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It’s Just Too Much Trouble For EU Groups To Hire British Musicians Post-Brexit, Warns Simon Rattle

“People who are normally hired by organisations abroad are being told, ‘I’m sorry, we just don’t have the capacity to bring somebody from the United Kingdom, it is too complicated and too expensive.” – London Evening Standard
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London Arts Orgs And Audiences Are Jeopardizing Their Comeback By Being Lax About COVID

Mark Pullinger finds that, while venues’ staff may be masked themselves, they’re not requiring patrons to have face coverings or proof of vaccination (to be clear, they’re following the lead of Boris Johnson’s government), and he looks with envy at safety measures in Europe and New York. – Bachtrack
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Is Flying To London To See Ian McKellen’s Hamlet Worth The Risk?

A very 2021 question – and the risk doesn’t run one way. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Ian Mckellen, Audience, 09.19.21

For The First Time, A Dancer In A Wheelchair Will Perform With London’s Royal Ballet

Joe Powell-Main studied at the Royal Ballet’s school for four years, until his accident at age 15. Now 23 and a member of Ballet Cymru in Wales, he’ll be in a piece created on the Royal Ballet for the homecoming of the UK Paralympics team. – London Evening Standard
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As London’s West End Reopens, It May Scrap Wednesday Matinees

There’s plenty of demand for seats from theatregoers within England, but the audience for midweek afternoon shows is almost entirely tourists from abroad, of whom (thanks to COVID) there are still very few. – The Guardian
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Just because: Leonard Bernstein’s “The Age of Anxiety”

Krystian Zimerman, Leonard Bernstein, and the London Symphony perform Bernstein’s “Age of Anxiety” Symphony in 1986. The work, inspired by W.H. Auden’s book-length 1947 poem of the same name, is introduced by a short interview with Bernstein: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Sheila Bromberg, Harpist For British Symphonies And Oh Yes, The Beatles, 92

Bromberg was a busy harpist and mom when her “agent called on March 17, 1967, to offer her a three-hour stint that night as a session musician at the EMI recording studio on Abbey Road in London. The pay was 9 pounds — about $17.” – Washington Post
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Rita Keegan: the return of black British art’s forgotten pioneer

She was a crucial part of a cultural movement in the 1980s. Now a first solo exhibition in 15 years will allow her work to shineFrom the 1980s to the early 2000s, artist and archivist Rita Keegan fervently collected and preserved newsletters, leaflets, photographs and exhibition literature from the British black arts scene. “It [didn’t] matter how fabulous the show – if you didn’t have the ephemera, it was hard to say that you existed,” she told the Art Newspaper last summer. “It’s very easy to ...
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From edible algae packaging to olive pit bioplastic, here's how 7 startups are fighting plastic pollution

Notpla is also working on algae packaging to replace cardboard boxes, which they're already testing in London with Just Eat. Getty Images It's estimated that by 2040, 1.3 billion tons of plastic will flood the Earth's oceans and land. Among the main culprits in plastic garbage are single-use plastics like bottles and wrappers. Here are seven biodegradable, compostable, and edible packaging solutions companies have designed. See more stories on Insider's business page. Singl...
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Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition kicks off in LA with drummer Nick Mason

Nick Mason, the drummer of British rock band Pink Floyd, officially kicked off the run of Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains, an immersive exhibition that will run daily through Jan. 9, 2022, at the Vogue Multicultural Museum in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 3. As fans of all ages with opening day tickets lined the sidewalks out on Hollywood Boulevard, Mason took a stroll through the exhibition, which features over 350 Pink Floyd artifacts including oversized stage sets, props and private collectio...
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‘I felt completely lost’: the actors navigating an arts crisis and long Covid

Three performers – among the one million people suffering from long Covid – explain the painful process of getting back on stageIn 2019, the actor and director Helen Oakleigh was hired to stage a number of shows in China that would be playing throughout 2020. They flew from London to Wuhan on 1 January last year and then on to Chengdu but, soon after arriving, began to feel unwell with a virus that would later be diagnosed as Covid-19. Although able to return to work soon afterwards, they strugg...
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Winston-Salem (NC) Symphony Music Director Resigns

