the perils of living in our money-driven society, “4 American Dollars” by U.S. Girls (aka Meghan Remy) features poignant lyrics about the inner workings of our economy and Remy’s bank balance: “In this world where they say: ‘It’s not personal, it’s business’ / Moving numbers from account to account / Keeping secrets in an offshore fount / My money is quick to count / I …
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Country-inflected pop, chopped-up Beyonce samples, carnivalesque chaos and more music from this week King Princess: Ohio After performing “Ohio” live with consistency since her first tour, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) finally releases an official recording and music video for the fan-favorite track. Both the song and visuals begin with quiet intimacy, and the latter introduces Straus wearing her theatrical Cheap Queen look. As with …
Tags: Music, Design, Beyonce, Disco, Music Videos, Garage Rock, Country, Pop, The Strokes, Ohio, Grimes, Synths, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Julian Casablancas

Tame Impala: Is It True

From Tame Impala’s newest album, The Slow Rush, “Is It True” spotlights the band’s affection for funk-inspired bass lines and percussion. Strutting and sultry, the track’s instrumental sets the scene for frontman Kevin Parker’s love song: “We started talkin’ ’bout devotion / The kind that goes on eternally / And I tell her I’m in love with her / But, how can I know that I’ll …
Tags: Music, Design, Tame Impala, Dance, Culture, Bass, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Kevin Parker, Psych, Psych-Pop, Psychedelic Funk

Grimes: Delete Forever

Written the night Lil Peep passed away, “Delete Forever” is pretty and airy, despite tackling the topic of opioid addiction. From Grimes’ fifth album Miss Anthropocene, the tune begins with acoustic guitar (reminiscent of “Wonderwall” by Oasis) before the beat kicks in around the 50-second mark. With country-inflected violin and banjo, the song has a different sound from the Canadian musician’s recent releases, but her …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Country, Culture, Grimes, Oasis, Acoustic Guitar, Listenup, New Music, Synthpop

Against All Logic: Fantasy

Using his performance alias Against All Logic, Nicolas Jaar releases a new album, 2017 – 2019, composed of industrial drums, sound effects and pop samples—plus plenty of Jaar’s signature distortions. A standout single and the album’s opening track, “Fantasy” employs all of the aforementioned but ups the ante by sampling Beyoncé’s 2003 collaboration with Sean Paul “Baby Boy” for its hook, as well as filtered …
Tags: Music, Design, Beyonce, Culture, Industrial, Techno, Listenup, New Music, Nicolas Jaar, Jaar, DownBeat, Nico Jaar, Sean Paul Baby Boy

King Princess: Ohio

After performing “Ohio” live with consistency since her first tour, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) finally releases an official recording and music video for the fan-favorite track. Both the song and visuals begin with quiet intimacy, and the latter introduces Straus wearing her theatrical Cheap Queen look. As with the song, the video soon explodes into an anthemic garage-rock performance, cut from captivating live renditions. …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Rock, Culture, Ohio, Listenup, New Music, Straus, King Princess, Mikaela Straus, Cheap Queen

Ras: Boogie

Sparse at first but ever-growing, Berlin-based disco trio Ras’ newest single, “Boogie,” is a bop that references Mediterranean club music, poolside pop, disco and funk. Members Dekel Adin, Eden Leshem and Guy Gefen hail from rural Israel, but after recording their self-titled debut album in Berlin, the trio stuck around and worked to contrast the city’s energetic, industrial house music with laidback beats and vintage-sounding …
Tags: Music, Design, Disco, Berlin, Israel, Pop, Culture, Dance music, Mediterranean, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Ras, Boogie, Rhythmic, Dekel Adin Eden Leshem

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Radiant synth-pop, scuzzy lo-fi and soaring soul, all from women artists Lido Pimienta: Eso Que Tu Haces Lido Pimienta (who won the 2017 Polaris Prize for her debut album, La Papessa) has returned with a radiant song from her second album, Miss Colombia. Colombia-born and Toronto-based Pimienta combines soulful synth-pop, international rhythms and pretty vocals within her music. “Eso Que Tu Haces” (translated: “That thing …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, International, Toronto, Pop, Albums, Indie, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Hinds, Jeff Tweedy, Colombia Colombia, Debuts, Lido Pimienta

twst: Are You Listening?

