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Check out these MacPaint masterpieces from the 1980s

I came across this awesome Historical Gallery and Archive of MacPaint art from the '80s. I love the old-school digital aesthetic to these images, and feel inspired to play around on MacPaint myself after looking through the archive. Bill Atkinson's MacPaint was developed by Apple Computer and released in 1984 with The original Macintosh personal computer. — Read the rest
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Women with Byte: How Susan Kare gave Apple’s Mac its personality

The designer of the icons and typefaces for the original Apple Mac, Susan Kare helped give a friendly personality to computers at a time when most people still found them a bit scary.
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Here’s an Airpods case that lets you carry a bit of Apple history around with you!

The AW3 from elago pays tribute to Apple’s original hero product from its heyday. The 1984 Macintosh-inspired silicone sleeve for the Airpods case really gives it less of a dental-floss vibe and more of a cute relic appeal. The white silicone sleeve guards your Airpods case, cushioning it from accidental bumps and scratches, while an outlet at its base allows you to charge it too. In fact, the entire sleeve is compatible with wireless chargers too, letting you use even the new generation Airpods...
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Prehistoric womens arms were up to 16% stronger than today's rowing champions

If a group of prehistoric women somehow time-traveled to the present, they could probably lick the rowers of Cambridge University’s boat club in a race. A new study – the first to compare bones of ancient and living women – reveals a hidden history of Central European women performing strenuous manual labor for millennia. The average ancient women had stronger upper arms than today’s female rowing champions. A new study led by Cambridge University’s Alison Macintosh adds more fuel to girl powe...
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LinkedIn app is better than website

The LinkedIn app is better than website. I use both and I prefer the app. It is easier to respond to, faster and seems to be more useful than the website. One of the frustrating things about the website is the large amount of sponsored content or ads. I don’t like ads in anything. Of course I am not paying for LinkedIn either, so I can understand why they show me ads. However I was a premium member for a month and I still saw ads. So when you are paying for it, you shouldn’t see ads. It isn’t ju...
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Recent Apple OS updates have taken 30 minutes on average

I have a MacBook Pro from 2012 and recent apple OS updates have taken 30 minutes on average. I bet I am not the only one. I have 4GB of ram, but that should not be an issue since Mac OS updates have been booting into a pre Macintosh environment where they show progress with a line at the bottom. Since no other applications are loaded but the OS, there should be no slowdown due to the amount of memory. So then I can only wonder that the slowness is due to probably massive numbers of files being w...
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Nisus Writer Pro is the best Word Processor on the mac

Full disclosure: I have not been paid to write this but I have been given a Not for sale copy of the program so that I could evaluate this past the 15 day limit. I will continue to use this and update this story if I run into problems or find useful information. Yes, even better than Microsoft Word. Let me explain why. I support Mac users everyday with Microsoft Word and other word processing programs. Let me tell you that when the average person tries to use Macintosh Word they don’t like it at...
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Seeing less spam in your inbox? Here is why.

Junk mail or spam has fallen to less than 50% of all the email scanned in June by security firm Symantec. Source: Spam email levels at 12-year low – BBC News The article states that criminals are instead turning to malware to make money. So do you have malware & antivirus protection? The new term for this combined protection is called “endpoint” protection. The Sophos program I spoke about earlier is considered endpoint protection and marketed to businesses and Macintosh. If you have a PC then t...
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