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Plein Air Painting Workshop in Wanaka, New Zealand with Lori McNee, March 2021

Last year, I experienced a fabulous Wilbury Tours workshop in Wanaka, New Zealand. Now, I am thrilled to announce I am returning to conduct my own plein air painting workshop, February 28 – March 8, 2021! Plein air painting of Roy Glacier in New Zealand by Lori McNee Please consider joining my friends at Wilbury Tours, and me, on a trip of a lifetime in the South Island of New Zealand. We will be painting and exploring the stunningly beautiful Southern Lakes region of New Zealand. Penny Willo...
Tags: Art, New Zealand, Oil Painting, Roy, Queenstown, Penny, Lori's Featured Articles, Workshops With Lori, Lori Mcnee, Wanaka, Lori, Wanaka New Zealand, Queenstown New Zealand, South Island of New Zealand, Landscape Painting Workshop, Plein Air Painting Workshop

Plein Air Landscape Painting Workshop in Seeley Lake, Montana June 6-7, 2020

Join me, Lori McNee, for a special two day landscape painting workshop adventure in beautiful Seeley Lake, Montana – June 6 – 7, 2020! Don’t want to miss this exclusive, yet affordable experience! We will be plein air landscape painting together at Rich Ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana – the gateway to the glorious Bob Marshall Wilderness. We will be, “Painting for a Dream” with Alpine Artisans – a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving the arts in the Seeley, Swan, and Blackfoot valley...
Tags: Art, Montana, Workshops, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air, Workshops With Lori, Landscape Painting, Lori Mcnee, Don, Kris, Lori, Kirsty, Blackfoot, Lori McNee Lori, Western Montana, Bob Marshall

Landscape Painting Workshop in Sun Valley, Idaho with Lori McNee & Royal Talens NA

Plein air landscape painters, I’m so excited to announce a very special summer plein air painting workshop in my own beautiful hometown, Sun Valley, Idaho! Lori McNee in her Sun Valley studio with “Last Light” 60×40 oil on canvas AUGUST 17-21, 2020 Join my amazing sponsors, Royal Talens North America and me, for a week of plein air painting in the majestic Idaho Rocky Mountains. Royal Talens North America has generously offered to co-host this special 5 day workshop and they will also be atte...
Tags: Art, Idaho, Oil Painting, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air, Workshops With Lori, Landscape Painting, Lori Mcnee, Homebase, Linda Thompson, Sun Valley, Lori, Sun Valley Idaho, Plein, Kneeland Gallery, Painting Workshop

2020 South African Landscape Painting Safari with Lori McNee

Join Lori McNee on her most exciting painting workshop adventure yet – a 10 day South African Landscape Painting Safari, September 10 – 20, 2020! Join me, Lori McNee and Workshops in SA, for a trip of a lifetime!! I am truly thrilled to offer this amazing experience to you. Space is limited to only 12 people. Please read on to discover more about this opulent, yet affordable South African landscape painting retreat… Lori McNee plein air painting in Idaho FIRST HALF OF THE WORKSHOP Your aut...
Tags: Art, South Africa, Idaho, Cape, Lori's Featured Articles, Workshops With Lori, Lori Mcnee, Stellenbosch, Cape Winelands, Art Workshop, Big 5, Painting Workshop, Aquila Safari, Oil Paintingm Painting Retreat, Painting Safari, Dorp Street Stellenbosch South Africa

The Best Portable Studio Lights for Your Outdoor Easel

Many of you may know that that I am a big believer in the amazing Method Lights art studio lights, and I have been using them in my own studio for years. Now, the same professional method of lighting is available for your outdoor easel! Read on to learn more… Lori using the ML-EL Smart Easel Light at the Plein Air Convention My ML-Direct Art Studio lights allow me to paint in my studio with the perfect light anytime! With their patented True Color Light technology, and with a touch of a butto...
Tags: Art, Wyoming, Max, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Studio Lighting, Lori, Studio Lights, Method Lights, Artist Lighting, Easel Light, ML EL Smart Easel Light

