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Lou Harrison and The Great American Piano Concerto — Reprised

Lou Harrison’s Piano Concerto is “a technical tour de force: a terrific sonata form whose trajectory does not depend on directional harmony.” – Joe Horowitz
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Top AJBlog Posts For The Weekend Of 07.02.17

Riddell’s Tower Clocking in at a mere seven hundred pages, give or take, The Communist Movement at a Crossroads: Plenums of the Communist International’s Executive Committee, 1922-1923, the eighth volume of John Riddell’s awesome edition of documents ... read more AJBlog: Quick Study Published 2017-07-02 Shoehorned at Hirshhorn: Imprisoning Ai Weiwei’s “@Large” Alcatraz Installation I can understand why Philip Kennicott felt unenthusiastic about the Hirshhorn Museum’s Ai Weiwei: Trace at Hirs...
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The Decades-Long Journey To A Workable Version Of Lou Harrison's Opera 'Young Caesar'

Harrison's score was always recognized for its good qualities, but the story of the youthful Julius Caesar's possibly-mythical affair with a foreign king was plagued by an overlong, repetitive libretto to which Harrison refused cuts. John Rockwell tells the story of the 46-year-long effort to create a Young Caesar that could captivate and hold an […]
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 05.02.17

Evaluating Engagement I am developing a training program for people interested in enhancing their skills in guiding organizations toward more effective community engagement. Several small groups have completed or are in the process of helping me ... read more AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2017-05-02 NY Historical Society’s Renovation Opens a Debate Is more always better? Is it better when it comes to seeing art and artifacts? That’s the question I’ve been pondering since last week, when the...
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John Adams At 70

"The Pacific Coast, and California in particular, has worked its magic on a host of American composers over the years, from figures like Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison, who started out here, to such postwar emigres as Stravinsky and Schoenberg who arrived here with centuries of European musical history packed inside their valises. But no one has fused those strains — the freedom and sunny openness of the California milieu with the expressive depth and constructive rigor of late Romanticism — with...
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Word of the week: Glyph

Glyph: A nonverbal symbol such as an arrow; a carved groove on a column or frieze; any computer-generated character. From Greek gluphe, a carving; imported into English around 1727 from French glyphe. Glyph was in the news last week following the death of Prince, the musician who in 1993 changed his name to a symbol of his own design, partly in an act of defiance against his uncooperative record label, Warner Bros.   Prince’s “Love Symbol” combined the male and female symbols and a stylize...
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