An electronic examination of attention and information overload, “Are You Listening?,” by twst (the moniker of London-based singer, songwriter and producer Chloé Davis ), rises on waves of frustration. Future-pop soundscapes expand and retract with force. twst’s themes find a home in the accompanying music video, as well—directed by Pablo Rivera.
Tags: Music, Design, London, Music Videos, Culture, Electronic Music, Listenup, Electronic, New Music, Twst, Chloé Davis

Daughter of Swords: Prairie Winter Wasteland

Daughter of Swords, a solo project from Mountain Man’s Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, follows up the release of last year’s debut album, Dawnbreaker, with the exquisite new single “Praire Winter Wasteland.” Sauser-Monnig’s hypnotic vocals—and lyrics that ruminate on the idea of place and the spirits within—steer the track through sparse, nuanced production by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, who plays multiple instruments on the song, as well.
Tags: Music, Design, Wilco, Culture, Indie, Listenup, New Music, Jeff Tweedy, Mountain Man, Alexandra Sauser Monnig, Daughter Of Swords, Sauser Monnig

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Spoken-word, space jazz, '90s-style R&B and more new music Kate Tempest: Unholy Elixir In June 2019, British spoken-word artist Kate Tempest released The Book Of Traps and Lessons, an album featuring the sharp, powerful single “Holy Elixir.” After extensive touring, Tempest returns with “Unholy Elixir,” an even more enrapturing rendition that incorporates things she learned about the song while on the road. The video comes …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Experimental, Rock, Pop, Soul, Hip-hop, House, Indie, Jazz, Little Dragon, Listenup, Collaborations, Josh Homme, Kate Tempest

ATTLAS: More Than That

Canadian musician ATTLAS (aka Jeff Hartford) has released his debut album, Lavender God, after years of one-off tunes. Out via Mau5trap (a label run by Deadmau5), the album features tracks that highlight Hartford’s talent as a producer and multi-instrumentalist—piano, trumpet, electronic keys (all influenced by a stint as an intern with a classical composer). “More Than That” is an acid jazz performance entangled with starry synth …
Tags: Design, Culture, House, Jazz, Deadmau5, Listenup, Electronic, Hartford, ATTLAS, Acid Jazz, Lavender God, Mau5trap, Jeff Hartford

Desert Sessions: Easier Said Than Done

“Easier Said Than Done” from Desert Sessions (Josh Homme’s ongoing collective series) has Homme guiding listeners through the avant-garde song and video. Highlighted by solemn vocals, grand piano, an electric Wurlitzer, drum rolls and “little tiny baby claps,” the tune is from Arrivederci Despair—which was released late last year. Sometimes humorous (with  Homme peeing on a man dressed in a Nazi uniform) and sometimes disturbing …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Experimental, Rock, Culture, Listenup, Queens Of The Stone Age, Josh Homme, Avant-Garde, Desert Sessions

Leven Kali feat. Smino + Topaz Jones: Homegirl

From Dutch singer Leven Kali’s upcoming EP, High Tide, “Homegirl” is influenced by ’90s R&B and hip-hop, but tweaked for the current day. Highlighted by feature spots from Smino and Topaz Jones, the track is lighthearted and fun, despite the complicated relationships each vocalist details in their lyrics. Atop piano chords, a deep bass line and funky drums, each artist offers their personal style without …
Tags: Design, Music Videos, Culture, Hip-hop, Rb, 1990s, Listenup, Collaborations, Smino, Topaz Jones, Leven Kali, Smino Topaz Jones

Kate Tempest: Unholy Elixir

In June 2019, British spoken-word artist Kate Tempest released The Book Of Traps and Lessons, an album featuring the sharp, powerful single “Holy Elixir.” After extensive touring, Tempest returns with “Unholy Elixir,” an even more enrapturing rendition that incorporates things she learned about the song while on the road. The video comes with an official visualizer, illustrated by Natalya Lobanova. It’s a powerful companion piece …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Listenup, New Music, Kate Tempest, Natalya Lobanova

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Pop perfection, danceable disco, cinematic soundscapes and so much more music this week Too Free: No Fun “No Fun,” the second single from trio Too Free’s forthcoming debut, Love In High Demand, features an intergalactic instrumental full of synths and encouraging lyrics from vocalist Awad Bilal. “‘No Fun’ is a series of affirmations that I wanted to speak into existence. Reclaiming agency over your mind …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Western, Pop, Yacht, Freestyle, Rb, Scores, Classical, Synths, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Electro, Remixes

PREP: Love Breaks Down

A blend of pop, yacht, disco and funk, PREP’s “Love Breaks Down” is an infectious arrangement of synths and computer claps. It’s altogether enjoyable and easy to dance along to, especially when the bass and electric organ kick in toward the end of the track. “It came to life after we decided to write a party track—something that would work well in our live show …
Tags: Music, Design, Disco, Pop, Culture, Yacht, Synths, Listenup, Funk, Prep, Synthpop, Love Breaks Down, Synth Pops

(Sandy) Alex G: Bad Man

(Sandy) Alex G’s “Bad Man” originally appeared on the artist’s 2019 album, House Of Sugar. Unexpectedly, the artist released an alternate version of the track, and an accompanying video directed by Zev Magasis. The 2020 take on “Bad Man” trades the twangy accent and generated drums for a pared-back piano and mandolin, and far more emotional and resonating vocals. Paired with the lo-fi visuals, the …
Tags: Design, Music Videos, Culture, Indie, Folk, Listenup, Sandy, Alex G, Sandy Alex G, Zev Magasis, Bad Man, House of Sugar, Sandy Alex G s Bad Man