The 6 Principles of Design

The principles of design are often debated. Art instructor, Dennas Davis reveals a list of the most commonly agreed upon principles of design along with a handy graphic. The 6 Principles of Design by Dennas Davis Surprisingly, the principles of design are not universally agreed upon. But, that’s not so surprising when you realize we’re talking about artists! However, these design principles are generally boiled down into about 6 items, and usually arranged in a list. During my research, I loo...
Tags: Art, Goals, Methods, Composition, Art Business Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Lori Mcnee, Dennas Davis, Art Instruction, Focal Point, Design Principles, Art Instructor

Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape or Cityscape

Painting buildings in an urban landscape is intimidating for many artists. Finding the right scene can be overwhelming. The different angles and perspective of the buildings, the busy streets, the many colors, how do we simplify it into a believable cityscape? In the following post, award winning artist Scott W. Prior shares his Easy Steps to Painting an Urban Landscape or Cityscape. A native of California, Scott knows how to simplify the busy city streets into a compelling composition and work...
Tags: Art, California, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air, Landscape Painting, Lori Mcnee, Scott, San Francisco CA, Academy of Art University, Cityscapes, Plein Air Convention, California Art Club, Urban Landscape, Scott W, Prior, California artist

From Farm Boy to Painter My Interview with Artist Robert Moore

One of the greatest joys of my ‘job’ is working with wonderful artists from all over the world. Recently, I interviewed my longtime artist friend, Robert Moore on my new show, “Art Beat with Lori McNee.” (produced by Eye on Sun Valley.) We met at Kneeland Gallery to view Robert’s newest oil painting exhibition in Sun Valley, Idaho. During this inspiring interview, Robert explained how he went from being an Idaho farm boy to a renowned landscape painter. Robert is a talented, yet humble man. Wit...
Tags: Art, Idaho, Oil Painting, Artist Interview, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Inspiration & Motivation, Robert, Lori Mcnee, Sun Valley, Robert Moore, Sun Valley Idaho, Art Beat, Gallery Walk, Kneeland Gallery, Eye On Sun Valley

How to Create a Misty Atmospheric Watercolor Painting

A misty atmospheric scene has become a signature for Tom Jone’s watercolor painting style. Tom’s deep love of nature can be seen and felt when viewing his thoughtful paintings. A popular watercolor workshop instructor, Tom believes in ‘letting the atmosphere speak for you’ when beginning a painting. Tom begins with a concept, and a poetic heart. He feels his subject, the beauty of nature in its imperfection. Tom believes a successful watercolor painting awakens all of the senses. It allows you...
Tags: Art, How To, Tom Jones, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Painting Tips, How To Paint, Draw & More, Lori Mcnee, Tom, Central Florida, Atmospheric Painting, Painting Atmosphere, Watercolor Painting, Watercolour Painting, Tom Jone

Exciting Art History Timeline Infographic

Art history doesn’t have to be boring! Below is an exciting art history timeline which is illustrated in a visual infographic. Recently, the earliest record of Prehistoric art was thought to be around 40,000 B.C. But in September 2018, scientists made a new discovery. They found the earliest known drawing estimated to be 73,000 years old! World’s oldest known drawing looks like a hashtag! Since Prehistoric times, humans have created many different art movements. Remembering all those differ...
Tags: Art, Timeline, Western Art, Art History, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Impressionism, Lori Mcnee, Art Movements, Drawing History, Painting History, Hudson River School of Art Nevertheless

Improve Your Art By Seeing in Black and White

Improve Your Art By Seeing in Black and White Training your eyes to see values of black and white before painting will help improve your paintings. But, what does seeing in black and white mean? In this article, I will explain… For centuries, the Japanese have understood the importance of seeing in black in white for design purposes. During my plein air painting workshops, I introduce my students to the Japanese design principles of Notan. (This concept is fresh on my mind, having recently re...
Tags: Art, Black And White, Oil Painting, Johannes Vermeer, White, Monet, Sketchbook, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Landscape Painting, Lori Mcnee, John Carlson, Claude Monet, Leonardo di Vinci, Notan

Painting Small Details and Fine Lines with a Toothpick

©2018 Lori McNee Hazy Day 12×24 oil on linen Sometimes when painting small details a paint brush just doesn’t seem to do the job. That’s when a toothpick comes in handy! I used a toothpick to help me with the finishing details in my oil painting, “Hazy Day.” You can see the fine lines the toothpick created in this image below! This technique can be used in oil, acrylic or watercolor painting. I even use this toothpick technique in my encaustic paintings!  This blog post is titled, “Painting ...
Tags: Art, General, Oil Painting, Toothpick, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Lori Mcnee, Cow Painting, Painting Fine Lines, Painting Small Details, Painting Tools