Timothy Redmond, who assumed the job in July 2019, lives in London and most of his work is in England. He said in a statement, “I’ve made the decision that commuting to Winston-Salem is not sustainable for me (or the planet) anymore.” – Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina)
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Consultant – New York or London, AEA Consulting

AEA Consulting is a global consulting firm setting the standard in strategy and planning for the cultural and creative sector. We are currently seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Consultant to join us in our mission to harness the power of art, culture, and creativity to realize the full potential of people and places around the world. Consultants are crucial consulting team members who drive AEA’s project delivery and project management work, while supporting business develop...
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Why Does English Have No Equivalent Of The Académie Française? Pestilence

The Royal Society of London actually did attempt to start one in the winter of 1665, with a committee that included poets Abraham Cowley and John Dryden. Plague broke out in London that spring, everyone who could flee the capital did, and that was that. – Lapham’s Quarterly
Tags: Art, London, Words, Royal Society of London, Lapham, Abraham Cowley, John Dryden Plague

MINI Strip car uses 3D printing and recycled materials

With a focus on the future of sustainability in automotive design, the MINI Strip is a one-off car that resulted from a collaboration between two British brands. MINI and Paul Smith custom-made the vehicle, which premiered to the world in London in August 2021. The MINI Strip stands as a driving force behind innovations in sustainable auto manufacturing. The name comes from the starting point, which was a stripped-down Mini Cooper SE. From there, the entire design focuses on the theme of ‘Simpl...
Tags: Design, London, Cars, Automotive, 3d Printing, Automobiles, Smith, Recycled Materials, PAUL, Paul Smith, Automotive Design, Oliver Heilmer, BMW Group Via Automotive World Images

Extinction Rebellion protests take over London

On Monday, Extinction Rebellion (XR) protestors blocked a busy junction in Covent Garden, London during their first day of protests. Participants chained themselves together to block a roundabout at Long Acre. A van joined at the junction with a 4-meter-high pink table featuring the slogan “Come to the table.” As XR plans a fortnight of protests in London, this slogan represents their call to bring everyone to the table to discuss the climate crisis. Related: Extinction Rebellion LA protests cli...
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Dallas Black Dance Theatre Makes ‘Spectacular’ Debut Before Dance World’s Elite

The company has played the Kennedy Center, and it performed at the Olympics in Atlanta (1996) and London (2012), but perhaps none of those occasions will be as important for its future as its triumphant performances this month at Jacob’s Pillow. – KERA (Dallas)
Tags: Art, London, Atlanta, Dance, Dallas, Kennedy Center, Jacob

A 50-Year-Old Art Heist May Soon Be Solved

Artist Leon Kossoff died two years ago, still hoping he’d see the 14 paintings and six drawings stolen in 1972. The truck that left London disappeared from Rome and was later found 17 miles away with the locks smashed and Kossoff’s works all gone. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, London, Rome, Visual, Kossoff, 08.22.21, Leon Kossoff

'I came close to death’: David Harewood on racism and psychosis

Thirty years ago, fresh out of drama school, the Homeland star found himself in the midst of a breakdown, ending up in a locked hospital ward. He recalls the years of racial abuse that had pulled him apartWaking up in a mental institution is a strange experience made slightly more bearable by the drugs administered the night before arrival. It’s an odd sensation to come round on a ward – in my case, one at the Hollymoor psychiatric hospital in Birmingham – and not recognise your own body. It too...
Tags: Health, Books, London, Race, Theatre, Homeland, Society, World news, Mental Health, Culture, Stage, Birmingham, David Harewood, Hollymoor

The Tempestuous, Scandalous Life Of England’s First Female Fiction Writer

Lady Mary Wroth, a noble at James I’s court, had two bastard children with an Earl who ignored them and dumped her. The cream of London society was horrified when she put those secrets, and many of theirs as well, into a novel and play. – Smithsonian Magazine
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Just four colors are enough for any map. Why?