Joe Hisaishi: Summer

Originally a part of the score for the 1999 film Kikujiro, prolific composer Joe Hisaishi’s “Summer” (which reappears, now remastered for an upcoming “best of” compilation) delicately balances piano and orchestral instruments to form a soundscape of immense depth. With an accompanying black and white video of Hisaishi guiding the ups and downs of the track’s introduction and subsequently playing the piano, “Summer” reenters listeners’ lives …
Tags: Design, Netflix, Culture, Classical Music, Scores, Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Classical, Listenup, Joe Hisaishi, Hisaishi, Composers

Heart Bones: Don’t Read The Comments

A second single from Heart Bones’ upcoming LP, Hot Dish, “Don’t Read the Comments” pairs pop musicality with clever and relevant lyricism. The act—comprised of Har Mar Superstar (aka Sean Tillmann) and Sabrina Ellis (of A Giant Dog and Sweet Spirit)—duets with delight. Soon, they’ll embark upon a US tour to support their album.
Tags: Music, Design, US, Pop, Culture, Listenup, Collaborations, New Music, Pop Music, Har Mar Superstar, Sean Tillmann, Duets, Sabrina Ellis, Heart Bones

Empress Of: Call Me

LA-based singer/producer Empress Of (aka Lorely Rodriguez) has contributed the ’90s-tinted song “Call Me” to Floria Sigismondi’s The Turning soundtrack. Rodriguez wrote the tune with Lawrence and Yves Rothman (who produced the soundtrack, which also includes music by Courtney Love, Mitski, Kali Uchis and others). She says that the lustrous piece of dream-pop was created to be the film’s swan song.
Tags: Music, Design, La, Films, Culture, Listenup, New Music, Dream Pop, Lawrence, Floria Sigismondi, Rodriguez, Soundtracks, Empress Of, Lorely Rodriguez, Dreampop, Yves Rothman

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From a two-sided trip-hop tune to an electro oddity, a few of our favorite tracks from this week U.S. Girls: Overtime Technically a rework of a 2013 release, “Overtime,” as it appears now, is a single from U.S. Girls’ forthcoming seventh album, Heavy Light, out 6 March via 4AD. The soulful experiment by the band (led by multi-disciplinary artist Meg Remy) employs choral vocals as …
Tags: Design, Drama, Music Videos, Pop, Soul, Albums, Hip-hop, Indie, Rb, Listenup, Funk, New Music, Dan Deacon, Meg Remy, Soko, Dvsn

Soko: Being Sad Is Not a Crime

The first release from Soko’s forthcoming full-length, FEEL FEELINGS, “Being Sad is Not A Crime” channels emotional lyrics through the French singer’s signature croon. Directed by Gilbert Trejo, the music video features puppets from the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, where it was filmed. Soko’s son Indigo also plays an important role. It’s the first time Soko has not directed her own music video but Trejo …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Indie, Listenup, New Music, Soko, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Gilbert Trejo

Ultraísta: Tin King

Upbeat and infectious, “Tin King” by experimental rock band Ultraísta leans into house and electro influences. The band—comprising of Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Laura Bettinson—based the entirety of their forthcoming album, Sister, on improv sessions, recording bits and pieces and then addressing them in depth later. “Tin King” certainly feels like a product of improvisation, but the result is a calculated chaos that has …
Tags: Music, Design, Experimental, Rock, Culture, House, Listenup, Bands, New Music, Electro, Ultraísta, Laura Bettinson, Tin King, Nigel Godrich Joey Waronker

DRAMA: Years

Aptly named duo DRAMA (aka producer Na’el Shehade and singer Via Rosa) just released the first song from their debut album, Dance Without Me. Starting off as a melancholy piano-led ballad, the song builds with a muffled drum break reminiscent of ’90s trip-hop, before new clarity appears. All the while, Rosa’s supple vocals elegantly command the song. The Chicago-based duo has been releasing music for …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Chicago, Soul, Culture, Rb, Listenup, New Music, Rosa, Ghostly, Via Rosa, Trip-hop, Shehade

Real Estate (feat. Amelia Meath): Paper Cup

From Real Estate’s forthcoming album, The Main Thing (out 28 February), “Paper Cup” features the band’s frontman Martin Courtney singing with Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath. The song, which has tinges of airy island rock, details Courtney’s bouts with career-based anxiety. “Paper Cup is a song about getting older and realizing that this thing that I fell into doing over 10 years ago—being a musician, writing songs, …
Tags: Music, Real Estate, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Indie, Listenup, New Music, Martin Courtney, Sylvan Esso, Courtney, Indie Rock

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