A Colorful Abstract Approach to Acrylic Painting Inspired by Monet

As a representational artist, I have appreciated the ingenuity of abstract painters. I’ve tried my hand at abstract acrylic painting and found it fun, liberating, yet challenging. However, the abstract approach toward painting is in many ways the same approach used by representational artists, including Claude Monet. There are some universal values or “rules” in painting, regardless of the technique or subject. In this article, Jeffrey Olson, the Director of Art Education for Royal Talens of No...
Tags: Art, General, Amsterdam, How To, North America, Seattle, Monet, Acrylic Painting, Abstraction, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Guest Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Lori Mcnee, Mark

My Live Interview on the PleinAir Art Podcast

Recently, I was interviewed by art magazine publisher, Eric Rhoads, on his PleinAir Art Podcast which was recorded live in front of an audience during the amazing Plein Air Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Eric and I are both friends and colleagues, so we had a lively conversation about my life as an artist, an author and being an influencer in the field of art. We discussed the benefits of using water mixable oils, finding the right art supplies while traveling abroad, painting in snow, my ...
Tags: Art, Podcast, General, Caribbean, Art Business Tips, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air, Inspiration & Motivation, Lori Mcnee, Eric, Santa Fe New Mexico, McNee, Plein Air Convention, Eric Rhoads, Plein Air Magazine

Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden May 2019

Announcing a rare and magical opportunity to Paint with Lori McNee in Giverny at Monet’s Garden, May 22 – 29, 2019! But there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT! Morning light at 7:30am in Monet’s flower garden. Join me (Lori McNee) and Art Colony Giverny for an exclusive week of landscape painting in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France! I’m honored to be an Art Colony Giverny guest instructor for the third time in May 2019. My Monet’s Garden workshop has become so popular, May 2019 is already almost full...
Tags: Art, Garden, General, France, Normandy, Monet, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Travels, Plein Air, Workshops With Lori, Art Workshops, Art Lessons, Lori Mcnee, Giverny, Caroline

Eye On Sun Valley Live Interview with Lori McNee of Fine Art Tips

Recently, I was interviewed by the online magazine, Eye On Sun Valley. Show host Lynn Mason-Pattnosh, and I chatted about the ways in which I juggle my busy art career, travel schedule, and work as a social media influencer. In this video, I reveal how it all began with blogging and how I got my message ‘out there’ to millions around the world. I thought you, my reader, might enjoy learning a little bit more about me… (You might also enjoy another piece they wrote, “From Ducks Stamps to Monet...
Tags: Art, General, Monet, Art Business, Blogging Tips, Art Business Tips, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Marketing & Branding, Social Media Tips & Tricks, Lori Mcnee, Sun Valley, Sun Valley Idaho, Lori McNee Lori, Social Media Influencer, Idaho Artist

Pro Tips for Painting with Water-Mixable Oils

For nearly 20 years, I have been painting with water-mixable oils. Before that, I primarily painted with acrylics as a wildlife artist. Although I loved acrylic paint, I was ready to loosen up oil paint, but I didn’t want to use solvents. Once I discovered water-mixable oils, and I have never looked back… @2018 Lori McNee “Evergreen Mist” 24×48, Oil on canvas Since then, I have tried almost every brand of water-mixable oils (WMO) on the market. There are definitely some similarities and ...
Tags: Art, Oil Painting, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Art Lessons, Lori Mcnee, WMO, Painting with water mixable oils, Solvent Free, Water Miscible, Water Mixable Oils, Water Soluble Oils, Still Life Oil Painting Demo

From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden – Interview with Lori McNee