Rule of thumb: four colors are all you need to distinguish the countries on any map.But why? It's a simple question with a difficult answer, eluding scientists for a century.In the end, the four-color problem was the first theorem that was cracked by a computer. Graffiti in Örs Vezér Square in Budapest by Hungary's Two-Tailed Dog Party, illustrating the four-color theorem. Credit: Szilas via public domainFour colors: that is all you need for giving each countr...
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London’s Public Art Mound Is A Disaster. But…

It might seem confusing why local councils would choose to fund tourist projects like the Mound when they are getting rid of permanent spaces that serve local communities in the long rather than short term. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Mound

Anne Bean: ‘People said Yoko Ono ruined the Beatles. I think the Beatles ruined her’

The performance artist on her new 10-hour work, rethinking her distance from feminism, and why she told Malcolm McLaren her avant garde covers band was ‘unmanageable’Anne Bean has been revisiting her past. On 21 August the pioneering performance artist is taking part in a 10-hour “durational live event” as part of PSX: A Decade of Performance Art in the UK. Not only did this require her to look back on five decades of practice – her past work, she tells me, is “intimately linked” to her present ...
Tags: Art, UK, London, Yoko Ono, Culture, Art and design, Paul Mccarthy, Performance art, Derek Jarman, Moody, Malcolm McLaren, Bermondsey, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Andrew Logan, Anne Bean, Kipper Kids

Banksy’s Great British Spraycation: The Artist Spray Paints England’s Favorite Summer-Holiday Destinations

“We’re all going on a summer holiday / no more working for a week or two,” sings Cliff Richard in one of his most famous songs. “Fun and laughter on a summer holiday / no more worries for me or you.” Like The Beatles’ ultra-northern “When I’m Sixty-Four,” with its cottage rentals on the Isle of Wight (“if it’s not too dear”), Richard’s “Summer Holiday” dates from a time in Britain when tourism was, as a rule, domestic. And so it has become again over the past couple of years, what with t...
Tags: Travel, Art, Facebook, England, London, College, Bbc, Britain, Paris, Banksy, Richard, Seoul, Lynn, Paul Gough, Wight, Cliff Richard

Janice Mirikitani, Poet Laureate Of San Francisco And Fighter For Justice, 80

Mirikitani was interned with her family during WWII, and later called poetry the language of liberation. She was the founding president of a social service organization and, according to San Francisco Mayor London Breed, “one of our city’s true lights.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, London, San Francisco, People, Janice Mirikitani, 08.13.21, Mirikitani

Resignation Over £6M Artificial Hill In London Park Meant To Lure Tourists

“With regret, I have accepted the resignation of my deputy leader, Melvyn Caplan, who led the mound project. We have also instigated a thorough internal review to understand what went wrong and ensure it never happens again.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Melvyn Caplan

London’s Southbank Centre Names New Artistic Director

Mark Ball, currently Creative Director of the Manchester International Festival, will be directing the programming at the British capital’s equivalent of Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. – Arts Professional (UK)
Tags: Art, London, Lincoln Center, Issues, Southbank Centre, Mark Ball

MGM is auctioning 11 Picasso works worth up to $104 million that were originally collected by former casino mogul Steve Wynn

Gallery assistants hold a portrait by Picasso depicting the artist's mistress Marie-Therese Walter that sold for $50 million in 2018. MGM Resorts will auction a second portrait of Walter in Las Vegas this fall. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images MGM Resorts is auctioning 11 Picasso artworks worth up to $104 million, according to Bloomberg. The works were first collected by Steve Wynn, who then sold his business to MGM. MGM told the Journal that the resort is shifting toward moder...
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Head Of One Of London’s Top Drama Schools Out Over Behavior Allegations

Sarah Frankcom has stepped down as director of LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) as the school’s trustees investigate “complaints on some aspects of conduct and management style.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Theatre, Sarah Frankcom, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Keeping a sacred vigil for internationally known artist John August Swanson

We call the photos “near famous,” snapshots of any family member with someone we admire. Usually we stand with our happiest grins next to favorite authors, Broadway stars or NBA players and coaches and players. I have a framed photo of me with Rosa Parks (she was visiting Pasadena City College to talk about her book), which is No. 1 in our “near famous” files. One photo I am thinking of today is of my family with John August Swanson, the half-Mexican and half-Swedish artist who grew up in Los An...
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