“Lori McNee – From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden” is an excerpt from a recent interview by Eye on Sun Valley, an online Idaho news channel. Lori McNee in her Idaho studio. From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden – Interview with Lori McNee STORY AND PHOTOS BY KAREN BOSSICK Lori McNee’s mother once told her that she could hold a bird in her hands if she sprinkled salt on its tail. The 5-year-old took her mother’s words to heart, running around the back yard of her Scottsdale, Ariz., home trying t...
Tags: Art, General, Idaho, Tuscany, Monet, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Misc. Articles, Inspiration & Motivation, Guest Articles, Plein Air Painting, Lori Mcnee, Sun Valley, Scottsdale Ariz, Lori, Robert Moore

Helpful Negative Drawing Tips Revealed by Pencil Artist

A pencil artist reveals helpful negative drawing tips to produce vibrant highlights, textures, grasses, hair, feathers, fur and more! Negative drawing is a drawing technique in which the artist uses the white of the drawing paper (negative space) and surrounds it with positive marks (positive space) to build up the darkest values with layers of graphite. While browsing Instagram one day, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful animal drawings of pencil artist, Kathryn Hansen. It’s wonderf...
Tags: Art, General, Value, Drawing, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Guest Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Graphite Drawing, Edgar, Kathryn, Savannah Georgia, Van Nuys, La Crescenta, Charcoal Drawing

Paint Tuscany with Lori McNee

Back by popular demand, “Paint Tuscany with Lori McNee.”  Join me (Lori) for an exclusive workshop adventure into the beautiful Tuscan countryside of Lucca, Italy! Now is your chance to go plein air landscape painting under the Tuscan sun…in October 7-13 or 14-20 2018! Last October 2017, I led an amazing Italian painting adventure at Casa Berti in Tuscany. The weather was warm and perfect for outdoor painting. My 2017 “Plein Air Painting Under the Tuscan Sun” workshop filled very quickly...
Tags: Art, UK, General, Italy, Huffington Post, Tuscany, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Travels, Plein Air, Workshops With Lori, Landscape Painting, Art Lessons, Lori Mcnee, Lucca, Ben

Beautiful Animation of Falling Snowflakes in a Snowy Owl Oil Painting

What a cool animation of my snowy owl oil painting ! Much to my surprise, my daughter-in-law made this beautiful animation of my snowy oil painting as a gift for me on Christmas!! It reminds me of something out of Harry Potter and I only wish my painting could actually do this in real life. Well maybe someday. Below you can see my animated painting by Taylor Pelto McNee.  I’m really proud of Taylor! She is a gifted 3D artist, a voice actress (the voice of Penny in the popular RWBY cartoon s...
Tags: Art, Winter, Harry Potter, Oil Painting, Taylor, Snowflakes, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air Painting, Owl, Lori Mcnee, Snowy Owl, Sun Valley Idaho, Yin Yang, Snow Painting, Winter Owl, Taylor Pelto McNee

Simple Steps to Outdoor Figurative Painting in Color

Colorist Camille Przewodek is acclaimed for her vibrant outdoor landscapes and figurative paintings. In this guest post, Camille reveals her unique approach to seeing and painting color and the effects of light in which the subject is seen. Simple Steps to Figurative Painting in Color.    The outdoor model Notan is a Japanese term for simplifying a visual design into light and dark. Everything in light is white and everything in shadow is black.  The Notan shown below was made on...
Tags: Art, Lori's Featured Articles, Plein Air, Colorist, Camille, Petaluma, Yin Yang, Figure Drawing, PleinAir Magazine, Camille Przewodek, Figurative Painting, Figure Painting, Notan, Outdoor Model, Hensche Hawthorne, American Artist Magazine

15 Books to Spark Your Creative Inspiration

Most all artistic people have experienced the dreaded feeling of looking at a blank canvas or computer screen while waiting for creative inspiration to spark. At times, creativity can be elusive. Nevertheless, contrary to popular opinion, creativity can be honed with effort and consistency. It’s helpful to set aside time for yourself to focus on honing your creativity, add it to your schedule. You should also know when to take a step back. Explore new mediums. Step away from your workspace ...
Tags: Art, General, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Inspiration & Motivation, Lori Mcnee, Artist's Block, Creative Inspiration, Creative Rut, Inspiring Books

Exclusive Monet’s Garden Landscape Painting Workshop 2018

Follow in the footsteps of the French Impressionists. Back by popular demand, join artist Lori McNee for an exclusive week of landscape painting in Monet’s Garden! You will have the unique opportunity to paint and photograph in the magical garden of Claude Monet – without the general public, September 5 – 12, 2018. In 2018, space is limited to only 8 workshop participants (all painting levels are welcome and photographers are too) in this new, exclusive workshop format.  Get your spot now b...
Tags: Art, Garden, General, France, Normandy, Landscape Photography, Monet, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Travels, Plein Air, Workshops With Lori, Lori Mcnee, Giverny, Caroline, Lori

An Easy Art Studio Lighting System for Better Paintings

Proper art studio lighting is one of the most important factors to a successful painting. Over the years, I have used many types of art studio lighting from North Light  (great, but NL is limited to working during daytime hours) to artificial lighting.  I have tried many alternatives that have been both expensive and disappointing. Lori replaced one track light on her studio ceiling with the ML-Direct lighting system. A while ago, I had just installed an overhead shop light, and color correc...
Tags: Art, General, San Diego, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, How To Paint, Draw & More, Lori Mcnee, NL, Lori, Plein Air Convention, Art Studio Lighting, Color Corrective Lighting, Daylight Corrective Bulb, Method Lights

3 Art Website Upgrades Serious Artists Need to Know

Keeping an art website operating well is mandatory for the serious artist. Art website upgrades are important to understand due to technological changes, website security issues and changes in search engine optimization (SEO). Artists need to have not only a well-designed website , but one that can be easily found by search engines and is secure to anyone who visits the website. At a minimum, an artist’s website should provide the viewer with a sample of the artist’s art, an overview of ...
Tags: Google, Art, General, Wordpress, Meta, Art Business Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Marketing & Branding, How To Start A Blog, Art Website Upgrades, How To Start An Art Website, what is SSL certificate, John R Math

Memories of Giverny and Painting in Monet’s Garden

Teaching a workshop and painting in Monet’s Garden at his home in Giverny, France was a dream come true! It all started when I was invited by Art Colony Giverny to teach a special workshop with the highlight of plein air painting in Monet’s Garden without the general public! Caroline of Art Colony Giverny enthusiastically welcomes us with open arms into Monet’s Garden! Upon announcing my workshop,  I was honored it quickly filled up with 10 eager students. (please email me [email protected]
Tags: Art, Garden, General, France, Normandy, Paris, Van Gogh, Seine, Monet, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Art Travels, Plein Air, Inspiration & Motivation, Impressionism, Art Workshops

Bloom On An Oil Painting and A Disgruntled Art Collector

Finding a happy home for one of my paintings is always a joy. I often receive emails, cards, and notes from happy collectors. That is why a recent phone call from a disgruntled art collector came as such a surprise. ©2010 Lori McNee, A Bit O’Gold, 24×12 oil on panel In 2000, I sold my very first still life painting which featured a bird. At that time, the art collector saw some something special in this piece and she encouraged me to paint more like it. Well, I listened to her. In fact, I w...
Tags: Google, Art, General, Idaho, Art Supplies, Art Business, Art Business Tips, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Lori Mcnee, Art Collector, Damaged Oil Painting, Encaustic Painting Bloom, Fugitive Pigments, Oil Painting Bloom, Oil Painting Restoration

Ways to Protect Your Health in the Art Studio

After nearly 30 years of being a professional artist, I’ve discovered it is important to enjoy your creative side while taking steps to protect your health in the art studio. In an effort to be eco-friendly and to keep the air quality in my home-studio healthy, I have always painted with solvent-free, water-mixable oil paints (by Cobra) to create the majority of my artwork. I’ve also educated myself on the health standards of my art materials. Nevertheless over recent years, I have also added e...
Tags: Art, General, Fine Art Tips, Lori's Featured Articles, Studio Tips, How To Paint, Draw & More, Art Studio, Lori Mcnee, Lori, VOCs

Easy Tips for Packing and Shipping Encaustic Art Safely

Painting with encaustic wax is a joy. I love the organic, translucent qualities of the finished piece. But, shipping encaustic art can be a bit tricky, and even mysterious. I have been a serious encaustic painter for nearly 5 years. My work is exhibited around the West, but I have avoided shipping my encaustic art for fear of damage, special crating, and huge shipping costs. Encaustic art is prone to chipping and damage in extreme temperatures. It can crack or shatter in cold conditions, and me...
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